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Topic #8643519
echo - james awake lying in bed thinkin on f1 f2, gils still in wc 0 Replies #8643519 1:21PM 07/04/2008
sheila says no matter what her life has changed, nat shes hers too
sharon says the reason why she bought jacob all the furniture for him cause she felt she owed it to him for moving far for her
sheila says she understands to sharon
sharon goes on to talk about jacob not wanting her to hang out with other friends , he was lazy and irresponsible, he crashed his car, we were in a bind let jacob go to georgia
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Topic #8643562
echo - sahron was stressed jacob didnt come back and stuck her with all the bills 0 Replies #8643562 1:26PM 07/04/2008
sharon cont to talk and say she was mad jacob was getting texts from another chick how he was playing them both
sharon says in nov he chose the other girl
said jacob caused all the drama when he stuck her with all the bills didnt want to tell her family
she found out the day after thanksgiving that he avoided her call
shes didnt go to georgia canceled her flight
called jacobs mom, thats how she found out about the other girl

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Topic #8643587
echo - sharon says they were pretty much married, jacob called her after it all went down 0 Replies #8643587 1:29PM 07/04/2008
nat keeps saying right right
at xmas she noticed jacob took 500.00 from their joint account but it was her money from a real estate deal
she calls jacobs dad to ask wtf? tells jacobs dad hes spending her money
(ed lol how old are they)
demands her 500.00 back , jacob spent the money on the new girl and her family
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Topic #8643612
echo - sharon says jacobs mom took the card cut it up and took him off sharons acct 0 Replies #8643612 1:32PM 07/04/2008
(ed is that even possible??)
jacob lied about the girl and called jacob out on the phone
jacobs parents paid her back the money
sheilas mom says his parents are enabling jacob
sharon says military always still stick together and look after each other
jacob said his dad was just stiring ***** (ed lmao)
sharon applied for bb on the 6th she had to get away
she went to a casting call
nat did too
so sharon didnt answer his calls
bb lockdown is over
girls head to by

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Topic #8643621
echo - nat and sheila stop to get food, ryan and james both shown still sleeping NT 0 Replies #8643621 1:33PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8643669
jaguars06 - Nat/Sheila in kitchen talking about how they are done when break up with a boyfriend 0 Replies #8643669 1:38PM 07/04/2008
both getting something to eat/drink.
Sheila now in BY asking Sharon if she wants anything to eat/drink
Sharon: No I'm good

Now girls waiting to hear the rest of Sharons story on Jacob & her.

Nat: I can't believe it's 1:30
Sharon now continuing on her relationship story
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Topic #8643701
jaguars06 - in backyard Nat/Sheila listening to Sharon 0 Replies #8643701 1:40PM 07/04/2008
Sharon: I deleted everything on my phone from Jacob, I wanted to be DONE with him. You know even those cute texted msgs that are cute, deleted everything.

sorry just lost sound...
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Topic #8643708
echo - sheila joins sharon in by and says she cant wait to hear the rest of the story 0 Replies #8643708 1:41PM 07/04/2008
nat joins them (ed oh no shes eating ewww)
sharon cont story: after 12 yrs she was done felt she failed the relationship but she was DUN
came to bb to get away from it all she was done, tried out for bb
deleted numbers out of her phone
300 at xmas time, she got an edge vehicle, deleted all his texts mssgs
(ed shes all over the place in this convo)
she dun dun dun
xmas day she got a text msg but didnt know who it was so she answered
it , it was from a girl who dated his brother
the girl didnt go to thanks giving cause the bro dumped her for old gf
she calls the girl they talk she tells her everything, was shocked who jacob was now with cause she knew her
the girl was still friends with jacobs family
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Topic #8643790
echo - the brothers ex texted sharon during xmas dinner and told sharon 0 Replies #8643790 1:47PM 07/04/2008
jacob broke up with the girl , her whole family was there for dinner
sharon said jacob had called her a week before xmas left msg
she thought what a dick what ever (ed lol)
sharon called her bf to see what to do...
then she goes on to say jacob called her mom said dont answer it so she didnt
sharon said he said merry xmas but not new yrs so was anticipating him to call again new years
sharon was workin new yrs she was annoyed of the brutal yr..ran in house at 11:45 to see ball drop
she sets phone down in basment she goes upstairs
they tell her her phones goin off cause it kept ringing
then the ball dropped
goes gets her phone listens to msg, hey its me whats goin...i love you ...just random ***** tryin to be nice, he wanted his jackets

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Topic #8643865
echo - sheilas confused (ed lol so am i shes bouncing back and forth in her timeline) 0 Replies #8643865 1:53PM 07/04/2008
back to the jackets ....sharon was goin to give them away....jacob says to mail the jackets
shes yelling he can get his own ***** jackets
she was worked up after the msg then he texted her he loves her blah blah blah
heather her bf said to leave phone down stairs
jacob texted again he was sorry
2am she still at bf house there was alot of drama at this party...test goes off again ....jacob happy news i love you from his moms number (ed lmao) then he texted from his bros phone (ed lmao drunk obsession)
she never texted back at all
sharon says this was all before finals
sharon flew out 3rd for finals jacob had been texted and calling her family while she was there
the last time he tried to call her 3-4 days before she left
then the dumbass walks inside the door here
nat now onto her ex
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Topic #8643894
echo - sharon said jacob told her in seq that he had saw her myspace 0 Replies #8643894 1:55PM 07/04/2008
with a pic of her and another dude, sharons lhao
nat talks and again we get flames
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Topic #8643916
echo - sharons says jacobs a moron, her and jacob talked alot in seq 0 Replies #8643916 1:58PM 07/04/2008
he was tryin to be nice she was like what ever
sheila says we were all single except r/jen
they correct her
nat says she was the most sinlge (ed lmao is that possible?)
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Topic #8643921
echo - sharon says thats the story in a nutshell, then cont to talk...jacob was jealous of her hanging with guy 0 Replies #8643921 2:00PM 07/04/2008
sharon claims she wasnt doing *****
sharon has called every girl jacobs been with shes not scared of anyone, tells them all about jacob, so they know what they are getttin into
she called them all she repeats
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Topic #8643982
echo - sheila asks how long ago was the box, nat says 26 days ago day 35 0 Replies #8643982 2:04PM 07/04/2008
sharon says i havent talked to jacob in 2 months seeing him on the screen with a goatee, sheila makes fun of parkers hair (ed lmao i thought the same thing)
nat says goatees make men look like billy goats
sheila said josh looked better without facial hair and he handsome
nat looked at josh first in the hosue
sheila looked at alex...and he fed amanda strawberries the first night

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Topic #8644007
echo - sahron said jacob was laughin beccause he knew sharon had been tricked 0 Replies #8644007 2:07PM 07/04/2008
thought they would be locked up for 3 months and she couldnt call anyone
sharon agrees she was hella tricked
sheila says its amazing ur still here its amazing...sharon laughin that jacob was kicked out
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Topic #8644018
echo - james and ryan shown still sleeping NT 0 Replies #8644018 2:08PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8644042
echo - sharon said her and jacob talked it all out in seq the 3 days she was there 0 Replies #8644042 2:10PM 07/04/2008
says jacob will be diff when she gets out
sheilas blown away what shes learned about herself since being in the house
both bad and good, but the bad over rides the good
she hated not having food...that she has heard voices...this house has driven her nuts shes also seen alligators (ed wtf lmao)
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Topic #8644072
echo - nats turn and she brings up the bible, god opens upp your eyes to the light and 1 Replies #8644072 2:14PM 07/04/2008
you can see the signs, before you were blinded by the darkness, sharon says after all bad things happened it was gods way of showing her she needed a break
nat says kept praying for something big, make me know im NOT crazy, still a month left, show me a sign and then she found out she was goin on bb, god waited till the end of the yr to reward her (ed lmao)
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Mystikat - In Natalie's sermon to Sharon/Sheila "Sex is a sin" NT #8644140 2:19PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8644224
echo - the girls swat a bee, they discuss soaps , sheila c talks about cane on y&r 0 Replies #8644224 2:27PM 07/04/2008
nat doesnt watch soaps
ryan join them
james still layin down
ryan asks whos the hot aussie
sheila says the last story lines from y&r before she came in the house
sheila says its the only show she watches
nat says she works 1-7 bb is her fav show
sheila likes forensic stuff and cbs shows
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Topic #8644238
echo - nat likes extreme home maker over but sheila cant watch cause she cries NT 0 Replies #8644238 2:28PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8644244
echo - ryan driving car around by NT 0 Replies #8644244 2:29PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8644271
echo - the cont to discuss which shows they like nat loves discovery channel 0 Replies #8644271 2:31PM 07/04/2008
james still sleeping
sheila hates the news
sheilas not home much usually with her son
nat sleeps till 10 paints late at night
sharon hasnt said anything in quite sometime
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Topic #8644308
echo - sheila wants doggy day cares in all office buildings to owners could 0 Replies #8644308 2:34PM 07/04/2008
visit their animals on breaks...she loves this idea
nat leaves her dogs toys and he chases the cats all day puts away shoes and closes doors
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Topic #8644363
echo - james still sleeping ryan still driving car, pipes in he misses his dog 0 Replies #8644363 2:38PM 07/04/2008
as the girls discuss their animals
it gets quiet for a few min and all u can hear is ryan driving the car
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Topic #8644420
echo - sheila asks ryan how his neck is he says sore 1 Replies #8644420 2:43PM 07/04/2008
sheila talks about someone dropping her on her head two yrs ago and she drove herself to the hospital , nothing broke or fractured she was 43 , she was told she had begining stages of arthritis
(ed if anyone heard who dropped her plz post it tia)
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Tazzie - Her son dropped while play wrestling NT #8644565 2:59PM 07/04/2008
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