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Topic #8646004
CruiseCritic - Natalie now in the shower and Sheila, Sharon and James all sit on the side of the HT --> 0 Replies #8646004 4:59PM 07/04/2008
Sharon asks if they are having tuna for dinner. Sheila says she is going to cook it and says Natalie is going to make pasta but Sheila doesnt want pasta, doesnt want anything heavy.

Sheila mentions people might not want fish two days in a row. James asks what food is back there and Sheila says lots of pasta, sauce, ground turkey and some pork - but mentions she doesnt eat pork. Says there is also brown rice and that would be good with the tuna.

Sharon says one more day with nothing to do, sitting around waiting for nothing.

Sheila says all there is to do is eat and lay in the sun.
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Topic #8646013
CruiseCritic - Sheila mentions that you forget that you are HERE and that people are watching you and listening to all 0 Replies #8646013 5:00PM 07/04/2008
of your conversations.
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Topic #8646033
CruiseCritic - Sheila back in HT and James over by washing machine - Sheila tells him he may have to clean out the lint 0 Replies #8646033 5:02PM 07/04/2008
because there is prob alot in there. Sharon back in HT. Sharon asks Sheila if she thinks Nat has the boys back.

Sharon mentions she has to know they are going to take her out. Sheila mentions she (Nat) has made alot of enemies in the game, Chelsia, Josh and now James and if you go that will be four.
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Topic #8646052
CruiseCritic - James back in HT and says the guys would most likely take you two because the guys cant beat her and Sheila says 0 Replies #8646052 5:05PM 07/04/2008
what? James says again that they would probably take you two. all three back in the HT now. Plane flying overhead.

James says when the time comes and the person is up there then you just unload on them and that will be it and you will be half the house by then.
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Topic #8646065
CruiseCritic - Sheila saying that Nat just tolerates her and that she doesnt have these conversations with the guys 0 Replies #8646065 5:06PM 07/04/2008
like she does with us. James says she doesnt talk to them the same way.

Sheila asks Sharon if she has ever lied to her and Sharon says she hasnt.
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Topic #8646082
CruiseCritic - Sheila thinks that Nat will put up S/S if Nat wins HOH and James says for sure 0 Replies #8646082 5:07PM 07/04/2008
she wants to keep the guys. Sheila wonders what the guys are thinking - they want to take her (Natalie) to the end. James says I dont think so
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Topic #8646103
CruiseCritic - Sheila - she doesnt want to lose to me because it would be pathetic? James say I hope you kick her a$$ 0 Replies #8646103 5:09PM 07/04/2008
Sheila says she will never turn on her... but Nat WILL turn on her. She said she wouldnt turn on Adam like he turned on her and now she has to woman up. James says Adam did what he had to do.

Sheila says she understands why he (Adam) did it - he wanted to give you (James) a chance and she respects Adam for that and it is dog eat dog now. everyone has to look out for themselves.

(sorry folks - gotta run for awhile)
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Topic #8646225
BBfan262 - Sheilas been talkin some major smack on Nat for last couple minutes 0 Replies #8646225 5:18PM 07/04/2008
yet she says she won't turn on her first. it will be Nat turning on her
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Topic #8646312
BBfan262 - earlier James said he would keep Nat up all night before Wednesday 0 Replies #8646312 5:24PM 07/04/2008
so that Nat wouldnt win HOH. Sheila laughed and thanked him for it.
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Topic #8646375
BBfan262 - Sheila asks sharon over and over not to repeat what she is saying about Natalie 0 Replies #8646375 5:28PM 07/04/2008
but she says shes over it, and doesn't care. not sure what she doesnt care about, the sounds not the best
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Topic #8646516
BBfan262 - Saying Natalie won her HOH by guessing. intimating that she isnt smart. 0 Replies #8646516 5:39PM 07/04/2008
Sheila saying that shes made relationships in the house, got to know people.
Sharon said that will help her down the road.
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Topic #8646546
raindrop110475 - sheila is sure BB will ask about pets cauyse thats somethign she knows NT 0 Replies #8646546 5:42PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8646576
raindrop110475 - sharon thinks HOh will be physical cause last time james and her were on block it was physical 0 Replies #8646576 5:44PM 07/04/2008
Sheila says well sharon you have to win if you dont we are going up and they start screaming what a shocker. Then sheila says oh if nat asks thats what you can tell her we talked about what HOH will be but dont give her info on pets or a head up
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Topic #8646724
Shannon72 - James told S/S that if Nat had a d*ck then he would beat the sh*t out of her. But says all he can do is give her a high 5. NT 1 Replies #8646724 5:57PM 07/04/2008
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JoshIzDustinx2 - James also says he wants to Punch Natalie In The Face but that he doesn't hit women NT #8646746 5:59PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8646778
cannotsleep - James: "I really want to punch the f*ck out of Natalie, but I can only high five her." Then adds quickly "I would never hit a woman." He goes 0 Replies #8646778 6:02PM 07/04/2008
on to say something like, but if she had a dick...
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Topic #8647160
BigBrotherLuvR - Sheila, Sharon, Nat are cooking. James is outside messing with one of the Remote Control cars. NT 0 Replies #8647160 6:24PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8647162
ShannonLK - S/S/NAT In kitchen, Adam comes in and throws something in waste basket 1 Replies #8647162 6:24PM 07/04/2008
Sharon cooking pasta
Nat looking for something else to drink
Adam exits to BY
Shel asks Shar what time it is, answer 6:20
Shelia says she misses sushi the most with respects to food
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WVpdles - that was James, Adam is still in HoH bed NT #8647204 6:26PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8647181
ShannonLK - James in BY: Massive butt crack ( LOL ) cooking on the BBQ NT 0 Replies #8647181 6:25PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8647196
ShannonLK - Ry fast asleep in pink room with pink blankie NT 0 Replies #8647196 6:26PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8647239
Vixter - S/S/N still cooking and chatting. James eating on BY couch. NT 0 Replies #8647239 6:29PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8647257
ShannonLK - S/S/N in kitchen talking about saulkie - talking about what temp they like it at 0 Replies #8647257 6:30PM 07/04/2008
Sheila: I miss it so much, soo much
Nat says she scared Adam in HOH room
Sheila asked Shar if she liked sushi,
Sharon says it depends. Sharon says that Jacob and her where not into that kind of *hit.
Nat asking if she asked to do hair, if she should do blond highlights
SSheila says do a crown on her head of color
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Topic #8647275
Vixter - Nat asking Sheila advice on what color she should use on her hair. 0 Replies #8647275 6:31PM 07/04/2008
Sharon said she was going to wake Ryan. Nat said she was going to wake Baller.
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Topic #8647288
ShannonLK - James outside eating alone, Shar going to wake up Ryan, Nat says she will get Adam 0 Replies #8647288 6:32PM 07/04/2008
Nat says why is James eating alone again, Sheila says she just doesn't want him to bother her, Nat agrees.
Setting the table.
Nat says RY is on muscle relaxers
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Topic #8647319
Vixter - Ryan up for dinner. James playing with remote car in BY. NT 0 Replies #8647319 6:33PM 07/04/2008
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Topic #8647441
allen - ryan still not feeling 100% 0 Replies #8647441 6:39PM 07/04/2008
joins the gals in the kitchen, says hes been sleepin all day. looks like steak and tuna maybe, ryan stands and tries the food holding his plate with one hand forking with other. Nat saying baller slept alot today too. Sheila maranated the steak overnite. Ryan didnt have any coffee today, thats why I slept.

Adam joins in from upstairs. Nat says hey very nice like. Ryan sits down at table. Nat sitting, asks adam if he had his coffee today, he says no, not very talkative. Sheila asks what happened to the luaul. Perhaps tomorrow.
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