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Ryan says Adam has to be joed out of his mind.. while Adam was taking a mouthful.. Adam burst out laffing and had to catch it with his cup.. - saskwatch
10:15PM 19/04/2008

Sheila/Sharon both feel they have enabled their exe's - sakya23
10:15PM 19/04/2008

Boys outside doing work out now. Can hear girls chatting in background. NT - saskwatch
10:16PM 19/04/2008

shelia saying parents worry about there kids no matter what there ages are... - Laura
10:18PM 19/04/2008

shelia saying will sharron and jacab get back together stayed tuned and both shelia and sharron laughed NT - Laura
10:19PM 19/04/2008

ryan, adam working out in BY NT - Laura
10:22PM 19/04/2008

shelia and sharon talking about relationship mostly about jacab NT - Laura
10:23PM 19/04/2008

ryan saying i think we can win hoh to adam NT - Laura
10:25PM 19/04/2008

ryan and adam lifting weights ...taking turns NT - Laura
10:26PM 19/04/2008

ryan says whats up ladys what is the word...girls say men and adam said you love to hate them - Laura
10:28PM 19/04/2008

feeds 1&2 on ryan and adam lifting weights....feeds 3&4 shelia and sharon talking about relationships in and outside of house NT - Laura
10:31PM 19/04/2008

shelia and sharon taking about james and chelia how close they were NT - Laura
10:34PM 19/04/2008

Shelia and sharon talking about past game plans and votes from former hg's ...ryan and adam pumping iron NT - Laura
10:36PM 19/04/2008

girls are saying joshua knew everything...sharon saying im the last to know everything - Laura
10:38PM 19/04/2008

ryan and adam feeling each others muscles NT - Laura
10:39PM 19/04/2008

ryan and adam hitting balls with golf clubs now NT - Laura
10:40PM 19/04/2008

sharron said joshua found out things came back to sharron and said what do we do...joshua played all sides and all cards NT - Laura
10:43PM 19/04/2008

ryan and adam back to lifting weights ..saying be will lift more tommorrow lets build up to it NT - Laura
10:44PM 19/04/2008

shelia and sharron saying they are the last to know everything or anything - Laura
10:46PM 19/04/2008

feed 1 ryan lifting weights...feed 2 adam doing pushups...shelia and sharon taking past hg's games, plans noms NT - Laura
10:48PM 19/04/2008

ryan and adam smoking now NT - Laura
10:50PM 19/04/2008

boys in KT taking game plan, staying focus, study the house NT - Laura
10:51PM 19/04/2008

shelia said to sharron you knew alot of stuff..sharron said i didnt know alot untill after it happened NT - Laura
10:52PM 19/04/2008

boys in KT drinking protein drinks NT - Laura
10:53PM 19/04/2008

adam saying DUN are jobs are done RYAN go to the DR NT - Laura
10:54PM 19/04/2008

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