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Adam wakes up from sleeping on the couch, goes to his bedroom and crawls into bed and now back to sleep NT - WVpdles
8:42PM 19/04/2008

Sheila at dryer, folding towels. NT - saskwatch
8:51PM 19/04/2008

Adam laying in bed with eyes open. Sheila putting laundry away. Other 2 sleeping. NT - saskwatch
8:55PM 19/04/2008

Sheila cleaned shower. Adam up and in wc. Sheila says you scared me.. Adam says Booo. NT - saskwatch
9:00PM 19/04/2008

Sheila still tidying cupboards. Adam asks if washer is open - saskwatch
9:01PM 19/04/2008
Sheila said she can't nap or she'll be up all night NT - ihearthockey
9:03PM 19/04/2008

Adam in his room gathering up his laundry. Stripping bed. Sharon up and says hi kitty(?) - saskwatch
9:06PM 19/04/2008

Adam outside loading washers. Asks Sheila why she's wearing gloves.. and tells him she's cleaning shower. Adam tells her to use oven and grill - saskwatch
9:09PM 19/04/2008

Sheila telling Adam and Sharon where she all the clean stuff is. And when she's cleaned stuff and when it might need it again. NT - saskwatch
9:13PM 19/04/2008

Sharon asking where Ryan is again. Says Good Lord, he'll be up all night., to Adam. Adam sitting at table. Up to HOH and wakes Ryan up. Tells him - saskwatch
9:14PM 19/04/2008

Ryan and Adam in Kitchen .. switching from quad cam. NT - saskwatch
9:17PM 19/04/2008

Sheila in kitchen now. Sharon laying on chaise and listening. to their chit chat. NT - saskwatch
9:18PM 19/04/2008

Ryan and adam outside to smoke. Ryan going to go change first. - saskwatch
9:23PM 19/04/2008

Adam tells Ryan Sharon's asking where's Ryan at, repeatedly. Playing golf now. NT - saskwatch
9:24PM 19/04/2008

Adam says the girls tell him all kinds of crap. He says Sheila's motto is you got - saskwatch
9:27PM 19/04/2008
Sharon's motto is you have to give a little info to get some not Sheila's NT - HookedOnBB
9:33PM 19/04/2008

Boys laffing about Adam's bad shots. Ryan says "I'd just like it in the vicinity" when Adam asks him where he wants it. NT - saskwatch
9:28PM 19/04/2008

Ryan looking for ball and all of a sudden sharon tells him where it is fr sliding glass door. NT - saskwatch
9:29PM 19/04/2008

Where was Sheila when you were getting drilled earlier. Adam says she was outside here playing golf. - saskwatch
9:32PM 19/04/2008

Ryan asks if "Polack get any sun today dude?" Adam says some. Think it'll be nice tomorrow. NT - saskwatch
9:33PM 19/04/2008

Adam says she's talking dog.. she's talking hard (Sharon) while they cont to play and talk about shots and full moon. NT - saskwatch
9:34PM 19/04/2008

Cam shows image of full moon. Adam says it's full moon tonight ladies, I'm on the prowl. Sharon and Sheila outside too. NT - saskwatch
9:35PM 19/04/2008

Sheila wishes there were stars..but need to be in country for them. Says it's amazing how being in BB makes you appreciate the moon... connection to - saskwatch
9:39PM 19/04/2008

Ryan calls Adam a Dick and says you can't even hit a nerf ball straight for your life. NT - saskwatch
9:39PM 19/04/2008
Because Adam hit ball over roof NT - DanaRose
9:50PM 19/04/2008

Boys trying to find ball. Going to change and workout after a cup of joe. NT - saskwatch
9:40PM 19/04/2008

Adam says She's trying to get your ear dude.. Sharon.. Ryan says, well you know what dude, it's not happening. - saskwatch
9:41PM 19/04/2008

Adam making coffee. Ryan up to HOH to change clothes. NT - saskwatch
9:41PM 19/04/2008

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