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Shar/She both quiet in bed. Adam/Ry still playing chess, a little whispering about evicting Sheila, Adam said people in SH will flip out NT - ihearthockey
12:08AM 19/04/2008

Ry won chess game, Adam cooking pasta for pasta salad tomorrow, Ry wants to clean stove first NT - ihearthockey
12:09AM 19/04/2008

Boys very giddy in kitchen talking about evicting Sheila NT - ihearthockey
12:10AM 19/04/2008

Adam telling Ry that Sheila was yelling at him last night because she couldnt sleep, she said "my hormones are raging!!!" NT - ihearthockey
12:11AM 19/04/2008

Now boys talking about POV comp, Ry said nobody expected him to run through it so quick NT - ihearthockey
12:12AM 19/04/2008

Discussing no pen, paper or cell phone for 71 days, Adam says hes losing his tan NT - ihearthockey
12:14AM 19/04/2008

Adam said Sheila was flipping all night last night, he said he feels bad for her kid NT - ihearthockey
12:15AM 19/04/2008

Adam said while Sheila was ranting last night he was saying to himself, please let me win this POV so I can vote this b**ch out NT - ihearthockey
12:18AM 19/04/2008

Ry said we can't be over confident, we still have business to take care of NT - ihearthockey
12:22AM 19/04/2008

Adam asked a question about Yellowstone and Sharon yelled the answer, boys just looked at each other and said she probably heard us talking NT - ihearthockey
12:24AM 19/04/2008

Adam reading directions on how to make banana pancakes, he wants to make banana walnut pancakes tomorrow morning NT - ihearthockey
12:26AM 19/04/2008

Talking about seeing Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore.. Adam said he could probably hook up with Drew because she was married to Tom Green - ihearthockey
12:29AM 19/04/2008

Boys still in kitchen cooking pasta, no game talk just random conversation NT - ihearthockey
12:37AM 19/04/2008

Boys done making pasta, put it in the fridge till tomorrow. Now they're outside smoking NT - ihearthockey
12:57AM 19/04/2008

Adam/Ry rehashing their plans of getting rid of Sheila. Adam told Ry - ihearthockey
1:02AM 19/04/2008

A/R go inside, say goodnight. Ry heads to HOH and Adam goes to bed NT - ihearthockey
1:03AM 19/04/2008

Feeds 1-Shar tossing a bit. 2-Sheila seems to be sleeping 3-Adam trying to get comfy and sighing 4-Ry in HOH listening to music NT - ihearthockey
1:06AM 19/04/2008

Adam out of bed, goes to restroom comes out picks his teeth, washes hands brushes teeth - ihearthockey
1:20AM 19/04/2008

Shar and Adam seem very restless, Sheila sleeping and Ry is off feeds NT - ihearthockey
1:31AM 19/04/2008

Ry goes downstairs to Adams bedroom, Adam is still awake, Ry says he misses the bedroom talk and its boring in HOH NT - ihearthockey
1:47AM 19/04/2008

Ryan downstairs and goes into Adam's room tells him he is bored in the HOH room. Ryan has a beer and now Adam out of bed NT - HookedOnBB
1:48AM 19/04/2008

Shar in bed awake, tells Ry she cant sleep NT - ihearthockey
1:48AM 19/04/2008

R/A in kitchen, Ry eating banana peppers, Adam making hotdogs NT - ihearthockey
1:50AM 19/04/2008

Adam starts to talk about him working for Trump and we get Flames NT - ihearthockey
1:53AM 19/04/2008

Feeds back, boys planning their day tomorrow/today NT - ihearthockey
1:58AM 19/04/2008

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