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Ryan and Adam at KT counter chopping something. NT - BBFanChelle
1:56PM 19/04/2008

Sheila talking about Emeril. Wants to go to his restaurant in NO. Talking about Bourbon St. NT - BBFanChelle
2:22PM 19/04/2008

Sheila talking about wanting to Help in New Orleans after Katrina - Stella222
2:22PM 19/04/2008

All HG laying out in the son in the BY NT - Stella222
2:54PM 19/04/2008

Adam in hammock. Sheila on single chaise lounge. Ryan and Sharon on double chaise lounge. NT - BBFanChelle
3:26PM 19/04/2008

Adam says his house in Philly is next door to Betsy Ross' house. NT - BBFanChelle
3:27PM 19/04/2008

And we get flames. NT - amesworth
3:34PM 19/04/2008

Sheila starts talking about Tony Danza and then FLAMES. NT - BBFanChelle
3:34PM 19/04/2008

Feeds back and they are talking about what is going to be on the internet. NT - amesworth
3:36PM 19/04/2008

Sharon trying to get into HOH but no answer so she goes outside. NT - Semi
3:46PM 19/04/2008

Adam and Sheila talking outside. Sharon goes in to take a shower. - dustytissue
3:48PM 19/04/2008

Sheila says Ryan can't change the nominations and she has to put her trust in Adam and Ryan. - dustytissue
3:52PM 19/04/2008

Adam and Sheila outside. Sharon taking shower. NT - BBFanChelle
3:52PM 19/04/2008

Sheila to Adam - you deserve to win this game just as much as I do - WVpdles
3:53PM 19/04/2008

Sheila saying Sharon wants to get off the block so she doesn't have to pack. NT - BBFanChelle
3:53PM 19/04/2008

Sheila: Don't kid yourself on what's happening. Tells Adam that Sharon remembers Adam kept Nat. - dustytissue
3:58PM 19/04/2008

Sharon tried going up to HOH twice before her shower but Ryan didn't answer the door NT - HookedOnBB
4:00PM 19/04/2008

Sheila: Watchu thinkin' about? Adam: Nothin'. Then Sheila says she's kind of surprised how badly Adam played in that game. - dustytissue
4:05PM 19/04/2008

Sharon standing in front of HOH door. Not sure if she rang the bell but no response. Now seems to be looking at or reading something on the wall. NT - dustytissue
4:08PM 19/04/2008

Ryan finally on feeds, he just got out of the shower and is in his undies NT - HookedOnBB
4:11PM 19/04/2008

Sharon rings doorbell again and Ryan finally answers, she asks if she can listen to his CD NT - HookedOnBB
4:14PM 19/04/2008

Sharon finally enters the HOH after waiting around by the balcony. She says she's been trying to figure out what the figurines on the wall mean. - dustytissue
4:15PM 19/04/2008

Sheila says Sharon will give $50,000 to the church because that's why she's alive. NT - dustytissue
4:18PM 19/04/2008

Sharon and Ryan talking in HOH. - dustytissue
4:24PM 19/04/2008

Sharon is working Ryan HARD to get him to take her off the block and let the blood be on her hands to vote out Adam - HookedOnBB
4:25PM 19/04/2008

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