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BB playing wakeup music for HGs NT - Dr0n3
11:49AM 19/04/2008

All HG's in KT. Eating breakfast food, drinking coffee. NT - hovermop
12:06PM 19/04/2008

Sheila and Sharon in KT. Ryan and Adam in BY. NT - BBFanChelle
12:13PM 19/04/2008

Sheila: There's nothing to do now since we can't lay out. I'll go outside anyways. - BBFanChelle
12:16PM 19/04/2008

Sharon and Sheila finishing breakfast, talking about Adam and Ryan. - hovermop
12:16PM 19/04/2008

BB: HGs this is a LD. Please go outside. NT - BBFanChelle
12:17PM 19/04/2008

Talking about Cameron Diaz being Hot!. Sheila: How will Jen feel about that? Don't worry Jen you're just as hot! NT - BBFanChelle
12:20PM 19/04/2008

She: Sharon gets to meet Ashton. He's married to the hottest chick on Earth. NT - BBFanChelle
12:21PM 19/04/2008

Adam laying on single chaise lounge. Ryan on double chaise lounge. She and Shar on couch. NT - BBFanChelle
12:22PM 19/04/2008

HGs talking about ants being in the GPs food. Sharon thinks their on LD to fix it. NT - BBFanChelle
12:23PM 19/04/2008

She talking about slop being all over the furniture and carpet from the slop fight held a couple weeks ago. - BBFanChelle
12:25PM 19/04/2008

Adam can't keep his hands off his woowoo. (Ed. ick!) NT - BBFanChelle
12:26PM 19/04/2008

Adam: April 19. 11 days til my birthday. She: The big 3-0! NT - BBFanChelle
12:28PM 19/04/2008

Adam: I'm not big on birthdays. I always get disappointed. NT - BBFanChelle
12:29PM 19/04/2008

Ryan wondering if they make final 2 if they'll still go on the early show with Julie. NT - BBFanChelle
12:30PM 19/04/2008

Ryan: Sheila why you whispering. NT - BBFanChelle
12:32PM 19/04/2008

Adam: I got something for you Sheila. You want to see the hood. - BBFanChelle
12:33PM 19/04/2008

All HG's in BKYRD. Sharon and Sheila sitting together, Ryan, Adam sitting together. - hovermop
12:33PM 19/04/2008
Sheila was whipering to Sharon that she felt like she ways ready to start anyday now NT - BBSheri
12:37PM 19/04/2008

Ryan and Adam playing basketball (HORSE) NT - BBFanChelle
12:35PM 19/04/2008

Ry: So Kimmy are you gonna roll in the robe all day. I think you should NT - BBFanChelle
12:36PM 19/04/2008

Adam: It's definitely a chick show. She: What is? Adam: BB She: I don't think so. NT - BBFanChelle
12:39PM 19/04/2008

Adam: The gay mafia are huge following. - BBFanChelle
12:40PM 19/04/2008

She: Do you think they do updates in In Touch, OK! magazines. Adam: They did - BBFanChelle
12:42PM 19/04/2008

Adam and Ryan talking about the Pocanos. Ry: Which one? Adam: In the mountains. She: I've been - BBFanChelle
12:44PM 19/04/2008

She: You guys always have something to do? It's like a schedule. NT - BBFanChelle
12:44PM 19/04/2008

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