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Adam asks Sharon what they filmed her doing for the intro.. Sharon says previewing a house (real estate) and her family. NT - saskwatch
6:21PM 19/04/2008

Sharon says to Adam, "No matter what... in 11 days" talking about finals NT - saskwatch
6:22PM 19/04/2008

Sheila asked Adam to borrow sweater.. Sharon gave her one. Sheila o/s practicing golf. NT - saskwatch
6:22PM 19/04/2008

Sharon thinks maybe BB does fly out entire family for final show. Telling Adam what final show is like. NT - saskwatch
6:23PM 19/04/2008

Adam asks again when Zach left.. Sharon says I don't know I missed a couple of episodes. - saskwatch
6:25PM 19/04/2008

If Sheila gets to the end.. Sharon says she has James, Chelsias and Matty's vote, cause Nat missed up Mats game.. I don't know. NT - saskwatch
6:26PM 19/04/2008

Sharon now telling him whos votes he'll have.. He says he won't have Matty's or Josh's. - saskwatch
6:30PM 19/04/2008

Adam said to go F2 with her, he'd have to burn Ryan, in previous convo with Sharon. NT - saskwatch
6:31PM 19/04/2008

Sharon says Sheila sending Nat out will be humoungous in jury, cuz they all wanted her out. NT - saskwatch
6:32PM 19/04/2008

Why'd you think he'd care, Sharon asks Adam - saskwatch
6:34PM 19/04/2008

Adam says we'll prolly have to go to DR now. Someone was called in. NT - saskwatch
6:35PM 19/04/2008

Adam asleep on couch. Sheila in DR. Sharon in bed. Ryan not on cam... no sounds other than soft snoring fr Adam. NT - saskwatch
6:58PM 19/04/2008

Everyone napping but Sheila, shes in her bed reading her letters NT - ihearthockey
7:29PM 19/04/2008

Sheila out of bed, stops to look at memory wall, then goes to BY to do laundry NT - ihearthockey
7:39PM 19/04/2008

Sheila now laying in sauna room, everyone else still napping NT - ihearthockey
7:44PM 19/04/2008

Heard a sneeze.. can't see Sharon in bed anymore. NT - saskwatch
7:49PM 19/04/2008
That was Sheila, and I actually said Bless You! :) NT - ihearthockey
7:52PM 19/04/2008

Sheila now in BY playing golf, she said "I'm bored, nothing to do, noone to play with, everyones sleeping" then she laughs NT - ihearthockey
7:51PM 19/04/2008

Sheila now back in sauna room laying down, said "I'm bored, whats there to do, nothing! Saturday night and nothin to do" NT - ihearthockey
7:55PM 19/04/2008

Sheila now walking around the house with her hands in her pockets looking very bored NT - ihearthockey
8:00PM 19/04/2008

Adam woke himself up snoring, rolled over and went back to sleep, Shar tossing in her bed, Sheila back in sauna room - ihearthockey
8:03PM 19/04/2008

Sheila in sauna room painting one of the things they got for Easter NT - ihearthockey
8:05PM 19/04/2008

Sheila put painted object on microwave with others. Getting a drink and snack now. States couple times.."nothing to do bb , nothing to do." NT - saskwatch
8:17PM 19/04/2008

Sheila outside now and sitting on couch. NT - saskwatch
8:18PM 19/04/2008

On Quad cam" Sheila on outside couch. Adam sleeping on couch; Sharon in her bed. Ryan not shown. NT - saskwatch
8:19PM 19/04/2008

Sheila outside still. Appears to be in deep thought. Other 3 all sleeping. NT - saskwatch
8:39PM 19/04/2008

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