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Boys talking about Cameron Diaz - HookedOnBB
2:01AM 19/04/2008

R/A in SR getting MORE food, not sure if they are cooking this now or getting it out for tomorrow NT - HookedOnBB
2:09AM 19/04/2008

Adam saying he had a rough day (meaning being cuffed to Sheila) he said at least you guys didn't bust my balls too much. NT - HookedOnBB
2:12AM 19/04/2008

General chit chat between A/R, both in a great mood laughing and joking around NT - HookedOnBB
2:20AM 19/04/2008

R/A telling BB not to call them before noon because they are booked up til then and that there office hours are 12 to 6 (LOL!) NT - HookedOnBB
2:23AM 19/04/2008

Ry wondering if Jen is just sitting at home watching him all the time or if she's working, he said she has to be working because she was broke dude - HookedOnBB
2:24AM 19/04/2008

Topic is still Jen, Ry says she makes decent money at Rooster's but she was broke before coming in the house NT - HookedOnBB
2:26AM 19/04/2008

R/A are now going back to bed saying they are all set up for tomorrow (they are planning a party of some sort) NT - HookedOnBB
2:29AM 19/04/2008

Adam gets up again, goes to WR, washed his hands (Yay Adam!) Looks at himself in the mirror for a minute picking at his face, then back to bed NT - HookedOnBB
2:45AM 19/04/2008

all hg's still asleep - BBaddicted
7:58AM 19/04/2008

Still asleep. Ryan snoring, and keeps waking himself up. NT - nmbeach
9:00AM 19/04/2008

All HGs sleeping Ryan has woken up NT - Dr0n3
10:36AM 19/04/2008

Sharon/Sheila sleeping Ryan/Adam in their room talking NT - Dr0n3
10:39AM 19/04/2008

Ryan got up. Went in to room with Adam and laying in other bed chatting with Adam. NT - Harley08
10:51AM 19/04/2008

Lights are still out. Talking about food and weather. Thinking it might rain. NT - Harley08
10:52AM 19/04/2008

F1 on Sharon sleeping, lights out. F2 on Sheila sleeping in boat room, lights out. f3,4 of Adam in WC. NT - BBFanChelle
11:06AM 19/04/2008

Adam back in bed. Ryan gets up out of bed in pink BR. NT - BBFanChelle
11:07AM 19/04/2008

Ryan going to brush teeth A/She/Shar in bed Adam tells Ry come back after i have things to tell you about matty NT - Dr0n3
11:07AM 19/04/2008

Ryan brushing teeth in HOH bathroom. NT - BBFanChelle
11:12AM 19/04/2008

Ryan making the bed in the HOH room, turns on the HOH "house feed" TV. He flips the channels. NT - hovermop
11:18AM 19/04/2008

Ryan walks down to Adam, tells him it's "pancake time". Adam gets out of bed and follows Ryan. Ryan looks at the guinea pigs. - hovermop
11:29AM 19/04/2008

Sheila goes back to bed. Adam makes some coffee. Ryan and Adam in the KT, talk coffee.. NT - hovermop
11:31AM 19/04/2008

Sheila is in bed, muttering to herself. Then she calls for Sharon. Sharon is unresponsive. - hovermop
11:40AM 19/04/2008

Sheila talking to self. Sharon in bed. Ryan/Adam making horrible looking pancakes. NT - Dr0n3
11:45AM 19/04/2008

11:48AM 19/04/2008

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