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all feeds on shelia and sharon talking about the bible NT - Laura
10:56PM 19/04/2008

Ryan in DR NT - Laura
10:56PM 19/04/2008

ADAM folding clothes NT - Laura
10:57PM 19/04/2008

shelia saying nat was meaner toward her since matty left NT - Laura
10:57PM 19/04/2008

adam making his bed now on feeds 1 and 2 NT - Laura
10:59PM 19/04/2008

sharron said james wanted matt and natlie gone NT - Laura
11:00PM 19/04/2008

ryan out of dr...boys in wc now NT - Laura
11:01PM 19/04/2008

shelia and sharron talking about alex and amanda not campaigning to say in house NT - Laura
11:03PM 19/04/2008

adam and ryan in wc...adam said we have to be here together come wednesday - Laura
11:06PM 19/04/2008

ryan, shelia, sharon saying the house is crazy NT - Laura
11:07PM 19/04/2008

adam went to SR for some food NT - Laura
11:07PM 19/04/2008

shelia and sharon in by talking about james attitude, what he did and how he did it NT - Laura
11:09PM 19/04/2008

looks like ryan is running laps in yard or just running around NT - Laura
11:09PM 19/04/2008

adam was in br in by NT - Laura
11:10PM 19/04/2008

shelia wanted to call nat,,,,natlie called shelia out said while i was blogging - Laura
11:13PM 19/04/2008

shelia and sharon called natlie a liar NT - Laura
11:15PM 19/04/2008

ryan doing laps he is at 23 now thinking he will stop at 25....adam said 5 more ryan said no im good NT - Laura
11:16PM 19/04/2008

shelia said i didnt vote james back in either did rye bread or matty and did james come after us and shelia boy did he NT - Laura
11:18PM 19/04/2008

feeds one and two ryan and adam shotting basketball....sharon and shelia recapping everything from day 1 NT - Laura
11:19PM 19/04/2008

shelia and sharon saying who cares now its all over and done with everything happens for a reason NT - Laura
11:20PM 19/04/2008

shelia was saying natlie was the one that turned james against him - Laura
11:24PM 19/04/2008

shelia said natlie her and her bible notes and crap...she changed right after matty left NT - Laura
11:25PM 19/04/2008

ryan,shelia, sharon saying ryan ruined her gamed plan on the stay and fold game NT - Laura
11:26PM 19/04/2008

adam in KT ...looks like he is fixing some food NT - Laura
11:27PM 19/04/2008

there saying natlie blamed others for the reason why she lost...and made fun of one that couldnt besides natlie NT - Laura
11:28PM 19/04/2008

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