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Eddie - Deal cut on patio 0 Replies #1909864 11:02PM 13/07/2005
Very interesting transaction on the patio. Eric, Maggie, Rachael, Howie, April, Jennifer, Ivette, and Sarah sitting around the table. Eric asks Howie who he would nominate and says he needs to know now so that they all know who has to fight for HOH. To get the ball rolling, Eric volunteers in front of everybody that, if he wins HOH, he will NOT nominate anyone at the table. Howie agrees. They go around the table and all agree to the same deal.

The deal covers nominations and veto nominations for one week -- this week only.
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Caribou - Sarah/Beau on kitchen counter. She tells him that Eric and Ivette are going to try for HOH. Then they will nominate Janelle 0 Replies #1909895 11:12PM 13/07/2005
and Kaysar again. Beau said "or Mike". Sarah said yea. Sarah told Beau she wants to make sure he knows what the plan is. James arrives in kitchen and Beau asks if he heard. James says what? Beau says the same deal we talked about before. James said yea.
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Caribou - F3/F4: Mike and Howie at patio table. Everyone else inside readying for bed. NT 0 Replies #1909912 11:16PM 13/07/2005
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Astros - The Backyard Nine Alliance for the 2nd HOH week. 0 Replies #1909913 11:16PM 13/07/2005
The BY9: Eric, Maggie, Howie, Rachel, April, Jennifer, Ivette, Beau, Sarah

They agreed that if any of them wins the HOH#2 competition they would not nominate any of the remaining 8. No commitment about votes, only nominations.

Initially they were seven in the backyard when the initial alliance formed but April mentioned that Jennifer would go along and Ivette mentioned Beau. The rest kind of agreed with those extra two.

Later Jennifer came out and sat with them but I'm not sure if it was before or after all the discussion for the alliance was over.

Sarah was realizing that there's major strategizing going on didn't say anything and was biting her lip, probably thinking that James was out of the loop and a possibility to be nominated by any of them. I think Eric even noticed her biting and told her to stop doing that.

I may have a couple of minor details a bit off but those nine are now part of the agreement. They didn't pick a name for the alliance. I doubt they'll call it BY9 but they'll be referring to this group for a few days at least.
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Caribou - Maggie and Sarah in main bedroom. Lights are out. They were doing sign language. BB said 0 Replies #1909987 11:57PM 13/07/2005
Maggie, Sarah, STOP THAT.

Someone asked what they were doing. Maggie said just sign language, that's all we were doing so that must have been it. They seem surprised, knowing contestants in past seasons used sign language and it wasn't stopped.

Also interesting that Maggie offered up to the entire room that they were doing sign language. Now everyone in that room knows.
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