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Topic #1905821
SassyPrncess - April on Ashlea, Mike, Janelle 0 Replies #1905821 8:52AM 13/07/2005
April told Ashlea: If you leave and hear things (we've said about you) you've got to forgive one another.

April: I can tell u know, Mike & Janelle are building an alliance.

April says Mike is making his speeches because he knows he is going.

April: We're going to get rid of him (Mike) next week.
Maggie: If Janelle gets HoH it's a crap shoot. So is Kaysar.

April: Kaysar might put up Michael. Michael can't walk into a room without hitting somebody.

April feels Kaysar is having to defend himself around Mike's "hitting".

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Topic #1905827
SassyPrncess - April thinks eviction voting will happen today. NT 0 Replies #1905827 8:53AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905846
Anonymous - Voting discussion 1 Replies #1905846 8:59AM 13/07/2005
April says that they will do voting and goodbye taping today, to give BB another day to edit.
April wonders how long mike will take in the bathroom! She needs to go 'poop.' She says that smoking is her laxative.
Rachel mentions the HOH bathroom,but says Jennifer is still sleeping there.
April tells Rachel she's so glad that rash is gone (what rash).
Rachel mentions there is long blonde hair everywhere. They discuss that hair is clean, and are laughing about it having been in a pie, and lifted an apple with it.
Someone has extensions, they say, can't hear who! Rachel and April both say they always wanted extensions. Rachel can't afford it, not practical.
April: 'what are you gonna do if you get back and you don't have a job, how you gonna make your payments and stuff?'
Rachel has money saved 'not gonna worry about it.'

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Anonymous - Janelle is the Girl With Extensions, #1907019 12:38PM 13/07/2005
and coincidently, she is the one that made the apple crisp.

She hasn't confessed to having extensions, but Beau is the self-proclaimed expert on such matters, and was in shock last week that she didn't admit the truth.

By Valentine, not logged in at the moment.
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Topic #1905853
SassyPrncess - Eric & Maggie conspire & gossip 0 Replies #1905853 9:00AM 13/07/2005
Maggie is appearing to help Eric weight lift.

Maggie tells Eric not to make the "stop being pigs" announcement.

Eric: I know, I am over it.
Maggie: Don't lose your cool.

Eric: Don't worry, I know what James' game is. He wants a piece of you (maggie). Although he said last night outside this house he could hang with you.

Maggie: He's gunning for me.
Eric: He's going to hang himself.
Maggie: We have to be careful with those 2 (Rach, April) sitting there (with James).
Eric: Rachel's got his number. She said to me "note taken."

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Topic #1905857
SassyPrncess - Maggie then goes to help James put away dishes in kitchen! NT 0 Replies #1905857 9:01AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905887
SassyPrncess - James, April, Rachel gossip 1 Replies #1905887 9:08AM 13/07/2005
April: If ya'll ever notice, every time he opens his mouth (mike) it's like he is talking down to us.

April: Last night, he pretty much downed downed Howie. "So Howie, what exactly is a self profilled prophecy?" (Howie gave his response)
April: (Mike)"So now do you want a more accurate explanation?"

Maggie is called to DR.
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SassyPrncess - James says Mike chooses the people he's going to intimidate #1905892 9:10AM 13/07/2005
Eric: He was the guy he was picked on in school. Now he's got his chance.
James: But he picks on little girls.

April imitates Mike, "Rachel, honey, sweetie, will you get my chapstick?"

April: He's so hypocritical.

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Topic #1905889
Anonymous - More BY talk...Maggie to Diary Room 0 Replies #1905889 9:08AM 13/07/2005
James is discussing who is friends........just told Rachel and April that Jannelle and Ash are friends. "I don't know who else, maybe Michael and Kaysar.'
April 'every time he opens his mouth it's like he's talking down to us' (Michael)

Someone called to Diary room, Maggie I believe.
Maggie passes through kitchen......as she tries to enter the diary room, a piece of metal falls to the floor, and we are back to fish feeds.

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Topic #1905911
SassyPrncess - April continues on about Michael 0 Replies #1905911 9:13AM 13/07/2005
Eric: I think he is a pathological liar.
James: He's not that deep.
April: His favorite movies are crazy movies.

Eric: I think he knows exactly what he is doing. I don't think he is as stupid as you (james) thinks he is.
James: He's unstable.

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Topic #1905915
SassyPrncess - Ivette is up, starts bashing Michael NT 0 Replies #1905915 9:14AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1905944
SassyPrncess - BY talk about Mike, Jani & Kaysar and Ashlea 0 Replies #1905944 9:18AM 13/07/2005
Kaysar & his Muslim drama
Michael is just creepy
Janelle is a f-ing diva.

Eric brings to her attention all the clothes & shoes strewn across the backyard.

James: The more we talk about it, the more upset we're going to get.
James: Ashlea is like a tumor that just attaches to you and you can't get rid of it.

James: She's (Ashlea) been gone for a week, but she's still here! (LOL)
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Topic #1905960
ISmileICrazy - BY Talk - Eric, Rachel, April and James 0 Replies #1905960 9:20AM 13/07/2005
All talking about Mike. April says that his movie choices make him scary. James calls him scary and Eric calls him unstable.
Start talking about how Beau farted on Ashlea's pillow and how disgusted she is with it.
Ivette now out, complaining about Michael. She's making fun of the conversation they had last night, for some reason complaining that he said "Tell me about your family" and she says theres no way to approach that. (??)
April says "Oh good, I thought you were into that conversation last night" (Editors note: She was)
Ivette says "Oh no no, he's scary and weird."
Also claims she woke up and he was staring at her. Then he shook his eyes at her and she told her not to.
April "Ugh, thats disgusting to me. I don't find him attractive."
James "He's got man tit*ies"
Ivette synopsis' who she finds annoying.
Michael - Creepy
Kaysar - Should decide if he's goign to practice his religion or not.
Janelle - Diva.
Complaining about all the mess they left out last night.
Ivette "Look at the princess' shoes. THe other princess' shoes are over there"
James "Ashlea has been with us a week. We just cant get rid of the bit*h."
Compalining about how they're all annoyed Ash is a germaphobic and how could she leave her shoes out if she's so paranoid."
James "Let's throw broken glass in them"
They're talking about Michael using a towel in the washroom to cover him.
April "Guys spill when they pee. I dont want to rub pee on my face with that towel"
Janelle "He watches girls in the showers"
April "Michael asked Maggie if she was shaving her balls in the shower the other day, because when someone else was doing it they were standing the same way."
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Topic #1905980
SassyPrncess - Jennifer is up now 0 Replies #1905980 9:23AM 13/07/2005
Jennifer, April, Eric, Maggie, Ivette, Rachel & James are up.
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Topic #1906034
ISmileICrazy - More BY talk.. cameras etc. 0 Replies #1906034 9:32AM 13/07/2005
THey all talk about how comfortable they've become and forget the cameras.
Eric - I've almost walked out of the shower tons of times uncovered but realized at the last minute.
Ivette - They told us that they wont film us changing but if we moved into the shot, someone on the internet could freeze frame it and post it places.
They all dont think that the internet viewers can see all the cameras. Trying to figure out which cameras are for internet use.
They were apparently told noone has ever been captured naked in the BB house.
April - My cramps are way worse today.
Eric - I saw Kaysar and Janelle out here at 4:30am. I was walking through here.
Ivette - I want to take their stuff (the stuff left outside) and hide it on them.
Rachel doesnt want to, but if it gets stepped on, no problem with her.
April - THey must be pigs at home. Ash says she has a maid and couldnt live without her.
Ivette - Ash is a pathalogical liar. She claims she makes $600 a night at the club she works at and theres no way she could. She only works Fri. and Sat.
April - She told me that she works all the time and goes to school all the time.
They're all talking about how after they get booted the interviews and all that. They cant remember its the Early show, April first thought it was the TOday show.
April - When we leave, we have to do the Early show, then an internet chat. But Ash is acting all like "I have so many fans that will take so long" She is so conceited.
Rachel - I didnt know you had to do that.
Ivette - THey wont do it until HG's people actually like get kicked out. THey wouldnt do it for a loser like Ash.
They think that BB will do a show on how messy the peeps from last night are.
Talking about someone's feet... a guy has really nice feet.
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Topic #1906048
ISmileICrazy - Feeds: 1,3,4 Eric helping James lift weights. Feed 2 Girls talking, no audio. NT 0 Replies #1906048 9:35AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1906098
SassyPrncess - Eric and James gossip 0 Replies #1906098 9:46AM 13/07/2005
James: Kaysar probably sold us out (to Janelle) and told her she was next.

Eric: Tell you what, someone is in for a big surprise if they put me up. Same with you man. (James)
James: I don't think that this stage in the game where the numbers are too great to go either way that you would put popular people up.

Eric: You can't depend on that veto.
James: (maggie and rachel) Those are the only people who would give 100% (in POV competition)

James: I think Howie threw it. The knots were not that tough.
Eric: We have to stop giving advice to people.
James: Ivette and Beau on a need to know basis.

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Topic #1906100
SassyPrncess - Kaysar is up now on minimal sleep, Sarah is up 0 Replies #1906100 9:47AM 13/07/2005
Makes excuse that he was up at 4:30am doing prayers.
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Topic #1906116
ISmileICrazy - BY Feeds 9:35am - 9:49am 0 Replies #1906116 9:48AM 13/07/2005
Rachel putting a bandaid on cut. Talking about neosporne and how Howie and Kaysar probably used it all.
Eric - Maybe he used it on himself, you know, as lube or soemthing.
James - He did!
April - Shut up! He didn't did he? James? Did he?
James - No!
Feeds switch back to the weight lifting. Eric and James talk about weightlifting.. not too interesting.
James - Whatcha doin Jenny?
Eric - Jennnay! AH loved her, Jennah!
James - Your birthday is right after Sarah's right? Sarah is the type of person that if I did her wrong, you would nominate me right away.
Eric - Jennay!! Mah Jennay!! (I think its supposed to be a really really bad Forrest Gump impression).
Eric - Mah Jennay! Ah loved her! (He almost sounds like he's doing a horrible british accent.
James - Oh sh**. That weight is coming off... grab it.. fix it!
Eric - I have it.
Talks about muscles and rehabbing one of James muscles or something.
James - Gawd that was scary.
Eric - I didnt even see that.
James - April? Right or left?
April - Huh?
James - The foot I'm going to put in your a** for all the sh** talking.
Eric - So they were out here last night.. at 4:30
James - Ash and Jan? I would be too if my friend was leaving already. (Slip up goes unnoticed)
Eric - No, Kaysar and Jan. THey're freaking out.. he probably told Jan she's next.
James - The scared ones are the ones to fear.
Talking about veto and how they cant trust the veto to save them.
Need to keep Ivette and Beau only kind of in the loop.
Kaysar comes out.
Eric - 3 hours sleep and you're up! What were you doing up so late?
Kaysar - I was up to pray at 5:30.
Eric and James - Ahhh.. oooh.
Eric - I was up going for a pee and saw you out here, was worried.
Kaysar - Oh, no, was just for that. DOnt want you getting any ideas.
Eric - No, no, i didnt think that (Ed. eye roll).
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Topic #1906134
SassyPrncess - Kaysar just woke up and is sent to Diary Room. LOL Hair all askew. NT 0 Replies #1906134 9:53AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1906161
SassyPrncess - Eric picks on April's brother's truck 0 Replies #1906161 9:59AM 13/07/2005
(Dodge Ram RT?)
April: What do you call that truck?
James: Redneck.
Eric: Comes with a gun rack and a hat rack. Tin of Scoal.
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Topic #1906165
ISmileICrazy - BY Feeds - 9:50am - 10:00am 0 Replies #1906165 9:59AM 13/07/2005
Eric says - Morning Sarah!! Morning!!
Sarah - You already said that to me you goof.
April askes Eric if he wants any hardboiled eggs. He says he wants like 6. Workout continues in BY.. Rachel and Maggie doing the circles around the BY, Eric and James at weights. James says that Eric will have eggy gas all day.
Sarah - We need WD 40 for some of this stuff. Is that what its called?
Eric - You know where it is, go do it woman.
Sarah - (Sarcastic reply).
James - Heeeeyyy.. She's finally coming out of her shell!!
Sarah giggles. You can hear April still rambling on about the health benifits of boiled eggs.
James - So Sarah, you going to wait until week 8 to work out?
Sarah - I worked out yesterday!!
Kaysar has been called to the Diary Room.
Sarah - Are we all goign to have to go this morning?
Eric - Is that for voting this morning?
James - No, it can't be. Kaysar cant vote.
Sarah - I look like hell, do i look okay?
Eric - You look like trailer trash.
James - Trailer trash with nice sunglasses.
Continue weight lifting.
Sarah (to James) - I can hear your should cracking from here.
James - My left shoulder is hating you right now (to Eric)
Eric - It is loud.. you belong in the circus.
Maggie - What if we make a track in the grass?
Rachel - Yeah, i wanted to move the hammock.
Kaysar is back out from the DR. They all say "That was fast"
He's just about to tell them what it was about and they remind him they cant talk about the DR.
Eric - You cant talk about the fight club.
April is trying to figure out an old Dodge truck name.
James - Its an RT.
Eric - It has a hood scoop on it. Its like the Dogde Ram RT.
April - ANd it has a viper motor in it.. my brother has one.
James - Hillbilly truck.
Eric - It probably has a gun rack.
Eric and James talking about standar and automatic.
James - I didnt get into cars until I started stock racing.
Workout continues.
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Topic #1906177
SassyPrncess - James notices Rachel doing sign language 0 Replies #1906177 10:02AM 13/07/2005
James: Don't think I am not onto you f*ckers.
Sarah: Too bad you don't know it.
James: I know.

Appears Maggie & Rachel were signing?
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Topic #1906186
ISmileICrazy - BY Feeds - 10:00am - 10:05am 0 Replies #1906186 10:05AM 13/07/2005
Eric and James talking about how much of a shame it would be if Maggie "accidently" tripped on a weight and couldnt compete.
Sarah - Maggie, you were in my dream last night!
Maggie - Probably because I spoke to you right before you went to sleep.
James - You ever dream about me?
Sarah - Pfft. No.
All laugh.
James - I'm goign to be hurting tomorrow.
Eric - You're going to be in tons of pain.
James - Peace out says the shoulder to the arm.
Eric starts running at Sarah with a bug.
James - I never understand why girls dont like bugs.
Sarah - I dont like people flicking bugs on me.
James and Eric make fun of BB.
Sarah - ANyone figure out how much we actually get out of the 500k?
Eric - $360k.. i asked BB.
James - No way its that... at least 50% is taken off.
James is now skipping rope.
Moving to other feeds...
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Topic #1906189
SassyPrncess - Fantasy Players: Jenn slices oranges! Camera zero'd in on her. NT 0 Replies #1906189 10:05AM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1906209
ISmileICrazy - Kitchen - April, Kaysar, Jen and Ivette 10:05am - 10:12am 0 Replies #1906209 10:12AM 13/07/2005
Kaysar and Ivette sitting beside each other eating cereal lookign opposite ways.
Kaysar talking about Juice bars... all the different kinds around.
All talking about restaurants and stores around them.
April - Have you ever been to BBQ Galore. You can get anything for a bbq there.. pits, branders.
Kaysar - A brander?
April - Yeah, like you brand a horse.. you can get mini ones for your steak with like the texas logo.
April - How long for the eggs, like 12 minutes?
Kaysar and Ivette - Yep.
April - I had to go to the hospital for heart palpitations once. (Either has to do with smoking or weight).
Kaysar - You weigh 108 lbs?
April - 107 and dont you forget it. When I was in NY once, I weighed 96lbs.
More talking in the kitchen.
April - Your my little, what can i call you in cuban?
Ivette - My cubina (i think she said) Means my little cuban or something.
Rachel doing ab workouts behind the gumball machine.
Jen is starting to sing and dance and they tell her to stop singing. Were talking about how saying "Thats hot" is so annoying.
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Topic #1906229
Hypnotoad - kaysar tells april he stayed up to get some alone time and so he doesn't have to bother people with his alarm clock NT 0 Replies #1906229 10:15AM 13/07/2005
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