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Topic #1907854
amIsane - BB "Beau please go to the diary room" 1 Replies #1907854 3:55PM 13/07/2005
Ap "They are calling everyone in there. I am been in there twice. Once voluntarily"
Jenn " They called Erci in there twice"
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amIsane - These 3 said lockdown(inside lockdn) in 1 1/2 hr and will last 1 hour NT #1907859 3:56PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1907866
amIsane - Jenn and Ap on bed. They pretend to cuddle. Ap "Oh, my little Texas girl" NT 2 Replies #1907866 3:57PM 13/07/2005
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amIsane - April pinches Jenn's nipple. NT #1907868 3:58PM 13/07/2005
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Hypnotoad - did a few times more....defective nipple? #1907880 3:59PM 13/07/2005
one of jennifers nipples is defective and doesnt get hard ever. Eric joins and they are still giggling and laughing...
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Topic #1907896
amIsane - All 4 feeds on multi- bedrm w/ now April, Jenn, Maggie, Eric , Ivette, James and Kay(I think). They are talking about Pharmasutical(sp?) sales NT 1 Replies #1907896 4:03PM 13/07/2005
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amIsane - Sarah there now also NT #1907898 4:04PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1907934
amIsane - James gets peeved at Eric 0 Replies #1907934 4:13PM 13/07/2005
Talking of fish and cows. Kay talking how a fish needs to be cleaned. Then he gets into Cows, and that if you do not drain the blood right away, it becomes toxic etc. (they had asked Kay some ??'s)
Eric pipes in about the slaughter house, how the Cows do not feel much pain, because they cut the Jugular vein.
This ticks James off a bit
James "Are you telling me they do not feel pain? I suppose Burg did not feel pain when they slit his throat!!!! I guess none of the hostages felt pain!!"

This talk goes on a bit more and some leave and convo changes.
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Topic #1907935
Hypnotoad - Ivette asks Kaysar whats the difference between blessing a cow and blessing a fish. 0 Replies #1907935 4:13PM 13/07/2005

Kaysar says fish dont get blessed, and that the way the cow is killed is the most humane way, a quick slice through the juggular and then let the blood drain. So its humane and healthy because their blood carries disease. Eric brings in when you hunt deer this is how its done also. And says the way cows are killed now is disgusting "you dont want to see it." Kaysar says its important to not just follow rules blindly, you have to know about them. James chimes in with a terrorist video where a person was decapitated, noone wants to argue with him. Eric steam rolls over him. PETA slaughter house talk brings fish.
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Topic #1907961
valentine - Eric Starts To Tell a Nasty Joke 1 Replies #1907961 4:19PM 13/07/2005
about Martha Stewart, and we got FISH on all feeds.

Eric: How do you make Martha Stewart cry twice? Fu*k her in the a** and then..............

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Hypnotoad - complete joke (adult) #1907972 4:21PM 13/07/2005
"How do you make Martha Stewart scream twice ?"
"First, you f*ck her in the a**...then you wipe your dick on her curtains."
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Topic #1907964
amIsane - Sarah not hiding her connection to James well 0 Replies #1907964 4:20PM 13/07/2005
They are in the multi rm w/ other people. James is at the foot of the bed lying across it. Sarah is lying on the bed w/ James with her feet lying on james. Kind of snuggled/comfy there. (ed. note You can tell she is into him. She is making it very obvious.)
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Topic #1907967
amIsane - FISH on all feeds NT 0 Replies #1907967 4:20PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908009
valentine - Eric Opines About Iraq 1 Replies #1908009 4:27PM 13/07/2005
He doesn't believe there is any connection between 9-11 and Iraq. He is adamant about this. And he takes the insurgency to task and uses, what I'm sure is some offensive terminology.

James answers back aggressively, and the two of them start going at it. James is a liberatarian.

The camera closes in on Kaysar's face,and his large eyes moving back and forth slowly. Priceless. And Eric can't even ask Kaysar his opinion, of course.

Eric is going on and on saying he knows somebody that is fighting over there, and Kaysar twice tries to tell them about his friend in Iraq, and Eric cuts him off loudly and rudely.

James and Eric go at it while Kaysar watches.
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valentine - James is Blaming Everything on Bill Clinton #1908018 4:29PM 13/07/2005
he has numerous facts to support all his arguments, including the names of treaties and the legislators supporting different initiatives. He is very emotional.

Eric bites back and is sounding angry. They both are, for that matter.
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Topic #1908021
amIsane - Feeds back...James and Eric arguing about 9/11 and Iraq 0 Replies #1908021 4:30PM 13/07/2005
Eric " You can not tell me that what is going on in Iraq had anything to do with 9/11"
James "It is not even Iraqi's that are doing the insurrgents, it is people from Iran, etc. "
They are arguing quite a bit, talking over each other.
E "There is no evidence what so ever to Iraq. Our country based our invasion on 9/11"
E " Do you think right now Iraq is any better off than before we went there"
J " The last administration did nothing, this could have been avoided if it had not been for that admin. (Clinton) (ed. he names off suicide bombings..Cole. etc.) They did nothing."
E "What are you liberatarian?"
(ed. They are really going at it...big time. Both of them seem to be beating a dead dog. Getting no where. Kaysar just sits and listens to them(He prob thinks they are both ridiculous(ed. as I do LOL) )
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Topic #1908052
valentine - Kaysar Storms From the Room 0 Replies #1908052 4:33PM 13/07/2005
Kaysar: James, I think of you as an intelligent person and I'm very disappointed in you. I can't believe what is coming out of your mouth.

Eric: Don't leave, buddy, stay here and talk about it.

Kaysar sits down and starts stating his points very emotionally. Eric joins in and helps him out.

James doesn't back down at all.
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Topic #1908072
valentine - Maggie Enters the War Room 0 Replies #1908072 4:37PM 13/07/2005
and interrupts the angry discussion with a small joke.

Eric: That's why you can't talk about money, religion, or politics!

Maggie: You can talk about it, but you can't argue about it.

Eric and James still keep going, but in softer tones. James really seems to know a lot about history. (I'm impressed.)

Ed Note: I bet Maggie heard Eric yelling and had to calm her teammate down.
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Topic #1908081
amIsane - More arguing 0 Replies #1908081 4:38PM 13/07/2005
Er " Our economy has gone to *****"
J " Your house is worth more"
E "Yea, all that means is that my property taxes are 3 times more"
J "The economy was already"
ALOT of arguing
Kay gets pissed
Kay " James, I thought you were an intellectual, I am so disappointed in you right now."
Jam "No, don't leave, come back"
Kay " I can not discuss this with someone who is being so irrational"
Kay " When 9/11 happened the econonmy was already going down. Bush polls were not good for him"
(ed note. I have missed ALOT!! they were really going at it.)
Eric " We are never going to know the truth about Iraq, why we went into Bosnia" etc etc

James "The united states is an easy scape goat. You do not see people still mad at Germany because of that"
Eric " Whjat about slavery"
James "They still have slavery in all other countries, we had it over a hundred years ago"
E " I still support the guys going over there. I have their back, these guys over there fighting war(what about the females eric??) But what I am saying is we will never kno the truth about this war."
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Topic #1908106
Zazny - From political talk to celebrity dates with Michael, Beau, and Jennifer 0 Replies #1908106 4:41PM 13/07/2005
M: I want a date with Jessica Beal, please.
B: Jennifer.
M: Jessica Beal. We've established that Jennifer Beal is the woman from Flashdance and she's pretty old now.
B: I want Tom Ford to love me.
Jen: I want Topher Grace to marry me.
M: Who?
Jen: Topher Grace. From That 70's Show
M: We've established

M: Carmen Electra does nothing for me.
J: You don't pick someone
B: She's got a great body, beautiful face, ....

Howie walks in

M: I think Jennifer Garner is too
J: Another person who is average. You like average people. That's what you find gorgeous
M: I think they have sharp features. Sophie Marceau. Kiera Knightley
J: She is like flat like a staple
M: Monica Bellucci [says last night with his Euro voice] is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen

Howie poses for them.
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Topic #1908145
Anonymous - Michael and Howie re-anacting Star Wars III when Anaking burns up..then we get fish! NT 0 Replies #1908145 4:44PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908146
amIsane - More Kay, Eric and James argue and calm 0 Replies #1908146 4:44PM 13/07/2005
Kay " First of all let me tell you that it is not deeply ingrained in our culture to go out and kill yourself to kill people. If you have people come in to your country."
Eric " Yea, just like in Pak and "
James " Yea, I understand, they do not like porn, Brit Spears on their TV"
James thinks the mistake we are making is that we are giving our democracy, not necessarily what they want.
Kay " My democracy is not giving them MTV"
James " Maybe letting women vote is not what they want."
Kay says Iraqi's feel disrespected. Eric had said he can agree to disagree.
Eric "There are diff sides to every story. There are 3 sides and some where in the middle is the truth"
Kay "We are from 3 different cultures."
James " I understand that we come in and try to change them, we are pushing our culture on them"
Kay " I never got to meet my aunt and cousin."
Eric " Do you plan on visiting there when this is over"
Kay "Yea, but it isn't that. I just know they are suffering over there, things are not good"

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Topic #1908159
Zazny - Both Howie and Michael stared at Jen for a second there 0 Replies #1908159 4:45PM 13/07/2005
Michael admired her beauty after Howie called her "Chunk." Howie joined in and said that Jen has a very symmetrical face. Then Michael starts Howie on their Star Wars Episode 3 dialogue exchange that they enjoy and then Jen loses interes before FOTH...er, fish.

Beau is now massaging Mike as Jen playfights with someone off camera.
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Topic #1908195
Zazny - Mike now playing with Janelle and a zuchinni 0 Replies #1908195 4:52PM 13/07/2005
Came at her with a big men's hairbrush and said "can I brush your hair?"

Janelle laughed it off and they sparred a little.

Mike came in for a hug and Janelle said "ewww!" Mike waved to the cameras.

Janelle said he's dressed kinda nerdy.

They dance in the bathroom before Mike takes his leave to the Kitchen.

M (mocking)>I will not make any gestures that could be interpreted as sexually inappropriate. I will not smother my nose in a girls neck and go *SNORT* anymore. I will only refer to women as 'the opposite sex.'

Rachel> I'm glad you told me that, because I'm planning to do all of that! Haha

Mike stuffs a zuchinni down his pants.

R>I thought you just said you're not doing anything inappropriate.

Mike shows the girls.

Janelle>What the ***** are you doing. Are you?
Ash>That's so gross
M giggles.

He goes back to the kitchen and washes it. It will be a part of the dinner.

E> Please stay away from the kitchen now, please.

Somebody's a bit anxious.
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Topic #1908203
amIsane - Still going at it!! Kay about his uncle 0 Replies #1908203 4:53PM 13/07/2005
Kay "Before Saddam everyone lived like separatley. Like Kurds with kurds"
Eric brings up diff groups.
Kay " Here is the thing, there are aloty of pipe lines running thgrough there. It kind of puts up a red flag."
We got FISH then it comes back and they are still discussing this.
James "Here is the thing, it is just that they do not want our type of culture over there"

They ask if he got to see his family
Kay says his mom?? and he went to Syria, Holland, could not getinto Iraq
Before the war he could not go back because of Sadaam. His family fled Iraq because of Sadaam. His uncle was killed by Saddam. On his front porch.
For talking against Sadaam's regime.

James " But they can do that now. Protest"
Kay "When , when the statue went down"
James " No, Like now, like protesting against the USA, they can do that and it is great they can"
Kay "Yea but.."
They want him to tell about his uncle.
There were people who were like paid to inform on people. Nobody trusted anybody. He was not sure where he was shot, but they put him on the front porch of the mothers house. Then the family was billed for the bullet.

Kay says they used to feed people to like tigers and dogs. Kay " It is pretty much understood they were brutal killers"
BB interrupts. it is a lockdown. FISH

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Topic #1908207
Zazny - BB calls indoor lockdown NT 0 Replies #1908207 4:53PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908214
amIsane - Feeds cutting in and out. Kay says a female can not get help for diabetes because of the chaos in Iraq. Checkpoints etc. NT 0 Replies #1908214 4:54PM 13/07/2005
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Topic #1908225
valentine - Well, That Was Odd 0 Replies #1908225 4:55PM 13/07/2005
Michael was trying to dance with Janelle in the BR, and he kept dipping her from side to side. Her hair was wet and was slapping around and she was lauging.

He let her up and said "when we get out of here, I'll be buying you dancing lessons," and just strolled right out of the room to the kitchen, where he sat at a kitchen stool and started addressing Rachel.

He started recounting a list of things he would no longer do in the house in a sing-songy serial killer voice.

Mike: I will no longer stick my nose in a woman's neck and go arrrrhhhh! I will never ......

and on and on.

Rachel just kind of stood there, and tried to mumble something coherant when he was finished.

Mike: Rachel, would you like to go to dinner with me after all of this is over?

Rachel, laughs waaaayyy too loud: Well, I'f you're buyin', I'm eatin'!!

She said this in a way too fake Hee Haw type of voice, and then hurries over to talk to someone else.
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Topic #1908244
amIsane - Kay and James 0 Replies #1908244 4:59PM 13/07/2005
Kay protested against war in Iraq. He did not trust the intentions. They were told...Fish.
He says the people were suffering. The sanctions hurt the people, not Saddam. He was still fine. They did not have pencils because of lead.
He says someones daughter dies because of flu. Worm deficiencies. Dying because of Uranium. How do you justify all of that. Babies are born with holes in their heads because of radiation from bullets from americans.
James "So you want Sadaam still in power. How would you desrcibe your perfect world."
FISH cuts Kay answer(FISH keep cutting in constantly dang it!!)
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Topic #1908273
amIsane - Kay on first Gulf War 0 Replies #1908273 5:01PM 13/07/2005
Most of the provinces were over thrown and Saddam basically just had control over Bagdad. The people waitied for Bush Senior to somne and they never come and many people were slaughtered.
James "You know what you" FISH
Kay " How do you do that, just take over a country..... FISH
(FISH is ticking me off, I am missing alot because of this. )
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Topic #1908303
amIsane - More of J and Kay 1 Replies #1908303 5:07PM 13/07/2005
Kay "You play war games. You go into a room, move pieces around. Playing a game. It isn't ever infantry anymore?"
Kay " I understand your point...FISH " They are both guilty of propeganda"
James " You hear them saying Jews are the lowest form of life FISH
James "What do you think is the solution, because any solution will cost life"
Kay "I don't know to be honest. We were like scared when Sadaam, because he sons would take over and they are nuts.
Kay " But that is the resentment, they suspicion of intentions"
James "Well, what about if in a year we were out? FISH

Eric " Why are you here? James?"
J "I am off of school for the summer"
Kay " I am actually here for this reason, we disagree on things?"

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amIsane - Kay says " I have actually learned something here..." then feed switches away from he and James NT #1908313 5:09PM 13/07/2005
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