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Topic #1976697
Caribou - Kaysar explains leadership and relationships to janelle 0 Replies #1976697 3:53PM 23/07/2005
Their group, with James, Rachel etc. - every person is a strong individual. They think for themselves but have trust with each other.

Janelle says James keeps telling her not to worry that he's talking to Eric but Janelle is worried about it. Howie and Kaysar tell her it doesn't matter, he's gone.

Now they talk about how funny it was during POV, at them running and bumping into each other, Eric pacing and talking *****, visibly upset.

Howie - never let 'em see you sweat!

They're all loving the Eric blew it.

janelle tells them Eric is probably designating who is in charge once he leaves.

Howie loves how much they've turned around the house. Kaysar happy how their relationships have evolved. Janelle wondering how CBS feels about this turn of events.
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Topic #1976699
Anonymous - Kay : Hey BB expect the unexpected (from us HGs) *lol* NT 0 Replies #1976699 3:54PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1976702
Zazny - J: This has been the longest, weirdest 2 days. H: Like a roller coaster wooo wooo wooo 0 Replies #1976702 3:55PM 23/07/2005
K says they (the 3) can trust each other and work as 'separate entities' because they will make the right decisions and they're honest

H relaxing on the bed: I love HOH bedrooms

J: Eric's planning for next week 'Ivette you're in charge!'
K: Did he say that?
J: No I was just saying

K: Hey Big Brother, expect the unexpected
H: Yeah Big Brother we tricked you

J: There is a weight off my shoulders
H: People are still [hiding] it. That is B.S.
K: Does it alter our strategy?
J: No

J: Why was Janelle saying I was at advantage? She's saying it's unfair
H: Unfair? They had control and now you do.
K: Ivette was saying we're similar people, we both think outside the box
K: Was it fair when I was sitting on the other end?
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Topic #1976714
Zazny - K to Jan: What are you thinking about? 0 Replies #1976714 3:57PM 23/07/2005
H: Michael
J: How'd you know?
H: You love him
J: No I don't!
K: You miss him?

Feeds switch to Maggie and Eric whispering about Michael and a plan b?
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Topic #1976732
Zazny - James to Ivette: I don't trust Eric 0 Replies #1976732 4:00PM 23/07/2005
I: Eric has to go
J: I don't trust Eric. He's lied to everyone. We all lie, but I would never trust him. Never trust him to stable. Him calling everybody out was neither mature nor rational. He's like a child.
I: No time for second chances.
J: I was going home if I didn't get this, no ifs ands or buts.

J: My problem with Cappy was he said 'there will come a time when we have to fend for ourselves.' He wasn't honest about Maggie. I had no choice. I don't know who else will be here, but I know I will be.
I: I hate that evil always wins. Kaysar's the mastermind and he and Janelle are having the last laugh. I would love to get them back and swing everything around.
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Topic #1976736
Anonymous - Ivette to James/Sarah: Now where do we stand? James: My alligance to them is only until Eric's out of the house 2 Replies #1976736 4:01PM 23/07/2005
James: so eric's gotta go and then i really want the HOH.
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Anonymous - James to Ivette: I am watching out for you!!! #1976780 4:05PM 23/07/2005
You know they hate you (iv) if you tell apr or jen now (what your plan is) they are going to run up to kay and tell them everything because they are scared right now. So just relax right now. I am watching out for you. (not verbatim)
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Anonymous - Iv: I would love to get them (kay and co) and turn it around on them #1976747 4:03PM 23/07/2005
James talking as if he is a floater now! (oh boy)
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Topic #1976765
Zazny - J: Do you trust April and Jen? 0 Replies #1976765 4:04PM 23/07/2005
I: I think they're loose gooses. I think they sway.
J: I'd relax a bit. If you tell them things, they'll run straight upstairs to save their ass. When you see me hanging out with them [K/Jan/H], I'm doing what I can to save you.
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Topic #1976834
Anonymous - A bond of final 6 has been established with Kaysar, Janelle, Sarah, James, Rachel and Howie. They declare Eric needs to leave. NT 0 Replies #1976834 4:12PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1976836
Zazny - K: We'll pretend we're all groups of 2, and we joined up to get rid of Eric, and after that we're all for ourselves. 0 Replies #1976836 4:12PM 23/07/2005
K: We have an unspoken bond, now. Final 6
Jan: This is the six.
Jam: This is the one! Joking
S: This is fun, Howie's on my side.
H: And James is on mine. I wanted the guy out of here!
Jam: Phew.
S: When I walked outside and saw the chess board, I almost peed in my pants!
J: They are not dominant. Look at them. Maggie. Ivette. Maggie did not eat because of her beliefs. Jen (thanks Anonymous) ate her snake, but everything else they failed.
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Topic #1976921
Zazny - Beau wants Eric to stay 0 Replies #1976921 4:22PM 23/07/2005
B: I'd rather him here since he's more on our side.
April says what happens if we don't have enough votes [she is thinking to following the majority]
B: ***** that. I'm not changing my plans because there's not enough votes...Don't be leaving me now!
A: I'm not. I'm just thinking. Who was the 2nd vote for Ashlea to say?
B: James
A: For sure?
B: Yes
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Topic #1976957
Zazny - B: Hopefully they'll go after each other 0 Replies #1976957 4:25PM 23/07/2005
A: We have to win HOH
B: Kaysar and Janelle may win and put up Howie and Rachel. Everybody's a wild card now because they're all paired up.
A: In times like this, you probably want your mother, I want my husband
B: I'm definitely not giving up, that's for sure. It will make me fight harder now. I want to take the bacon home to my mom.
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Topic #1976991
SassyPrncess - April to Beau: What do I have to hide at this point? NT 0 Replies #1976991 4:28PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1976999
Zazny - B: K asked me who the group didn't like 0 Replies #1976999 4:29PM 23/07/2005
B: I told him Janelle, I didn't give anybody else's name
A: He was smarter than what we thought.
B: He's freaking Muslim. All Muslims are smart. My ex, 35, lawyer, litagator, sues the government. Persian. Smartest guy I know.
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Topic #1977007
Anonymous - Beau is saying a bigoted remark about K being Muslim and they know how to work it - they are smart NT 0 Replies #1977007 4:29PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977014
DraftKing - Beau's stereotyping of Muslims 0 Replies #1977014 4:30PM 23/07/2005
Beau, talking with April outside...

April: "He (Kaysar) was smarter than what we thought."
Beau: "Well, he's freaking Arab, he's Muslim. All the freaking Muslims are that smart, or more!"
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Topic #1977016
Zazny - Eric/Maggie whisper low in BY, BB tells them to put on their mics NT 0 Replies #1977016 4:30PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977020
Anonymous - Maggie says everyone knew before she got on the chessboard that Ivette was her partner and she didn't really get to pick. NT 0 Replies #1977020 4:31PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977034
Anonymous - Jen just hinted to Maggie that Ivette isn't playing the way they thought she was and is trying to make E and M scared. Wondering what her motive is NT 0 Replies #1977034 4:32PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977038
Zazny - M: Jen just hinted to us that Ivette isn't playing the game like we thought she was 0 Replies #1977038 4:33PM 23/07/2005
M: What's her motive? For us to believe she has no one in this game?
E: She has to vote someone off...
M: If I was set up, I knew Howie, Janelle, Kaysar, and James were playing for James, the only thing I don't know is me and Ivette.
E: It's possible. My gut feeling says no, but I don't know anymore. I was totally blindsided. I don't think I was ever blindsided like that in my life. You have to be a man and accept it and don't pull a 'Michael' and hide in the gold room. I'm leaving like I came in: a man, not a wimp or a coward. Not gonna do it!
M: If they think I am smarter and more strategic than you are, I don't want you to burn any bridges before I leave
E: No, and at the same time I won't lobby to stay. I will be me.
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Topic #1977047
CrazyforBB - Eric says his gut says that Ivette is with them but he was so blindsided this morning that he questions everything and that is leaving as a man NT 0 Replies #1977047 4:33PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977060
Anonymous - Maggie is asking Eric if he is going to keep playing as if Beau and Iv didn't do anything wrong. M says Jen is making her think she knows a secret NT 0 Replies #1977060 4:35PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977068
Anonymous - Eric says they can stew in it because somewhere down the road there will be a crack (ed's note: like in his head) NT 0 Replies #1977068 4:36PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977072
Moonshadow - Way to make us feel alone. We have each other now. 0 Replies #1977072 4:36PM 23/07/2005
Mag to Cap
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Topic #1977080
Anonymous - Eric says he is going to doubt people even more when he leaves and Mags says he won't cos she surrounds herrself w/goodpeople NT 0 Replies #1977080 4:37PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977088
Anonymous - Magsays that she told herrself she'd do anything for the money and is plesantly surprised she won't NT 0 Replies #1977088 4:37PM 23/07/2005
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