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Topic #1980721
Shereebie - Kay and Jan in HoH.... 0 Replies #1980721 11:30PM 23/07/2005
K: He...I think he has problems finding the right woman.
J: And you think I'm the wrong person for him?
K: No. I didn't say that!
J: Yes, you do!
K: YOu think you're so smart?! I didn't say that!
J: Yes, you did! You said, he never finds the right women.
K: I'm just saying...
J: Ewww, what is that?
K: I don't know...
J: Ewww, Howie!

J: So he picks the wrong women. What does that have to do with me? I'm the right girl for him!
K: Maybe you are.
J: Why are you telling me this, then?
K: I'm telling you this, because I'm asking you, like...how do you feel? I don't know how you guys feel. You were saying, we're just friends...!
J: Yeah! We had to.
K: So you like him then>
J: Yeah! Are you mad?
K: No, I'm not mad! He's my friend...I'm just wondering.
K: I think he really likes you, and you're very beautiful, and I'm sure he saw a pretty face, and I don't want you to run into any impressions...
J: What do you mean??!

K: you're very beautiful. And I'm sure, he'll like, fall for you very easily. And like, I don't wanna see him get hurt.
J: Awww, I'm not gonna hurt him.
K: That's all. That's it.
J: I promise I'm not gonna hurt him. You think I'm gonna do the same thing that, like, I did to the guys in NY? Cause I'm not.
K: I know you're not.
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Topic #1980726
Zazny - K: Do you really like Michael 0 Replies #1980726 11:30PM 23/07/2005
J: Yes
K: I think he likes you, but you're not sure
J: You're wrong
K: Would you still like him if he lied about something for the game
K says M has to come clean about something
J: He said he was moving to Miami?
K: He did!? Really? ... When it comes to women, it's like the world stops. He can't just pack his bags and moves.

K: He likes women
J: So he's a cheater
K: No, he likes women. The world stops. I tried to get him to play the game and he was sitting there staring in your eyes.

K: What is it about him that you like
J: I like his personality, he's smart. He seems real sweet.
K: He is.
J: So what's wrong with him?
K: There's nothing wrong with him. I just want to see how you really feel.

[something about cameras inhibiting the relationship]

J: Rewind, so you said he has problems with women
K: I think he has problem finding the right woman
J: So I'm the wrong one?
K: I didn't say that!
J: Kaysar, that's not nice
K: You think you're so smart. I'm just saying...right now I'm just asking you certain things. That's all I'm saying. Don't read into things.
J: You say he picks the wrong women. What does that have to do with me? I'm the right woman
K: I know nothing. Up until the last day you said we're just friends
J: We were just saying that. We had to
K: So you really like him
J: Yeah, are you mad are something?
K: I'm not mad, I'm just having conversation
J: Swear
K: Swear. He is my friend, I was just wondering.

K: What I was trying to say was that you're very beautiful and I'm sure he'll fall for you very easily, so I'm saying, I hope. I don't want you hurt him.
J: Oh, I'm not going to hurt him.
K: That's all
J: I promise I won't.
...you think I'm going to do the same thing to him that I did to the guy in New York. It wasn't nice.

K: I feel like I know you, but I only know you within the context of this house. But I think that you're awesome.
J: What I did wasn't nice, that's what you're saying. I know what you're saying.
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Topic #1980734
TheBigSista - Now BY crew are talkin about the prize 0 Replies #1980734 11:30PM 23/07/2005
they cant share the money. maggie clarifying that you cant make a deal in the house - sounds like they have all made deals with there partners!
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Topic #1980753
Zazny - K: If you were different I would have gone for you myself 0 Replies #1980753 11:32PM 23/07/2005
J: What's wrong with me!?
K: You flirt too much, you're a raging alcoholic, and I've never seen a woman's ass grow so fast

J smacks him and they laugh

K: ... you like to trash talk
J: So does Michael
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Topic #1980759
las0127 - Jan to K: When is the last time you had a girlfriend? 0 Replies #1980759 11:32PM 23/07/2005
K: let's talk about something else
J: ok when is the last time you went on a date?

K: did you really break up with your boyfriend in the DR?
J Yes
K isn't that...
J rude?
K yes
J yes
K why did you do it?
J what else could i do, I couldn't call him and tell him!
K was it because you met michael?
J that and because i never saw him he lived in ny

k so do you really like michael?
J yeah! why you dont think he really likes me
K no i think he does, i think you dont as much
j yes I do you are wrong

k what are you going to move to LA now?
J no he said he would move to miami
k WHAT???
J he said it kind of jokingly
k he has problems when it comes to women
he likes to date alot
j so are you saying he's a player
k no but he gets all wrapped up

k what is it about him you like?
j everything, he's smart, sweet, attractive, so tell me what is wrong with him.
k nothing i'm just trying to figure out what is going on I didn't mean he has problems with women, just that he has problems finding the right women
J am i not the right woman
k i am not saying that
j yes you are
k no i am just asking, don't look into it too much
j i'm the right girl for him
k maybe you are
j so why are you saying all this
k i just want to see if you really like him
j are you mad
k no why would i be mad he's my friend, i am sure he really likes you, you are very beautful and i am sure he will fall for you really easy and I don't want to see him get hurt
j i am not going to hurt him, i promise i won't hurt him
k i feel like i know you but i don't know you. i think you are someone i can trust.
j you are saying it was not nice of me to break up with my bf on tv
k it wasnt
j i know it wasnt
k dont get me wrong i don't think you are a bad girl
j i know it was wrong and if i could change it, i would have broken it off before i even got here
k if you were a little different i would go for you myself
j like what
k you are a flirt, and you are a raging alcoholic, (all jokingly) and i have never seen anyones ass grow so fast
J you are an a**hole
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Topic #1980827
TheBigSista - BY crew are now rehashing pov comp 0 Replies #1980827 11:38PM 23/07/2005
saying how 4 people were going after 2. ivette says she honestly thought something was going on. ivette says they knew all her moves. what freaked ivette out was when james picked janelle to be his pov partner. eric knew the fix was in. ivette feels just as backstabbed as maggie and eric, she went up to kay and he never mentioned a damn thing to him. and that she never heard them mention about putting up james. ivette says he didnt cut a deal with me. maggie says he didnt cut a deal with me either. maggie says kay said to me he liked me and its not personal. now maggie is clutching at straws saying maybe they wont put up eric. maggie asks ivette how ivette went up to her and wouldnt want ot be with someone controlling and maggie said she was smiling in her own sick little world as sarah was there

eric now saying - he gave her up - little does he know that sarah wanted them to come clean to kay.

and they wander inside.

eric seen time its 11.40pm (way past his bedtime)
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Topic #1980864
Zazny - M and I both complain that A has brought too much stuff 0 Replies #1980864 11:42PM 23/07/2005
A has lost something and I aggressively says she needs to simplify her ***** and that she hasn't looked properly.

I has found a bleached hair on her brush and she is angry showing it to everybody
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Topic #1980870
las0127 - Jan: I only have about 3 friends, K: that is all? J: well I mean good friends, like you could call if you were in jail and needed bail money... 0 Replies #1980870 11:42PM 23/07/2005
Kind of ironic, since she has been arrested twice (DUI and shoplifting).
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Topic #1980875
Atreyu35 - "I have a lot of acquaintances. A lot of people who would love to hang out with me."- Janelle NT 0 Replies #1980875 11:43PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1980900
Zazny - A said she almost used the WC without closing the door NT 0 Replies #1980900 11:45PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1980911
las0127 - Jan: Ashlea has major bf problems... i caught her bf cheating on her red handed... 0 Replies #1980911 11:46PM 23/07/2005
he came into where i worked and was making out with this latin girl right in front of me, i drove 45 minutes to where she was to tell her about what happened and she said she was through with him. the next week they were hanging out again.
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Topic #1980957
Shereebie - BB: Beau! Kaysar! Please put on your microphones! NT 0 Replies #1980957 11:52PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1980995
Zazny - K: Mike's a good guy. He's 2nd best. Good if you can't have me 0 Replies #1980995 11:57PM 23/07/2005
K: Big Brother I hope you're not spinning this to make it something it's not. Thanks!
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