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Topic #1975565
Kaynelle - Maggie still owes for the snake. :) 0 Replies #1975565 2:00PM 23/07/2005
Jen: Maggie, do you still owe me for the snake?

Maggie: yes, I do!
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Topic #1975589
NMFireman - How can Evette and Bo still continure the lie NT 0 Replies #1975589 2:01PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975602
joannie - Eric is hugging Ivette. She is sobbing!! 0 Replies #1975602 2:01PM 23/07/2005
Eric: "After this is all over, we're gonna come to Florida. We're bringing the kids. We're gonna stay with you..."

Eric: "Just PLAY! Jost PLAY! PLAY!!"
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Topic #1975612
joannie - Now Sarah is sobbing as Eric hugs her. NT 0 Replies #1975612 2:02PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975629
NMFireman - So James won POV I guess? NT 0 Replies #1975629 2:03PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975632
PPan - Eric hugging Sarah and telling her that James is a good man. Eric 0 Replies #1975632 2:03PM 23/07/2005
is being calming and supportive of the girls and Beau.

Eric said that his time has past but they should all have fun this week.

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Topic #1975638
Zazny - James about Sarah to Howie and Jan 0 Replies #1975638 2:04PM 23/07/2005
They met at Sarah's Nordstrom's in January. Moved in about a month later.

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Topic #1975640
Anonymous - Comments and questions use BB Discussion please NT 0 Replies #1975640 2:04PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975641
Kaynelle - How James met Sarah 0 Replies #1975641 2:04PM 23/07/2005
James telling H and Jan how he met Sarah. At Norstrom's.

(ed note: nice break from the crying!)
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Topic #1975652
joannie - April outside with Ivette 0 Replies #1975652 2:05PM 23/07/2005
A: "You need to go in there and tell people who you are!"

I: "NO! NO! NO! And don't you go tellin' them!!"
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Topic #1975662
PPan - April on back porch smoking and talking to Ivette. A: telling I that she 0 Replies #1975662 2:06PM 23/07/2005
Should tell all of the houseguests that she is gay.

I refusing and saying that she will be an even bigger target.
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Topic #1975666
Zazny - A: Nobody knows that you're you know what [lesbian] except me, I swear 0 Replies #1975666 2:06PM 23/07/2005
April says they probably put Beau in so people would "assume" they were a pair.

A: You need to go in there and tell them who you are
I: NO! NO! Don't you do it April
A: I won't I gave you my word.
I: You're wrong. They can find out later. [They find out they put up me and Beau]
A: They think you guys know each other...
I: That's fine. They can believe what I want to believe.

I: I feel so disillusioned by James
A: They won't let me walk out. That's how I feel. I want to walk out of this game!
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Topic #1975672
Kaynelle - Ap: They won't let me walk out! 0 Replies #1975672 2:06PM 23/07/2005
Apr: People are going to believe what they believe about all of us knowing eachother.

Iv: I feel so disullisioned by James right now, you have no idea.
I was feeling so connected to James.

Ap: They won't let me walk out...that's how I feel. I want to walk out of this. There's no need for me to be here at this point.
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Topic #1975673
SassyPrncess - April: I want to walk out. I know they won't let me, but I just want to walk out. NT 0 Replies #1975673 2:06PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975688
Anonymous - more comforting, more denials 0 Replies #1975688 2:07PM 23/07/2005
ivette crying a lot, hugging eric.

eric listen to me, listen to me. when this is over, im coming to florida wht my kids and we are gonna stay with you i mean that [ed: !!]

eric: play, turn that into focus, you got more even odds than you already did. please dont let me leave here thinking you are going to give up. frankie didnt want that, stevie didnt want that. play. turn it into focus. my time passed, thats ok. figure it out. (rubbing ivs shoulder hard).

sarah: please just understand, if you were in this situation...
eric: its ok girl, honey, james is a great guy, (now sarah is crying and hugging eric).
sarah: i respect your family values.
eric: you know what i told him, i told him she is the one, dont ever let her go. just play, have a good time this week.

april: out with ivette, telling her you need to go in there and tell people who you are.
iv: no! no! you are very wrong, they can find out later.
april: i understand.
iv: so i can even be targeted even more, are you crazy.
april: i understand. the deal is that people are going to believe what they want to believe. they think you and beau know each other.
iv: we dont.
april: they think me and jen know each other, i dont even know anyone outside of where i went to college.
april: i want to walk out of this game, and i guarantee they wont let me. i want to walk out of this. there is no need for me to be here at this point. thats all i feel at this point, i just want to walk out.

iv wen tinside to pee and get sneakers.

by ferrekiss

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Topic #1975693
Kaynelle - Truth will set you free! 0 Replies #1975693 2:08PM 23/07/2005
Sarah-- They are SO stupid for tying to still lie! The truth will set you free!!
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Topic #1975700
amyt92 - James "I want to get Ivette out next. She's unstable and a f*ckin' nutcase." NT 0 Replies #1975700 2:08PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975699
Pig32 - Ivette: What chance do we have against those Monsters ?? -- NT 0 Replies #1975699 2:08PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975708
PPan - Sarah, Howie, James, Janelle watcing spy cam in HoH discussing 0 Replies #1975708 2:09PM 23/07/2005
the fact that Beau & Ivette and Jen & April are still lying and hiding their connection.

It is Sarah not Rachel. oops - Rachel still on living room couch
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Topic #1975713
Zazny - S: I can't believe they're sitting out there and lying that they're not paired! 0 Replies #1975713 2:10PM 23/07/2005
Sarah, Howie, Jan, James all laugh about how emotional Beau, Ivette, April are about being without pairs

S or Jan: The truth will set you free!

S: They're boo-hooing saying 'i'm all alone'
James: I'd like to get Ivette out ASAP. As much as I like her as a person, I think she's a nutcase.
S: She's a timebomb. She's sooo emotional. They're not controlling themselves
H: We wanted to split the house. You don't want to put a couple up. That doesn't cause controversy.
J: You have to protect your pairs.
H: That was my strategy. Protect Rachel

Sarah laughs that Jen and Ivette apologized 'If I knew he was your b/f!'

Janelle jokes that James hitting on all the girls was a good way to hide the relationship with Sarah.
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Topic #1975731
Alby - James about Sarah hooking up in the house: I'm telling you Sarah said "I thought it was going to be easy until I saw Howie." (joking) NT 0 Replies #1975731 2:12PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975742
Mltv - Howie: We (The new alliance) will eat each other we will just take it slower. NT 0 Replies #1975742 2:13PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975747
Zazny - Admiring Rachel's floating ability, H: She picks up all the crosstalk; James: That's what I wanted Sarah to be NT 0 Replies #1975747 2:14PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975766
Kaynelle - in LR 0 Replies #1975766 2:15PM 23/07/2005
Rache: H and Jan did not orchestrate this.

Er: Kay is the smartest one here.

Iv: They are all up there!

Er: that's okay!

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Topic #1975770
Zazny - R (to Cappy's Crew): We all know who orchestrated this 0 Replies #1975770 2:15PM 23/07/2005
R: It wasn't Janelle or Howie
?: Kaysar!?
E: Kaysar is the smartest guy in here
R: (shhhh'ing them) He is in the diary room, guys,
A: Is he a doctor?
R: I had a dream he was a NASA scientist
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