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Topic #1977730
Chunga - James/Howie/April/Rachel/Jen working on the safes 1 Replies #1977730 6:23PM 23/07/2005
They seem to have found some sort of clue!
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Chunga - Beau/Kaysar/Sarah joining in NT #1977740 6:25PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977731
hoarsewhisperer - feeds just came back up NT 0 Replies #1977731 6:23PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977738
hoarsewhisperer - They're trying to crack the safe again. BB must have given new clues NT 0 Replies #1977738 6:24PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977742
ktan - Kaysar has a blue flashlight and is scanning the house with it while others are cracking the safe. NT 0 Replies #1977742 6:25PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977747
Caribou - All feeds on GR safecrackers - Howie, Maggie, Sarah, James, Rachel, Beau, April NT 1 Replies #1977747 6:25PM 23/07/2005
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ktan - Beau and Sarah are looking at the map for clues. NT #1977764 6:28PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977770
MiamiMan - Kaysar going around house with blue light trying to find codes NT 0 Replies #1977770 6:29PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977783
georgiadawn - Jen: this is an ending clue 2 Replies #1977783 6:31PM 23/07/2005
then reads: "to open the treasure inside, follow this simple guide"
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georgiadawn - turn left 4x #1977792 6:32PM 23/07/2005
12 c's inside...

instead of turning it 4x, turn left 4x12=24
now they are throwing out all numbers...
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georgiadawn - only the C's in plain site.. #1977800 6:34PM 23/07/2005
couch, chair, chair, coaster, come on rachael... figure it out!
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Topic #1977812
Caribou - BB left a cryptic clue written on top of the fishtank. Heard Sarah say "it said the first digit not the first number" so most HGs are in GR working 0 Replies #1977812 6:34PM 23/07/2005
number combos. Kaysar all over the house with a little blue penlight checking walls for clues. He says people spend a lot of time in front of the fishtank so that must be clue. Also people spend a lot of time in the kitchen so he's checking those walls. He already went into HOH and checked with the lights off and all along the wall outside the HOH room.
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Topic #1977829
georgiadawn - BB: KAYSAR STOP THAT! 0 Replies #1977829 6:36PM 23/07/2005
He was moving the map around in the GR
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Topic #1977844
Caribou - Ivette and April on patio. Ivette feels bad for Eric. April does too but James has to save himself because he's now afraid of Eric. 0 Replies #1977844 6:39PM 23/07/2005
April says nothing was honest up to this point and they all have to start fresh. Stop speclating AND forget everything everyone has heard or said about anyone.

April thinks Eric might not get put up and tells Ivette not to stress herself out.

Ivette wondering about the secrets Mike was talking about. April again dissing the relationship with Jennifer "do you really think i would be that stupid?" Ivette "that's not even my concern. my concern is how to push the restart button myself." She wants to rock the boat like Kaysar did because she is pissed that Kay and Janelle are having the last laugh.

April is listening to what anyone has to say because "we can rock the boat". Tells Ivette not to worry if she sees her talking to Kay and that crowd because she's getting info. Tells Ivette to listen to everything.

April about Eric - I love that guy, i love him, i love him, i love him to death
Ivette - he's pissed. he's never been so blindsided
April - i told James straight up I know Maggie better. Don't start rocking the boat until we know who's up there. Take a chill pill. We will have time to rock the boat. Eric needs to talk to Kaysar. He can still work something out.
Ivette - he can't trust kay anymore. the only ones that can make amends is cappy and james
April - james might want to screw him, i know he is. in this game no man wants to go up feeling screwed by another man. it's a testosterone thing. Did you ask Rachel what they.....
Ivette - She's up in the air
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Topic #1977854
Caribou - Ivette to Eric - you wouldn't be willing to sit down and talk to James? 0 Replies #1977854 6:41PM 23/07/2005
Eric - nope. i'm not beggin for nothin'!
Ivette - relax
Eric - what would i say? what could i possibly say to that man? changing his vote is changing Sarah's vote. it ain't gonna happen. what kills me...

BB: Eric put on your microphone
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Topic #1977886
Caribou - Eric - that's my fault. i played this game wrong. i tried to play with integrity. what kills me is it was by my own hand. i asked kay if i was safe 0 Replies #1977886 6:45PM 23/07/2005
and what about POV comp? Kay asked me to honour my commitment and I did. He promised on HIS LIFE IVETTE! He doesnt' have to answer to me. He's gonna have to answer to somebody else, not me. So i ***** myself basically.

Ivette - do you think this game tweaks it up to benefit others?
Eric - absolutely. the chess game? ... you guys vote with your conscience. nothing i say will change that fact. any bargain i've made with one of you i have upheld. prove me wrong. prove me wrong. the minute james said maggie was evil, that was it.
Ivette - the same thing when you called out sarah of course that bothered
Eric - of course and you woulda done the same thing
Ivette - i know i'm just saying you guys called out each other to save each other's girl
Eric - no thats not. what about the 2nd vote for ashlea that he tried to pin on everyone else? did you look him in the face and ask him? let me tell ya.
April - did he admit it
Eric - of course he said he wasn't. he blamed mike. And i knew he was gonna do that and i kept that confidential cuz i promised. it's not over cuz if rachel happens to think with her conscience and swing her vote. rachel is only possible swing vote. don't forget they're paired up. and it's hard for me even to look at him. i'm ***** nauseated.
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Topic #1977892
HeatherW8 - Eric 0 Replies #1977892 6:45PM 23/07/2005
Eric just keeps going on and on about how he has played the game with such honor and that he isn't going to beg for anyone's vote. Saying that he can't even look at others with out feeling sick. Basically he is just going on and on about how perfect he is.
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Topic #1977894
Caribou - Ivette - he never (eric) did anything dirty until dirty was done to him...telling about James voted for ashlea to let others blame mike NT 0 Replies #1977894 6:45PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977898
Caribou - April - i'm gonna ask Janelle. She'll know if mike voted for ashlea. She'll tell me NT 0 Replies #1977898 6:46PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977907
HeatherW8 - Clues 0 Replies #1977907 6:47PM 23/07/2005
looks like the HG's have given up on the clues. they are now playing the coaster game.
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Topic #1977912
Zazny - E: The guy he came with he sold down the river! NT 0 Replies #1977912 6:48PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977930
Caribou - Ivette and Beau are voting for cappy to stay. They're not changing that. 0 Replies #1977930 6:49PM 23/07/2005
April says Eric has never done anything bad to her.

Ivette defending James.

Eric comes back and says Kaysar sold his own guy down the river. Stuck that in your ***** feather cap. That mofo will sell anybody.

Ivette - forget about annoyance

Ivette goes on AGAIN about how she wanted Kaysar voted out.

Eric stuck his neck out and he won't cower down and beg for votes. He was honourable. He's getting himself all wound up.

Maggie appears. Dejected that she can't crack the safes. She tried every number until she got a headache.

April asking Kaysar now about who voted for Ashlea. Then says she knows the truth anyway because they've all decided anything Kay would say would be lies, same thing with Janelle.

April thinks Kaysar might throw another wrench so wait to see if Eric really goes up. Now Ivette worrying if she will go up.

Eric can be heard grunting (worse than Monica Seles at the French Open) in the background as he works out in BY
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Topic #1977943
Zazny - Maggie tells I, B, A that she'd rather E stay; E goes to workout room NT 0 Replies #1977943 6:51PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977944
Caribou - Eric now grunting the gym, just undoing screws to set up weight. He can't seem to breathe without grunting when he's angry i've noticed NT 0 Replies #1977944 6:51PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977956
Caribou - F1/F2: BY Patio crowd. F3/F4: LR crowd - Kay, Jan, Jenn, Howie NT 0 Replies #1977956 6:52PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977964
Zazny - Sarah finds ants in the house NT 1 Replies #1977964 6:54PM 23/07/2005
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HeatherW8 - Janelle #1977971 6:55PM 23/07/2005
Is called to the diary room
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Topic #1977981
HeatherW8 - Ivette comes into the house and says she has a headache, then we get fish for about 30 seconds 0 Replies #1977981 6:56PM 23/07/2005
Nothing too exciting
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Topic #1977984
Caribou - Jennifer under the dining table with the pen light! She got nothin' NT 0 Replies #1977984 6:56PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1977996
HeatherW8 - Dinner 0 Replies #1977996 6:58PM 23/07/2005
House guests are siting on the couch. Howie is complaining that they took away his dinner and he coasters. Howie says that most of his buddies that don't have a college education make more money that his buddies that do.
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