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Topic #1974634
valentine - Eric: Well, They Really Played the Game Good, 0 Replies #1974634 12:57PM 23/07/2005
I'll give them that. But Kaysar's going to have to throw something better than that....

He's lecturing to Ivette and Beau in the gym. He keeps blowing up and then saying, "It's a game, kids!! It's a game!!"
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Topic #1974638
joannie - Eric, clapping his hands: "It's a game, guys! A GAME!" 0 Replies #1974638 12:57PM 23/07/2005
(perhaps trying to convince himself!)
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Topic #1974644
DraftKing - Eric compares his situation to a hand of Texas Hold 'Em poker 1 Replies #1974644 12:58PM 23/07/2005
Eric: "I got what they call in Texas Hold 'Em a bad beat there."

(Editor's note: That's where you have the best hand going in, but you have bad luck with the cards that flop up on the table.)
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DraftKing - Another "bad beat" reference #1974968 1:22PM 23/07/2005
Eric just used the "bad beat" reference again (approx. 1:15 BBT) in reference to his game.
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Topic #1974652
DraftKing - April still clueless 1 Replies #1974652 12:59PM 23/07/2005
April: "You know that everybody in this house is not a twist! Look at previous shows."
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DraftKing - A little more from April #1974676 1:01PM 23/07/2005
April said that to keep her lie going about her and Jenn (she said as much in talking with Sarah in the kitchen). She said that she's "on the outside" because of it. "I'm in shock, and it hurts my feelings for people to think that I'm a twist," April just added in talking with Sarah.
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Topic #1974655
Disneyisme - Eric tells Beau and Ivette "everything I have told you has been the truth. I have not 0 Replies #1974655 12:59PM 23/07/2005
gone back on my word. And everything I told you about James is true. Ivette and Beau you need to go to final 2." Eric goes on to say "they got the votes, if they were able to pull this off, they got the votes!"
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Topic #1974663
Sunflake - Eric, Ivette and Beau figure the other group has the votes, that Sarah, James, Rachel and Howie are with Kay & Janelle. NT 0 Replies #1974663 1:00PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1974669
SassyPrncess - Eric to Iv/B: I have no problem going home to my family. NT 0 Replies #1974669 1:00PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1974683
Anonymous - workout room after veto comp (eric, beau, ivette) 0 Replies #1974683 1:01PM 23/07/2005
eric: i had fun, i had a good time, i really did.
iv: im ready to say dont even stick me in the fin sequestered house,
eric: what
iv: (repeats)
eric: calm down
iv: its funny how a group of 3 takes over a group of 9. (repeats)
eric: kayser played the game good.
beau: honestly, its not how he plays the game, its backstabbing. its dirty.
eric: all im telling you ivette between you and me and beau, i didnt blindside anybody. its a game. its a game guys. its a game. you gotta play your cards. i got what they call in texas holdem, a bad get, but its a good one. (burps loudly). youre still in this thing ivette. that maybe the sweetest revenge. they got the votes. if they pulled this off they got the votes to begin with. to vote me out.
because rachel and howie are gonna vote their way. they got rachel, howie, aprils on our side, janelle, (counting votes). i have no problem going home to my family.
iv: do you see what im saying , why does evil win. you stay true to everything, everybody, then.
beau: and you always get screwed.
eric: he played it right.
beau: shady m'f'er. im gonna go with my instinct from now on. i didnt trust him in the first place, but since you and cappy liked him...
(Camera switches)

by ferretkiss

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Topic #1974686
Disneyisme - Ivette says "how did this all go to s***?" Beau says "it's James, he is the Josh of BB6, shady mf'er" NT 0 Replies #1974686 1:02PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1974688
Mltv - Eric: They all threw it(POV), Every one of them. NT 0 Replies #1974688 1:02PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1974696
joannie - April going on and on and on and on 0 Replies #1974696 1:03PM 23/07/2005
A: "I swear. I swear. I swear. I am odd man out. I am odd man out."

A: "I swear to god I'm not part of the twist!!"
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Topic #1974702
DraftKing - Kaysar makes harsh comment on Beau 0 Replies #1974702 1:03PM 23/07/2005
Kaysar (to Janelle): "Beau is the biggest snake in this house."
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Topic #1974708
SassyPrncess - Kaysar: They're all bullies. All of them. It's time that the little people get their turn. 0 Replies #1974708 1:04PM 23/07/2005
(Note: I think I am in love.)
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Topic #1974710
amyt92 - April over and over again "I am not the BB6 twist" NT 0 Replies #1974710 1:04PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1974711
Mltv - Kaysar: This one is one up for the little people. NT 0 Replies #1974711 1:04PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1974712
Anonymous - eric: rachel and howie are probably brothe rand sister, look at their facial structure! (LOL!) NT 1 Replies #1974712 1:04PM 23/07/2005
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Kaynelle - April's outrage #1974737 1:06PM 23/07/2005
Eric ranting about the pairs. Rachel and Howie are prob. bro and sis.

April- still on and on about how not every one is a twist. I don't apperciate Jan confronting her about being a twist. There has to be at least 3 twists.

(Iv joins)

Iv: You gotta be kidding me! (ED: LOL at the outrage!)
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Topic #1974715
Disneyisme - Now Kay and Janelle in HOH...Kay saying "no body expects it to get so crazy and Ivette 0 Replies #1974715 1:05PM 23/07/2005
is yelling at the top of her lungs, talking about a fair game? Gimme a break!"

Kay says that Maggie was so horrified because "not in a million years did she think I was this smart. She sat there with them and discussed how naive I am. It's their fault that they thought that."
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Topic #1974729
DraftKing - April "breaks the news" about Janelle/Ashlea connection to Ivette 0 Replies #1974729 1:06PM 23/07/2005
April/Beau talking in bathroom area as Ivette walks in

April: "Janelle just told me that her (Janelle) and Ashlea were best friends outside of this house."
Beau: "Yeah!"
Ivette (feigning surprise): "Really?!?"
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Topic #1974734
Anonymous - Eric is confronting april and ivette! "everyone is friends" NT 0 Replies #1974734 1:06PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1974735
SassyPrncess - Eric to April: April, don't piss in my ear & tell me it's raining. C'mon. NT 0 Replies #1974735 1:06PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1974738
Zazny - K to Jan: Power shifted, but no matter how bad they treated us, we should never treat them bad; J: Okay, I'll stop swearing at them. NT 0 Replies #1974738 1:06PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1974747
Rabbit - K: I wanted to send a message to everyone watching. It's not ok to push people around" NT 0 Replies #1974747 1:07PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1974757
joannie - April telling Eric she is NOT part of the twist 0 Replies #1974757 1:08PM 23/07/2005
Eric, disgusted: "C'mon. Don't piss in my ear and tell me it's raining!"

April keeps going on and on about how it's not fair to the people that aren't paired up.
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Topic #1974759
Disneyisme - Kay: "Just because the power has shifted, no matter how bad they treat us or how bad they talk about us, 1 Replies #1974759 1:08PM 23/07/2005
we can't treat them like crap, we have to be fair okay?" Janelle says "I will stop swearing at them." Kay: "it's very important to me, please, they are still human and shouldn't be treated like trash." Janelle promises she will stop.
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Disneyisme - He goes on to say that he hates most of them, that they were all pawns. #1974781 1:09PM 23/07/2005
He says he wanted to send a message to everyone watching that it is not okay to push people around.
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Topic #1974763
Kaynelle - E tries to out pairs but back peddels 0 Replies #1974763 1:08PM 23/07/2005
Eric: C'mon every one's paired! (tries to out them then quickly back peddels)

Iv: No! I'm not involled with this!

April: It's not an even playing field that they have pairs.
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