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Topic #1975777
Zazny - A: I want to f----ing leave! 0 Replies #1975777 2:16PM 23/07/2005
E: April, no!
M: You're not on the block so you don't get that choice
A: Yes I do!
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Topic #1975781
joannie - Eric tells the living room gang that Kaysar is BY FAR 0 Replies #1975781 2:16PM 23/07/2005
the smartest one in this house.

April: "He's a doctor. A doctor."
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Topic #1975783
SassyPrncess - Eric: She (rachel) has to look out for her & Howie. Rachel: No I don't. NT 0 Replies #1975783 2:16PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975806
Zazny - A: People are going to "assume" that me and Jen know each other because we're sorority sisters! 0 Replies #1975806 2:19PM 23/07/2005
A: I don't even know what college she went to!
J: Whatever
E: It doesn't matter!

M: [lighten up] Don't have a worse time than the nominees!
E: Yeah, I'm gonna sleep like a baby tonight!
I: Good for you! Sometimes you're sleeping and I watch you [?]
M: Since I know you're not married, stop acting like a married couple
E: We [e/ivette] have a connection. It's as real as you think it is
I: You know what...I thought it was weird that howie jumped off that surfboard and couldn't pee on himself?
M: [sarcasm] good job Ivette, you got it

E: Don't you dare volunteer yourself [to leave]. April, I'll take your body and throw you in the Johnson's yard. You have people behind you, April! You have people here!
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Topic #1975822
Anonymous - rachel tells everyone kayser orchestrated this.....talking bad about kayser 0 Replies #1975822 2:20PM 23/07/2005
rachel saying to the "bad" crowd that kayser orchestrated this, he is smart.
eric says that james told him kayser is the smartest person in the house.
eric saying that before he leaves he wants to make sure that he is ok with iv.
april: i jsut want to fing walk out.
eric: april no!
maggie: we dont know who is going.
eric: im going.
iv: you come into this game for yourself. youve got that extra motivation. do you understand. right now she has that extra motivation.
eric: you have to accept that you didnt win, and this is a new week. and you have people in your corner.
(talk about michael).
more pep talk from eric....
eric talking loud about not knowing jen.
maggie:dont have a worst time than the people who are on the block.
iv: do you realize i watch you all sleep, i dont sleep.
eric: i watched you sleep too.
eric: thats what i tell you ivette, i have a connection to you that is real, that connection is as real as you think it is. now play.

by ferretkiss

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Topic #1975843
Kaynelle - Ap: Did they put Jen & I in here on purpose? 0 Replies #1975843 2:23PM 23/07/2005
Ap: So do you think they put Jen and I in here bcuz were from the same sorioty (sp)

Er: Yes, I do. They knew you would connect.

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Topic #1975854
Mltv - Eric works out a twist where april and jen / ivette and beau are "Fake pairs" that HG would accuse of being together. NT 0 Replies #1975854 2:23PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975860
Zazny - I: Here I am being completely honest! 0 Replies #1975860 2:24PM 23/07/2005
Ivette really enjoying giving them a guilt trip. Her mood is definitely lightening, now.

Rachel says she swears Howie has always been like this since she's known him

E: There can be more secrets coming
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Topic #1975874
joannie - Eric: "Don't forget, this is the Summer of Secrets, here... 0 Replies #1975874 2:25PM 23/07/2005
...there could be more secrets that we don't know about!"
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Topic #1975876
Kaynelle - send me home so I can hit the bong 0 Replies #1975876 2:25PM 23/07/2005
R: I swear Howie's always been like that!

Ap: maybe we are all related

Er: There could be more coming. Summer of Secrets.

Iv: do I really want to spend summer of 2005 like this? Send me home so I can hit the bong?

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Topic #1975878
Anonymous - iv: send me home so i can hit the bong!! NT 0 Replies #1975878 2:25PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975879
valentine - Ivette: Send Me Home So I Can Hit the Bong!! NT 0 Replies #1975879 2:25PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975888
joannie - Kaysar comes into the LR. Eric: "Brother! What kind of doctor are you?" 0 Replies #1975888 2:26PM 23/07/2005
K: "Huh? Doctor of love?"

E: "C'mon! It's all out now."
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Topic #1975897
Anonymous - Ivette trying to call Kaysar out, Eric says Islam?; K chuckles, and says human make decisions apart from religion NT 1 Replies #1975897 2:28PM 23/07/2005
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Mltv - K: "You cant let religion rule you". NT #1975906 2:28PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975899
Kaynelle - Michael and Muslimism 0 Replies #1975899 2:28PM 23/07/2005
Kay joins them.

Are you a Doctor?

Kay: no.

I needed to do this because I needed to split this house open.

Iv: Can I ask you something? Are you a muslim?

Kay: I find my strength from my religion. We are all humans. You cannot let religion rule you.

Iv: Is that really the way Michael is?

Kay: No. I was disapointed in him. People love him. He's very European. He didn't do well w/the pressure. His feelings were hurt...

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Topic #1975904
Zazny - I: Send me home so I can hit the bong!, Kaysar comes out 0 Replies #1975904 2:28PM 23/07/2005
E: What kind of doctor are you
K: Doctor of love?
E: You are so busted
K: Who says I'm a doctor
E: Brotha, it's ok
K: Honestly, I love you all
Jen: Liar pants on fire
K: I had to turn this thing upside down

I: Let me ask you a question
K: Why am I a hypocrit?
I: I told you the Quran does not exist in this game
E: Are you a reformed Muslim?
K: I do find strength and guidance from my religion
E: You make your own decisions
K: [I use logic, my religion doesn't rule me]

I: Is that really how Michael is?
K: No. I was honest when I said I was disappointed in him. I took him to the back and told him to chill out. Michael is a popular guy, loves people, comes from a differnt culture. He hasn't spent a lot of his life here. He didn't do well with the pressure and people not liking him. He took it personal when people didn't like him. When you told me he was going home, I knew it was for the best.
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Topic #1975923
Kaynelle - Kay's truth 0 Replies #1975923 2:30PM 23/07/2005
Kay: I am 24 and I am a graphic designer. WE met at a coffee shop.

Ap: You date girls?

Kay: No, not really. Most of what I've talked about is true.

Iv: I feel terrible about every thing about James.

Eric and Kay pat eachother's back.

Iv: I'm not really calm down. I need Xanax. I really do.
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Topic #1975928
DraftKing - Ivette's drug needs 0 Replies #1975928 2:31PM 23/07/2005
Ivette just said that she needs xanax (a prescription anti-anxiety drug).
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Topic #1975932
Zazny - K: We met at a coffeeshop six years ago. ?: Are you guys lovers!?!? Crowd: woooo! 0 Replies #1975932 2:31PM 23/07/2005
K looks a bit embarassed, says no.

[They first think they met through their jobs, but Kaysar says they met at a coffeeshop]

A: Do you really date girls and all that ?
K: Not really

E says he will not pursue relationships with M and Jan after it's over, but K says he understands. K and E joke around a bit and K says 'the guys at the firehouse are lucky to have you.'

I: I need Xanax!

I says she was humping her bed.
Maggie: Chances are, Howie wasn't lying when he said he'd do you

A (to K): Jennifer and I do not know each other!
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Topic #1975944
Anonymous - Iv: I need Zanax! Some guy: Are you sure that's what you need? <lecherous voice- Eric?) Cuz you were dry humping the bed yesterday NT 0 Replies #1975944 2:32PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975947
Caribou - Eric asked Kaysar if was right about Mike, if he handled it right. Kaysar told Eric "yes" NT 0 Replies #1975947 2:32PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975954
valentine - Kaysar Holds a Question and Answer Session 0 Replies #1975954 2:33PM 23/07/2005
He's sitting in one of the nom chairs, and Eric is in the other one.

They tease him about being a doctor.

Ivette: I just want to know, is Michael really like that.

Kaysar explains that Michael lost himself---he couldn't handle the pressure and he couldn't handle people not liking him. In the real world he is a big people person and has a lot of friends.

Eric: Is he really European?

Kaysar: Yes, he's spent more of his life there than here.

He explains that they met in a coffee shop 6 years ago.

April: And are you really lovers?

Kaysar laughs: No. No. Everything I've told you before is pretty much true.

They ask if he dates girls. He says no, and stresses that his religious beliefs are true.

April and Jenn continue to argue about not being friends.
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Topic #1975959
Caribou - April still swearing she doesn't know Jen and finds it odd that they're both in the same soriority (telling Eric and group this lie & they buy it) NT 2 Replies #1975959 2:33PM 23/07/2005
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Kaynelle - Jenn just said #1975981 2:35PM 23/07/2005
laughing, "I can't even look at anyone in this house. They are all f*ing liars!"
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Zazny - Janelle has joined the living room and April repeats this to her NT #1975964 2:34PM 23/07/2005
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Topic #1975961
Kaynelle - Eric ribbing Howie 0 Replies #1975961 2:34PM 23/07/2005
Er ribbing Howie: R says him and Howie know each other but she insists they have never nor will they ever date.
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Topic #1975974
Zazny - K: I want to tell you, Maggie wasn't up on accident...this was for you [Eric] 0 Replies #1975974 2:35PM 23/07/2005
E: That's okay! It's the game!
Maggie: I love him, he has that grin!
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