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Topic #2119222
SassyPrncess - Jen: See how close Howie is to the spa? NT 0 Replies #2119222 8:33PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119224
Nantucket - Janelle put on her Michael shirt in the gold room because she told Sarah she had to do some campagining. They 0 Replies #2119224 8:34PM 08/08/2005
are now playing chess on one bed .James is on the other.
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Topic #2119231
SassyPrncess - April: Just say, "NO we did not tell Maggie." NT 0 Replies #2119231 8:34PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119244
JCrude - Feed 4 Jan/Jam/Sarah 0 Replies #2119244 8:35PM 08/08/2005
Janelle and Sarah playing Chess. James on bed. James and Janelle talking about bibles. Janelle says she is Catholic. James saying he placed his games in God's hands but he doesn't ask God for anything, than sighs.

Janelle and Sarah continue chess. Silence: you can hear James breathing.
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Topic #2119248
Nantucket - James asked Janelle if she still thought Michael was coming back She said well 0 Replies #2119248 8:36PM 08/08/2005
it depends on who leaves thursday. Last night Janelle and Howie were talking about how BB has final decission on who comes back so this must be why she said that. I think she believes they want to keeep the balance of power more even.
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Topic #2119250
JCrude - James says 0 Replies #2119250 8:36PM 08/08/2005
A man of integrity walks ? but he who walks crooked will be found out.
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Topic #2119264
Nantucket - James said if he gets hoh thursday he's going to call April & Jen into his room and 0 Replies #2119264 8:37PM 08/08/2005
tell them they're going up because they had the chance to safe his girlfriend, but didn't.
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Topic #2119300
Nantucket - Janelle tells Sarah & James they should have made a shirt that said "anyone but Eric". :) NT 0 Replies #2119300 8:40PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119322
JCrude - Feed 4: Janelle and Sarah playing chess. 0 Replies #2119322 8:42PM 08/08/2005
JAmes: I so wish I had something to write with

Janelle: Huh?

James: I said I so wish I had something to write with.

Silence. Janelle and Sarah continue to play chess on the bed in the GR.

Sartah clears her throat.

James breathing heavy again (he is not on the screen, but laying down near the girls).

Janelle: Why don't you guys make a t-shirt that says "Anyone but Eric"
Sarah: I was going to make one yesterday, but I got so mad.

James: I'm tyring to advertise so I wondering what my shirt should be.

Janelle: Takes Howie what a half hour to shave his chest.

James: REally, why?

Janelle: He doesn't use an electric razor.

James: who is winning?

Janelle: She has my bishop I don't think I have anything important.


Janelle farts and all three laugh. Janelle says I'm sorry.

James asks JAnelle if she'd rather start something with Michael outside the house as opposed to inside the house. JAnelle agrees, says that the cameras are shoved up your ass. James agrees and says he knows what its like being in a couple in the house.

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Topic #2119339
Anonymous - Jenn is asking why Rachel didn't go up as a pawn...duh NT 0 Replies #2119339 8:43PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119342
Anonymous - (to april in the hammock) NT 0 Replies #2119342 8:43PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119356
Nantucket - James says he hasn't decided who he wants back ,but asks her if she wouldn't rather start something with Mike 0 Replies #2119356 8:44PM 08/08/2005
outside the house. She says yeah it sucks being a couple in front of the camera's. James laughs and says we know. She said it's hard because you can't really say how you feel because of the camera's and everyone watching.
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Topic #2119361
SassyPrncess - A: I just want to go home so bad. (Note: Careful what you ask for) NT 0 Replies #2119361 8:44PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119386
Nantucket - Janelle asks if Kay would be better for her strategically. James said yes because he doesn't know how Michael will play, but Kay is really smart. NT 0 Replies #2119386 8:46PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119394
JCrude - Feed 4 Sarah and Janelle playing chess in silence, when Janelle says. 0 Replies #2119394 8:46PM 08/08/2005
Janelle (to James): Do you think Kaysar would be better strategically for me?

James: I think Kaysar would be good for anyone, I mean I don't know how Mike played the game.

Janelle: What do you mean anyone?

James: Kaysar is good because he's smart, very smart. HE's good for both sides, so anyone.

Janelle just nods at this.

Sarah: Do you want my queen or do you want to save yours? (to Janelle)

Silence again.
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Topic #2119432
Anonymous - I deal off. A and J are afraid of pissing of maggot NT 0 Replies #2119432 8:50PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119448
Anonymous - A and J have admitted not being 'close' but will have backs NT 0 Replies #2119448 8:51PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119465
SuzyHomemaker - Jan beats Sarah in chess. Sarah says she hopes Kaysar is the one who comes back. NT 0 Replies #2119465 8:53PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119486
Nantucket - James tells Janelle that Kay will be better for her in the game than Mike because she'll have no emotion involved. 0 Replies #2119486 8:54PM 08/08/2005
He said it's hard having a romantic partner in the game.
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Topic #2119498
Nantucket - James says Kaysar is smart. Mike gets mad easily, but Mike is a better at physical than Kaysar. NT 0 Replies #2119498 8:56PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2119514
Nantucket - James said another plus about Michael is how scared April and Jen will get. Now they are making fun of Eric and his 0 Replies #2119514 8:57PM 08/08/2005
posing as a heroic leader.
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Topic #2119532
sowhat - A and S call eviction off because 0 Replies #2119532 8:59PM 08/08/2005
they don't want to alienate Maggie and crew at this point.
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Topic #2119541
Nantucket - Sarah says if Kaysar doesn't come back she's going to hang with him. Janelle tells her if it's Mike that doesn't come back to 0 Replies #2119541 8:59PM 08/08/2005
tell him to pick her up after she leaves. Sarah agrees, but asked her to stop talking like she's leaving because Janelle had told her to have faith she wasn't.
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Topic #2119546
sowhat - James calls Ratsar smart but 0 Replies #2119546 9:00PM 08/08/2005
Michael better in physical comps.
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Topic #2119583
Nantucket - Janelle asks them who they think is the dumbest player. They answer Howie. They say they're not kidding after what he feel for with putting them up. 0 Replies #2119583 9:03PM 08/08/2005
James said either howie is that stupid or he really wanted James out since the start.
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