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Topic #2115394
BHnoah - Ivette talking with Maggie-- Maggie asks her are you scared Ivette: yes, very 0 Replies #2115394 1:43PM 08/08/2005
I; How would you feel that I put myself up there and then after POV cerm. everyone ran off like cockroaches. Actions speak louder than words. And after the POV they went off with Howie,Rachel and Janelle

Maggie: I have no doubt you are staying and if not I'll pack my bags with you

Ivette: I don't like her (April) I don't like the pattern i see with her

Beau in the room with them listening
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Topic #2115396
CruiseCritic - Ivette doesnt like the pattern she sees and Maggie says it could just be a game 0 Replies #2115396 1:43PM 08/08/2005
Ivette says she doesnt like this game
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Topic #2115410
CruiseCritic - F1 and F2 I v and Mag/F3 empty LR/F4 Empty kit table NT 0 Replies #2115410 1:44PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2115414
BHnoah - Ivette to Maggie-- Don't be shocked if the game gets nasty on Thurs. NT 0 Replies #2115414 1:44PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2115434
amIsane - Magg and IV 0 Replies #2115434 1:46PM 08/08/2005
Magg asks Iv if she is worried and Iv says "Yes, but thats ok"
Iv says after she was up after veto, no one said anything to her, they scattered like roaches and that Jenn and Ap have been hanging with How/Rach and janelle
Iv says no one has reassured her.
(ed. What is weird is that Magg is trying to reassure Iv that Iv is overreacting to the situation)
Magg "I am sorry you feel that way"
Iv "Nothing will convince me otherwise until thursday"
Magg "Then I will pack my bags for thursday, I never even notice"
Iv "That is why I am pissed"
Magg "I prob. look pissed"
Magg "We decided no matter who went up. That is why it shouldnt be like this"
Iv "You know what wrods are a lie, actions a more tham words. I look at you and I know I can trust you. Ap/Sar/Jam?Jenn they always change their stories. "
Iv says that Ap has been acting weird, she changes. That with Mike she hated him, then suddenly she likes him. That she now calls Jam a MF and getting friendly with others.
Magg is trying to calm and reason with her. Iv is a bit flustered.
Beau in there with them now.
Iv has been thinking of everyones actions.
Iv says she see's it all now, looking back on how people have been acting.
Magg says she went to gym to work out her frustration, dont take that wrong.
Iv says she told Beau she trusts Magg and they take her(magg) to the end with them. She will tell Magg anything she would tell beau.
Rach comes in and breaks up the convo, and now talking to them non game talk

(ed. LOL Rach shows up suddenly a bit today lol)
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Topic #2115439
CruiseCritic - Ivette telling maggie not to flip when the game takes a turn..Maggie seems 0 Replies #2115439 1:46PM 08/08/2005
pretty upset. Beau is there also now, (cant see him but I heard him)
Rachel now in there and cleaning up. Ivette talkign about Rachel showering upstairs for 12 days so far (HoH)
IV and Mags conversation seems over now....as Rach folds clothes
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Topic #2115444
CruiseCritic - F1 is a closeup shot of Maggies worried face..... NT 0 Replies #2115444 1:47PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2115452
Zazny - I leaves M with some advice 0 Replies #2115452 1:47PM 08/08/2005
I: I will tell you this since I told Beau. Jen and April can play dirty. They may think it's easy to get rid of me now and next week they can get rid of James and Sarah and it gives them 2 extra weeks.
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Topic #2115468
CruiseCritic - rach left room and Ivette talking about APril and Jen now playing dirty 0 Replies #2115468 1:48PM 08/08/2005
BC this will get them two extra weeks. she walks out to go to WC and Maggie is sitting on bed and she just looks sad. Beau is in there also doing his nails
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Topic #2115474
amIsane - After Rach leaves 0 Replies #2115474 1:48PM 08/08/2005

Magg, Bea and Iv still in Rain rm. Magg look intently to Iv
Iv "I will tell you what I told Beau. Ap and Jenn could be playing dirty. Rach /How going along with it because it buys them another week. To try and get rid of Jam. I don't like to think this but it happens"

(right after she said this the feed switches to Ap and Jenn and Jan outside by pool)
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Topic #2115489
amIsane - Ap to Jenn and Jan "This is a f@cked up house" (someone) "uh huh" NT 0 Replies #2115489 1:49PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2115495
CruiseCritic - APril, Jen and Jan laying by pool on their bellies/F1 shot of Janie with her top un-tied, Jens may be untied also, but APrils is not 0 Replies #2115495 1:49PM 08/08/2005
april just got up and is now getting in the pool
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Topic #2115525
CruiseCritic - Nothing on Feeds except for the pool now...Jen and April are in and Jan is laying out 0 Replies #2115525 1:52PM 08/08/2005
April just smelled something really good and said "who the F is cooking, this is CBS"
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Topic #2115558
CruiseCritic - Beau laying in bed with 2 pillows propped up and Maggie was next to him on floor 0 Replies #2115558 1:55PM 08/08/2005
and is tlaking about the treadmill....(she was just on it awhile ago)
She just showed Beau some blisters on her feet...she said 3 is better than 7. Both of them have blisters. Beau asking her if she feels like she has lost weight BC she looks like it. Ivette changing her clothes
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Topic #2115585
BHnoah - Out at the pool: April: now she (Ivette) is going to be buddy buddy to Maggie 0 Replies #2115585 1:57PM 08/08/2005
Janelle: just tell maggie before HOH
April: but she will be mad
Jenn: but (something like maggie will go to Ivette)

Janelle: we don't want James to know what is going on
April: wait to talk to howie

Hard to hear them all w/o their mics on at the pool
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Topic #2115591
BHnoah - The girls going inside from pool NT 0 Replies #2115591 1:57PM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2115622
BHnoah - Beau to Maggie: I don't know why I don't trust her 0 Replies #2115622 2:01PM 08/08/2005
Maggie: as far as I know the plan is the same
I have to talk-- their is no reason to lie to me

Beau: we need to talk to April cause jenn will do whatever she says
Maggie: it isn't smart to do that
Beau: if Ivette goes I'm joining James team
Maggie: I don't want to even entertain this- Ivette is staying
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Topic #2115638
Quench - Maggie and Beau talking. If Ivette goes on Thursday now that would make their 5 become 7 0 Replies #2115638 2:02PM 08/08/2005
I don't want to entertain this. Jen and April could be protecting themselves for the week. I don't believe this.

(Ed note: Maggie already knew this information this morning because Jen told her that they were voting off Ivette)
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Topic #2115660
BHnoah - April and Jenn doing laundry-- April says maggie wouldn't feel safe if ivette was gone, but i think we 0 Replies #2115660 2:03PM 08/08/2005
are safer with Howie and them
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Topic #2115695
gymborebel - Magiie to April and Jen: "Am I missing the boat on something big here"? 0 Replies #2115695 2:07PM 08/08/2005
TYey both ignore her.....April tells Jen queitly"you talk" Jen says I am still thinking
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Topic #2115715
Quench - Maggie comes out. So is there something that I should be aware of. 0 Replies #2115715 2:08PM 08/08/2005
Meanwhile Jen is saying. Notice how Janelle came and asked us if we talked to Maggie

April why isn't Ivette talking to us

Maggie - It is one thing to be used as a pawn without your knowledge. But to do it thinking everything is okay but thinking now that things are different

April - I said that I would go up on the block for the group.

Jen - we don't know why she is worried because we want Sarah gone.
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Topic #2115719
BHnoah - Jenn telling April she thinks it is wierd that Rachel came up to her to talk about stuff when no one ever did b4 0 Replies #2115719 2:09PM 08/08/2005
and now james is going around saying I'm smart-- they could all be working together

maggie out by pool says-- I'm I missing the boat on something

they didn't say anything back

talked more together

April: is ivette still made at me
maggie: she thinks you haven't talked to her
Aprilk: i did last night
Jenn: it is one thing to go up as a pawn but when you know the plan
Maggie: i think she is getting the chopping block feeling

April: how did James know we were volunteering
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Topic #2115722
CarsonCity2 - Mags: "Am I missing the boat on something big?" 0 Replies #2115722 2:09PM 08/08/2005
Mags yells out to Ap, Jen near pool. Maggie looks pissed. They ignore her, but talk about letting Jen speak for them. Maggie looks like she wants to fight.
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Topic #2115743
gymborebel - Maggie "Am I hearing from you guys that you are worried about where you vote is going"....SILENCE 0 Replies #2115743 2:11PM 08/08/2005
Magiie then says well you silence is telling me something
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Topic #2115749
gymborebel - Jen is no sitting by Maggie getting ready to tell ALL NT 0 Replies #2115749 2:11PM 08/08/2005
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