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Topic #2110296
ihateeric - April and Jen are going to sleep in the Gold Room NT 0 Replies #2110296 12:00AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2110360
bama_chevygal - Howie: Tomorrow is Veto ceremoney 0 Replies #2110360 12:16AM 08/08/2005
Jan: what do you think will happen? How: I'll probably put up Ivette. April got nervous and started freaking out.
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Topic #2110385
bama_chevygal - Jen & April in LR playing Chess NT 0 Replies #2110385 12:21AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2110387
ejj1955 - Howie and Janelle in BY whispering-- 1 Replies #2110387 12:22AM 08/08/2005
I think they're talking about how many people they had to put down as possible partners, Janelle is counting on her fingers, says six. Says her brother was on the list but she wouldn't have wanted him in this game. FISH.
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Anonymous - About Janelle's possible other partner. NT #2110414 12:27AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2110415
sportsgrrl - Howie brings up good point. . . 0 Replies #2110415 12:28AM 08/08/2005
Howie states that Ashlea may have had the best chance of the 4 that have been evicted if she came back into the house because the house has changed so much since she left. He also stated that Kaysar may have the least chance because the house is the same since he has been evicted.
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Topic #2110471
ejj1955 - Howie and Janelle in the BY; Howie is a broken record about James and his betrayal. NT 0 Replies #2110471 12:38AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2110475
ccquilter - Janelle says to Howie - he sold us out, but he wasn't after us NT 0 Replies #2110475 12:38AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2110511
bama_chevygal - April & Jen still playing chess in LR, whispering abt different moves NT 0 Replies #2110511 12:46AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2110537
bama_chevygal - Jan: I'm done working out, this sucks. Can I use your shower? How: sure 0 Replies #2110537 12:52AM 08/08/2005
Jan goes in house to get a shower in HOH room, April & Jen are still playing chess, Howie walks around in BY for a few .... FISH
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Topic #2110541
ejj1955 - Howie and Janelle in the BY: mostly rehashing stuff. 0 Replies #2110541 12:52AM 08/08/2005
Howie is now going over the veto competition AGAIN. Trying to figure out what would have happened if there had been a tie, would BB have broken the tie or would there have been no veto?
Janelle is going "who knows?"--she's being patient with his obsessing.
He seems rather depressed. He wants to ask BB, find out what they would have done.
Janelle asks to use his shower, goes in. Howie stays working out in the BY.
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Topic #2110664
bama_chevygal - April & Jen talking trash abt Ivette to Howie & Janelle 1 Replies #2110664 1:19AM 08/08/2005
about the Michael incident. Saying Ivette blew something that Jennifer said out of context. Want Janelle to tell Michael they had nothing to do with it it. Said by the time they knew what was being said abt Michael around the house, was the night before he left. April with her "blah blah blah blah blah" crap.

Looks like Jen and April are trying to jump to howie/rachel/janelle ship.
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ezraPounds - Ape: She's crazy (about Evilette)but I love her to death; U know what I'm saying? #2110760 1:40AM 08/08/2005
Jen: she's (Ape) my partner and I'm gonna support her. Janie and How taking it all in.
Ape: we didn't even know all these people were in f*in alliances, you know what I mean? (As she and partner Jen sit side by side trashing Evil)
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Topic #2110689
bama_chevygal - April constantly talking 90 to nothing. Janelle: You've already repeated yourself 5 times NT 0 Replies #2110689 1:24AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2110724
ejj1955 - Jenn trashing Ivette to Howie, Janelle, Aprill . . . 0 Replies #2110724 1:31AM 08/08/2005
Jenn is going over the Michael stuff--saying that Ivette was spreading the story around the house, she (Jenn) didn't realize Iv was giving her as the source of the Michael problem. By the time she realized, it was a week later and everyone was out to get Mike.
Ivette was in the bathroom listening. She said Michael punched the wall, but Jenn says he never did that.
Jenn says he touched her boob once, but that's it, he never did anything to her. Jenn says she's stuck up for Michael in the DR so America would know the truth.
Jenn: Whoever is the common enemy that week, you're going to pick on everything they do, so you can get them out of the house.
April says she didn't know the term "sexual harassment" had been used until she was sitting outside with Michael one night, the night before he left.
[They are all whispering, some of this is hard to catch.]
Janelle asks who blew it up out of proportion, then?
April/Jenn don't want to name names . . . say it just snowballed.
April again brings up James as the culprit for a lot of stuff.
Jenn says that she was freaked out because Michael figured out she and April were a pair, but she couldn't tell others that's why she was freaked out by Michael, so that added to the paranoia.
April is saying that the words "sexual harassment" and "sexual predator" were never pinned on Michael, Eric just told Michael his actions could be considered sexual harassment. [ed: I think history is being rewritten a bit here . . . maybe I should "watch the tapes", LOL.]

Jenn said even if she had tried to clear all this up, Ivette wouldn't let it clear up. Why? That's her personality, Jenn says.
Howie says he's going to nominate Ivette tomorrow, she knows that, right?
April and Jenn agree yeah, she knows.
April: "I love her to death, but she's never wrong."
April and Jenn telling Howie how Ivette went to talk to James this afternoon. April says Iv told James she hated Janelle, but says that tomorrow she could be telling him she hates her (April).

April says Ivette swears Jenn said Michael hit the wall even though Jenn swears that 1) she didn't say that, and 2) Michael didn't do that (so it's not just that she forgot what she said, but that she never would have said that, because he never did it!).

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Topic #2110770
ejj1955 - Jenn admits to hating Ivette from the start. Also says-- 0 Replies #2110770 1:42AM 08/08/2005
she puts up with her because she's part of the group. She does it to support her friend (April) and says that she has to support April while she's in the house, but when she's gone she can think for herself (making an assumption there, isn't she?).

April says no-one on her side ever promised to take them to the end, other than the "final 9" plan. Janelle points out that then April and Jenn should realize they are going to get picked off.

April didn't tell Jenn about when Rachel was pissed that Jenn used her bathroom (and locked the HOH room) without asking. Jenn: I already knew there was a lot you weren't telling me.
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Topic #2110776
ccquilter - April, Jen, Howie and Janelle in living room 3 Replies #2110776 1:43AM 08/08/2005
Jen has gone through an explanation of her interaction and cause effect with Michael. Net, net she said she was in the bathroom area, Ivette was in the water closet (I think), Michael was stressed - threw his hands in the air - tossed some explitives and left. When Ivette came out, Jen did a demo of what had happened and Ivette turned that into Michael hit the wall. Jen heard the story and was like really - not knowing that she was the "involved". She said she talked with Ivette about it and Ivette told her that was what she said.

She also went through the bedroom - Michael and Eric account and how Eric raised the sexual harassment topic - Jen said she talked with the DR about this because she wanted to get the record set straight because it is Michael's life and could hurt him on the outside.

Jen said the last week when she was so nervous around him wasn't because of the sexual harassment, but because Michael wanted to have April and Jen go to the DR because he had discovered they were friends and was going to expose them.

Janelle has asked a couple times why didn't she really bring this out in the open

April has been interjecting all throughout Jen's descriptions.

April has talked about the problems she's having with cigarettes - going to DR and crying - having panic attacks - I think Howie said he'd put Ivette up tomorrow to prevent another April panic attack.

Jen talked about how once Ivette believes she's right you have to walk away.

Howie says to each gal that he wants them to win HOH this week.

Added: Jen admitted that Michael didn't do anything that Howie hasn't done its just that Michael became the target
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bama_chevygal - I think Jenn said that during her demo to Ivette, she accidently hit the wall #2110804 1:51AM 08/08/2005
and Ivette took it that Michael hit the wall.
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ccquilter - I think she said she may have hit it or something - they're going fast NT #2110821 1:55AM 08/08/2005
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LittleOldLady - Jenn said she may have been facing the wall when she waved her arms, and Ivette interpreted that to mean that Michael "hit the wall". NT #2110840 2:02AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2110835
Dreamer - Howie to April: Do you swallow or no? 0 Replies #2110835 2:01AM 08/08/2005
Howie to Jenn: So you've had the same co*k for 5 years? Did you ever get SOPS?
(Same old penis syndrome)
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Topic #2110836
ejj1955 - April, Jenn, Howie, Janelle having a lot of talk about sex . . . 1 Replies #2110836 2:01AM 08/08/2005
Howie asking Jenn how many guys she's slept with, how many she's given head to, asking questions about size.
Howie says she's a slut if she's sucked ten d*cks.
Howie says he's had 10-15 one-night-stands. Maybe more.
Janelle asks does he ever see them, what happens; he says he avoids them or they avoid him. Janelle says, why, don't you like them?
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CougarSpy - April has strange language. "I've never sucked a guy's pee-pee without having sex with him." I should have stayed in bed. NT #2110888 2:24AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2110963
sick_boy - Maggie was awake for a bit listening to How/Jen/Jan/Ape not sure if she heard the ivette bashing NT 0 Replies #2110963 2:44AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2110970
smileycute - Howie is sitting behind Jenn while watching April and Janelle playing chess 0 Replies #2110970 2:46AM 08/08/2005
He kept asking them different scenarios about sexual experiences. Howie said he only had a few experience with multiple partner, with a man & woman twice, etc etc, altogether he only has done it 5 times... All these talks seem to say that Howie is getting horny and none of the women seem to really want it to stop, except Janelle at different times told him to shut up or stop.
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Topic #2110988
smileycute - April said once James is out the power will be more balanced, fair. She said, not that I think there are 2 sides 0 Replies #2110988 2:55AM 08/08/2005
or anything. But she thinks if Michael or Kaysar is back it will be better for Janelle and Howie. Althoug she does not think Michael has any plan or strategy.
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Topic #2111004
smileycute - They are talking about what Sarah will do if she wins HOH, basically they don;t know or just guessing. 0 Replies #2111004 3:04AM 08/08/2005
They are more scared of the thought of Eric coming back, because Maggie will just have a lot more power
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Topic #2111007
carly - Jen and April laying the groundwork for voting Ivette out on Thursday. NT 4 Replies #2111007 3:06AM 08/08/2005
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carly - They're saying that Sarah is not really a threat and that Ivette has a deal with James. Howie and Janelle listening quietly. #2111022 3:09AM 08/08/2005
Janelle asks whose doll did Ivette put her candy in during veto. April says "James." Janelle thinks.
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carly - Janelle, Howie, April and Jen all going to the HoH NT #2111064 3:19AM 08/08/2005
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carly - Now Jen is saying she thinks Sarah, James and Ivette are a threesome. NT #2111074 3:22AM 08/08/2005
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ejj1955 - Janelle makes point that Ivette is stronger player than Sarah. NT #2111079 3:24AM 08/08/2005
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Topic #2111085
carly - April says "Let's say Ivette goes, then James and Sarah are still here, and you go back with them and I'm f8cked" 1 Replies #2111085 3:25AM 08/08/2005
Howie says he'll never go back with him.
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carly - Howie says "How many votes do we have here? (they figure 4 with R) Let's do it." #2111100 3:27AM 08/08/2005
(vote out Ivette.)
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Topic #2111095
buffalojill - A/J/H/Jmove to HOH room. Jen says...all i know is we better come up with a story for them tomorrow 0 Replies #2111095 3:26AM 08/08/2005
because I guarantee you they know we're not in bed. April says"we were playing chess"
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Topic #2111097
smileycute - April : if we vote out Ivette, and James/Sarah come back with you guys and 0 Replies #2111097 3:27AM 08/08/2005
we get f**k up?
Howie: No, we would never do that. (more or less saying that they would not side with J/S again after what they did )
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