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Topic #2311499
SassyPrncess - Maggie states Labor Day is always on either a Friday or Monday. NT 0 Replies #2311499 12:00AM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2311521
ferretkiss - apr: if i could get rid of someone personally it would be janelle. she is a straight up mean person.... 0 Replies #2311521 12:04AM 28/08/2005
mag: theres going to be five of us on the jury.
apr: if they get it, 2 of us are going up, its a crapshoot.
someone mentions james.
iv: that is the only person who would take him to the end, were not taking him anywhere.

iv: one person less to worry about ,regardless of who it is.
apr: it sucks, it would have sucked if they put me up next to jennifer, but sometimes i wish i was the one who went home. but you needed me to win this week. [ed: last part not word for word]

apr: god i changed 85 to 100.
apr: he was promising him.
iv: so were doing it for them.
apr: im doing it for us.

BB:iv do not obstruct your microphone.
iv: im not, how am i obstructing?
apr: its hitting the cover
iv: ill be so glad when im at home and i dont have to worry about this microphone.

they talk about what day is labor day.
mag: sometimes its on a friday.
[ed: dont think so]

they are all sitting/lying on the hoh bed

mag: i cant believe tomorrow will be 2 full months. tomorrow will be 56 days in this house.
bea: i was watching bb3... (talks about the time to be in the house at the end)

apr: bottom line is we all need the money. we can all use the money. but we cant make that our primary focus. because that would suck. we can all use the money for loans, credit cards, anything and everything. we can all use it.

iv:somebody here will win it. in this house.
apr: we are double themnow. once james goes we will be doublethem. the odds.
mag: in vegas.
apr: vegas would be betting for one of us to make it to the final two. absolutely. all it will take is next week one of us to get hoh.
apr: from here on out as long as you get the veto you are f*ckin golden.

iv: hopefully janelle is the next one out.
bea: i said the same things.
(Someting about ten thousand dollars)

apr: theres a reason, theres a reason shes won it all, theres a reason for everything that happens in this house.

beau talks about in the price is right, think he is saying you dont have to take the prizes but can take money.
apr: not here, you get what you get here.

iv saying something negative about janelle.
apr: the night she did not win the movie ticket she was bitching and moaning.
mag: she knows she lost but all she wants is to be here and start fights.
apr: shes like the girls in mean girls the movie.
apr: i know what she was saying out by the hot tub, in gorgeous, and im manipulative. let me tell you, those people need us. so when she said she was manipulative, thats why they said they want her. she was putting her credit card down on the counter and saying theres no limit to what ill do to win big brother. [ed: not sure she is talking about jamelle or someone else.]

mag: it doesnt matter if she is up against one of us, one of us will win.

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Topic #2311527
SassyPrncess - Iv: Hopefuly Janelle's luck runs out. NT 0 Replies #2311527 12:05AM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2311682
Fable - Maggie, April, Ivette and Beau plan to spy on Howie and Janie again.... 0 Replies #2311682 12:33AM 28/08/2005
Ivette crawls outside the HOH room to listen to H/J talking in the kitchen... 2 minutes later BB says "Ivette to the Diary Room" ... Maggie quickly opens the HOH door and talks to H/J from the balcony to give Ivette a chance to get up and go to the DR
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Topic #2311712
Fable - Ivette still in the DR... Maggie, Beau, April sitting on the balcony eating popcorn while talking to Howie, Janelle who are in the kitchen NT 0 Replies #2311712 12:39AM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2311733
Fable - Ivette out of DR and is joking around with Howie in the kitchen NT 0 Replies #2311733 12:42AM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2311757
crymerci - Howie goes into GR to get his purple POV (from comp?) comes back out wearing it and B calls it the "gay POV" NT 0 Replies #2311757 12:49AM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2311765
crymerci - Iv imitating Jan's "Oh Howie" routine with Howie. 0 Replies #2311765 12:53AM 28/08/2005
I"You're a big beefcake Howie"
H"You're a big beefcake Ivettey"
I"I wanna be tart like lemonade"

(Ed note: she doesn't pull the voice off very well)
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Topic #2311768
crymerci - 3 mins ago Ivette told Howie he needed a shower, now he's in BR with Janelle and she says the same... 0 Replies #2311768 12:55AM 28/08/2005
"You reek."
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Topic #2311876
yellocatt - April said that God won't bless Janie or Howie even if they win... 0 Replies #2311876 1:31AM 28/08/2005
Janie would take the money in cash, put it in her house and her house would burn down. God will not let them reap the benefits. Janie is a mean person. April also believes that Janie wouldn't give any money to charity or even to a church.
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Topic #2311880
yellocatt - Howie is showering. Janelle is in the main bedroom sleeping. James in GR. HOHers are discussing tipping baggers at the store NT 0 Replies #2311880 1:33AM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2311884
yellocatt - April, Bo, Maggie, & Ivette are comparing good deeds 0 Replies #2311884 1:35AM 28/08/2005
How much money they give beggars... buying gloves for a cold homeless person... tipping people.
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Topic #2311889
yellocatt - James went to the bathroom... stopped to chat with Howie... 0 Replies #2311889 1:37AM 28/08/2005
they are discussing jerking off while Howie is shaving in the shower.
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Topic #2311891
Badlands - April's Anti-Janelle Diatribe 0 Replies #2311891 1:37AM 28/08/2005
April says how terrible Janelle's story was at the dinner table when she said she had never seen a black person until she was 6 or 7. April completely twists the story from a sweet, innocent girl never being exposed to different nationalities to something racist.

April then goes on to talk about how god is watching over them. She says everything happens for a reason. Janelle could go on to win the game, but then she could use the money to buy a house and it could burn down the next day. She said if "they" (Howie or Janelle) win the money, no good would come up with it, only evil.

(I literally can't listen to this anymore)
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Topic #2311894
yellocatt - Janie up to use the bathroom. James goes to drink a glass of milk. NT 0 Replies #2311894 1:37AM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2311897
krazykjh - HOH Talk; Good Samaritan &1st Job Stories ... 0 Replies #2311897 1:38AM 28/08/2005
Late Night HOH Talk; Good Samaritan Stories...

April talking about how she used to see this man in the winter that never had any gloves but she could always tell that he was freezing and his hands were hurting so she went and bought him some gloves and a Toboggan...

They also were talking about Beau's first job. He was a Grocery Bagger. Beau starts talking about the tips he used to get and Maggie says he must not have made alot, just a few bucks... Beau says no, he made between $75-100. Maggie and April both said they have never tipped a bagger before. LOL
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Topic #2311904
krazykjh - HOH discussing Suicide ordeals; jumpers & such... 0 Replies #2311904 1:41AM 28/08/2005
HOH discussing Suicide ordeals; jumpers & such...

Maggie says there's atleast one suicide a week in Vegas.

Ivette says people in Miami kill themselves out in their yard when they've lost their money and home...
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Topic #2311911
krazykjh - Howie Drying Off ; Getting out of Shower... 0 Replies #2311911 1:44AM 28/08/2005
Howie Drying Off ; Getting out of Shower...
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Topic #2311919
krazykjh - Howie's in BR cleaning ears out; & soon to be flossing ... lol 0 Replies #2311919 1:47AM 28/08/2005
Howie's in BR cleaning ears out; & soon to be flossing... lol
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Topic #2311927
krazykjh - Howie reaches for cleanex & F3 ZOOMS in REAL FAST... 0 Replies #2311927 1:50AM 28/08/2005
Howie reaches for cleanex & F3 ZOOMS in REAL FAST...

Howie picked his nose with it...
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Topic #2311932
krazykjh - Howie Sniffing & Talking to the Walls... 0 Replies #2311932 1:52AM 28/08/2005
Howie Sniffing & Talking to the Walls...
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Topic #2311937
krazykjh - Howie has now begun his nightly flossing ritual, but is ... 0 Replies #2311937 1:54AM 28/08/2005
Strangly walking around the house, feeling the walls...
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Topic #2311944
krazykjh - Feeds have cut to FISH now. 0 Replies #2311944 1:57AM 28/08/2005
Feeds have cut to FISH now...
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Topic #2311948
krazykjh - Feeds are now back. Howie is still flossing and ... 0 Replies #2311948 1:58AM 28/08/2005
Feeds are now back. Howie is still flossing and ...

the HOH crew is still up talking.
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Topic #2311966
krazykjh - HOH Crew talking about drug addictions & Ivette's Mother ... 0 Replies #2311966 2:03AM 28/08/2005
HOH Crew talking about drug addictions & Ivette's Mother ...

Ivette was telling them she is always having to give her mother money and she knows that she's using it on gambling and other addictions, but she'll lie and say they are for groceries... Ivette has been raising her mother for years...
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