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Topic #7869224
raindrop110475 - Drinking in kitchen playing telephone or pass it on NT 0 Replies #7869224 8:41PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7869263
raindrop110475 - apparetnly is a very sexual funny explicit telephoen game everyoen is havign fun. NT 0 Replies #7869263 8:47PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7869274
Panda4 - A few minutes ago Amanda was called to the DR. NT 0 Replies #7869274 8:48PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7869282
Panda4 - Amanda has now called everyone to LR for Veto comp instructions. NT 0 Replies #7869282 8:49PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7869313
raindrop110475 - Amanda and Alex were pulled in diary come back out call house meeting 0 Replies #7869313 8:51PM 14/02/2008
Big broither 9 golden veto rules are read all same as last year this year 8 people play the 2 noominated couples and HOH couple and a couple choosen randomly. rest is all same it seems until they got to part that said because ur playing game as couples and we get fire
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Topic #7869326
Panda4 - Alex and Amanda are reading the Veto game instructions and now we have the fireplace. NT 0 Replies #7869326 8:52PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7869336
Panda4 - Feeds are back. NT 0 Replies #7869336 8:53PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7869589
M3gabyt3 - Telephone game is over now NT 0 Replies #7869589 9:22PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7869664
mattpd - Joshuah to Alison: "If I was her dad [Amanda], I'd commit suicide too." NT 0 Replies #7869664 9:29PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7869685
Samma - Allison and Joshuah talking about how much they hate Amanda 0 Replies #7869685 9:30PM 14/02/2008
Amanda and Alex leave and Allison and Josh start ripping into Amanda.

They think Alex was coming in to talk to them, but Amanda ***** it all up by following him in.

Joshuah: I hate her! I ***** hate her.
Allison: I know, I hate her too.
Joshuah: I can't stand her.
Allison: She's the worst person I've ever met.

Joshuah just said "If I was her Dad, I would commit suicide too"

Now he's jumping around, acting as if he hung himself.
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Topic #7869695
Starr - The telephone game has split up. Josh and Natalie are talking alone while J is getting his suit on for the hot tub... 0 Replies #7869695 9:31PM 14/02/2008
...the rest of the HG's are in the kitchen goofing off...having ice cream, doing dishes.
I think most are headed outside.
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Topic #7869727
Starr - Alex is called to the DR. Still just random chit-chat going on in the kitchen. Josh outside, getting in HT. NT 0 Replies #7869727 9:33PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7869793
Starr - James is being asked several personal questions. Evidently, he's lead everyone to believe he & Chelsia are related... 0 Replies #7869793 9:40PM 14/02/2008
..He's not saying anything..just smiling, eating ice cream. Chelsia is adamantly denying it! She's swearing on her life. James & Adam are now in BY having a smoke....Sharon is sitting at the hot tub...the rest are in the kitchen freaking out over this James/Chelsia thing.
Chelsia is still denying any connection whatsoever to James...
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Topic #7869835
Starr - Chelsia is getting mad that she is being accused of being James' sister. James is in the backyard explaining why he didn't say anything when asked 0 Replies #7869835 9:43PM 14/02/2008
if he and Chelsia were related.
Seems as though, everyone is thinking there are more secret couples in the house.
Natalie is getting changed to go in the hot tub.
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Topic #7869871
Starr - James and Matt are arguing in the kitchen. James/Chelsia are accusing Matt of starting the rumor. 0 Replies #7869871 9:47PM 14/02/2008
James said he should've come to him alone and ask him whether it's true or not. Alot of talk from everyone now about ppl knowing others in the house. hard to keep it all straight.
Everyone is arguing...
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Topic #7869946
Starr - It has gotten much quieter in the house. Josh, Sharon talking at the hot tub. Josh is complaing about Amanda being so bossy. James, Matt & Alex .. 0 Replies #7869946 9:56PM 14/02/2008
in the boat BR...Matt apologizes to James if he offended him. He says he really does think they (Chel/James) look like Bro & sis, though. Says he thinks those two were separated at birth. Matt thinks definitely there's more ppl in the house that know each other.
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Topic #7869998
Starr - Natalie going in the HT. Matt & Chel hugging in the hallway. James laying down in the BR alone.... 0 Replies #7869998 10:02PM 14/02/2008
now Chel in BR whispering with James...they are worried the others think they are really brother & sister. Chel is mad at James for not denying the accusation. James says he's just frustrated ...he felt he was being interrogated earlier in the kitchen.
Chelsia is pissed. She is almost crying. They are saying how stupid the whole thing is...James is trying to calm her down.
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Topic #7870071
Starr - Josh, Natalie alone in the HT. Talking about Parker going off on Ali earlier in the SR. 0 Replies #7870071 10:09PM 14/02/2008
They think he was wrong for telling Ali she shouldn't be campaining against him. Josh thinks Parker is bi-polar and parker & Amanda are "two peas in a pod".
Ali is in the boat room with James/Chel telling them she believes them and doesn't think they are related. Chels is still upset that ppl would suggest that maybe her dad had another kid (James) that she didn't know about. She says angrily that her mom & dad NEVER cheated on each other...her dad would never do that. She's offended, and mad at everyone right now.
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Topic #7870082
Starr - Sharon comes back outside, joins Nat & Josh at the HT. Parker is called to DR. NT 0 Replies #7870082 10:10PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7870108
Starr - Amanda comes outside to say good night to the HT crew. NT 0 Replies #7870108 10:12PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7870153
Starr - Jen, Ryan, James,Chel, in the boat BR chit-chatting. Josh, Sharon, Natalie in HT. Amanda, Alex in HOH getting ready for bed. NT 0 Replies #7870153 10:17PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7870175
Starr - Amanda getting changed ..noticing the camera & goes off to the bathroom saying she's not giving them (cameras) anything. Alex/Amanda now in bed. NT 0 Replies #7870175 10:20PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7870183
Starr - Alex/Amanda cuddling under covers. Am asks Alex why he's so jealous. The HOH doorbell rings...and we have FOTH. NT 0 Replies #7870183 10:21PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7870223
Starr - Feeds back...Parker is now in the HOH bed with Amanda & Alex talking about the veto comp. coming up. NT 1 Replies #7870223 10:24PM 14/02/2008
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bbshannon - Matt was shocked Jen is sleeping with Parker tonight but Amanda said they have to NT #7870389 10:46PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7870280
Starr - Alex says his one concern is the veto. he doesn't see the votes going against Parker/Jen, though. 0 Replies #7870280 10:33PM 14/02/2008
He is trying to reassure Parker. Am & Alex tell Parker he HAS to win POV or at least not get knocked out first.
Matt is now up in the HOH. Matt says he is bearing news.
he's telling them if Ali/Ryan win HOH they are going to put up James/Chelsia///then if they come off the block they're gonna backdoor Am/Alex. Alex is pissed that Jen is so cocky to even be thinking about next weeks HOH.
Parker says that now if Alex & Amanda win POV thay HAVE to take off Parker/Jen to insure Ali/Ryan go home.
Matt promises he will not use POV if he wins it.
they are all trash talking Allison. They really want her out.
They are practicing their POV speech in case they win and take Parker/Jen off the block.
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