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Topic #7865698
Melonie - Amanda and Parker in the boat room 0 Replies #7865698 2:22PM 14/02/2008
Amanda discussing Alex. She says Alex thinks he is smarter than her. She said he wants to do all the talking and she doesnt like that. Parker said he wishes he was open with everyone. In his situation. Says they can't talk to James and Chelisa or Sheila and Adam. Amanda says she is tired. She tells Parker that Alex and her cuddled last night. Parker says congratulations. Parker says he can't wait to get out of there. She asks him why, he says many reasons.

Amanda is told not to obstruct her microphone.

Parker tells her to bad they can't switch partners. Amanda said that would be awesome.
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Topic #7865707
Melonie - Amanda tells Parker she can't take her partner anymore. NT 0 Replies #7865707 2:25PM 14/02/2008
(Im out awhile been fun)
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Topic #7865967
CougarSpy - [Last 10ish minutes] Alex just asked Amanda if she and Parker knew each other outside of the game. Amanda says no, but she likes Parker 0 Replies #7865967 3:03PM 14/02/2008
knew each other outside of the game. Amanda says no, but she likes Parker because he is “brutally nice” to each other. The only other guy that is nice to her is Matt.

Amanda wondered why Alex asked this. He said James said earlier to look for more twist in the house, or pieces to the puzzle. [In a James/Chelsia conversation last night, James thought there were 4 couples in the house, and they knew three of them. He did not name the couples. We know about Jen/Ryan; and Sharon/Jacob.]

Amanda goes on about swearing on the bible and her dad’s (?) life. Alex says he doesn’t believe in people swearing on the Bible.

Now Amanda is confronting James about saying Amanda/Parker were a twist. Alex and James say no names were mentioned, but that there were more pieces to the puzzle.

Alex tells Amanda again, that James named no names, but Amanda attacked him anyway. He didn’t name any names.

Arguing continues…
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Topic #7866018
SouthernBelladonna - Lots of yelling in the backyard. Alex and Amanda seem to be fighting...James' name keeps being mentioned. 1 Replies #7866018 3:08PM 14/02/2008
(ed. I came in late and missed some...please fill in the gaps)

Alex says he can't stand Amanda..."can't give two sh*ts."

They keeps talking about a puzzle....

Alex now calls her a b*tch...

He he is very angry...but now apologizes for calling her a b*tch

Parker is there...says he was just giving a "public service announcement"

Alex is apologizing to James (ed. still don't know for what....)

Amanda goes insides and is going to cut Matt's hair...Jen is in the bathroom too...

Matt says the fighting is stupid...Amanda tells him that Alex called her a bitch...Jen points out that he apologized...Matt asks her not to take it out on his neck (she's using trimmers on his neck)

Outside, there is still a lot of chatter and arguing...Parker is angry about someone saying they know who's going home.

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CougarSpy - The puzzle is more twists in the house. In earlier conversation between James and Chelsia (last night), he thought there were #7866080 3:14PM 14/02/2008
4 couple twists in the house and they knew three of them (we only know 2 - Jen/Ryan and Sharon/Jacob). He refers to the four completing the nut or something for the puzzle.

Today in a Alex-James converstion, James said he thinks there are no piecess to the puzzle. James named no names.

Alex asked Amanda if she and Parker were a twist and ***** hit the fan...

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Topic #7866028
SouthernBelladonna - Parker comes in the bathroom and Amanda apologizes to him for bringing him into it. Jen says he's burned bridges with James now. 0 Replies #7866028 3:09PM 14/02/2008
Parker says he doesn't care. "F*ck James"

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Topic #7866040
raindrop110475 - James told alex to take a look at a puzzle that has 4 colors so convinced more people know people 0 Replies #7866040 3:10PM 14/02/2008
So Alex asks is amanda and parker know eachother so parker runs outside and does a public service announcement that he doesnt know them and amanda says james told people and james ofcourse got mad and all hell broke loose for minute no one believes they knwo eachother alex stood up and told all that he didnt say this and amanda is causing this drama on a misunderstanding causing a fight between alex and amanda. Jen is worried because now james hates parker. They say they weren't counting on their votes anyway.
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Topic #7866044
KingMac - James call Parker out, out of no where and says ***** you. 0 Replies #7866044 3:11PM 14/02/2008
Parker says ***** you with a metal dick LOL!
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Topic #7866065
raindrop110475 - Matt just went outside and did public service announcemnt that he was not involved NT 0 Replies #7866065 3:13PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7866070
SouthernBelladonna - Natalie, Alex, Sharon and Josh are around the HT. Nat says nothing can be mentioned in the house witout it being blown up. 0 Replies #7866070 3:13PM 14/02/2008
A big gust of wind interrupts the convo.

They're rehashing some of the fight.

Someone one (female) says "Poor James"

James joins them and Alex apologizes to him...James says i's OK, he knows he didn't say anything.

Matt comes out and lets everyone know that he is not involved with any of this. They seem to be in a little better much Sharon missed.

Now Alex saying he's pissed with her partner...he says he is backing James up.
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Topic #7866076
raindrop110475 - amanda sellign out alex tellign jen and parker that alex doesnt want to take them off block he just wants ryan or jen to go home doenst care who NT 0 Replies #7866076 3:14PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7866101
raindrop110475 - jen says she feels badd for james and amanda and parker say they dont cause james got the ball started jen says no alex did NT 0 Replies #7866101 3:17PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7866110
SouthernBelladonna - Ryan has joined the bathroom group and they're talking about the many rumors there are. 0 Replies #7866110 3:18PM 14/02/2008
Ryan says there's just too much going on.

Parker, Jen, Amanda are there...Parker says if he knew someone in the house, he would have told Jen.

Amanda saying she can't believe Alex would say that.

Jen says she feels bad for James...Amanda doesn't...blames James..Jen says it was Alex...James didn't say anything at all...too much speculation...

Meanwhile, Matt has joined the HT group and Adam is nearby. They're rehashing the fight, but seem to be in a fairly good mood...joking about how many FUs were exchanged earlier.
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Topic #7866137
raindrop110475 - Amanda tells parker and jen she told alex her soulmate would believe in Bible 0 Replies #7866137 3:21PM 14/02/2008
he doesnt since he told her he wouldnt believe her if she swore on fn bible b**tch and so amanda says so you dont believe in politics and ghe says why and she said because they swear on bible.
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Topic #7866148
raindrop110475 - jen thinks this happened because alex just now gettign that parker and amnda have a crush on eachother NT 0 Replies #7866148 3:21PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7866164
SouthernBelladonna - Amanda is still mad at Alex. She keeps talking about him telling her to... 0 Replies #7866164 3:23PM 14/02/2008
"swear on the f*cking bible, b*tch" and then tells everyone that Alex doesn't believe in the bible.

Talk of people having crushes on each other...Amanda saying she doesn't like Alex at all...she doesn't know him.

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Topic #7866209
SouthernBelladonna - Jen and Ryan are in the bathroom fussing over the clippers. They talk about their intimate moments last night. 0 Replies #7866209 3:27PM 14/02/2008
Ryan says he admitted it int he DR...Jen is freaked by the idea of someone seeing it...denied it in the DR.

Ryan says he didn't care..."we did it in the bathroom"

Parker jokes about overhearing them...makes "grunting sounds" Jen laughs.

After Parker leaves, Ryan says all that drama was just a typical Parker reaction.
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Topic #7866262
SouthernBelladonna - Amanda and Parker are now at the HT with Josh, Sharon and Natalie. NT 0 Replies #7866262 3:31PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7866307
SouthernBelladonna - Alex and Matt are in the kitchen. Jen and Adam are sitting at the round counter. 0 Replies #7866307 3:35PM 14/02/2008
They're just chatting...Alex and Matt are getting something out of the fridge...talking about working out...not having phone or TV.

Jen comments that Nat's boobs don't bounce when she runs. Matt says "Maybe that's the twist...her boobs are real."

Alex now rehashing the fight and how it started...James telling him to look at the pictures and seeing the pieces of the puzzle...Amanda getting upset...

Nat has joined them and they talk about her making really good coffee.
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Topic #7866316
SouthernBelladonna - The kitchen group discuss who said FU first. They say it was Parker and James just said it back. 0 Replies #7866316 3:36PM 14/02/2008
Matt says he really likes James.
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Topic #7866343
SouthernBelladonna - The kitchen group speculates about when the PoV and food comps will be. 0 Replies #7866343 3:39PM 14/02/2008
Now talking about dressing up for Valentine's Day dinner.

Amanda and Josh briefly joined the convo...then left...

Now talking about Jen doing the boys' hair.
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Topic #7866469
Suzan - Ryan and Allison are outside having a conversation about the votes - saying they have the votes to stay. That Jen and 0 Replies #7866469 3:52PM 14/02/2008
Parker cannot win the POV, they just can't. Ryan doesn't want to see his girl go but.....I'll see her in a few months.
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Topic #7866519
KennyN - Jen thinks that Natalie is mad at her for twisting Matt's nipple earlier. Jen laughed when she did it, Natalie didnt. NT 0 Replies #7866519 3:57PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7866595
raindrop110475 - Bedroom chat( Matt james josh and chel) all talkign about how its always same people starting drama NT 0 Replies #7866595 4:08PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7866619
raindrop110475 - sharon on bathtub while jen and amanda are in shower togetehr -- amaanda still upset about alex saying he wouldnt hold her tonight NT 0 Replies #7866619 4:12PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7866628
raindrop110475 - Josh told sharon he would vote for parker to stay( this is Joshhs plan he plans to tell her when they enter diary he wont do it) NT 0 Replies #7866628 4:13PM 14/02/2008
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