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Topic #7866634
raindrop110475 - Jen says if adam and sheila dont vvote their way then everyone will know they cant be trusted. jen says that f'n b**th allison has to go NT 0 Replies #7866634 4:14PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7866670
raindrop110475 - Jen and amanda tells sharon the fight outside is nothing it happens daily. Sharon says when I left we all loved eachother 0 Replies #7866670 4:19PM 14/02/2008
and now everyone is mad and amanda says and is all my partners fault he should have come and talked to me. now they are talking about how fake allison is. Amanda asks jen if ryan would be mad if he goes home and jen says no he knows I stuck up for you and thats why Im on block
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Topic #7866917
raindrop110475 - Amanda says her hair is gonna get fdry cause she washes it too much she says she just washed it two days ago. NT 0 Replies #7866917 4:46PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7867057
CruiseCritic - James, Ryan and Adam outside - James said he is 150% voting to 0 Replies #7867057 5:01PM 14/02/2008
get rid of Parker and Jen. Adam says he is in as well. Ryan says if he for sure has thier votes, he wont take himself off the block if he and Allison win POV.

Ryan says he thinks Jen is pretty sure they have ALex, working on Sheila and Sharon
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Topic #7867083
CruiseCritic - James and Ryan out by the fire pit and talking how tides will change in the house 0 Replies #7867083 5:03PM 14/02/2008
once they are gone. Talking about Amanda causing trouble. Adam is outside with them. A few minutes ago Sheila came out and sat by the fire and now she is back in.

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Topic #7867105
CruiseCritic - Adam is on his second cigarette in less than 15 minutes - Ryan tells Adam that 0 Replies #7867105 5:04PM 14/02/2008
You need me around to smoke cigarettes with. Adam talking about helicopter tours.

-going to another feed now....
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Topic #7867157
CruiseCritic - Around the feeds.... 0 Replies #7867157 5:08PM 14/02/2008
F1 - Parker calling Allison a dumbass and telling her she is the dumbest person alive next to Jen.

F2 - Alli sitting at counter in kitchen - sheila walks in.
Parker telling her she is a fn moron and she runs her mouth, she is a moron and everyone in AMerica knows you are a moron,

F1 now just went to HOH room and Sharon in the bed with Parker now and he is talking about how he just went off on Alli

Allis outside on F3 and F4 telling the guys (James, Ryan and Adam) about what Parker just said to her

parker still complaining in HOH room about Alli campaigning and they havent even played POV
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Topic #7867184
CruiseCritic - Parker telling Amanda and Jen how much he doesnt like Allison 0 Replies #7867184 5:10PM 14/02/2008
He is going on and on.
P-SHe thinks that me and ALex are not cool so ummm
She was loving that fiasco outisde and I cant wait to send her ass outta here.

Flames just came on. A bunch of the group now in kitchen too...
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Topic #7867218
CruiseCritic - ALex in kitchen opening what looks like a bag of chips. Adam, James at counter 0 Replies #7867218 5:12PM 14/02/2008
Sharon in HOH room as well with Jen, Alli and Amanda.

Parker tells Jen that he told Alli she is the dumbest person in AMerica next to Jen and then he laughs.

BB- Jen - Please put on your microphone
Jen - its onnnnn sweetheaaaart
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Topic #7867242
CruiseCritic - Thre girls in HOH (Jen, Sharon and Amanda) primping, doing hair etc 0 Replies #7867242 5:14PM 14/02/2008
looks like Alli, Adam, James, Alex in kitchen....

Someone just ran to storage room - looking for cucumbers

Girls wondering how Chelsea is voting.....

(and I gotta run(sorry)))))))
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Topic #7867613
Cityboi84 - Everyones getting ready for dinner, all the girls have dressed up all are wearing black & Gray NT 0 Replies #7867613 6:01PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7867688
Cityboi84 - Everyones holding hands.. saying grace before they eat NT 0 Replies #7867688 6:07PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7867739
WieKacie - House guests going around the table saying why they love Valentines day. NT 0 Replies #7867739 6:15PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7867778
Cityboi84 - Everyone is taking a turn to say why they like V-Day and who They Love The Most 0 Replies #7867778 6:20PM 14/02/2008
Shiela - Loves her sister & son and says Adam is growing on her and she loves him

Adam - His Mom, Dad & Brother

Alison - Likes V-day b/c it makes u think about the ones u love

Ryan - Loves jen and Enjoys being with him & her family

Jen - Loves ryan and her family

Parker - Hates vday, Loves everyone the same on anyday..doesnt think u
should prove your love on 1 day

Alex - V-day is a day to pamper ur woman b/c of the BS they put up from their guys.. He loves his "Mama"

Amanda - Vday is a waste of $ for men..and hates getting roses.. has never been in love.. she loves her family

Natalie - Loves VDAY!!! enjoys spearding the love and loves her family.

Matt - Hates vday as well..its a waste of $$ but sends love out to his mom and house guests..

Chelsia - Vday is a Joke.. thinks you should be surprised with a gift.. Vday its expected.. misses her mom and the $0.50 chocolates

Joshua - Loves vday.. hes a hopeless romantic, talks about a guy named Chase.. and how he fell in love with him when he first saw him.. and wants to say " i love you" to him for the 1st time..even thought its online

James - Loves his & sister.. and thinks everyone just needs a hug once and awhile

Sharon - Loves her family.. its her dads Bday, she loves her dog Carolina
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Topic #7867893
Cityboi84 - Chelsia and Ryan were volunteered to do dishes b/c they have never "washed dishes" after a big meal before NT 0 Replies #7867893 6:33PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7868028
AmyFromCanaduh - Nat: I'm so horny Amanda: Ya you and me both.. talk about their partners NT 0 Replies #7868028 6:51PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7868030
SouthernBelladonna - Parker fed the guinea pigs some chopped up bell peppers. F1 shows us the piggies chowing down. NT 0 Replies #7868030 6:51PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7868042
raindrop110475 - Natalie saying her and Matty were cuddling says matty just went for it (cuddling) 0 Replies #7868042 6:53PM 14/02/2008
Natalie says allison is sortof hitting matty but natalie and matty are getting to eachother she says she gives matty back his ballsy attitude.
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Topic #7868044
SouthernBelladonna - Several HGs are watching the pigs eat. Ryan and Jen are washing dishes. Natalie and Amanda are outside talking. NT 0 Replies #7868044 6:53PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7868074
SouthernBelladonna - Parker tells James that he thought he was being attacked earlier. James tells Parker that he was very "aggro" 0 Replies #7868074 6:58PM 14/02/2008
James says both Parker and Manda were very "aggro". James says he responded back "aggro" because Parker was like that...tells Parker that he (Parker) disrespected all the HGs.

Parker says he's sorry...James says it was all a misunderstanding (the comments that started the fight).

Parker and James continue to talk...apologies...James saying there is a better, civil way to approach things.
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Topic #7868097
SouthernBelladonna - Amanda joins Parker and James. She apologizes for getting Parker riled up about things earlier. 0 Replies #7868097 7:00PM 14/02/2008
James again says that their approach could have been more civil...

They all seem to be over the fight now...talking about it very calmly
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Topic #7868134
AmyFromCanaduh - Parker and James agree to be more civil towards each other and shake on it NT 0 Replies #7868134 7:05PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7868161
AmyFromCanaduh - Chelsia telling Sheila and Jen about going to Germany to live in Sept. dorms for 1/2 a semester and host family other 1/2 NT 0 Replies #7868161 7:07PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7868204
AmyFromCanaduh - James, Adam, Alex playing pool talking about selling their stuff on ebay after the shower, Matt says someone will buy their toothbrush for $100 NT 0 Replies #7868204 7:11PM 14/02/2008
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Topic #7868210
AmyFromCanaduh - Guys outside talking about Neil. They said BB told them "it wasn't that bad" NT 0 Replies #7868210 7:12PM 14/02/2008
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