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Topic #7946386
Taffy - Alex and matt talking about POV. Alex thinks if eithe of them get off the block 0 Replies #7946386 7:46PM 21/02/2008
Josh and sharon will go up Matt asks "do you think so" Alex says "absolutely" Alex says J/C are not going to break whatever they have with S/A (I guess the placement of the keys sis fool Alex, ed.)alex keeps going on about what they should do, Matt just listening mainly...Amanda now joins them
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Topic #7946392
Broodmore - Alex, Matt and Amanda talking 0 Replies #7946392 7:46PM 21/02/2008
Alex says even if they win POV Matt or Alex are going home
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Topic #7946432
Taffy - Matt says he does think J/C would put S/A up...Amanda says if S/A go up against M/N 0 Replies #7946432 7:49PM 21/02/2008
it is guaranteed that the house would vote S/A off...Matt says he is not so sure of that...
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Topic #7946454
raindrop110475 - Amanda says proves james and chel did make that comment about who they would put up cause came true NT 0 Replies #7946454 7:50PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7946508
Broodmore - Amanda telling Matt he is on the block because he is a strong player NT 0 Replies #7946508 7:54PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7946526
raindrop110475 - Matt and amanda tell sheila they arent gonna pull a parker ( be sad because they are nominated) 0 Replies #7946526 7:55PM 21/02/2008
Amanda says they made some dumb moves in house and you cant live with regret sheila says fight to stay how bad do you want it
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Topic #7946553
Taffy - Alex says James is gonna get it from him (Alex)...Amanda whispers something 0 Replies #7946553 7:57PM 21/02/2008
and Matt says, we don't have to whisper because we're on the block already...Allison walks in and tells them " was on the block for ten days"..amanda says she doesn't think anyone is going to sequester right now...Sheila says she doesn't know how this works...wonders if once they're in the jury they get to vote individually.
Amanda tells Sheila that she threw the last POV, says "you can't win every comp" Alex says they know he's strong...Sheila says they're a strong team (A/A)...Amanda adds "awesome team"...
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Topic #7946583
folieadeux8381 - Natalie is talking about her 'first time' 0 Replies #7946583 8:00PM 21/02/2008
and claims to have never had a yeast infection.
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Topic #7946595
raindrop110475 - Nat says it took 5 days to loose virginity cause he was so big and she was virgin that daily they put alittle more in 0 Replies #7946595 8:01PM 21/02/2008
Matt josh sharon adam james chelsea and sharon all talkign about sheilas yeast infection nat says loud thats nasty and they all are grossed out.
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Topic #7946606
raindrop110475 - Now callign adam the muffin man cause his girl has yeast infection NT 0 Replies #7946606 8:02PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7946616
Taffy - Amanda tells Sheila and Allison that it is them (A/A) that J/C want to evict.. 0 Replies #7946616 8:03PM 21/02/2008
Sheila asks "do you think so?" Amanda replies "did you not hear their speech?..."Amanda and us don't get along..."...Allison talks about her anxiety attack and how har it was for her to be the one everybody wanted out last week...Allison says she thought her and Ryan were going up again, that J/C would not put A/A up...A/A say they knew they were going up...Alex says he would have done the same thing if he was them (then...why is he ticked off? ed)
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Topic #7946623
raindrop110475 - Ryan just snuck up behind adam and put someones panties on his head NT 0 Replies #7946623 8:03PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7946634
folieadeux8381 - Josh made a comment about Jen's 0 Replies #7946634 8:03PM 21/02/2008
skank rash on her butt, and didn't realize ryan was walking by. everyone laughs, including ryan.
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Topic #7946638
SouthernBelladonna - Josh screws up and refers to Jen "skank rash" in front of Ryan. Everyone is laughing. NT 0 Replies #7946638 8:04PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7946767
MtDewAddict - Alex is talking about luxury comps and that he'd vote for Sheila to get a call/video from home because she has a son 0 Replies #7946767 8:15PM 21/02/2008
He says he still lives at home so he understands how much a mother would miss her he says he thinks most people would definitely let her get the contact from home.
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Topic #7946811
SouthernBelladonna - Chel says she thinks the noms were for the best becuase she thinks Matt would have used the veto. NT 0 Replies #7946811 8:19PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7946855
SouthernBelladonna - Nat tells James that she understands why she's on the block and doesn't blame him. NT 0 Replies #7946855 8:22PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7946890
SouthernBelladonna - Adam says he's going to fo nuts this week not eating food. NT 0 Replies #7946890 8:24PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7946979
MtDewAddict - Sheila says that Alli is getting an attitude now that she's off the block 0 Replies #7946979 8:29PM 21/02/2008
Sheila says that Alli doesn't act like her friend anymore, and she tells Amanda that there is a definite attitude change ever since she knew she was safe.

Amanda tells Sheila that if they play and win POV that Adam/Sheila should take off A/A or M/N and then A/S and the one they take off the block can save the one that stays ON the block.

Amanda and Matt say they'd take Sheila/Adam to final 3 if they saved them.

More talk about Alli not being friendly with Sheila since the eviction where Alli was saved.
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Topic #7946992
SouthernBelladonna - Matt tells Alex about the fake lesbian stuff. NT 0 Replies #7946992 8:30PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7946999
raindrop110475 - Sheila tellign alex that ali became a snot the moment she got off block Meanwhile Nat in different room 0 Replies #7946999 8:30PM 21/02/2008
Complaining about amanda using her nailpolish and how she wants her out shes had enough
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Topic #7947032
MtDewAddict - Alex and Matt decide that someone (Alex, Matt or even Nat) have to be around Sheila and Alli when they are around each other 0 Replies #7947032 8:33PM 21/02/2008 see if they are really lesbians.

Alex thinks Sheila is saying he's hot just to "play his card"
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Topic #7947080
raindrop110475 - Sheila says people make alot of promises in game and says reason she didnt keep word to Parker was cause they lied abotu relationship Jen and ryan did 0 Replies #7947080 8:35PM 21/02/2008
so onehad to go this was right after matt told alex about lesbian lie
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Topic #7947089
MtDewAddict - "I saw it as soon as she got off the block. It p****s me off; I'm not gonna lie" says Sheila about Alli's mood change NT 0 Replies #7947089 8:36PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7947092
raindrop110475 - Sheila says she would have kept parker and jen if wasnt for parkers attitude NT 0 Replies #7947092 8:36PM 21/02/2008
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