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Topic #7940744
bcbmom - Chel and Josh in bathroom talking NT 0 Replies #7940744 9:35AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7940754
CruiseCritic - All feeds in the kitchen. Natalie in pink shirt with pink bandana on her head 0 Replies #7940754 9:37AM 21/02/2008
Nat says she heard the lady say - GM HGS if you dont get up, this competition could kill you. I heard it and sheila heard it too

Nat - Adam i did hear it
Adam - you did not
Nat - yes i did and sheila heard it too
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Topic #7940776
CruiseCritic - Nats elbows hurt. Adam asks ALex if he found his contacts and he says that 0 Replies #7940776 9:39AM 21/02/2008
he remembered they were in his suitcase (Amanda told him where they were)

Talking about food comp and how they want meats, cheeses and milk

milk is big time. Chels yells from SC, i think it is just DAIRY, that is how they group it.

Josh on big chair in WC and Chels sitting next to him. Josh is whining
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Topic #7940784
bcbmom - Nat brushing teeth. Adam in shower NT 0 Replies #7940784 9:39AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7940788
bcbmom - Matt tells James they were going to cut his mowhawk off 0 Replies #7940788 9:40AM 21/02/2008
or something like that he was that passed out.
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Topic #7940815
CruiseCritic - Ryan and Nat come in bathroom. Sheila says to Nat - did you just pass out? 0 Replies #7940815 9:42AM 21/02/2008
Nat says yes and Sheila says they didnt even get to enjoy their night.

Nat brushing teeth. Matt in WC as well now and all 4 feeds in wc.

Matt talks about muckling and Chels doesnt know what that is - Matt comes behind her and hugs her and says he will explain it later

Josh in big chair alone and asks Nat how she was last night. He says he was emotionally drained and went right to bed.

She (Nat) is still brushing teeth.

Chels said a minute ago that she may have to take a nap later
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Topic #7940818
bcbmom - HGs in kitchen laugh about BB calling Jacob by accident to DR NT 0 Replies #7940818 9:43AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7940832
CruiseCritic - Guys telling James they were going to get him good last night while he was passed out 0 Replies #7940832 9:44AM 21/02/2008
James goes up to HOH room....
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Topic #7940843
Broodmore - Chel says she is ready to get down and dirty NT 0 Replies #7940843 9:45AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7940852
bcbmom - Nat Shelia and Adam in Bedroom 0 Replies #7940852 9:46AM 21/02/2008
Nat says he stuff is disappearing. Says shes not flipping a tit about her shoe diappearing.
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Topic #7940869
CruiseCritic - Adam, Nat and Sheila in BR looking and going thru clothes - SHeila says 0 Replies #7940869 9:47AM 21/02/2008
she doesnt want to wear her jeans today. Nat says her clothes(things) are disappearing.

Adam says his shorts have disappeared. Sheila asked him if he had room in his drawers for something and he says WHY does it bother you?

Sheila - alot of things bother me adam.

Her and adam are at the foot of their bed - she is adjusting microphone and he is picking things up off floor. She is leaving the room now as he folds up some clothes (jeans) and puts them on the bed
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Topic #7940876
bcbmom - All HGs except Adam in kitchen just talking NT 0 Replies #7940876 9:47AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7940879
CruiseCritic - F3 - Adam alone in room doing some clothes organizing. quiet NT 0 Replies #7940879 9:48AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7940886
CruiseCritic - Adam just changed his shorts and it was ALL hanging out 0 Replies #7940886 9:48AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7940888
Broodmore - Chel 's teeth are spreading 0 Replies #7940888 9:48AM 21/02/2008
she lost her permeanent retainer last year and now her teeth are spreading
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Topic #7940890
Broodmore - Matt explains muckeling means making out NT 0 Replies #7940890 9:49AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7940897
Broodmore - HG's still talking about how drunk Chel and James got last night NT 0 Replies #7940897 9:50AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7940899
bcbmom - HGs talking to James about last night and how BB tried to wake him 0 Replies #7940899 9:51AM 21/02/2008
All the guys said they really did not want to carry james upstairs that is why they put him on the couch.

Chel says she came down around 4:30 to wake him up but he wouldn't
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Topic #7940912
CruiseCritic - Adam changing shirt now and put his shoes on. Nat comes back in and brought her tennis shoes in 0 Replies #7940912 9:52AM 21/02/2008
As she leaves the room Amanda meets her at the door but cannot hear conversation (short)

Adam put tshirt on and is still folding clothes and laying clothes on baseboard of the bed.

Now he takes off the tshirt he has on, folding it and is taking a dark one out of his drawer, refolds and takes another dark one out.

putting on shirt... and puts on mic
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Topic #7940929
bcbmom - Adam and Matt in BR Adam b*tching about Shelia 0 Replies #7940929 9:54AM 21/02/2008
Told matt how she reacted to him putting his shorts in her dresser
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Topic #7940933
CruiseCritic - Matt comes in and lays down on bed and Adam hits him with a shirt 0 Replies #7940933 9:54AM 21/02/2008
Matt says he is fn tired man. Adam talking about his shirts being under the bed and how it bothers Sheila and what she told him (A LOT of things bother me ADAM)

Matt laying down in bed being quiet. says he feels like he has a quarter tank of gas (or singing it?) - singing cant pay my rent and him and adam sing and FLAMES

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Topic #7940980
bcbmom - All hgs in kitchen except Ryan Adam and Matt 0 Replies #7940980 9:59AM 21/02/2008
Nat says everyone is there in kitchen except Ryan Adam and Mattie. The boys club.
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Topic #7940984
CruiseCritic - Matt laying on his bed, Adam sitting on his and Ryan is laying on the floor 0 Replies #7940984 10:00AM 21/02/2008
Adam says if he hears the word soulmate one more time he is going to FLIP.

Matt talking about doing the "reachover" every night (to natalie)?

Talk about Grandma now.

all three not saying anything

Matt says Natalie never makes the bed. Adam says Sheila is a good bed maker.

talking about laudnry and how it would be sooo much better if it wasnt so cold outside - better in summer time

Ryan says you are the only mother fer Adam that came from better weather

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Topic #7940992
CruiseCritic - Adam says if they are doing something today it shoudl be before NOON - why 0 Replies #7940992 10:01AM 21/02/2008
wake them up that early?

Ryan says that Nat heard them say they better get up and Sheila heard it too

ADam says noone else heard it - they must be delussioned (sp)
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Topic #7940993
bcbmom - Nat talks about growing up on a farm 0 Replies #7940993 10:02AM 21/02/2008
Her aunt and uncle owned a farm and her grandparents owned a farm and friday sat and sun she was feeding chickens riding horses collecting eggs.

Matt asks about bulls
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