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Topic #7941423
raindrop110475 - James said woprds dont mean anything adam already broke his 0 Replies #7941423 11:05AM 21/02/2008
James is sold on putting up matt and alex
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Topic #7941429
raindrop110475 - James cant remember what he said last night when drunk and chel says thats why u shouldnt get drunk in house NT 0 Replies #7941429 11:06AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7941442
raindrop110475 - Josh says sharon is like a gerbil she freaks out then scampers around house not knowign what to do with herself NT 0 Replies #7941442 11:08AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7941474
raindrop110475 - Josh tells james and chel about ryan having jens dirty panties he is smelling 1 Replies #7941474 11:10AM 21/02/2008
and telling them all that sheila has yeast infection. and that CDC sghould be called that Jen skanky crotch pantties with scabs are in hosue. Sheila kepps stalkign about her YI and how it is aggrevated. Chel explains yeast infection medication and how you insert medicine Josh says so she is seeping call it a cottage cheese vag*na
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luvmykitties - Josh also says aobut Sheila... #7941518 11:14AM 21/02/2008
Josh says "she had to ask for Monsitat 1, 3 or 7 - I don't know what strengh her cooch needs".

Made several more comments about yeast floating in the hottub, and other gross commments.

Then they started joking around about putting Sheila on the block because she has a yeast infection.
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Topic #7941496
raindrop110475 - James says he is not intimidated by matt he says yeah he has muscles but he cant punch him hell just yell 0 Replies #7941496 11:12AM 21/02/2008
and chel says hes not good with words and they all agree he sucked at mental game
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Topic #7941500
raindrop110475 - Josh says amanda shouldnt have talked s*it on them thats why they are going NT 0 Replies #7941500 11:13AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7941519
raindrop110475 - Chel says if we put up matty we are on block next week 0 Replies #7941519 11:14AM 21/02/2008
Josh says but your so strong anyway and saying that ali and shiela owe them one ( ed they would also owe joshand eachother so that doesnt work)
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Topic #7941701
nmbeach - FIRE! Must be food comp. NT 0 Replies #7941701 11:38AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942028
Melonie - Trivia still on the feeds. NT 0 Replies #7942028 12:26PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942238
Melonie - And the Trivia goes on..... NT 0 Replies #7942238 1:07PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942365
Taffy - feeds are back...Nat saying it was crazy...and someone saying he thought alex would be faster...Nat says "he kept running into me" NT 0 Replies #7942365 1:28PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942369
Amandafan - Feeds back, HG in Kitchen talking about comp, 0 Replies #7942369 1:28PM 21/02/2008
sounds like baskets/basketball type something--Nat says it smelled really bad. Also looks like they also had prizes.
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Topic #7942409
Taffy - feeds in the bathroom where josh is taking a shower, Alex has a towel over his shoulders and Sheila is walking around wrapped in a towel... 0 Replies #7942409 1:35PM 21/02/2008
feeds change to Chelsia and Sharon in HOH bathroom. Amanda says Matt is totally wearing the pants...Sharon says you gotta have someone to securely get them out of here. Sharon is running scenarios thru to Chelsia about how to go about the nominations... Sharon says the worse case scenario is Amanda/Alex winning POV and taking themselves off...Chelsia says she doesn't want to see Sharon/Josh leave if something goes wrong...
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Topic #7942433
MtDewAddict - Sharon whispering to Chel in HOH bathroom "Josh would kick my *** if he knew I was telling you this" NT 0 Replies #7942433 1:37PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942443
Taffy - Sharon tells Chelsia, about Sheila/Adam, "We have to carry their asses to the end...we have to" NT 0 Replies #7942443 1:38PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942444
MtDewAddict - Chelsia tells Sharon "Shelia couldn't even do that competition"... NT 0 Replies #7942444 1:38PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942486
MtDewAddict - Sharon trying to convince Chel to put her and Josh up as pawns even though Josh doesn't like the idea NT 0 Replies #7942486 1:42PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942510
MtDewAddict - Nat Ryan Matt James in kitchen making Pizza 0 Replies #7942510 1:44PM 21/02/2008
Nat says to James "We did so good in that comp didn't we?!" then high fives. "That was good team man, good strategy!"
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Topic #7942531
Taffy - Sharon is still planning the future with Chelsia...Sharon tells Chelsia "this is between you and I"... 0 Replies #7942531 1:46PM 21/02/2008
"keep it between you and I only, because if this gets out they won't trust me and it is crucial that they trust me" ...they talk about Jen, saying they think she was more pissed that she was the one leaving and Ryan was staying, because it was her idea to do BB and he just came along with her...

Sharon repeats that they have to keep this conversation just between the two of them (Chelsia/Sharon)...They repeat that they have to take Sheila and Adam to finals because, says Chelsia... "She (Sheila) can't do sh*t"...they go downstairs...

Sharon and Nat high five as Nat says "go team, we did good, did we?"
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Topic #7942540
MtDewAddict - Nat and Sharon heating water on the stove to bathe (b/c of no hot water) 1 Replies #7942540 1:47PM 21/02/2008
The women are taking showers...seems the competition WAS a messy one (Ryan asking the others if they got wet at all...seems the guys didn't.)

Nat mentioned the smell of the competition was "nasty"
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Taffy - Sharon asks if that will be okay and nat says that BB never said they couldn't boil water and that Sheila has already done it... NT #7942557 1:49PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942561
MtDewAddict - Sharon and Nat with a pan of hot water in the HOH shower trying to rinse off. The water is too hot (b/c it just finished BOILING on the stove!) NT 0 Replies #7942561 1:49PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942586
EvelDickthebest - Alex is on slop NT 0 Replies #7942586 1:51PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942594
EvelDickthebest - Amanda is also on slop NT 0 Replies #7942594 1:51PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942599
EvelDickthebest - Adam and Sheila also on slop NT 0 Replies #7942599 1:52PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942610
MtDewAddict - Alex asked DR and said you can cook tea bags but no instant tea mix while on slop NT 0 Replies #7942610 1:53PM 21/02/2008
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