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Topic #7944206
bcbmom - Amanda tells josh and sharon that shelia said if she (shelia) and 0 Replies #7944206 4:35PM 21/02/2008
Adam go on block she is going to be going off on him (Adam)
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Topic #7944208
SouthernBelladonna - James/Che are cuddling on the HOH bed and talkaing about nominations. 0 Replies #7944208 4:36PM 21/02/2008
James kissed her on her neck a moments ago...

James says he's gonna mess with Matt/Nat when he noms then...He asks Che is she wants to take A/A (ed. I think he means the nom speech)

They're watching the spy screen...James up and standing at the door for a minutes, then back on the bed...laughing about Adam saying eh was going to start a foundation or something.

James laughing at something on the spy screen...something about Shron. Che laughing too.
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Topic #7944240
SouthernBelladonna - James/Che are cuddling again. 0 Replies #7944240 4:38PM 21/02/2008
Now they're apart and they're talking...James says they can't be everyone's friend...he asks her "are you getting emotional Ms Evil"

He asks if they're playing the game wrong, she says no.

James: We're not too strong. We're not too weak. We're not smart, but we're not dumb.
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Topic #7944250
Broodmore - James thinks Allie might be lying about being an athlete NT 0 Replies #7944250 4:39PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7944323
Roxystar - Flames NT 0 Replies #7944323 4:47PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7944415
Broodmore - Trivia replaces flames NT 0 Replies #7944415 5:04PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7945015
bcbmom - Unless my feeds are froze we still on trivia NT 0 Replies #7945015 6:14PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7945220
KennyN - Same old trivia... much more than an hour now. NT 0 Replies #7945220 6:31PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7945260
WieKacie - Feeds back. NT 0 Replies #7945260 6:35PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7945273
KrusstyKrabb - Natalie and Sharon talking in sauna room. Natalie and Matt are up for eviction NT 0 Replies #7945273 6:36PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7945280
bcbmom - F1 Amanda and Matt sitting on sofa talking about nominations ceremony 0 Replies #7945280 6:36PM 21/02/2008
Amanda told matt that alex said they assuming J/C said it was all about her for them going up.

They are talking about when POV is going to be. guys win i totally going home i don't think so
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Topic #7945286
KrusstyKrabb - Natalie saying Matt won't talk to her and that she's going to let him cool off and try again later NT 0 Replies #7945286 6:37PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7945307
bcbmom - F3 Nat and Sharon talking 0 Replies #7945307 6:38PM 21/02/2008
Sharon says atmosphere of house is calm compared to last weeks
Natalie agrees
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Topic #7945308
KrusstyKrabb - Natalie telling Sharon that Alex and Amanda cannot win the veto for her and Matt to be safe NT 0 Replies #7945308 6:39PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7945359
bcbmom - Adam just told Matt he has his back...Matt says 0 Replies #7945359 6:43PM 21/02/2008
you told Parker the same thing. Adam says I mean and they shook hands.
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Topic #7945463
KrusstyKrabb - Natalie telling Matt he needs to spend more time with her this week...he says "I'll try" NT 0 Replies #7945463 6:49PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7945910
Broodmore - Josh asked Amanda and Alex to not act like Parker 0 Replies #7945910 7:18PM 21/02/2008
Said Parker just filled the house with negative energy
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Topic #7945962
bcbmom - Joshua Amanda and Alex in Bathroon 0 Replies #7945962 7:21PM 21/02/2008
Joshua telling Amanda and Alex that he isn't sorry for voting out Parker/Jen because he never gave them his word the only person he makes promises to is sharon because that is who he is playing with plus since they (P/J) have left the mood of the house has changed.

Shelia comes in.

She tells them (A/A & Josh) that she is going to apologize to adam and try not to be so negative.

Shelia tells them she is cleaning her panties because it is that time of the month for her. Amanda tells her peroxide gets that blood out of panties instantly. Shelia leaves to go get peroxide.

Joshua has left and Matt has come in

Shelia is back.

Matt tells her the same as amanda about peroxide on blood.
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Topic #7946021
bcbmom - Amanda goes to make a protein shake. Alex asked DR if that was allowed for 0 Replies #7946021 7:25PM 21/02/2008
those on slop and apparently is it.
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Topic #7946071
bcbmom - Adam and James outside smoking 0 Replies #7946071 7:27PM 21/02/2008
James tells Adam that Shelia has a yeast infection. Adam had no idea. James said yell and she is cleaning her panties out in the sink. Adam is like eewww.
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Topic #7946104
Taffy - Adam and james talking about Sheila's yeast infection Adam tells James 0 Replies #7946104 7:29PM 21/02/2008
(caution, grossness ahead) that when he was younger his mom had to take him to the Dr. for what they thought was a sore throat...the Dr. asked Adam if he had a girlfriend...Adam tells James that he had been "munching" on that and was yeasty...(ewwwwwwwwwww ed)
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Topic #7946113
bcbmom - Adam says he hopes POV is mental 0 Replies #7946113 7:29PM 21/02/2008
He doesn't think they (i am assuming A/A and N/M) don't have a chance. Adam says he hopes he gets picked for POV and it is mental.
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Topic #7946129
Broodmore - Amanda says slop could be worse 0 Replies #7946129 7:30PM 21/02/2008
THey could be having to dig food out of the trash. Sheila says don't give them any ideas.
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Topic #7946182
bcbmom - Everyone in kitchen except Ryan outside smoking NT 0 Replies #7946182 7:33PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7946299
Broodmore - Adam just drank out of a bottle 0 Replies #7946299 7:40PM 21/02/2008
Apparantly bb considers bottles cups. Amanda warns him not to but he does anyways.
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