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Topic #7939364
scandalous - Mattie up, went to the bathroom; didn't wash hands, & back to bed NT 0 Replies #7939364 2:28AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7939480
Mark99 - Chelsia up and goes down to find James. She tried to wake him up, but he was barely responsive. She gave up and went back to b ed NT 0 Replies #7939480 4:47AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7939490
ryan007 - James restless, rubs eyes, puts head back down. NT 0 Replies #7939490 4:54AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7939505
ryan007 - James gets up and goes upstairs to Chelsia. 0 Replies #7939505 5:04AM 21/02/2008
He remembers someone waking him up, but didn't know it was her.

She is all wound up and cant get back to sleep.
James seems to be asleep already haha
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Topic #7939507
Mark99 - James finally up and goes upstairs to the HOH bed. Chelsia is listening to music and they talk about him sleeping downstairs all night NT 0 Replies #7939507 5:05AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7939509
CruiseCritic - James back in HOH room - He told Chels he drempt someone tried to wake him up 0 Replies #7939509 5:05AM 21/02/2008
She told him it was her.

said he must have passed out after massage

He said he was happy it is only 5am

she says she is very wound up
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Topic #7939515
CruiseCritic - James back out of bed and is laying with head back in HOH chair with a bottle 1 Replies #7939515 5:08AM 21/02/2008
of something. Chels is talking to him -
james - I know what i did, I passed out

talk that Natalie giving him massage and he passed out.

Looks like he is drinking bottle of soda

Chels says she likes tomato juice? James tells her she is disgusting and goes into HOH bathroom. Chels sits up and was drinking a bottle as well and now she lays back down.

No other movement in house
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RealitySwan - She said she threw up (the bloody marys from last night)... she said it was rancid tomato juice NT #7939521 5:17AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7939516
CruiseCritic - James comes out of bathroom and climbs back into bed - puts arm around Chels 0 Replies #7939516 5:10AM 21/02/2008
then he rolls over.

Chels says she loves music. james you love what? Music she says

Chels says "lets just stay up" Looks like she is trying to watch the cam even tho noone is up.

Chels says "it looks so fn big in here"

James is facing the other way all covered up
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Topic #7939525
CruiseCritic - Chels with headphones on and looks like James went back to sleep - all quiet now NT 0 Replies #7939525 5:19AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7939529
CruiseCritic - James rolls over and says "You understand we have to make nominations today?" Couldnt tell 0 Replies #7939529 5:21AM 21/02/2008
what Chels said in return
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Topic #7939532
CruiseCritic - Chels getting up and james asked her what she was doing. She says that the CD was over. 0 Replies #7939532 5:22AM 21/02/2008
SHe is sitting up and says something about getting up
(ed- she had plenty of sleep)
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Topic #7939533
CruiseCritic - Chels is up but camera doesnt follow her - can hear some noise NT 0 Replies #7939533 5:23AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7939534
CruiseCritic - Chels brings what looks like a bag of chips to bed and has headphones in her hand 0 Replies #7939534 5:25AM 21/02/2008
James rolls over and Chels is opening bag of snacks and start eating and say
DO you want some popcorn???

James said - did you just hear that?

she said yes did you do that

james makes a hummmmph sound and says "those mother fers"
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Topic #7939535
CruiseCritic - James - WHy are you awake? Chels - I cant sleep James - did you fart? 0 Replies #7939535 5:26AM 21/02/2008
Chels - no

James - our bed smells like fart

Chels snacking on popcorn, sitting up

James - you threw up- really???
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Topic #7939537
CruiseCritic - Chels still snacking sitting up, saying she cannot sleep NT 0 Replies #7939537 5:26AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7939539
CruiseCritic - James tells Chels to go downstairs? Chels - am i bothering you? 0 Replies #7939539 5:27AM 21/02/2008
Chels says she is up for the day and James tells her to go take a shower

Chels says something about taking a shower now and it will be COLD
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Topic #7939541
CruiseCritic - Still eating popcorn and FLAMES NT 0 Replies #7939541 5:28AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7939544
CruiseCritic - Back from FLAMES and Chels saying "we were both asleep, we were both passed out" 0 Replies #7939544 5:31AM 21/02/2008
laughing and she gets out of bed

james - can you turn the speakers offffff??

Chels back in bed with a drink and says I know that is annoying

James - I promise to hook up with chelsia if you turn the speakers off

Chels yells ewwwww

James says WHAT as he cuddles against her back
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Topic #7939546
CruiseCritic - James tells Chels he doesnt like the music when he has a headache 0 Replies #7939546 5:32AM 21/02/2008
Chels - you have a headache

James - yes

Chels is cracking up and now puts headphones back on

Chels - eww it does smell, it smells like skunk - did you fart?

james says no
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Topic #7939549
CruiseCritic - James back over on his side of the bed all covered up and Chels on her back 0 Replies #7939549 5:33AM 21/02/2008
listening to music
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Topic #7939550
CruiseCritic - Alli and Ryan both just kind of rolled over - Alli is facing his back NT 0 Replies #7939550 5:33AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7939553
CruiseCritic - James is fidgeting under the covers (feet) and not much else except chels with headphones on (I am out for now) NT 0 Replies #7939553 5:37AM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7939558
CruiseCritic - James telling Chels she had a cigarette last night and she says that she did and her 0 Replies #7939558 5:40AM 21/02/2008
parents are going to be mad

Talk about how they shouldnt be getting wasted too much

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Topic #7939561
CruiseCritic - After FLAMES - feeds leave HOH room. Ryan is now moving around a bit and 0 Replies #7939561 5:43AM 21/02/2008
is half on his back/side with arm near Alli. She moves around too and then he looks at her and gets on his side...she sits up and faces the other way - they are now back to back

all feeds on sleeping HGS and no more HOH room

(I gotta run for real for a little while if someone can take over please)
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Topic #7939682
scandalous - 'Round the feeds: cutie guinea pigs munching on cam 4; James/Chels asleep in HOH on 3, Adam a lil' restless w/ Alli on 2, Mat & Nat on 1 NT 1 Replies #7939682 6:28AM 21/02/2008
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punkalicious - Ryan, not Adam, is with Allison...and they are laying practically face to face (very close) NT #7939703 6:33AM 21/02/2008
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