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Topic #8270916
MyBestBud - Sheila and Nat talking about going on the Early Show after eviction. NT 0 Replies #8270916 7:48PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8270928
Shannon72 - Nat telling Sheila how Matt tried to kiss her again last night and how Matt has 0 Replies #8270928 7:49PM 15/03/2008
started being really nice to her again. (ed. poor poor delusional Nat)

Sheila and Nat talking about how James would not put Matt on the block because that would go against his speech about not going back on their word. (ed. poor poor delusional Nat)
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Topic #8270989
Shannon72 - Sheila and Nat talking about the rating and Sheila said they are going to be either good or bad (ed: good call!) NT 0 Replies #8270989 7:53PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8271132
DanaRose - Feeds FINALLY change from Nat painting self portrait to Matt in KT and Hot tub scene...but now back on Nat, ?????? NT 0 Replies #8271132 8:03PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8271318
Shannon72 - Matt and James playing chess 0 Replies #8271318 8:16PM 15/03/2008
M - You putting me up?
J - No
M - Really
J - Nope
M - I just want to know so I can sleep tonight

Ryan comes in and asks Matt what is wrong with him tonight. Matt said he didn't know -- just life in the BB house.
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Topic #8271406
Scarlettflame - Nat shows James/M/R her self portrait NT 0 Replies #8271406 8:22PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8271561
Misska21 - All 4 feeds on Matt and James playing chess while Nat and Ryan watch. NT 0 Replies #8271561 8:34PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8271875
Scarlettflame - Game finally over, Matt won, Ryan in kt, he's worried he's going up NT 1 Replies #8271875 8:55PM 15/03/2008
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DanaRose - It was a stalemate, Matt did not win NT #8272660 9:38PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8271909
Scarlettflame - Adam and Matt in BY as M still frets about going on block NT 0 Replies #8271909 8:57PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8272065
LilKsweezy - all four feeds on matt, ryan and adam at kit table eating quietly NT 0 Replies #8272065 9:05PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8272201
LilKsweezy - matt asked ryan if he'd do allstars and he said no. ryan believes dick n dani would be in it NT 0 Replies #8272201 9:12PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8272275
JanJan - Not much excitement in the house tonight. Josh & Sharon lieing in couch bed talking w/Sheila. 0 Replies #8272275 9:16PM 15/03/2008
James & Chelsea in another bed in same room being playful.
Nat & Matt in Spa room. Matt wants Nat to speak to James to reitterate James' promise not to put Matt up this week (Matt thinks he is going up at POV ceremony).
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Topic #8272319
JanJan - Matt, Ryan & Chelsea now in kitchen. Boys say today was boring, Chelsea says it was a splendid day. 0 Replies #8272319 9:19PM 15/03/2008
Talking about (wishing for) a luxury comp for a movie night.
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Topic #8272469
JanJan - Nat in sauna, Josh joins her. Nat says Matt is parnoid about James putting him on the block. 0 Replies #8272469 9:27PM 15/03/2008
Josh plays along, letting Nat talk about how she believes James would not break his word. Nat says Sheila thinks she's going home. Nat says Sheila is livid because the girls should stick together. Nat doing a dead on Sheila impersonation..."ya know what" LOL
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Topic #8272558
kandio - Josh/Nat Nat saying Sheila said Ryan will come off Adam will come 0 Replies #8272558 9:31PM 15/03/2008
Nat saying she thinks it will stay the same. Because James promised he would not put her & Matt up.
Talking about how to vote.
Nat impersonating Sheila [good]
Nat saying James gave his word. Nat saying she could have lasted longer [hoh comp] if he did not save Mattie.
Talking about Matt being impressed w/her
she said its the whole stripper pole thing.
whispering low about Sheila i think
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Topic #8272568
JanJan - Nat telling Josh how she has a new respect for James (since HOH comp & his agreement) and she feels completely safe this week. 0 Replies #8272568 9:32PM 15/03/2008
They step out of sauna because they are too hot. Nat going back in Sauna for a while. Josh leaves Spa room.
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Topic #8272624
LilKsweezy - james/josh/chel/sharon trashing amanda saying she's "really a man, DUH" NT 0 Replies #8272624 9:36PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8272643
JanJan - Josh back on couch bed w/Sharon. Chelsea/James in other bed. 0 Replies #8272643 9:37PM 15/03/2008
The four of them talking/joking around about figuring out a twist. Joking that Amanda was really a man. Sharon says "A MAN, DUH!!" (AMANDA)
They are convinced that is why she had no pics in HOH, because all her photos would be her as a man. Now discussing HGs hating them when they get out and see what has been said. Josh say he will need an intense security team.
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Topic #8272690
JanJan - J/S & J/C theorizing about what's really up with various HGs. Joking/Trashing them. NT 0 Replies #8272690 9:40PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8272747
JanJan - James to DR. Matt comes in bedroom after running sprints in backyard. 0 Replies #8272747 9:44PM 15/03/2008
Matt is winded. Talking to Josh & Sharon. He's worried about being going on the block...J/S play dumb.
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Topic #8272860
JanJan - Chelsea, Matt, Josh to the picture wall to look @ Amanda's pic. 0 Replies #8272860 9:50PM 15/03/2008
Continue saying she was a man. Sharon stays in bed.
Adam lieing down reading bible. In backyard...BB closing the awning...for a minute HG think they are going on indoor lockdown (but no). Nat comes out of sauna to picture wall and they fill her in on the A-man-duh theory. Sharon comes out too. James still in DR.
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Topic #8272882
DanaRose - omg! matt josh chels sharon all bugging out saying amanda is a man! (more) 0 Replies #8272882 9:51PM 15/03/2008
They go to her picture, cover up her hair and picture her w/ facial hair and they're really saying 'thats a man! calling her A MAN DUHH
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Topic #8272975
JanJan - Nat says they are all sick and twisted (re: Amanda theory) Says Gnat is a bug...does that make me a bug? 0 Replies #8272975 9:55PM 15/03/2008
Says if Amanda's a guy then Alex is a girl, "Alexis". Nat says they are cuckoo and have been locked up too long. (ed: LOL, whudathunk Nat would be the voice of reason?)
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Topic #8272978
DanaRose - LOL Nat asking if something is wrong with all their brains, and what drugs did they 0 Replies #8272978 9:55PM 15/03/2008
take while she was in the sauna and they're all cuckoo!! lol nat said theyre all delusional!! (so funny)
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Topic #8273052
LilKsweezy - james out of the DR now and chel/josh explaining the "a man duh" theory NT 0 Replies #8273052 10:01PM 15/03/2008
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