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Topic #8264747
SouthernBelladonna - Ryan and Josh are going to play pool. 0 Replies #8264747 11:35AM 15/03/2008
Ryan says "I've never played pool with you before."

Now they're chatting/laughing about Josh's dancing.
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Topic #8264758
echo - ryan and josh and now playing pool together for the 1st time this season 2 Replies #8264758 11:36AM 15/03/2008
chels changed into black bathing suit now outside with sharon and sheila in the sun
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SkyDreams - Josh whispered something real quick to Ryan just as they were about to start the game, but I didn't catch what he said. NT #8264802 11:41AM 15/03/2008
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WVpdles - Josh asked Ryan if he thought Ryan's convo with James last night was productive NT #8264872 11:51AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8264780
echo - sheila telling sharon adam is also a liar to james and now adam is gettin cocky and adam should also have to suffer like she is NT 2 Replies #8264780 11:38AM 15/03/2008
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realitydoll - More convo between S/S/C/N in Poolyard #8264864 11:50AM 15/03/2008
Sheila, Sharon, Chelsea & Nat sunning convo:
Sheila ragging on Adam. Saying he is way too cocky. He tells people what they want to hear, then lies to their face.
He is walking around like he owns this place. She is saying that he doesn't have her back.
She says that if James true intention was to get Ryan out, putting her up wasn't a good move (paraphrasing)
She is saying the 4 of them are all sticking together (the boys)
Sharon: How do you know they will
Sheila: I just Know. I could tell the way they were all talking together last night sticking up for each other
Missed some

Sheila: I'm not the only one that lied in this game. I'm the only one that woman-upped. (same crap she has been spewing for the past 24/7)
I bet if he put up his azz (james put adam) he would have a whole different attitude, would wipe that cocky attitude right off his face (paraphrasing)
(Isn't this funny how Sheila is talking putting Adam up on the block, when James was just saying he may do this. Not sure if I missed Chelsea mentioning this to her when I switched feeds. It sure sounds like she did. Too coincidentle. It was all supposed to be kept confindential between J/C/J.
This is the gist of the convo. My rewind won't work...have to reboot RP
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echo - sheilas gonna ask james to take her down and put up adam...ryan would get voted out and adam would know he has to stop lying NT #8264791 11:39AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8264824
PartyN - Chelsia changing into the black bikini and gives us a nip slip on cam #3 NT 0 Replies #8264824 11:43AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8264886
realitydoll - James asks Ryan who is watching them practice, to play a game of pool NT 0 Replies #8264886 11:53AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8264890
realitydoll - James tells Ryan he is taking him off the block! NT 0 Replies #8264890 11:54AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8264896
echo - james tellin ryan hes taking him off the block and asks ryan to look out for him later 0 Replies #8264896 11:54AM 15/03/2008
james says dont tell anybody ...rayn says he appreciates it
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Topic #8264931
echo - james tells ryan adam is goin up in his place NT 0 Replies #8264931 11:57AM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8264957
realitydoll - Ryan asked what is the catch, James says nothing...Just watch my back. Ryan: WoW dude, you just made my day. Ryan is completely relieved, flabberghast 0 Replies #8264957 11:59AM 15/03/2008
ed and elated all in one. He is in Shock...back to playing pool...very happy man. Keeps saying Wow. I feel like I can once again enjoy life. I feel indebted.
James: it's not going to be an easy week, someone else is going up.
He then tells ryan about Adam breaking his trust and not backing him last week when he said he would.
Ryan: mumble, mumble...did he say This guy can't speak.
He says. You tell me where...
James: You just cover my back. Save it for later.
Ryan is just agreeing and mumbling..
James: and also last week, Adam said he can't vote without sheila...Now he can campaign without her.
Ryan: That is weird, Ummm, he was telling her last week...He said he wanted to put her up and vote her out...He can't stand the woman. (makes no sense, cuz he is mumbling.)
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Topic #8264967
realitydoll - James: Just so you know, that is what I'm doing dude. Ryan: My lips are sealed NT 0 Replies #8264967 12:00PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8264981
realitydoll - Ryan asks if the house will be shocked, and James says, nope, everyone is pretty much in line (with Adam going up) accept Nat/Matt (& sharon) NT 0 Replies #8264981 12:01PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8264991
realitydoll - Poolgame over. James says he is going to get some sun. (ed. note- the game was just to tell Ryan the new plan, it looked like) NT 0 Replies #8264991 12:02PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8265005
realitydoll - James going over to where Chelsea is laying. feed switched to Ryan laying on lounger NT 0 Replies #8265005 12:03PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8265024
realitydoll - Hgs all laying in BY. Sheila, Sharon, Nat on Loungers. J/C on ground next to them. Ryan on lounger. Josh just went inside NT 0 Replies #8265024 12:05PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8265036
realitydoll - James tells C to take off her top (so she won't have string lines). C says that she doesn't have boobs like Shelia. Shelia says, oh come on! Chelsea, 0 Replies #8265036 12:07PM 15/03/2008
You've got great boobs. Don't you do anything with them. They are fine.
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Topic #8265076
realitydoll - Shelia is lying down on lounger with her top down, on her belly. She is thinking about making some coffee. James says, are they going to keep us 0 Replies #8265076 12:13PM 15/03/2008
locked down out here all day? Thinks they are working in the house on something.

Chelsea: Nat want to make bets on our periods?
Nat: Yeah, what time?
Chelsea says 8 tonight
Nat: I'm going with 8 tomorrow morning
Sharon says Midnight for them
Sheila: I already had mine...
Chelsea: For Us...
Sheila: I'm spotting so C - tonight. N you're going to start late tomorrow afternoon.
Nat says morning time for me.
Chelsea says when she was on the pill, she got it 9 tues AM's.
(interesting hugh?) I'm posting...they are just chatting about their period stuff..)
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Topic #8265093
SouthernBelladonna - Josh and Ryan hug in the kitchen about James planning on saving Ryan at the POV ceremony. NT 0 Replies #8265093 12:15PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8265131
realitydoll - Josh in Kitchen with Ryan...they just chatted real quick, I missed what was said, I think they are updating info. They move to safer spot so noone 0 Replies #8265131 12:20PM 15/03/2008
can see them talk.
Josh says James has a good point, good strategy. He says that he knows if he pulls you off, he knows that you won't screw him over twice.
MIssed some.
He picked up your vote...
Ryan is doing pretty much what he wants.

Joshua says he is going to put up Adam and Shelia is going to tear him up
and then shelia will need Ryan's vote. They are laughing...
ED NTE: Hope someone caught some of this. I lost some while rewinding.
Matt Enters
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Topic #8265139
echo - bb voice: hg's did you know there are 116 camera windows in the bb house NT 0 Replies #8265139 12:21PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8265159
realitydoll - Josh goes out to exercise on stepper machine. Ryan goes for a swim. He is swimming around like a fish that got away from the shark. :) NT 0 Replies #8265159 12:23PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8265231
realitydoll - Matt shows up in Poolyard. Then Baller. All out in Poolyard, sunning and general banter..practicing w/mallet NT 0 Replies #8265231 12:33PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8265299
kandio - Sheila asks C: how do you get hair dye? Nat said you have to cry like Amanda NT 0 Replies #8265299 12:41PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8265303
realitydoll - Flames!!! Just b/4 flames, Shelia asked Chelsea how she got her hair dye. She thinks her mom put it in her basket but tells her she can't get it from 0 Replies #8265303 12:42PM 15/03/2008
DR. Then Nat chimes in that all you have to do is whine and say you are having a bad day like Amanda did. Flames!!
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Topic #8265311
realitydoll - Girls are all talking about how Amanda got her hair dye from whining. She didn't even need it. She did it twice. Just general girl hair dye chat NT 0 Replies #8265311 12:43PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8265370
realitydoll - In Kitchen: James says to C/ what did you have to tell me about shelia? 0 Replies #8265370 12:48PM 15/03/2008
They start to suck about him cooking burgers. She says you are trying to fattening me up, to tear me down.

Chelsea says: sheila is going to come up to you later to take her off the block, put up Adam to freak out baller and nat..mattalie...since they all talk game in their room. Mattie is the one that didn't vote him back, that baller did..shelia thinks this will break up the guys/nat better if he really wants Ryan out and that she will talk to him later.

Flames! Matt talking in pool yard
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