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Topic #8267861
cambik - Chelsia saying she has to pee and Josh was still in there so she goes up to HOH. 0 Replies #8267861 4:53PM 15/03/2008
Josh then comes out and does wash his hands.

Matt Asks if he is next to get his eyebrows plucked.
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Topic #8267886
SouthernBelladonna - James just said: "I'm gonna get rid of Matt." 0 Replies #8267886 4:55PM 15/03/2008
He says "but it's gonna take so much balls and is gonna shake up the house"
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Topic #8267916
cambik - Chelsia and James talking in HOH bathroom...... 0 Replies #8267916 4:56PM 15/03/2008
James now telling Chelsia that he wants to get rid of Matt
Chelsia trying to fill James in on the conversation from the pink room while she was laying down in her bed of what she heard while James was going to the bathroom.
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Topic #8267944
SouthernBelladonna - Che is reporting to James what the others were saying about the two of them. 0 Replies #8267944 4:59PM 15/03/2008
She tells him the others think they're too smart for their age.

Previously she had been stressing about Adam...then James mentioned getting Matt out...they seem to be trying to decide what to do with the veto.

Now James is suggesting taking Sheila off and putting Matt up!

He says it will take everyone off guard.

They don't think Ryan will stick to his word. James thinks Shelia will be more grateful and Matt will be gone.

Che is worrying about it. James says he needs to talk to Shar...wants to know for sure how she will react.

James says he needs to know if Shar is entwined with the others...Che says she thinks she's a true person.
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Topic #8267992
SouthernBelladonna - Che tells James he needs to think every senario through to make sure he's watching his a**. 0 Replies #8267992 5:02PM 15/03/2008
Che says Shelia could flip...both say that Ryan will flip...they are sure of that....whatever he says he will turn on them.

Now talking about even if Ryan voted for Matt to stay, it would be 3-3.

Che says to talk to Shar, but don't "let her in"

Now wondering about putting Nat up...Che says she's a strong competitor...

Che says they would turn on Nat.

Thinking that taking out Matt would make Nat go nuts.

James says "yeah, take out Matt this week...just make sure Josh has Shar in check."

(ed. gotta stop for a sec...someone take over...)
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Topic #8268116
Shannon72 - Chel lures Sharon out of SR and tells her to go up to HOH because James wanted to talk 0 Replies #8268116 5:11PM 15/03/2008
to her. James is asking Sharon what the house is like. James tells Sharon this week is going to get really rocky because he's about to shake up the house. Sharon asks what he's going to do and he said it's going to be really intense. James tells Sharon he is taking Sheila down and putting up Matt. He wants to know what Sharon thinks. Sharon doesn't react either way and she said she doesn't care who goes. Sharon said that Nat is weak without Matt. Sharon told James that Sheila is really pissed off at Nat so Sharon, Sheila, Josh, James and Chel would be together and that would give them the numbers. James said that this would be the week to get Matt out of the house.

Sharon is basically agreeing that it is a good idea to get out Matt to make Nat and Ryan weaker.
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Topic #8268118
SouthernBelladonna - James and Shar talk 0 Replies #8268118 5:11PM 15/03/2008
Shar pushing to keep Sheila...says Shelia doesn't want HOH

(ed. I am unable to cap all this...RL intervenes...someone please get it)
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Topic #8268158
SouthernBelladonna - Shar says she will put up Adam and Nat if she gets HOH. James says he thinks he will do it (BD Matt). NT 0 Replies #8268158 5:14PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8268190
Shannon72 - Sharon and James in HOH 0 Replies #8268190 5:16PM 15/03/2008
Sharon told James that she and Ryan do not have a beef with each other. She seems very OK with putting Matt on the block. Now J/S discussing what will happen after Matt is gone.

(Sharon talking really fast and can't get it all -- sorry)

Sharon told James that Matt was one of the votes not to bring James back into the house because he was scared. Sharon telling J that Adam voted for James to come back because Adam does whatever anyone else wants.
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Topic #8268327
Shannon72 - James told Sharon that he has a big decision to make about who he is going to pick off. 0 Replies #8268327 5:21PM 15/03/2008
Sharon said she honestly wants to see Matt leave because Sharon said Matt thinks he has all the cards in his hand and thinks he is playing everyone. Sharon told J that Matt is the glue that keeps his group together. She would "love" to see Matt go. Sharon told James that Nat said her ass is done if Matt leaves. S told J that Matt is an a**hole because he said that if Nat doesn't win HOH (basically her being useless to him) that he will sleep in the cursed bed. Shar thinks that Matt is a jerk off for saying that.
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Topic #8268386
SouthernBelladonna - James: I got a 2nd chance to do what I didn't do last week. 0 Replies #8268386 5:23PM 15/03/2008
Sharon: I think it's the smartest move you can make in this game (BDing Matt)

James: Then let's do it. Let's shake this house up!
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Topic #8268389
Shannon72 - James said that he is going to do what he couldn't do last week and that is get rid of Matt. Sharon said 0 Replies #8268389 5:23PM 15/03/2008
that would be the smartest move James could make. James said, "Let's do it. Let's shake this house up". James told Sharon that he is going to tell Adam what is going on.
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Topic #8268475
Shannon72 - Around the Feeds -- James out of HOH and walking around, Sheila and Chels in SR talking 0 Replies #8268475 5:27PM 15/03/2008
about random things. Josh is in the kitchen making speg and meatballs.
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Topic #8268495
Shannon72 - James just told Adam he wants to talk to him and now they are headed to HOH 0 Replies #8268495 5:28PM 15/03/2008
Sharon in BY telling Josh what James plan is (putting up Matt and taking Sheila off the block)
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Topic #8268540
SouthernBelladonna - James tells Adam that the others are throwing him under the bus about the vote back in. 0 Replies #8268540 5:32PM 15/03/2008
Adam is VERY adamant that he voted James back in. James says OK.

James says something unexpected is going to happen tomorrow...

James saying he really wanted to feel Adam out and see where he stands...Adam saying OK..."you know where I'm at, bro."
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Topic #8268547
SouthernBelladonna - James told Adam he was not going up. NT 0 Replies #8268547 5:32PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8268563
SouthernBelladonna - Sharon is telling Josh about the possibility of taking Matt out in the SR. 0 Replies #8268563 5:33PM 15/03/2008
Josh thinks it's a good think to take Shelia off and put Ryan vs. Matt.
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Topic #8268586
Shannon72 - Adam told James that he voted him back into the house. And James just keeps saying "OK". 0 Replies #8268586 5:34PM 15/03/2008
James asks Adam if he (Adam) has him in this game. Adam said whatever you want to do Bro, it's up to you. Adam said from the get-go it was him and James. James telling Adam it sucked that Adam voted him out. James told Adam that Nat is going to be f'ing crazy. Adam said he is scared. James wants to know where Adam stands and Adam is rambling saying that he is not against James. James told Adam not to freak out in case he hears something. (Before, James told Ryan that he was taking Ryan off the block and putting up Adam). James is telling Adam not to listen to that if someone says something because it's not true. James said the whole voting thing is pissing him off because no one is owning up to their votes. James told Adam that Ryan thinks he's top s**t right now because Ryan thinks that James is taking him off the block. (ed -- little does Ryan know he'll be on the block against his boy, Matt). Adam agrees that James plan is a good move. Adam said that one of the two have to go and he doesn't care either way.
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Topic #8268684
Shannon72 - Adam told James that he is on James side and that he feels really bad for voting James out, 0 Replies #8268684 5:38PM 15/03/2008
James just wanted to make it clear to Adam not to listen to whatever is going to be said to him. James told Adam that he has to break the news to Nat but "f it, I have to do what I have to do".

James and Adam outside now for a smoke. Adam told James that he has been straight with James from the get-go and hasn't lied to him at all. Adam told James that Sheila is the f'ing worst (when it comes to lying). Adam said he likes everyone in the house. James asked Adam not to say anything because he wants it to be a surprise. Adam said he wouldn't say anything.

James told Adam that Matt/Nat made James feel like they couldn't trust Adam. Adam said, "f that".
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Topic #8268815
Shannon72 - James and Adam back inside. Adam in bathroom and Josh, Nat and Sharon in kitchen making dinner. 0 Replies #8268815 5:43PM 15/03/2008
(rest of the feeds have nothing going on yet)
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Topic #8268893
Shannon72 - Sheila and Chel in SR. Sheila talking to Chels about how important it is for women 0 Replies #8268893 5:45PM 15/03/2008
to educate themselves and how Sheila regrets not staying in school. Chels asked when Sheila dropped out and she said, "8th grade". Sheila said that she is self taught and when she was in her teens she couldn't read or write pretty much.

All 4 feeds switch to kitchen crew.
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Topic #8269030
Shannon72 - Nat, Sharon and Josh all doing their dinner duties in the kitchen. This is on all 4 feeds... again. NT 0 Replies #8269030 5:50PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8269225
Shannon72 - Feeds back to Sheila and Chel in SR. Sheila talking about her myspace account and how 0 Replies #8269225 5:57PM 15/03/2008
she uses it for work. She said that her son is one of her favorites and how she didn't think about putting her pictures up on her account for all of his son's myspace friends to see. Sheila saying that her son was fine with it and how his friends don't judge her.

Feeds switch off S/C and now onto Ryan/James playing chess. Other 2 feeds on kitchen.
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Topic #8269517
Shannon72 - Back to Sheila and Chels in SR. Sheila talking about how it was hard that her son 0 Replies #8269517 6:13PM 15/03/2008
didn't want her to be around on his 16th birthday because his friends and gf were around. Sheila saying that every year it gets harder and how he's becoming a man. Sheila saying that her son wants to go to school to do art and that he's really into fashion -- he might design t-shirts or something. Sheila talking about how her son uses her as a model because he's also into photography. Sheila said that her son smokes and that she hates it and hopes he quits. S said she tried to get her son into a treatment center to stop because it's a disgusting habit. Sheila said someone (her neighbor) called child protective services on her because someone saw her son smoking (because he was son young). Chels said her whole family smokes too and hates it also.

Sharon just told them that dinner is ready so they leave SR.
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Topic #8269560
Shannon72 - Sharon and Nat going through fridge to figure out what is smelling bad. NT 0 Replies #8269560 6:17PM 15/03/2008
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