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Topic #8274456
ariel1981 - nat quit stripping because she was tired of married men hitting on her 0 Replies #8274456 11:49PM 15/03/2008
talking about people choosing to wear their wedding rings or not
chels says her mom lost her wedding ring
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Topic #8274458
JanJan - The HGs are in good spirits. Convo all over the place...talking about wedding rings (paying 3 months salary for diamond), 0 Replies #8274458 11:49PM 15/03/2008
Adam plans to take off his ring "when he needs to". Nat says that he shouldn't get married then. Adam now telling story of brother in law got busted for not wearing his ring in Cancun cause wife noticed no tan line. Chel's dad can't wear his wedding ring due to nature of his job. Nat and boys saying how Hide and seek was Fun.
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Topic #8274476
ariel1981 - matt talking about his girlfriend and how she didn't want him to come on the show 0 Replies #8274476 11:51PM 15/03/2008
BB - "matt stop that"
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Topic #8274492
JanJan - Matt says his girl (old gf?) is on a tv show but can't say which one...says she is a "case girl" (Deal or No Deal) 0 Replies #8274492 11:54PM 15/03/2008
he talks a bit and then he correctly predicts that BB will tell him to "knock it off" (on cue BB voice says it).
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