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Topic #8269595
Shannon72 - All the girls in kitchen talking about their periods and wondering when they can expect to get them. NT 0 Replies #8269595 6:19PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8269613
DanaRose - Both Chelsia and Nat say they think they're late w/ their periods! (uh oh) NT 0 Replies #8269613 6:20PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8269740
Shannon72 - Matt finally awake and now in kitchen getting dinner. Matt talking about how Ryan woke him 1 Replies #8269740 6:29PM 15/03/2008
up because of his snoring and how Ryan even wakes himself up. Nat said that she had to throw a pillow at him during the night to shut him up.

Sheila is cooking chicken.

Matt, Sharon, Josh, Chels and Nat sitting around table eating and commenting on Josh's meatballs.

No sign of Adam. James and Ryan still playing chess.
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Shannon72 - James, Ryan and Adam just came in. (ed -- the calm before the storm) NT #8269766 6:31PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8269938
Shannon72 - Random chit chat around dinner table. Talking about how they don't like the word "ma'am". 0 Replies #8269938 6:42PM 15/03/2008
Sharon telling everyone that Jacob's parents make him say "yes ma'am" or "no ma'am" to his mother. Talking about things they had to do to show respect around the dinner table (ie; asking to be excused, no elbows on table, please pass the whatever...".

(ed; BORING!)
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Topic #8270016
Tikkanen - Adam/Matt outside complaining about "going crazy being here with all these people", trapped in the house. They agree the $10k stipend is worth it. NT 0 Replies #8270016 6:48PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8270072
Shannon72 - Matt and Adam on BY couches talking about the bible. Matt saying he reads it to escape the 0 Replies #8270072 6:53PM 15/03/2008
bull**** of the house being stuck with people he wouldn't even want to be friends with outside of the house. He pauses and then said, "except for a few". Matt said I'm stuck here with a bunch of people who only want to talk about game play. Matt saying he wishes Jen from Season 8 was in the house and hopes she is at the wrap party. Matt asked Adam what he would be doing on a Saturday night and Adam said he would probably be out solo. Matt saying he just gets mad thinking about what his friends are doing without him so he is just going to chill and read his bible.

Matt said you don't realize how hard this show is by watching it on TV and how it is not that simple. That you can go nuts in the house b'cause they do the same thing day after day and that you have no idea what is going on on the other side of the walls. (ed. wonder if Adam knows he's been fired -- lol)
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Topic #8270074
Tikkanen - Matt wants to hook up with Jen Johnson (BB8) at the wrap party, unless she's an "idiot like on the show". NT 0 Replies #8270074 6:53PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8270138
Tikkanen - Matt/Adam still complaining about hating everyone here, game is harder than it looks. Matt hates how Sharon talks about Jacob all the time, etc. NT 0 Replies #8270138 6:57PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8270146
SouthernBelladonna - James is telling Josh about his plan to put Matt up tomorrow. 0 Replies #8270146 6:58PM 15/03/2008
They are discussing how the votes will fall after Matt is gone...who they will have...that they're chances for HOH are good.

Josh says tomorrow is going to be an awesome day and that Matt is going to freak out.
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Topic #8270162
Shannon72 - Adam had his hands down his pants and is scratching himself while he's having a convo with Matt 0 Replies #8270162 6:59PM 15/03/2008
Matt waves at camera and says, "Hi, I don't know who you are but hi". (talking about us peeps watching on live feeds).

Matt saying that if BB gave them more alcohol it would be more fun.

Adam told Matt that he doesn't like anyone in the house either. Matt says he only likes Adam and Ryan and James a little bit. Matt said that he is tired of Sharon talking about Jacob all the time. Matt mentions Chels name and Adam and Matt both make gagging noises. Matt saying he wouldn't hang out Josh either because Josh probably goes to gay bars. Adam says that James goes pan handling.

Nat comes out and joins them. Tells M/A that everyone is going back to bed. Matt says that he would rather sleep his time away too because there is nothing to do. Nat tells Matt just to enjoy his BB experience and maybe later Matt can give Nat a massage to give him something to do.

Nat asking why everyone is grouchy.
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Topic #8270239
SouthernBelladonna - James/Josh agree that Nat will crumble when Matt leaves. 0 Replies #8270239 7:04PM 15/03/2008
They also talk about how deep James' deal really goes. James says he didn't nom them...he didn't say he wouldn't BD them.

They briefly talk about Nat winning HOh, but say they don't want to think about it yet.

Josh says he bets Ryan really regrets not taking their deal next week.

Both now saying they are sure that Matt was the 3rd vote for the mystery box.

Confirming that James is taking Sheila down and putting up Matt. James is not going to tell Matt where his tie-breaker vote will lie.

J: Good. That's what he deserves for Fing us over last week.

Josh/James talking about Matt being the one who changed the BD from Josh to James last week. Josh saying so it wasn't Josh even though he told me I owed him a vote.

Josh saying everyone thinks something different is going to happen...everyone is going to be in shock.

The votes will be 3-3.

Josh: This is your best move ever.

James: Even if I go out later in the game...

Josh: You took that b*tch out.

James: Right.
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Topic #8270260
Shannon72 - James told Josh that because of Matt, Josh was saved last week. 0 Replies #8270260 7:05PM 15/03/2008
Josh said -- so, it's actually Matt I owe a vote to and not Ryan. Reeeaaalllyyyy. James - Yup

J/J talking about James' plan and Josh said that this is James' best move ever. Josh saying that James is winning everything left and right. Josh said he knows how it's going to go down already and James said you can't think about it because anything in the house can change. Josh said that tomorrow is going to be a very exciting day in the BB house. James wondering if there will be a leak before it happens. Josh and James agree that if it does leak it will be Adam and that will give them one more reason to get him (Adam) out of the house.

Both leave HOH and head downstairs. Josh going to BR.
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Topic #8270277
Shannon72 - Sheila and Ryan in kitchen and Ryan is bringing up how Sheila used the $10K card. 0 Replies #8270277 7:07PM 15/03/2008
Ryan said that he understands that everyone has to campaign.
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Topic #8270286
Tikkanen - Nat asks Adam if James will keep noms the same. Adam says he doesn't know (ed: lying). Nat doesn't think James will BD Matt b/c of his promise. NT 0 Replies #8270286 7:08PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8270324
SouthernBelladonna - Ryan asks if everything is still on. James says everything is a go. Things will happen tomorrow. NT 0 Replies #8270324 7:11PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8270350
Shannon72 - Josh and James sitting around HT. Matt comes by and asks James if he could listen. 0 Replies #8270350 7:13PM 15/03/2008
Matt to James -- Big day tomorrow, huh. Putting me up?
James -- giggles and says "maybe".
Matt - that's not good TV.

Matt walks away and Josh and James looking at each other and laughing.

Ryan comes out to join Josh and James. Ryan asks James if he is still planning on taking him off and putting up Adam. James said that everything is still a go. James said all the girls are going to be shook up.

James and Josh still looking at each other and laughing because they know what is really going on --- James keeping Ryan on block, taking off Sheila and putting up Matt.

Ryan is sitting there all happy that he still thinks James is taking him off.
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Topic #8270409
SouthernBelladonna - James/Josh/Che/Ryan around the HT chatting about shopping at Wal-Mart and Whole Foods.. NT 0 Replies #8270409 7:16PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8270413
Shannon72 - James/Josh/Ryan/Chel at HT. James is breaking out into laughter because Josh 0 Replies #8270413 7:17PM 15/03/2008
is playing along with the whole charade and starts talking about how Sheila is stirring up sh** in the house.

Now they are talking about t-shirts, Walmart, CVS and Walgreens. Chel says she goes to Walmart and drops about a 100 dollars a week there.
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Topic #8270484
Shannon72 - James said that Matt is going to be a nervous wreck all night long and starts laughing. 0 Replies #8270484 7:21PM 15/03/2008
Talk goes back to who was in the box the other night and Chels said that she hopes she didn't see an afro but when she saw pink hair she was fine. They all agree that seeing Allison would have been bad and if Amanda was in the box she would have come out saying bueuno. Josh said Amanda would probably have her a** sticking out of the box.
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Topic #8270520
Shannon72 - J/J/R/C talking about the BB set and feeds switch to Nat drawing a picture with polish in SR. 1 Replies #8270520 7:23PM 15/03/2008
She's alone but she keeps looking in mirror so maybe it is herself (??)
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Shannon72 - Yes, Nat is painting a self portrait. This is on all 4 feeds. NT #8270538 7:25PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8270671
Tikkanen - Sheila bashing Adam to Natalie, complaining about being on block instead of him. NT 0 Replies #8270671 7:35PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8270674
Shannon72 - Sheila joins Nat. They talk about how everyone is outside plotting. Sheila said she doesn't care and 0 Replies #8270674 7:35PM 15/03/2008
she's going to campaign. Sheila told Nat that she's already apologized to Ryan for using the money card. Sheila said that Ryan is getting along with everyone right now. Sheila told Nat that she knows she is a bigger threat than Ryan. Sheila talking about James might do one of two things -- 1) keep the noms the same or 2) James could take Sheila off the block and put someone else up. That seemed to have gotten Nats attention. Sheila saying that James will probably keep the noms the same and vote her out. Sheila doesn't know why she's a threat because she hasn't won anything. Sheila said she doesn't care anymore and doesn't care what everyone is doing or saying in the house. Sheila talks about another scenario about James taking Ryan off the block.

(ed: well, she's covered all the possible scenarios so I'm guessing one of her scenarios will happen!)
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Topic #8270702
vivianfarrell - Sheila/Nat talking 0 Replies #8270702 7:36PM 15/03/2008
Sheila thinking James will take Ryan off the block and put Adam up with her. Really trying to work Nat. Nat saying if she gets evicted before final 2 that she would never vote for James to win, no matter who he is up against.
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Topic #8270780
Shannon72 - Sheila told Nat that she hopes America decides who will win. Nat said she would rather the jury 0 Replies #8270780 7:40PM 15/03/2008
decide who wins. They start talking about the jury house and how many there will be. Nat says 7 and Sheila asked who was going to break the tie (duh). She caught herself and realized that there won't be one if only 7 were in the jury house.

Sheila said that keeping Ryan in the house is stupid. Sheila said she'll never know what people are thinking and people are going to vote how they are going to vote. Sheila saying she isn't going to sleep very well tonight and she wants BB to give her some meds.

Now they are talking about hair.
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Topic #8270854
Shannon72 - All 4 feeds on Sheila and Nat in SR. Talking about how they can't wait to 0 Replies #8270854 7:45PM 15/03/2008
see themselves on tape when they get home. Sheila scared about seeing her DR sessions because she has no makeup on. Sheila repeating herself about how things might go down. Sheila said that if this game is really about your word that everyone should be on the block this week. Nat said that she has to win HOH this week and Sheila said she has to. Sheila thinks there might be a double eviction week and Nat doesn't think so because technically they have already had double evictions in the house.
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