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Topic #8482031
SouthernBelladonna - Ryan/Nat in HOH 0 Replies #8482031 5:49PM 28/03/2008
Talking about the comp and how close they both came to winning.

It sounds like the comp had something to do with guessing weights...or cards...

Ryan asks what she's doing in terms of eviction.

First Nat says nom Shar, evict Josh, but then says wonders about evicting Shar....saying to not talk to Sheila about anything. going back and forthThe 2 of them and Adam will stick together no matter what.

Back to talking about the comp.

Nat tells Ryan that if the vote is 2-2, she' will get rid of Shar.

Nat asks if Josh will keep his word and Ryan says he thinks Josh will.

Ryan says they should just put Shat up on Sunday and then go over all the pros and cons.
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Topic #8482038
raindrop110475 - ryan saying what are u thinking now and and Nat says put up sharon take out Josh and then swictch and say Josh is not a threat to anyone 0 Replies #8482038 5:49PM 28/03/2008
ryan says no hes not so now all thinking sharon should go Nat says me you and adam need to stick together. ryan says Josh would be decent HOH and would keep her safe and Josh would keep his word to her and sharon is such a mole. Ryan says just put sharon up sunday then you have a few days to think about it Nat says worst nightmare no bday present for Matty
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Topic #8482103
SouthernBelladonna - Nat: "This guy (James) will just not go away!" NT 0 Replies #8482103 5:51PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482120
raindrop110475 - ryan and nat say total operation failed 0 Replies #8482120 5:52PM 28/03/2008
nat says if this HOH is physical she will die
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Topic #8482131
SouthernBelladonna - Nat not worrying that Josh would stick with James if they keep him. 0 Replies #8482131 5:52PM 28/03/2008
Ryan still pushing for Sharon to go.
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Topic #8482153
raindrop110475 - Nat says Josh will stick with James and Sharon would come to their side which is only problem 0 Replies #8482153 5:53PM 28/03/2008
Ryan says James says he wont work with anyone. Ryan says Sharon is always sneakign around and whispering with James so nat says maybe we should keep josh.
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Topic #8482254
lakeview - Ryan/Nat in HOH room 0 Replies #8482254 5:57PM 28/03/2008
Nat saying she would've had it if she had folded on that one. She guessed the lard exactly. Ryan saying he should've won too.

Nat: are they idiots? if you have the same hands you fold. (About Josh/Sharon going out first?)

Nat telling Ryan he needs to win HOH.

Nat saying she'll put up Sharon and get rid of Josh. What are you thinking?

Ryan I don't know.

Nat: if it goes 2-2, I'd break the tie.

Nat talking about the next HOH and being 4-1. "Sharon, I don't know..."

Nat was confident about her answers.

Nat: maybe we should backdoor Sharon. Ryan: I'm thinking that too.

Nat: Joshua isn't a threat. Ryan: he'd be decent in HOH.

Nat: would he put me up for putting him up? Ryan: he'd keep his word.

Nat: Sharon, she's a frickin mole.

Nat: Sharon's going up. Ryan: then we have a few days to think of it.

Nat: worst nightmare, no bday present for Matty. We'll have to send him a late bday present. 3 or 4 days late.

Ryan: we've gotta get... It was 5-1 today and we didn't...

Nat: I know... I know.. (laughing)

Ryan saying he should've folded at some point. Nat saying she should've folded at a different point.

Nat thought Ryan had it on the gallon one and on the balls. Nat thought she had 900 on the chains. Ryan: he was like 300 off.

Nat: that is the most frustrating part of the thing. Had more answers right.

Ryan didn't want to go out of the game. Nat was planning on staying every time and hoping to win.

Ryan: lots of should of would ofs in this game.

Ryan: it's plan B.

Nat: test 5 failed and test 6 failed.

Ryan: what do we have to do? Nat: I don't know.

Ryan says it might be a physical HOH. F---

Nat: if we kept Sharon, she'd go to our side, but Josh will stick with James.

Ryan: you think so? Nat: hell yes. He's working with James.

Ryan doesn't want to keep Sharon. Nat thinks Sharon would come over if Josh left. Ryan says she's always been sneaking around with James.

Nat says maybe keep Josh bc he'd drop if it was physical.

Ryan: why couldnt' we have gone the easy route and won POV instead.

Nat feels her mission just went down the tubes.

Ryan: we're getting rid of them slowly but not the ones we f--ing want.

Nat thinks Josh will have James's vote to stay. Ryan: you think so?

Nat telling Ryan Josh said if it goes 2-2 would she keep him. Nat said she did promise.

Nat says we can't talk to Sheila about it. Ryan: no, no, no. Sheila will go with Sharon.

Nat: she would, I know it. She already tried to start the women's group.

Ryan: I know.

Ryan is down with keeping Josh. Nat is too.

Nat: if Josh gets HOH, he wouldn't put up me. Adam-Sheila. If you're up, I'd win POV and take you down so we have each other.

Ryan is down with that. Nat is down with that too. Ryan: he's not a threat. we have a lot of time left to think about it.

Nat: Sharon's military.

Ryan: Josh is not good with physcial.

Ryan: why couldn't we have just won today?

Nat: we need to come with a new plan. You, Adam or Sheila have to win HOH. Hopefully it's not physical bc James will win.

Ryan: not necessarily.

Nat says Jimmy thinks if it's physcial he'd beat Ryan and Adam bc they smoke.

Knock on the door.
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Topic #8482286
SouthernBelladonna - James enters HOH. Nat tells him Shar is going up and they are thinking of keeping Josh. 1 Replies #8482286 5:59PM 28/03/2008
Nat asking if they can work some sort of deal. They agree to keep it away from Sheila.

James asks about Adam...Ryan/Nat say he's out of the loop too...Nat saying she'll break the tie

James saying he'll think about it and they can work things out...he just doesn't want to get left hanging out.
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Shannon72 - Earlier, Ryan is the one who went to Adam with the plan to keep Josh and get out Sharon. Ryan to do some back pedaling now w/Adam! NT #8482440 6:05PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482338
raindrop110475 - James comes in HOH and ryan and Nat ask him about keeping josh and the 4 of them workign together 0 Replies #8482338 6:01PM 28/03/2008
cutting out Adam and Sheila. James says he is getting screwed everyweek by people ( uh huh) and James says hell make a deal he is lookign for people to work with. no one is confirmming but james says hell vote out whoever but he just wants to play with them but next week they come to agreement that sheila or adam go up and they are all safe a week
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Topic #8482365
raindrop110475 - Josh sharon and Sheila all crying in KT not sure why NT 0 Replies #8482365 6:02PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482380
raindrop110475 - nat says leave adam and sheil a out of mix ryan and nat promise to have eachothers back NT 0 Replies #8482380 6:02PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482424
raindrop110475 - ryan says all the way up to voting hell tell adam I dont knwo dude Nat says Josh told her he wouldnt go to adam 0 Replies #8482424 6:04PM 28/03/2008
he would only approcah ryan they decide that if they make 4 deal then sheila or adam up if sheila or adam win they put up james orjosh. If Ryan wins he puts up Josh and sheila and they will have votes to save Josh
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Topic #8482435
raindrop110475 - This is only a one week deal Nat says she believes they will stick to it for one week and get rid of adam or sheila NT 0 Replies #8482435 6:05PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482467
SouthernBelladonna - Josh/james compare notes on the plan to save Josh. James says he will vote for Josh to stay. They hug. NT 0 Replies #8482467 6:06PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482486
ShannonLK - James and Josh in SR: NT 0 Replies #8482486 6:07PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482520
hcoboy - Sharon breaking down in bathroom sheila comes in a tells her that 'Joshuah doesn't feel you let him down' NT 0 Replies #8482520 6:08PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482528
WVpdles - Sheila/Sharon in toilet crying, Sheila telling Sharon she didn't let Josh down, and that Sharon is safe this week NT 0 Replies #8482528 6:08PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482576
WildestOrchid - Nat and ryan want to get rid of sharon. NT 0 Replies #8482576 6:10PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482600
ShannonLK - Shelia and Sharon in bathroom 0 Replies #8482600 6:11PM 28/03/2008
Sheila: I am not stupid I know they talked sh** behind my back
Shelia: Josh loves you to death, he will be your friend for life,
Josh: Listen by door.
Sharon sobbbbing!!!!!
Sheila; its only going to get harder for us
Sheila said I told James the truth, but james said I heard you don't like the truth.

I am not sure what Sharon is saying
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Topic #8482624
Shannon72 - Josh earsdropping on Sharon and Sheila in BR. 0 Replies #8482624 6:12PM 28/03/2008
Josh stepped into shower. Stopped by bathroom door and listened for a second. Then walked away.

You can hear Sharon crying and Sheila trying to console her. Can't see Sharon but she is crying to the point where she is having a hard time breathing. Sheila telling Sharon that what Joshua wants for her (Sharon) is for her to stay in the game. At this exact moment, Josh is up in HOH with Nat and Ryan giving them a deal to keep him and get Sharon out.
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Topic #8482634
raindrop110475 - josh is upstarirs nat says they need 1 week deal that ryan and james will vote to keep him 0 Replies #8482634 6:12PM 28/03/2008
and Nat will break tie as long as he protects them and then josh admits he has had a deal with ryan for awhile now. ryan kindof stammers and says yeah we are cool Josh says hell give them 2 weeeks and they only have to give him one.
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Topic #8482635
ShannonLK - 2 weeks safety from Josh for Nat/Ryan- Making it so ppl still think they hate each other, saying they have to lie to adam with this deal NT 0 Replies #8482635 6:12PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482646
Brendabythebay - Josh Nat & Ryan up in hoh and made a 2 week deal. 0 Replies #8482646 6:13PM 28/03/2008
Missed all the details since the sounds of Sheila comforting sobbing Sharon in the downstairs bathroom is bleeding thru.
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Topic #8482666
raindrop110475 - ryan says hell lie to adam and tell adam hes voting sharon and adam and sheila might eb pissed but w/e NT 0 Replies #8482666 6:13PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482700
ShannonLK - Nat love the new Josh- He said seeing Chelsia embrassed him. He doesn't want to be viewed like that- Josh admitted Chels took Nat's bible! NT 0 Replies #8482700 6:15PM 28/03/2008
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