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Topic #8482708
raindrop110475 - Josh says hell mope around house they should all still pretend to hate eachother 0 Replies #8482708 6:15PM 28/03/2008
Nat says she has whole new respect for Josh since he wont go off and Josh sayss seeing how chelsea acted made him fear he looked that ridiculous . Josh says she was going to do operation Ice cold and the ketchup isnt admitting it was all his idea.
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Topic #8482724
cjo - Josh / Ryan / Nat, all upstairs in HOH talking about Chelsia NT 0 Replies #8482724 6:16PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482738
raindrop110475 - Josh says After night in pool chel and Matt went into sauna room and made out alone Josh says was wierd NT 0 Replies #8482738 6:16PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482756
ShannonLK - Josh saying Chels were making out with Matty in the Sauna Room. Nat says maybe they were the couple. Josh saying maybe they liked each other NT 0 Replies #8482756 6:17PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482786
Brendabythebay - Josh just told Nat in HOH that one nite long ago that he saw CHels & Matt making out in the sauna. 0 Replies #8482786 6:18PM 28/03/2008
It was right after Nat asked why did Chels really hate her. Josh said he thought maybe she did like Matt or maybe they really are a couple. (Ed. LMAO LMAO LMAO)
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Topic #8482788
ShannonLK - Shar in the boat room with covers over her head! NT 1 Replies #8482788 6:18PM 28/03/2008
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Brendabythebay - still crying :( NT #8482820 6:19PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482813
ShannonLK - Josh saying he thinks Adam and Sheila already have a deal together. NT 0 Replies #8482813 6:19PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482834
ShannonLK - Josh saying that Shelia has already checked him out. Shelia told Josh that she would take care of Sharon.. NT 0 Replies #8482834 6:20PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482876
lakeview - Nat/Ryan in HOH and then Josh joins 0 Replies #8482876 6:22PM 28/03/2008
James walks in. "I am going to use POV."

Nat tells James that she's thinking of keeping Josh.

Nat: who would you vote for? Sharon/Josh?

James: I'll figure it out. I'd love to make a deal. I'll be targeted every week.

Nat/Ryan have to think about it. They don't want to bring it up to Sheila.

James: I'm a voting party.

James: what about (telling) Baller?

[missed something]

Nat keeps saying don't tell Sheila.

James says he doesn't want to get in a position where they change their minds again.

James asking that they tell him which way they want him to vote.

James is down for epic battles. James is comfortable voting out either. He doesn't give a f--- anymore.

James saying Sharon is unpredictable. Nat says Sharon's a mole, a spy.

James says they have 2 days to think of it. Wants to play with those guys.

James saying we can all agree to just put up the other two [Adam/Sheila] next week

James: it all works in our favor

Nat: Sheila's getting on my everlasting nerve.

James thinks he will win if it's physical. Nat says yeah, I'd be pissed bc I would want to win.

Ryan/Nat congratulating James.

James says "figure out what you want to do." They have 5 days.

James leaves.

Nat/Ryan saying "leave Adam out of this." If they win next week then Adam/Sheila would go up. Nat has Ryan's back. "Sheila will get over it."

Ryan saying he'll tell Adam he won't know how to vote.

Nat/Ryan saying "us 4 is all we would need" Ryan: we'd be safe next week bc Adam/Sheila would put up Josh/James. Josh/James would put up Adam/Sheila. We can play them.

Nat: I'm not telling Sheila sh--. [ed. we'll see ya loudmouth]

Ryan smiling a lot.

Nat saying they could still get rid of Josh and Sheila and be safe later. Just make a one week deal.

Nat thinks Josh/James would stick to a one-week deal.

Ryan: Sheila's gonna vote for Sharon to stay.

Nat will tell Sheila that she kept Josh bc Sharon's more of a threat. Can't work with her. More of a physical threat. Josh can't win anything.

Nat: that will protect us for one more week and then I'd play the next one [HOH]

Nat: oh, I hate this game sometimes. Why does it have to be so difficult.

Nat/Ryan saying they have to stick together.

Nat: and then we'll take them out.

Nat telling how she guessed the "lard" one right again.

Nat timesed 30 times 30 which is 900. Ryan counted 1, 2, 3 which was 600 and then 600 on sides, so I guessed 1100, said whatever.

Nat: I was so close. Ryan: I should've had that.

Nat guessed 885 on the block. I was off by 30.

Nat would've guessed 3000 on disco ball. Ryan guessed 4200, or 3900.

Nat saw Ryan scratch something out and thought it was a good sign but no.

Ryan saying they should keep Josh. "Sharon would put me up."

Nat: she'll stick with Sheila.

Ryan: we'll keep it...

Ryan: Adam won't care. I already mentioned to Adam about it [keeping Josh]

Nat wants to break the tie bc if it's 3-1, then Josh wouldn't protect Nat.

Ryan: should I lie to Adam and say...

Josh walks in.

Josh: Sheila's telling Sharon it will be 4-0

Nat: let's make a deal. One week deal.

Josh: I'll give you more than that.

Ryan: plan is 2-2 and Nat will break the tie.

Josh: this is perfect bc everyone thinks you hate us.

Josh: Ryan and us have been cool forever. For a while now. Ryan: yeah. [ed. this is a reveal to Nat - wonder if she heard]

Josh: don't tell Sheila and Adam

Josh will give Nat two weeks. Josh hasn't talked to James. Nat says they just talked to James.

Josh: I want it to be that everyone thinks we hate each other. Ryan should still hang with Adam.

Nat: Sheila's the only one who will be pissed at me.

Josh: Sheila made up with James. Sharon is physically strong. You know I can't hang in the competitions like that. Sharon can do that stuff. She is more of a threat.

Nat: and she'd put up Ryan and Adam or Ryan and me.

Josh: I'll have to mope around the house.

Josh says he's done with lashing out. Nat loves that about him. Josh said he changed 2 weeks ago bc seeing Chelsia is a side he doesn't want to see in himself. "I will never act like that" [ed. too late]

Josh: Chelsia attacked you in several ways. Poured water on you. I didn't hit your body.

Nat doesn't know what Cheslia had against her.

Nat saying no one would tell her where her bible was in the past. "I asked you, James and Chelsia."

Josh telling Nat that he saw Matt and Chelsia make out in the sauna room after the pool party. "It was a weird vibe. Maybe they did like each other. It was right after the pool incident. She was drunk. I thought that was bizarre. Maybe they are together. Maybe they were the couple."

Nat: why did she have sex with James then?

Ryan: no, they weren't a couple.

Nat: we're not telling Adam or Sheila anything about the vote. I'm telling you the truth.

Josh says he's a straight shooter. He's a trustworthy person. They will tell you either way.

Nat: they flip-flop. [ed. pot meet kettle]

Nat will tell them that if it's a tie, Nat will get rid of Josh but actually will not.

Nat saying you know you have us and James.

Ryan: deal, two weeks right. Josh: I was aiming for 2 weeks.

Josh: I'll give you 2 HOHs or 2 weeks, whatever comes first (???)

Josh would rather be in a game with people where people stand like you two.

Josh: itll be down to 6 after this week.

Ryan saying James knows.

Josh saying Sheila told Josh that she'd take care of Sharon. "She already told me goodbye. What a bitch" [ed. Josh already said he was going to her]

Josh thinks Sheila/Adam would be a good fight next week.

Nat: she'll want to be on the block if you stay. Josh: I am staying. Nat: yeah.

Nat saying the girl alliance would've been called Charlie's Angels.

Josh leaves.

Nat telling Ryan to not tell Adam. Ryan: he already voted against me. I'm not holding that vote against you.

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Topic #8482885
raindrop110475 - ryan says hell lie to adam and when adam asks bro what happened after vote hell say you already voted against me once and I changed my mind NT 0 Replies #8482885 6:22PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482887
Shannon72 - Around the feeds -- Sharon in bed with covers over her. Adam reading bible. Josh/Ryan/Nat in HOH. Sheila in boat room. James in sauna. 0 Replies #8482887 6:22PM 28/03/2008
Josh now leaving HOH telling Ryan and Nat that he's going to go downstairs and mope around again (pretending, of course).

Josh all excited now that he is staying and Sharon is leaving.

HOH crew all stacked hands to agree that Sheila/Adam will not be kept in the loop. Only Nat/Ry/Josh/James know of the deal.

Josh now with James in sauna. Nat/Ry saying that everything is good -- James and Josh both on their side now.
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Topic #8482910
cjo - Nat telling Ryan he HAS to play for HOH this time NT 0 Replies #8482910 6:23PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482934
raindrop110475 - Josh is tellign james about convo making it sound like he was controllign it instead of bgiving up everything but Josh and James say they 0 Replies #8482934 6:24PM 28/03/2008
dontttrust nat and ryan but have no one to trust so have to try and James says dont screw me over josh
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Topic #8482947
cjo - Ryan tells Nat "wow, things got twisted today, girl! NT 0 Replies #8482947 6:25PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482954
raindrop110475 - James says he will make the deal if it keep josh NT 0 Replies #8482954 6:25PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8482986
raindrop110475 - James shocked he gets to stay and has numbers back if this deal goes through NT 0 Replies #8482986 6:27PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8483010
cjo - Nat wondering if Chel is in sequester yet. She wonders if Matty & Chel 0 Replies #8483010 6:28PM 28/03/2008
were a secret couple. Ryan says no way. Nat doesn't trust Matty anymore. He's definitely not her type. He's a player bigtime.
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Topic #8483062
cjo - Nat figured out that Matty lied to her about a lot of things. Ryan said 0 Replies #8483062 6:30PM 28/03/2008
he lied to everyone in the game.
Nat says it's better that Matt's gone.
Nat says that's karma.
Nat said she & matt made a pack to not make out with anyone else in the house, but now, since Josh shared with her earlier that he caught Matt & Chel making out in the sauna, she knows Matt lied. And that's why he's gone now.
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Topic #8483101
cjo - Nat & Ryan rehasing the POV competition. Kicking theirselves for 0 Replies #8483101 6:32PM 28/03/2008
guessing wrong numbers.
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Topic #8483103
lakeview - Nat/Ryan in HOH room alone again 0 Replies #8483103 6:32PM 28/03/2008
Ryan: she's a mole. May as well be a guinea pig.

Nat: I'll tell Sheila I didn't trust Sharon.

Nat: you have to try to keep HOH.

Ryan: if I won...

Ryan saying "didn't make any backdoor deals" with them.

Nat: we could get rid of James on a backdoor [next week].

Nat: this game turns on an instant.

Ryan/Nat saying that Adam wouldn't go against them next week if they did this and Adam got HOH. Nat: he wants to get out Jimmy.

Nat: how does this always happen. this game is crazy. And James wants to go after Adam and Sheila. He told me before the HOH when he was trying to do a deal with me that he would've put up Ryan and Adam and preferred to get rid of Adam bc Adam is more of a threat.

Nat saying she's going to be someone's executioner.

Nat wonders if Chelsia is in sequester yet. Ryan thinks they probably got there today.

Nat: what if they were the secret couple? Ryan: no, Josh just brought that up.

Nat saying Chelsia wasn't that drunk on the pool night.

Nat: Matty's been lieing to me. I don't trust Matty at all. He was lieing to me and he was my partner. Matty is definitely not my type of guy.

Ryan: you can find better. Nat: way better.

Nat: Matty with Chelsia. Disgusting. She's not even attractive.

Nat: it's good that he is gone bc I thought I could trust him and he would tell me everything. He was lieing to me a lot. Chelsia, Sharon. It's good he's gone.

Ryan: I saved him twice. Nat: I can't believe he threw that POV. That's called karma.

Nat saying Matt said they had said to flirt with others but make out with no one but each other. They had made that pact but he still messed up. That's what cost him this game. He was lieing to everyone. Even me. I was his partner. At least the majority of the time.

Ryan wishes he had won today.

Nat: man, that sucks.

More POV talk.

Someone's coming. Ryan says he's gonna go and he does.
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Topic #8483139
cjo - Ryan left to go downstairs. Nat alone now, covered herself up completely with 0 Replies #8483139 6:33PM 28/03/2008
with the covers on HOH bed.
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Topic #8483161
raindrop110475 - Sharon comes into Sauna bawling to josh and james how bad she feels one off them have to go home (j/J0 and they are lying to her face tellign her 0 Replies #8483161 6:34PM 28/03/2008
Josh is leavign and Sharon feels so horrible they lost control and she will win HOH and get control back. Josh tells sharon there is NO WAY Your goign home sweetie and Sharon says pissses me off they are all as*holes running this
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Topic #8483226
raindrop110475 - Josh tells sharon he shoudlnt have gone off on Nat that says all right there James says he is giving sympathy vote to Josh doing somethign for Josh 0 Replies #8483226 6:36PM 28/03/2008
chel did for him and he feels so bad he didnt do for chel.
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Topic #8483265
raindrop110475 - Sharon tells Josh I have done everythign I can do to protect ou in this game and Sharon says I hope he doesnt turn on me I wont turn on him (james) 0 Replies #8483265 6:38PM 28/03/2008
and Josh says hes on island he has to work with you. Josh says its just like chelsea is hands down Im leaving we knew this once Nat fell out of POV I was done.
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Topic #8483342
raindrop110475 - Josh tells sharon he is calm and accepted he is leaving hes sorry he was rude to her outside but he had to cry it out 0 Replies #8483342 6:40PM 28/03/2008
James comes back and says are you gonna be alright and sharon says yeah Ill be fine Josh says ull be fine sharon sheila will take my place and me and chel in sequester your already have 2 votes for 1/2 million and says and when sheila or james comes in u already won game there you go
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