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Topic #8476589
WhatdoIKnow - the 3 girls up in HOH have basically been talking praise about Matt 0 Replies #8476589 1:21PM 28/03/2008
and how he defended the women from the way the guys have spoken to them in the past and how if Matt was there he wouldn't have allowed James to talk to her the way he did last night
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Topic #8476682
hcoboy - Natalie, Sheila, and Sharon in HOH talking 0 Replies #8476682 1:27PM 28/03/2008
Big Brother - Sheila please come to the diary room.
-Sheila Gets up-
Sheila - Alright, bye girls.
-Sheila is leaving-
Natalie - Ask them if you can have some of my protein shakes

*Joshuah comes into HOH*

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Topic #8476717
hcoboy - Josh, Sharon, Natailie. (Talking about POV) 0 Replies #8476717 1:29PM 28/03/2008
Josh is complaining about how the competiton is taking so long, and they need to get it over with.
Natalie say's that "It must be complex if it's taking to long"
Joshuah say's that he heard banging outside when he walked by and people talking.
Natalie is mentioning the 'Matty's Birthday Present'.
Sharon say's that "Jame's odds are shitty" and then Natalie say's that.
"I am not even worried, he's leaving I can taste it".
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Topic #8476728
WhatdoIKnow - Josh enters HOH and says he can hear Sheila all the way downstairs, saying how loud she is 0 Replies #8476728 1:30PM 28/03/2008
Nat asks what he heard, that she can't even remember what Sheila said a minute ago (Ed: auto-tune out? lol)
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Topic #8476735
sunflower721 - sheila was just called to DR.Sharon and nat talking about their animals.Sheila told nat before Dr called her that nats mom is going to get attached to 0 Replies #8476735 1:30PM 28/03/2008
Her dog sampson nat says no her mom is more of a cat person.

Now josh is up in the HOH,Nat is talking about how she told Matty that she would send him his Birthday gift( james and or CHels).Nat saying she can feel that she will win POV,sharon says the odds are in their favor this time.

Sharon saying You (nat),josh or I have to win this,josh says or ryan or sheila,nats says anybody but James.

Sharon is complaining that her muscles are killing her from working out with the boys (ryan and Adam)

Josh just left the HOH room leaving sharon and Nat alone.
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Topic #8476749
keekeet - Sheila regarding the fight with James last night 0 Replies #8476749 1:31PM 28/03/2008
Sheila: "I did not call him a f'in bastard or any of that stuff, pardon my french, I know I need to stop with the cussing - I did not call him any cuss words, I did not put him down, I just let him go nuts. And he went nuts. He went totally insane and I stood there and took it. And every guy walked by and didn't say a word to him. Not one person defended me. I will not forget that. I don't need any of these men to protect me."
Sharon: "NOOoo"
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Topic #8476758
hcoboy - Sheila comes in HOH 0 Replies #8476758 1:32PM 28/03/2008
Sheila - James just insulted me again
-Natalie and Sharon gasp-
Natalie - What's he say.
Sheila - I was coming into the HOH, and he said 'What's up' and then he was like 'I heard all you just said, you're so loud I can hear you all the way ***** down here'.
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Topic #8476774
sunflower721 - sheila out of DR all four feeds have been on HOH room,sheila stated to sharon and nat that James Attacked her VERBALLY,saying how he can hear 1 Replies #8476774 1:33PM 28/03/2008
everything she (sheila) has been saying up in HOH.
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WVpdles - James didn't threaten her, he simply said they were talking so loud they could be heard downstairs NT #8476901 1:43PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8476827
sunflower721 - ryans in the WC brushing his teeth.James telling ryan and adam about his Bowel movements from being on slop.he is weighing himself now(james) NT 0 Replies #8476827 1:37PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8476844
WhatdoIKnow - Not much to add, past few minutes have been all 4 cams on HOH with Sheila 0 Replies #8476844 1:39PM 28/03/2008
discussing her "feminine" issues and concerns for the POV comp and whether she will be able to do it without any problems arising through her clothing...(Ed, sorry, didn't want to be as "graphic" as them) F1&F2 on James, Ryan and Adam in the WC and he's describing his "output" from being on the slop

HOH girls are joking about being Charlies Angels and what characters they could be
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Topic #8476862
keekeet - S/S/N in HOH throwing around "girl" alliance names 0 Replies #8476862 1:40PM 28/03/2008
Charlie's Angels. They talk about the movie/series. They throw around other potential names - Jesus' Angels, Team Angels, Josh's Angels.
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Topic #8476916
sunflower721 - ryan is now sitting outside the HOH room on the couch,sheila sees him on monitor .SHeila asks if he is trying to hear them.THey are talking about the 0 Replies #8476916 1:44PM 28/03/2008
POV comp that Nat and MAtt won with the angles and the pic. of the POV .Nat asks sheila was she thought she was doing mocking her jokingly.Sheila laughing my looked like piccasso.

Now talking about sending james to Matty for his Birthday (again ed.)

they are now complaining about being up from the butt crack of dawn to sit around and wait all day....

Now nat and sheila talking about James.Sheila saying he is a scary person....

James downstairs in his room walking around and fixing he stuff up (cowboy hat from comp yesterday)

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Topic #8477024
sunflower721 - james walking around house from WC and to spa room jumping up and down breathing in and out deeply (getting pumped for POV) NT 0 Replies #8477024 1:51PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8477026
erin33520 - James jumping around in WC, pacing in sauna, doing breathing exercises NT 0 Replies #8477026 1:51PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8477029
sunflower721 - girls up in HOH talking everything from animals,to waiting on POV...(Same ole chit chat) 0 Replies #8477029 1:51PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8477059
WhatdoIKnow - F1&F2 James pacing in the sauna room "smacking" hands together, walking in circles, exhaling 0 Replies #8477059 1:52PM 28/03/2008
Natalie talking about how one of her relatives (Ed: think she said her dad?) had a premonition 25 years ago saying not to worry about our Natalie, she's going to be famous some day and make a name for herself....she also said her mom has premonitions too
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Topic #8477066
keekeet - Nat re-reading parts of her letter again to Sheila 0 Replies #8477066 1:53PM 28/03/2008
Sharon on the HOH bed with the headphones on. James is downstairs alone hopping in place, stops, starts taking deep breaths, clapping his hands together while walking slowly in a circle. Now stretching. He appears to be psyching himself up for the comp.

Nat yelling for BB to come on and start.
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Topic #8477132
sunflower721 - girls up in HOH trying to figure out the date can't figure if its the 28th or 29th.Talking about april fools day (when it is Etc. ) NT 0 Replies #8477132 1:57PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8477148
sunflower721 - james now sitting in green chair in the red bedroom. picking at nails, messing with dials on that old time radio (LOL ed.) NT 0 Replies #8477148 1:58PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8477247
WhatdoIKnow - Ryan and Nat on sofa outside HOH wondering why BB gets them up so early if the comp isn't until late afternoon 0 Replies #8477247 2:05PM 28/03/2008
also wondering what kind of comp it's going to be and if it's tedious....Ryan wondering if it'd be building the bookcases, Nat saying how easy that'd be how she knows it inside and out and starts saying what topics are where on them (fairytales, etc., top shelf)...Nat's saying, that's what I mean about tedious
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Topic #8477256
sunflower721 - sharon now laying in her bed reading bible,james is still sitting in green chair not saying much,nat and ryan on couch outside of HOH room talking abt 0 Replies #8477256 2:06PM 28/03/2008
what the POV comp will be,Physical or mental.

Sheila still in HOH room listening to Nats yellowcard.
(she asked nat earlier if she can just stay up in HOH and hide out to avoid conflict with James,nat said that was fine with her).
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Topic #8477321
sunflower721 - Josh is sleeping in bed next to sharon reading.James just laid down on his bed. NT 0 Replies #8477321 2:09PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8477376
Oak1984 - Nat and Ry upstairs discussing POV competitions NT 0 Replies #8477376 2:12PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8477380
WhatdoIKnow - Nat & Ryan talkin about comps, her promising Matt before his eviction that she was going to send him a birthday present and 0 Replies #8477380 2:12PM 28/03/2008
Matt asking how she was going to do that? BB wouldn't let you do that, and she said you'll just know it when you get it (Ed. referring to James, Josh or Chel sent to him in sequester)...

Nat's hoping it's a physical comp, she's got the endurance and the muscle to last (she flexes her muscle and says she's worked out alot the past 4 years, just can't do it here because she doesn't have her pull up bar)

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Topic #8477408
Oak1984 - Nat telly Ryan about Shelia talking about having the girls alliance 0 Replies #8477408 2:14PM 28/03/2008
Nat now going down to get some caffeine or soda
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