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Topic #8484746
cannotsleep - Sharon says on Wednesday, her partner will have just walked out of the door and she is going to be pumped for HOH NT 0 Replies #8484746 7:55PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8484781
MykaDawn777 - Josh & James still in HT talking about how quickly things change in the house 0 Replies #8484781 7:56PM 28/03/2008
James says his mom is going to be excited when they find out that he won the veto again.
Josh says "she knows already if she has the feeds."
She probably saw right when they came into the house yelling and that James had veto around his neck.
James says she probably doesn't have feeds unless BB gives it for free to their family...she likely just watches the show.
Josh tells him there are websites that update minute by minute what is happening in the house (ed. who woulda thunk that!)
James says his sister is likely is following the internet blogs and update boards then.

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Topic #8484786
RockinThePink - Josh and James in HT. Ryan lifting weights, Adam nearby. 0 Replies #8484786 7:57PM 28/03/2008
Josh says it took Sheila about 2 seconds to jump on Sharon after POV.

They are both laughing at how they won't be presents for Matt. He should be happy though he will have 2 girls is sequester with him.

Josh says he is tired of babysitting Sharon.

All the BY boys now saying the POV lasted forever. It was a long day.
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Topic #8484793
cannotsleep - James, Josh, Ryan and Adam are all in the BY, J/J with their feet in the hot tub, R/A working out NT 0 Replies #8484793 7:57PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8484833
cannotsleep - Sharon saying that if it's a physical HOH, she will throw it to James, and if it's a mental HOH, she wants him to throw it to her NT 0 Replies #8484833 7:59PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8484860
cannotsleep - Sheila tells Sharon we need to stick together, because they're all going to be coming for us NT 0 Replies #8484860 8:01PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8484923
cannotsleep - Sharon keeps saying it will be fine, we just need to stick together. Sheila says James chooses to be on an island by himself. NT 0 Replies #8484923 8:04PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8484945
cannotsleep - Sheila says they hate me because I'm so honest, so I'm just not going to tell them anything anymore NT 0 Replies #8484945 8:05PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8485068
cannotsleep - Sharon said that when Natalie won HOH she thought it was going to be the best week ever, and now James is going to be gunning for her next week. 0 Replies #8485068 8:11PM 28/03/2008
Sheila asks Sharon if she believes anyone in this game, and Sharon says she believes Josh. Sharon says James told Josh in front of her that he isn't going to do anything to help keep him (Josh) in this game. Sharon said it just shows that people have your back for only so long. Sheila says that Josh asked her to take care of Sharon once he's gone.

Sheila says Josh is taking this extremely well.
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Topic #8485134
cannotsleep - Sheila says James was so angry, but she could tell that it wasn't all directed at her, she wasn't afraid that he would hit her. That he was mad at 0 Replies #8485134 8:15PM 28/03/2008
her and everyone else, for the situation that he was in with Chelsia leaving, but he took it out on her.
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Topic #8485174
RockinThePink - Sheila telling Sharon she thought James was going to hit her. She is upset that the guys walked by the door and no one came out to help her or ask 0 Replies #8485174 8:17PM 28/03/2008
if she was ok.

James called to DR

Sharon says Josh won't be able to handle the block or slop.
Sheila says Josh has redeemed herself with her.

Sheila now talking about Ry taking the money AGAIN. She says she is not greedy though ( ed LOL)

" when I leave I will be doing a group hug"

Sheila want's B and W, Sharon wants food.
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Topic #8485188
cannotsleep - Sheila says 3 more days on slop. Now they decide to go get something to eat, and they wonder if Nat is still sleeping NT 0 Replies #8485188 8:17PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8485237
cannotsleep - Feed switches to Josh, Ryan and Adam in the BY, just chatting about the POV comp. Sharon goes up to check on Natalie, she's still sleeping. NT 0 Replies #8485237 8:20PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8485284
RockinThePink - sharon and Sheila in the storage room complaining that they is nothing in there for them. 0 Replies #8485284 8:23PM 28/03/2008
Sheila in KT adam comes in and she asks him how she thinks he did today.
She says 3 college graduates fell out before me know that.

Josh comes inside as Sheila goes out to BY
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Topic #8485321
cannotsleep - Ryan getting ready to play a game of pool with Adam, and Sheila is putting her feet in th hot tub. Adam is upset that James won POV, says they're 0 Replies #8485321 8:25PM 28/03/2008
going to have to win HOH and put James up all over again.
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Topic #8485347
cannotsleep - Sharon tells Josh it's her duty to win HOH, win the whole game, and then go to Dallas and have a big party with Josh NT 0 Replies #8485347 8:27PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8485350
RockinThePink - Ryan and Adam playing pool. Ry says nothing works out in his favor. Adam asks Ry if he got HOH if he would put up 0 Replies #8485350 8:27PM 28/03/2008
James. He say yes are you kidding me.

Now feeds on Sharon and Josh in KT eating pickles.

Sharon says she hates that people are still here and are cocky. It's her duty to win HOH now.

Natalie comes down from HOH room awake from her nap.
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Topic #8485412
cannotsleep - Natalie comes down from HOH, Josh tells Sharon and Nat that he saw how Chelsia went out, and he doesn't want to go out that way. Nat agrees. NT 0 Replies #8485412 8:30PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8485542
cannotsleep - Josh tells Natalie that Adam came up to him and said that he would give him a vote since James is already voting for Josh to stay, and that he will 0 Replies #8485542 8:37PM 28/03/2008
try to convince Ryan to vote for Josh to stay too. Then the vote would be 3-1 and Sheila will be hung out to dry. Tells Natalie that then she wouldn't have to break a tie, and that no one will put her up next week.
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Topic #8485630
cannotsleep - Nat now talking to Adam and Ryan. Nat asks Adam what do you think? Adam is worried about who Sharon would put up if she won HOH. Nat says we can't 0 Replies #8485630 8:42PM 28/03/2008
talk to Sheila about any of this. The guys agree. Ryan says what should we do? Adam says vote out Sharon and keep Josh. Nat says then her hands are clean. Reiterates that Sheila can not find out about this at all. They say that even if Sheila wins HOH that she'll still put up James and Josh.

Natalie wants to be the last girl standing in the house. Ryan hugs her.
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Topic #8485649
cannotsleep - Natalie tells Adam that James and Josh said that their target for next week is Sheila, if they win. NT 0 Replies #8485649 8:44PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8485723
cannotsleep - Natalie talking about how nervous Josh gets before competitions. Says this will be tough, but it'll be good. Josh walks by and they joke that he 0 Replies #8485723 8:48PM 28/03/2008
should enjoy his last few days in the house. Josh says Sheila is freaking out in the BY, thinking that Nat may put her up. They laugh.

Now discussing how important it is to win HOH. Ryan says if he, Nat, and Adam can keeping winning HOHs they can just rotate each week.
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Topic #8485788
cannotsleep - Sheila tells Josh & Sharon she's going to go inside to shake things up, after she closes the door Josh tells Sharon if 0 Replies #8485788 8:51PM 28/03/2008
she would put up Sheila that it would be amazing.
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Topic #8485887
alexarae71 - sharon, adam, and shelia aroudn HT 0 Replies #8485887 8:57PM 28/03/2008
adam smoking talking about hw the week is a vicious cycle of flip flops. Adam. Adam speculates that this is a double eviction. Sharon thinks there will be a clothing luxury comp
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Topic #8485892
cannotsleep - Sheila, Adam and Sharon in BY discussing Josh doing a routine tomorrow in the unitard. Sharon asks Adam how he feels about the turn of events today, 0 Replies #8485892 8:58PM 28/03/2008
he basically says they'll just have to try again to get James out. Sheila says at least you get to eat. Sharon asks Adam, are you nervous he's going to come after you again? Adam says he will be able to play for HOH too. Adam thinks this week coming up is going to be a double eviction week. Sheila and Sharon disagree.
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