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Topic #8483352
lakeview - Sharon/Josh/James in sauna 0 Replies #8483352 6:40PM 28/03/2008
Sharon is crying in the sauna and Josh is smiling a lot.

Sharon says it pisses her off that they're all assholes and running the house.

Sharon says they have to stick together.

James says he has to vote to keep Josh.

James says he's doing the same thing for Chelsia.

Josh saying you'll have to trust Sheila.

Sharon: I know you hate her.

James leaves sauna.

Josh: it's going to be okay. It's going to be okay. I shouldn't have gone off on Natalie. You must live on. [ed. he's really not moping like he said he would...]

Sharon out of the sauna and staring at Josh.

Sharon: I just feel I let you down.

Josh: it's in their favor. Lady luck is on their side.

Sharon's done everything she can to protect Josh in this game.

Sharon: I hope he doesn't turn on me. Josh: he needs you. He has no one in this house.

Sharon: I'm gonna cry.

Josh: It'll be a quiet week. There's no question. Slam dunk. We knew this. I knew it was do or die.

Sharon talking about how she could leave near the end.

Sharon saying Sheila will be dragged to the end.

Josh: Nat's not going to put up Sheila.

Josh: I'm accepted. I'm calm about it. I knew it was coming. When I lost HOH by one, I was like oh lord. If you can't win one, you have to win one of the two, and I lost both.

James walks in and says "you have 5 days together." and leaves.

Josh: you'll be fine. Sheila will take my place. You'll have me, you'll have Chelsia. You've already won the game.

Sharon still crying.

Feeds cut to James doing monkey dance in bathroom.

Sharon walks out of sauna room.

Josh sitting alone in sauna room by himself.
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Topic #8483366
raindrop110475 - Sharon goes to fetch Josh his mic and then he says it will be alright cheer up sharon NT 0 Replies #8483366 6:41PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8483422
cjo - Sheila laying down in boat room alone, with a pillow b/t her legs, looks 0 Replies #8483422 6:43PM 28/03/2008
deep in thought
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Topic #8483428
lakeview - Sheila lying on bed. doing nothing NT 0 Replies #8483428 6:44PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8483435
raindrop110475 - James tellign sharon no worries onthem workign togetehr and he feels bad for josh but he is so stoked right now 0 Replies #8483435 6:44PM 28/03/2008
and they all have stood by eachother and now all they have is eachother and she keeps sayignit sucks and James says be careful with sheila sharon and James will be playing his own island and they are gonna go up aggainst eachother next week if they dont win HOH and tells her not to stress and they will figure it out when they find out new HOH is. James says these people want me out really bad. James says hell win all he can hes not great at question stuff keeps telling her to relax says they have 5 days to hang out so not to freak out yet.
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Topic #8483455
raindrop110475 - sharon starts to walk away and James says seems liek Josh is handling well and sharon says yeah he is . NT 0 Replies #8483455 6:45PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8483489
raindrop110475 - josh goes into shower with james and says to sharon are u gonna be ok just hook up with sheila let her take my place ull be fine NT 0 Replies #8483489 6:45PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8483548
raindrop110475 - James says look at how quick Sheila changesd before POV sheila wouldnt look at em or talk to me but after POV she was best friend 0 Replies #8483548 6:48PM 28/03/2008
Josh tells shaaron Sheila already hugged me goodbye I am done in this house. Josh says when u took nat into SR there was no way she would put up sheila and sharon says I know I was just trying and Josh says it was ggonna be me or james this week. JJames says now after this POV he knows he can win more comps cause first two Nat wasnt in and he was really worried about nat
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Topic #8483571
raindrop110475 - James hugs sharon and gives her a kiss Josh asks James how good do you feel right now NT 0 Replies #8483571 6:49PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8483809
RockinThePink - Sheila comes out of her room and says she was trying to lay down NT 0 Replies #8483809 7:01PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8483831
raindrop110475 - Josh says he will leave with grace and dignity and tells sheila to take good care of sharon Josh says he believes James will never leave NT 0 Replies #8483831 7:02PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8483850
MykaDawn777 - A few moments ago Sharon said "this kid is gonna win the game" referring to James and Joshua replied "He should!" NT 0 Replies #8483850 7:03PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8483871
raindrop110475 - Sheila telling Josh sharon would take bullet for him she loves him and she has been lyal and is a game knows joshis leaving 0 Replies #8483871 7:03PM 28/03/2008
Sheila says I know whats happening here Im not stupid and Josh says what do you think girls vs guys and Sheila says oh yeah ghas to be. Ryan comes out to KT and joins them
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Topic #8483872
RockinThePink - Josh tell Sheila to take care of Sharon when he is gone. 0 Replies #8483872 7:03PM 28/03/2008
Sheila thanks Josh for saying he isn't going to flip out.
Josh says " That boy ain't leaving" meaning James.
Sheila says he has nine lives.
S Says Sharon is a fried of Josh's for life and she would take a bullet for josh.
J oh I know

Sheila is worried they are coming after her now.
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Topic #8483888
RockinThePink - Ryan comes in to KT and Josh asks him how he is doing on the slop. NT 0 Replies #8483888 7:04PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8483929
RockinThePink - Josh tells RY ans SH that he just wants to eat. SH says don't go out like Jen. (from bb 8) 0 Replies #8483929 7:06PM 28/03/2008
Now they are discussing the order of eviction last season.
RY says he is NOT feeling the slop to much.
SH says its a punishment no doubt.
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Topic #8483959
RockinThePink - Outside is open 0 Replies #8483959 7:07PM 28/03/2008
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Topic #8484004
RockinThePink - Ry and Sheila outside talking about POV today. Sharon laying down in her bed. 0 Replies #8484004 7:10PM 28/03/2008
Now Josh comes out and puts his feet in the HT
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Topic #8484053
RockinThePink - Sharon looks like she is still crying a little bit, wiping away tears. 0 Replies #8484053 7:13PM 28/03/2008
James comes out to the BY puts his feet in tub.
Josh says they should get beer and wine tonight but Sheila reminds him that most of them are on slop.

RY asks James how he is doing.
James says good. Last night he thought he was done. Says the next 5 days will be interesting.

RY says he is dissappointed about the slop. James says he is feeling it already.
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Topic #8484225
MykaDawn777 - James, Josh, and Ryan in HT discussing new alliance of J/J/N/R 0 Replies #8484225 7:23PM 28/03/2008
Josh says Sheila is already saying that she will protect Sharon and how the Sheila wants the girls of the house to group up.
James says he will be vocal with the house that he is voting for Josh.
Ryan will keep Adam out of the loop.
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Topic #8484269
RockinThePink - Ry, James and Josh in HT James says he is going to let the whole house know from now on exactly what he is going to do. 0 Replies #8484269 7:25PM 28/03/2008
James says he is voting for Josh and that he (Ryan) can join or not but that is what he is doing.

RY says Adam is his boy and he is gonna still hang out with him but don't get paranoid. RY says he isn't gonna lie to Adam but he is just going to be left in the dark (about how he is voting)

RY says Sheila and Adam are still playing as a couple.
Josh says Sheila is playing all scenario's and trying to cover he but no matter what happens.

He says Sheila has already hugged him goodbye.

Ryan goes inside.
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Topic #8484301
lakeview - Ryan/Josh/James near hot tub 0 Replies #8484301 7:27PM 28/03/2008
James saying he's telling all he's voting to keep Josh so he doesn't get screwed if Nat/Ryan flip things.

Ryan: uh huh, yeah, uh huh.

Josh explaining same thing to Ryan.

Ryan saying he won't tell anyone anything. Josh is worried about Nat keeping her mouth shut.

James doesn't want to talk about it too often to not be obvious.

James/Josh explaining to Ryan how to tell Adam later why he changed his vote.

Josh: Sheila's a f---ing bitch. You heard the guys v. girls?

James saying again that he's telling everyone how he's voting because Josh is a voting party in the jury and Chelsia would be mad at him.

Josh: it's a win-win for us. Us four in the final 4 would be fun. Can you imagine a final 4 with...

Ryan: we'll all have each others backs.

Josh and James saying they won't be going up to HOH.

Josh: it's obvious that Adam wants to be with Natalie. He'll throw you under the bus to get Natalie into final 2.

Ryan: same with Sheila.

Josh says Sheila told Sharon that it's Sheila and Adam to the end with Sharon. Josh thinks Adam's going to win HOH.

Josh: she talks about Natalie always talks about the game. She is working overtime.

Ryan agreeing.

Josh saying that Sheila pumping up both of them was gameplay the next day. Ryan saying that Sheila had denied saying anything to James. James says that's why he got mad last night.

James saying that he's going to be vocal to the whole house.

James thinks double eviction next week.

James is going to leave his vote where it sits and they can vote or not. Ryan is not going to go against it.

Ryan's going to hangout with Adam but "don't get paranoid thinking..." Ryan's not going to lie to him, he'll just leave him in the dark.

Josh saying he's not going to campaign and mope around.

Ryan: only fair to get one of Sheila/Adam out next week.

Ryan wonders why Sheila thinks the last couple can stay together.

Josh saying Sheila's playing every scenario out. Ryan saying not James or me.

Josh: Sheila already assumes I'm gone. [and laughs]

Ryan's going to work out. He walks away.

James: wow. I never saw this coming in a million years.


Josh: another contingency plan.

James: I just feel bad for Sharon. Josh: I do too. James: gotta do what you gotta do.

Josh: if I go next week, you still have 3 votes, me, Sharon and Chelsia.

Josh hopes the f--- not that James would go after him.

Josh: I believe them.

James: yeah. But they have f---ed us before. But I'm doing what I'm doing anyway.

Josh wonders what would happen if it goes 4-0 to stay.

[gotta go]
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Topic #8484322
SouthernBelladonna - James: I just feel bad for Sharon. Josh: I do too. James: But you gotta do what you gotta do. 0 Replies #8484322 7:28PM 28/03/2008
Josh now says he believes Ryan...thinks they can trust him.

James says it doesn't matter to him. He is voting the way he's going to vote (for Josh) and what the others do is up to them.

Josh talks about how everything flipped after James won PoV...says it would never would have happened (deal with Nat) if James had lost...

J/J agree that Nat is intimidated by Adam...wants them to get him out for her. James says Adam will be furious
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Topic #8484330
RockinThePink - James and Josh in HT tub saying they feel bad for Sharon. 0 Replies #8484330 7:29PM 28/03/2008
James says he told her what way he is voting so he is cool with Sharon.

They say they believe Ryan and trust him.
James says he doesn't care what anyone else does but he is voting for Josh no matter what.

Josh says they are all cutting deals cuz they know James is staying now. They are all scared of him.

Josh says he asked the house if they really want to go against James every week?

James says they were all going for him hard in the POV compatition.

They say Natalie is intimidated by Adam but she doesn't want to be the one who gets him out.
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Topic #8484697
cannotsleep - Sharon to Sheila in the salon: "This is not Big Brother 9. This is James versus Natalie." NT 0 Replies #8484697 7:52PM 28/03/2008
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