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Topic #8636713
cannotsleep - Sheila filling Sharon in a bit on how James was campaigning earlier, Sheila says you're safe, Nat & Ryan will vote him out NT 0 Replies #8636713 8:28PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8636749
cannotsleep - Sheila says to Sharon: it's so scary right now, I don't even know what's going to happen after this eviction, & they're hoping for wine NT 0 Replies #8636749 8:30PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8636760
raindrop110475 - sheila says she will drink right in front of nat and is talkign about nat 0 Replies #8636760 8:31PM 06/04/2008
James says nat is a f'n alchy and wh*re. They say problem is nat and how shes sure people will screw her out of alchol as they plan to tell her there wasnt a beer for her for second time screwign her out of alchol
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Topic #8636801
cindytexas - Sharon asks if they only got beer. Yes. She asks if they got 6. They say only 5 because Ryan can't drink. 0 Replies #8636801 8:34PM 06/04/2008
James already had two. Sharon says Nat will be pissed. Sheila said she doesn't care, she'll sit right there and drink the last one right in front of her. James says, "Good for you." James says Natalie is an alkie.

They talk about how ridiculous it gets when the alcohol comes. Sheila says she thinks BB does it on purpose because they like to see them fight. They say it's not that, it's Natalie's attitude about alcohol, it's so ridiculous. James says, "It's so chill right now." (without her)
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Topic #8637123
my0wn - around the feeds.. 0 Replies #8637123 8:57PM 06/04/2008
Ryan is working on the remote control car, Nat is awake and at the bar in the kitchen talking about her dream. Says they were all in the house with wild animals. James & Shelia getting ready to cook something
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Topic #8637197
my0wn - Adam in HOH laying down, Sharon doing dishes, Nat going to grill fish with mayo on top, James cleaning grill NT 0 Replies #8637197 9:03PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8637407
lakeview - Sheila/Nat outside 0 Replies #8637407 9:20PM 06/04/2008
Nat: so what's the word on the street Sheila? Did James try to talk to you?

Sheila: yeah, it's not gonna matter though.

Sheila: he just wants to stay is all.

Sheila walks away.
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Topic #8637519
lakeview - Nat/Ryan/Adam by grill 0 Replies #8637519 9:28PM 06/04/2008
Nat: Sheila said he's trying to get her vote.

Ryan: he's trying to get them ag you. Adam told me that I didn't hear it.


Adam walks outside.

Nat: he's trying to get Sheila's vote.

Adam: yeah.

Nat: if I win HOH, those girls are going up. Just don't tell Sheila that. Sheila's not going to win. And I can beat Sharon.

Nat: it's funny bc they all say the same thing, James Chelsia and Joshua.

Adam starts scrubbing the grill. Nat walks inside.
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Topic #8637711
RockinThePink - Housgeusts have dinner together. 0 Replies #8637711 9:45PM 06/04/2008
Sheila now doing dishes. Natalie sitting at the table look at memory wall. Camera keeps flashing form her face to Matts picture (lol)
Sharon at the table putting on lipgloss.

Sheila says she never knew she could cook on a grill. Says its easy.
Sharon says boys get crazy on the grill and think it's a man's job.

Sharon telling the story of her putting the pizza in the over lastnight with the cardboard stil on it. At home she is used to using a pizza over not a regular over. She says her crazy ass tried to burn down the house.
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Topic #8637744
towie - Ryan/Adam in BY 0 Replies #8637744 9:49PM 06/04/2008
talking about food comp, and gettting fingers cut up. saying that ther tracks for the gravy was flowing a lot faster than nats/james.

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Topic #8637753
RockinThePink - Ryan and Adam outside in BY on the couches talking about the mashed potato food comp. 0 Replies #8637753 9:49PM 06/04/2008
Ryan saying he was telling Adam to " man up pussy" after he cut his finger.

Adam: there was blood in the mashed potatoes dude.

Ryan: I am glad we got the grizzle (grill)

Adam: Saying they wouldn't let him use the ladle to drag the gravy. BB told him he can't do that.

Ryan: we got all ours done and had to help the other side get theirs.

Ironically inside the girls are also talking about the food comp.

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Topic #8637809
lakeview - Sharon/Nat/Sheila in sauna room 0 Replies #8637809 9:55PM 06/04/2008
Sheila: he's saying you need me to be here.

Sheila: he's on the block with her so if he stays she goes.

Sharon: he's trying to get the boys against her [Nat]

Sheila: they're not going to go for that. The boys told her.

Nat: ... James was trying to take up deals with me.

Sheila: he knows you were his strongest threat. But he's not staying here.

Sheila: hello, we know it's a game and will need to turn on them.

Sheila telling Nat to put up the boys if she wins OH.

Nat: I would have to. Who else would I put up?

Sheila: you wouldn't put up one of us versus one of them?

Nat: not unless you wanted me to.

Adam and Ryan walk in.
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Topic #8637837
RockinThePink - The girls go into the salon to talk in private. Sheila tells Natalie and Sharon about James trying to get them to keep her so he can help get Nat out. 0 Replies #8637837 9:57PM 06/04/2008
Adam comes in and interupts them. They say it's not going to happen, he is gone. They won't let it happen.

Ryan comes in now to see what's going on. Natalie tells Ryan what they were talking about. Sheila again says " it aint gonna happen"
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Topic #8637893
lakeview - All but James in sauna room 0 Replies #8637893 10:02PM 06/04/2008
Sheila: you guys have already told Nat about James's deal.

Sheila: it ain't gonna happen. Ryan's not going to allow it. And I'm not going to allow it. We only need 2 votes.

Adam: look at my dumb ass when Sharon walked in the door and I said 'you've got one vote right there.' ... I forgot she was on the block.

Sheila: she's on the block, you dumb ass.

Sheila: we're not scheming. We're just talking.

Nat: we'd have to be a bunch of dummies.

Sheila: why would we after how many weeks now keep him now?

Sheila: der der der der der.


Adam: Sharon made a funny.

Sharon: and Baller made a funny.

Sheila: you came out of a frickin' box and told us you were coming after all of us. C'mon.

Sheila: I knew Josh would tell him everything I said. That's why I talked loud before. I said you know what is gonna happen. He's going to dye his hair bleach blond, and he'll be back for season 10. He's not going anywhere.

Sheila: the night he freaked out. I knew Josh would tell him so it didn't matter if I talked quietly. Josh even told him about the 9 lives.

Sharon: Josh told me about it.

Nat saying Josh will do his cat move next week when James walks into sequester.

Adam: as long as Sharon's here, I don't care. [Sharon's rubbing his head.]

Sheila: Baller's getting a lot of lovin' here this week from all the chicks.

[Ryan left the room apparently but is now back.]

Ryan: Chucky and his angels.

Sheila: Lenny and the Angels. That's his middle name. [Adam]

Sheila: It was Leroy Niman - the artist I was thinking about.

Adam: Leonard Nimoy.

Adam telling Sheila her knees are jacked up.

Sharon telling what the show was like tonight.

Sheila: they did see me say "you are officially the biggest jerk in the house." I didn't say officially though.

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Topic #8637968
debswild - Ryan and James playing Chess NT 0 Replies #8637968 10:10PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8638012
cannotsleep - Sheila/Nat/Sharon in the salon whispering. Sheila is filling Nat and Sharon in on how James was campaigning to her earlier. 0 Replies #8638012 10:14PM 06/04/2008
Sheila tells Sharon, you are staying here, James is leaving.

Sheila asks Natalie, if you win HOH who are you putting up?

Natalie says the boys. Sheila seems skeptical.

Ryan and Adam come in from outside, and Sheila starts using a normal voice talking about her nails. Adam and Ryan come into the salon for a few minutes and then Ryan leaves and Adam stays.

Sheila says why would we try, for freaking how many weeks now, to get you out, and then keep you now (with regard to James)? You came back in a freaking box with a bow on it. Ryan is voting him out and I am voting him out.

Sheila says we're getting down to the bottom of the barrel with the men here. They laugh. More joking about Charlie's Angels. Saying it could be Lenny's Angels or Leonard's Angels.

Everyone except James is in the salon, joking about the comp with the mashed potatoes. Ryan says why can't I ever get a massage in this room, it's bullsh*t, I'm out of here. Ryan leaves and Sheila yells after him, Ryan as soon as your neck feels better I will give you a massage, with oil.

Adam has his head in Sharon's lap and she is playing with his hair.

James comes by, and he and Ryan decide to play a game of chess.
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Topic #8638029
debswild - Ryan and James still playing chess, I don't think either has 0 Replies #8638029 10:16PM 06/04/2008
said a word at all yet. (very boring)
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Topic #8638136
Roadkill23 - Ryan to HOH Room to listen to Bon Jovi CD NT 0 Replies #8638136 10:28PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8638148
Roadkill23 - Sharon to DR NT 0 Replies #8638148 10:29PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8638163
Roadkill23 - Sheila and Natalie in Sauna Room. Sheila: The Kid (James) is gonna try to make one last stand NT 0 Replies #8638163 10:30PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8638173
Roadkill23 - Baller and James in BY smoking NT 0 Replies #8638173 10:30PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8638188
cannotsleep - James tells Adam to go to Natalie and say it was all Jimmy's idea to drink all of the beers, and not leave any for her. All feeds on the chess game, 0 Replies #8638188 10:31PM 06/04/2008
but you can hear faintly hear Natalie's voice, having an animated conversation with Adam/Sheila and Sharon.

Now they are showing the salon again and Sheila is relating a story about Joshuah to the others. That she's glad they settled their differences before he left, and that he left in a good way, that there way no reason to leave the way that she (Chelsia) did.

Natalie saying why does James always feel the need to come after me? He's mad that he didn't get me, before I got him. He's mad he got played by the girl with no education. Natalie says if you think for one second that I'm going to trust you after everything you've done in this game, then you're the one that's stupid.

Sharon comes back, and says she's flossed her teeth more in this house than she has for the past five years. They say there's nothing else to do. More talk of teeth.

Natalie said I thought the deal was he was going to go out like a man. Sheila says what is it about us... we must be such big threats that they feel the need to go after two girls.

Ryan comes back into the salon and asks if he can go listen to some Bon Jovi, Adam says sure.

Sheila says, oh Evel Dick liked me... talking about the POV that ED hosted.

Sharon gets called to the DR and James comes into the salon to get Adam. Natalie says so what else did he say (James). Nat asks, but why does he always want to come after me? Sheila says because you're a big threat.
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Topic #8638191
Roadkill23 - Sheila: After what he (James) did to me and did to you (Natalie) with the pickle juice, he thinks I'm gonna keep him? NT 0 Replies #8638191 10:31PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8638211
Roadkill23 - Sheila tells Natalie to avoid James and bite her tounge NT 0 Replies #8638211 10:32PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8638220
Roadkill23 - Sheila on James' tirades against her: If we weren't in the house, oh hell no! NT 0 Replies #8638220 10:33PM 06/04/2008
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