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Topic #8630410
CruiseCritic - James - I know she is saying "he is just like Chelsia" - they think she is in the kitchen at the table 0 Replies #8630410 12:57PM 06/04/2008
all 4 feeds on the couch area and no sign of Ryan or Natalie. James munching on potato chips.

Adam mentions a little BBQ - Sheila says good times. James says he wishes he had a joint right now.

James says he told "people" he would probably need a gallon of Jack (on his way out the door).

Sheila asks him what pants he is wearing and James says they are making him a custom sequined tuxedo. Sharon wonders what they will make her and James says he was joking.

James says he gets on "their" last nerves.(with all his masturbating, having sex etc) FLAMES
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Topic #8630445
KingMac - James said they (DR) is makinh him a fitted pink tux for the finale, Sharon says what are the making me, James says he was joking... 0 Replies #8630445 12:58PM 06/04/2008
Sharon says she wouldnt doubt it they (dr) would do anything for James
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Topic #8630458
CruiseCritic - James says people dont like to fck on this show because they are embarrassed - he on the other hand is not 0 Replies #8630458 12:59PM 06/04/2008
Talk of people (HGS) getting naked in the pool - tops off. Sharon says she did not take her top off, Sheila believes her.

Sheila says she, Allison and Amanda were not in there. So Chelsia and Natalie were naked in the pool and so was James.

Sheila wonders if this is the season with the most cursing and nudity.

James doesnt think the most cursing. Sheila says they told her it was.

James says for sure it was the most nudity.
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Topic #8630459
cindytexas - James and Sheila talking about this year has been the show with the most nudity. NT 0 Replies #8630459 12:59PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8630469
Brendabythebay - James says he's been slacking & he needs to amp up the nudity. NT 0 Replies #8630469 1:00PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8630504
cindytexas - Sharon comes outside and says Natalie is pissed. She says nobody is allowed to laugh or egg him on. 0 Replies #8630504 1:02PM 06/04/2008
Sheila says, "What?" Sharon says Natalie said people are laughing and making fun of her.
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Topic #8630509
Brendabythebay - James asks Sharon whats up is it already starting? She says yeah, she's 0 Replies #8630509 1:02PM 06/04/2008
pissed (nat inside.) Sharon says noone is allowed to laugh at anyone. She thinks we're all laughing at you about her.

James falls over on the couch laugh.

James: Don't laugh Sharon. She could be beneficial to you in the future. She'll come after you with vengeance. OMG. Shoulda gotten rid of her last nite. Esp after the comments she made last nite.

Sheila: What did she say?

Sharon called to DR.

James: With you.

SHeila. Oh Gawd.

Cuts to sharon sighing while walking to DR and we get flames.
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Topic #8630514
CruiseCritic - James says he is sure SHE (Natalie) is telling the boys "Dont laugh at him - he isnt funny" 0 Replies #8630514 1:03PM 06/04/2008
still all 4 feeds on the BY couch area with Sheila - James and Sharon.

Adam, Ryan and Nat must be inside. James telling Sharon not to laugh and that she (Nat) could be beneficial to you.

James says we should have gotten rid of her a$$ afterr her comments last night.

Sharon called to DR

Sheila wants to know what comments and James says the comments about you
(that Natalie deserves to leave if she cant beat Sheila)

Now all 4 feeds go into KT and we see Sharon go sit in DR and FLAMES
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Topic #8630524
Brendabythebay - Sharon in DR: GAWD! (visual & audio leak) NT 0 Replies #8630524 1:03PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8630528
CruiseCritic - See Sharon in DR saying ohhh Gawwwwd and FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8630528 1:03PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8630533
BB_Addiction - Feeds going in and out from flames.. Feed 4 showed Sharon in DR NT 0 Replies #8630533 1:03PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8630546
Brendabythebay - Ryan & Adam are in KT talking to Nat. Adam says James telling things that aren't true like 0 Replies #8630546 1:04PM 06/04/2008
James said that he & Nat working together. Ryan says James told them Nat went up to him. Yeah, the Christian and the atheist working together. nat says James has come up to her every week and of course she agred with it but then told them guys.
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Topic #8630563
cindytexas - Adam, Ryan and Nat talking in kitchen. Adam says she's been saying certain things that aren't true. 0 Replies #8630563 1:06PM 06/04/2008
Nat says, "What?" They bring up the thing about her saying James has been coming to her wanting to work with her. She denies it, says he came to her and she just agreed with it, but she didn't mean it. Adam says James said she brought up the good vs evil, they would never suspect it. Nat denies again. They explain that's what James is pissed about.

Nat says James is a manipulator and a liar, he'll try to twist anything anybody says.
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Topic #8630574
CruiseCritic - Ryan talking to Natalie about her and James having an alliance and Natalie says he came up to her 0 Replies #8630574 1:06PM 06/04/2008
every week to make an alliance. Natalie says she tells them every time it happens. Adam says that he (James) must have believed you. Natalie says she knew she was never going to work with him. Nat tells Ryan he HAS TO win this week.

Adam says it sucks that he cant play this week. Natalie calls James a manipulator and liar - you cant believe what he says. Ryan says he is gone - 3 more days.

Ryan and Nat continue to trash James and all feeds now go to James and Sheila outside on the couches.

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Topic #8630591
cindytexas - James telling Sheila not this coming week but the next week will be her crucial week. 0 Replies #8630591 1:07PM 06/04/2008
James says where she fits in is amazing, they all want someone in the end they think they can beat.
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Topic #8630612
Brendabythebay - Adam comes out to BY & says yeah sure Sheila its all fun & games until you're the but of the joke. 0 Replies #8630612 1:08PM 06/04/2008
Sheila yelling inside to Nat that she wasn't laughing, and yells at Adam why is he shitstirring.

James: How you doin Ry?

Ryan: How you doin? You feelin devious today James?

Sheila asks about Ry's neck.

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Topic #8630617
CruiseCritic - Natalie comes outside and Sheila tells her she hasnt been laughing at her and tells her she wasnt laughing at her - 0 Replies #8630617 1:09PM 06/04/2008
Sheila says she even told James it wasnt funny. Natalie says ok sheila

Ryan gets on lounger end of the couch and lays down.

James asks Ryan how he is feeling and Ryan asks James how he is feeling. Ryan asks James if he is feeling devious. Sheila asks Ryan how his neck is. He had a problem sleeping all night.
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Topic #8630626
cindytexas - Adam comes outside and tells Sheila it's all fun and games until it's on her. Sheila asks what she's done. 1 Replies #8630626 1:09PM 06/04/2008
Adam says she's laughing. She said people were laughing when flour got poured on her. She yells across the yard to Natalie that she's not laughing, she doesn't think it's funny and she's told James that. Then Sheila asks Adam what his problem is, he's trying to start shi* and she doesn't like it.

Ryan comes outside and asks James if he's feeling devious today.
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Tara555 - I think Ryan said "devious" NT #8630643 1:11PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8630665
cindytexas - Ryan telling James that Nat has been saying, "Why me?" James asks if he needs to tell Ryan why and he says 0 Replies #8630665 1:12PM 06/04/2008
no, he knows why. James says she's probably saying he's just like Chelsia. Ryan says he told Nat why and she said James was a liar. James laughs, "Yeah right."

Ryan says get ready, he's going to hear, "Well at least you get to go see Chelsia," because he had to hear that..."Don't worry, at least you get to go see Jen."
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Topic #8630677
CruiseCritic - Sounds like Ryan says she is a liar and shakes his head in some sort of disappointement - Says he didnt like when he was on the block & she (Nat) told 0 Replies #8630677 1:13PM 06/04/2008
him when he was almost going to be evicted- - at least you get to see Jen and Ryan says you dont want to hear that stuff.

James says he knows he is leaving and is ok with it. talking about having sex in the house.

Ryan says in sequester they can be like wild animals.
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Topic #8630704
cindytexas - Ryan says after the show he's not going straight home, he's going down to Florida for a few days. 0 Replies #8630704 1:15PM 06/04/2008
Adam says he's going to come hang out with the Baller and insinuates they are going to go after chicks. Ryan just smiles. Then he says he doesn't think he'll tell Jen that.
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Topic #8630730
cindytexas - Sharon says she has 80 pages left in the Bible. James asks what about Revelations. 0 Replies #8630730 1:18PM 06/04/2008
She explains what she has left. (ed: James seems to have quite a bit of knowledge about the Bible.)
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Topic #8630749
CruiseCritic - James wondering how he will communicate after the show and Ryan says he will give him his email address - 0 Replies #8630749 1:19PM 06/04/2008
James says he will hang out for a couple of weeks and then will have to figure out how to get down to florida? Ryan says he can just start walking and people will see that pink hair and say dude, the guy from Big Brother and he wont have a problem.

Adam tells James he will help him out and give him some $$$

Ryan called to DR. Sharon walks by and James asks her what she is going to do and she says she is going to go lay out.

Adam and James on the couch. James tells Adam - you better beat that girl. Adam says who Natalie? James says yes and Adam wonders about double eviction and asks James to talk to Sharon - James says he will.

James says watch out for the veto. Adam says this week is crucial as his hands are tied. Adam wonders who he would go against on the block....
James says have to figure that out more.

(gotta go get some laundry done - be back later)
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Topic #8630781
cindytexas - James says to Adam, "You better beat that girl." Adam says, "Who, Natalie?" James says yes, he's serious. 0 Replies #8630781 1:21PM 06/04/2008
Adam says he needs to get past this next week and asks James to talk to Sharon for him. He says he will.

Adam says it's a risk for him if Sharon wins. Adam says if he does go up, who would he pick to go up with. Adam says Ryan or Natalie. James says he better go up against Natalie. James says he should talk to Ryan because he looked out for him this week. Adam says twice he looked out for him.

James says get Natalie more caught up with Sheila, get Nat to talk ***** on Sheila and get Sheila to hear it.

Adam says he thinks he's going to go with Ryan. He wants to make sure he'll vote for him over Natalie. He says if it's endurance they're both f'd. James says don't worry at least he can win the veto for himself.
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Topic #8630802
cindytexas - James says they're probably going to do a sexist thing. Adam asks what, two boys against two girls? 0 Replies #8630802 1:22PM 06/04/2008
James says he could see that. James says Adam has his ***** in line, just don't stress too much.
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