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Topic #8630880
Brendabythebay - Ry tells Adam outside he don't think he can trust Nat he thinks they were making deals 0 Replies #8630880 1:27PM 06/04/2008
why would James lie about that.
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Topic #8630881
cindytexas - James called to the DR. Adam says James is going to be brutal this week. 0 Replies #8630881 1:27PM 06/04/2008
As soon as James leaves, Nat starts yelling to Adam and Ryan that they need to stand up for her, tell James to shut the F up. Adam tells her to tell him. She said she did. She says if they laugh and egg him on, it's only going to get worse. Ryan says she's threatening him (Adam). Ryan says they can't trust her. They think she was trying to cut deals with James. Adam telling Ryan, "It's me and you, dude." Ryan agrees, no matter what.
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Topic #8630911
cindytexas - Ryan said to Adam, "Yeah, we have to stay true to each other, no bullsh*t. To the end." 0 Replies #8630911 1:28PM 06/04/2008
Adam agrees.

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Topic #8630939
Brendabythebay - Ry & Adam agree their best final 3 are them and Sheila. Its best for them. NT 0 Replies #8630939 1:30PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8630956
cindytexas - Ryan is telling Adam he doesn't know what Sharon would do, doesn't know if she would put Adam up 0 Replies #8630956 1:31PM 06/04/2008
because he doesn't talk to her about that shi*. (ed: what!)

Adam says he doesn't want to have to worry about anything, just him and Ryan to the end. Ryan says he would like it to be him, Adam and Sheila final three. Adam agrees.

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Topic #8630995
cindytexas - Nat telling Sheila that James approached her in the sauna when Chelsia was on the block, telling her that 0 Replies #8630995 1:33PM 06/04/2008
it looks like Chelsia is out and said he wanted to work with her, nobody would suspect. Nat says he did it three times, including when they were watching the movie. Nat says she told everybody right away, every time he tries to work with her.

Sheila says she doesn't know who to believe.

Now Nat tells Adam they're talking about all the times James came up to her and talked about wanting to work with her.
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Topic #8631034
cindytexas - Nat says wait till they watch the tapes, they will see that every week James came up to her and said, "Are we still on, are we still good?" 0 Replies #8631034 1:35PM 06/04/2008
Nat says it's hysterical how he tries to say it was her. She can't wait till they get to come home and watch all the tapes.

Sharon says James said she was saying yes to all of it so he thought it was real. Nat says it's not the first time she's tricked him, she did it with the Matty deal, when they pretended to be fighting.

Nat says she would never have worked with James, if he's the one who believes it, he's the one that's stupid.
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Topic #8631065
cindytexas - Nat tells Shiela that James said she was just latching onto the strongest player (her). 0 Replies #8631065 1:36PM 06/04/2008
Sheila says, "Whatever."
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Topic #8631078
cindytexas - Nat tells Adam to just stick up for her like Matty would. NT 0 Replies #8631078 1:37PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8631088
cindytexas - Nat says maybe she should make James believe she'll give him her vote, just so he'll keep off her as*. NT 0 Replies #8631088 1:38PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8631134
cindytexas - Nat calling James a freaking dipshi*, an idiot. She says it's not her fault he's so gullible. 0 Replies #8631134 1:39PM 06/04/2008
Says, "And he says I'm the one who's naive." Nat says she even felt sorry for him that day when he cried, gave him a hug.

Nat says James goes around being a negative Nancy, raining on peoples' parade.
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Topic #8631135
veedsboo - Adam yelling really loud because a plaine is overhead.. 0 Replies #8631135 1:39PM 06/04/2008
"WHAT ABOUT MY A..SS!!!!!!!!!!!"
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Topic #8631172
veedsboo - James is back in the BY. NT 0 Replies #8631172 1:42PM 06/04/2008

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Topic #8631199
cindytexas - Sharon asks Nat who she thinks would turn on her the fastest. Nat says probably Adam. 0 Replies #8631199 1:43PM 06/04/2008
Nat asks Sharon what she thinks. She says she doesn't know, people don't talk to her. Nat says they will be fine, as long as "Us girls stick together." Nat wants to get out the biggest threats.

Sharon says, "You know the boys egg them on, that's just how boys are." Sharon says her and Sheila don't.

Nat going on again about how Chelsia acted, and James is just like Chelsia.
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Topic #8631285
veedsboo - James and Ryan playing with the remote control cars they got from BB. NT 0 Replies #8631285 1:48PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8631303
veedsboo - Adam is playing too. NT 0 Replies #8631303 1:49PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8631396
veedsboo - James is laying on the patio couch.. he is giving suggestions to Ryan ... 0 Replies #8631396 1:53PM 06/04/2008
concerning the remote control cars...Ryan says "we gotta get it some speed" Shelia walks by...and goes to the girls and says "what the word on the street" then says Josy used to always say that to her. Sharon says he got that from her.
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Topic #8631447
veedsboo - Ryan now trying to make a ramp for the cars... 0 Replies #8631447 1:55PM 06/04/2008
James is helping...Ryan's first attempt is a failure...he tries again and it's no good.
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Topic #8631464
veedsboo - James has his butt crack showing in the NT 0 Replies #8631464 1:56PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8631485
veedsboo - he was bending over to fix the ramp and it fell out. NT 0 Replies #8631485 1:57PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8631549
veedsboo - Sheila laying on her back in a bright blue bikini..Sharon on her stomach with a nude colored bikini, Nat on her back... all getting sun. 0 Replies #8631549 2:01PM 06/04/2008
Nat starts to talk about Chelsia trying to get her to work with her and James. Nat tells She/Sha that James has tried to work with her several times.
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Topic #8631601
cindytexas - Nat tells Sheila that the boys are afraid of them because it's three of them vs two of them. 0 Replies #8631601 2:05PM 06/04/2008
Sheila says she doesn't know why, they're stronger. Someone says Adam can't play this week, so it's really three vs one.

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Topic #8631631
veedsboo - Adam and Ryan and James in the Kitchen talking.. 0 Replies #8631631 2:07PM 06/04/2008
James says, "no one wants to say how they really feel." BB:Shelia please do not obstruct your microphone" Adam calls the three girls outside Charlie's Angels. They call Shelia the ring leader who does nothing, Nat is the enforcer. They talk bad about Shelia's past, They says she likes girl on girl porn and guy on guy, they say anyone who dropped outta high school and goes to Vegas is F up.
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Topic #8631713
veedsboo - The guys are back on the feeds... 0 Replies #8631713 2:12PM 06/04/2008
James is talking about cheap ciggs...Ryan mentions that 10 years ago it was $1.50 per pack, a gallon of gas was .98 cents...
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Topic #8631715
sexylexie1 - All 3 boys in the kitchen talking about something bad that happened to Sheila when she was a kid. 0 Replies #8631715 2:12PM 06/04/2008
Adam says something bad had to happen if you leave home at 16 and go to Vegas and lives with her aunt and uncle...somthing is happening dude. Ryan confirms something did happen and then gets quiet. Adam says her kid is proably going to teh mall and getting messed up and coming home and telling his mom to go f*** yourself. James said her kid knows what candy's f****** raver terms. Ryan asks James how do you knwo taht and then we get flames. NT
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