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lakeview - Even more Sheila/James in sauna room with Adam lying there 0 Replies #8634816 5:57PM 06/04/2008
Sheila saying that her going up didn't make her happy but was the right thing to do.

James is happy that Adam gave him a shot and not on the block.

James: this would defunct her HOH stay.

Sheila knows who she'd put up if she won HOH. "Me and Sharon. She wants one of you up there in the end."

Adam picks his nose.

Sheila: she wants Sharon gone.

James: that's the thing, I'll leave whether it's this week or next. I just want to take someone out.

Sheila says that Nat needs one of the boys at the end.

Sheila wonder if there will be a double eviction.

James: either way, you'll need someone.

Sheila saying that she's listening.

James: Nat said that if she took James to the end she's win bc she'd win.

James: first of all you're telling me I'm going to lose. And second, I don't want you to win any of the money.

James would rather take Nat with him on the way out.

Sheila knows he doesn't like Nat.

Sheila: is it true you wanted to team up with her?

James: yeah, it is. But she was blowing me out behind my back.

Sheila: Adam, you and I, I know you're HOH, but I want to know what you think. Your opinion means something in this. And since you put me on the block.

James saying that Adam put Sheila up so she got "block time" so people didn't think she skirted by.

James saying that if he had decided to work with Matt it'd've been a different game. He had to cripple one of his opponents and then got crippled in return.

Sheila: ... I didn't vote you back in bc we just voted you out and I wanted Alex back. Not bc I wanted to be with Alex.... [fill in prior "Alex didn't get a fair shake" story from prior Sheila conversations]

Sheila saying Sharon had Josh's back throughout the game. He got the best shake of a partner. [fill in "Sharon cried after POV ceremony" story from prior Sheila conversations]

Sheila: you have to say 'who is my biggest threat to my game?'

James is willing to throw the balls to the walls to get rid of some people. He's made amends with people. He wants to get one person out and doesn't think Sharon can do it.

Sharon walks in the room
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lakeview - Sheila/Adam/James in sauna room 0 Replies #8635035 6:13PM 06/04/2008
Sharon leaves after relatively boring chit chat.

Adam gets yelled at for blocking his microphone.

Sheila: you're always being bad. You're a bad boy.

James: this is where the interesting part comes in bc if there's only 5 of them, I don't want Adam want to go up. You have to convince Ryan that I wouldn't put up Ryan but would put up Adam, and then get him to think this is the best for him.

Sheila: why me?


Adam is pro-campaigning.

Adam says his thoughts right now are irrelevant.

Adam thinks Sharon would come after Adam before James would come after Adam.

Sheila: we would need someone in the house that would not come after me or him [Adam]

Sheila: you know why. This is why I get yelled at all the time in this house. You put me in these places. You set me up. Just bc I'll do it, doesn't mean its right.

Sheila: I'm going to think about this bc it's very interesting.

Sheila knows that the biggest threat to Sheila is ...

Adam: who?

Sheila: you know, to the end. [ed. missed the name. think it's Nat.]

James leaves.

Sheila is worried about Nat. She is her biggest threat to Sheila.

James back in.

Sheila: I don't know what the guys are going to do.

James: you know that putting Nat on the block, Ryan would freak out.

Sheila: it's definitely something to think about bc it's crazy.

Sheila: no, it's not crazy. It makes sense. I think she thinks noone will turn on her in this game.

Adam: who?

Sheila: Natalie. I told you that.

James; you'll eventually have to do it. I can do it.

Sheila: so that's your target.

James: she'd still love you guys. I'd be the one who did it.

Sheila: she doesn't love me. she wants to be ag Adam or Ryan at the end. But who she wants is another question. And I think I know the answer.

Adam: it doesn't matter what she wants. It's how she'd get there.

Sheila: we don't have a crystal ball. we don't know what will go on.

Adam: what do you want Sheila. You as a person.

James: I will tell you this. Sharon is a better person. But you don't need good people. You need people to do dirty work. I'm willing to do dirty work.

Sheila: ... interesting stuff ... she'll be mad at whomever kept you here. Which will be Ryan and I.

James says he'll make her life a living hell. Worse that what he did to Sheila.

Sheila knows he can do it.

James: Sharon will just smile and be her friend.

Sheila says Sharon's smarter than people think.

James: Nat would lose HOH if I stayed. Her crystal ball would be shattered.

James: Ryan does owe me one.

Sheila: interesting.

Sheila: Ryan said that he would vote? Or are you making that up?

James: talk to him. I will broach him first.

James: he has to think that Nat/Adam will be the target, but when it comes down to it it'll be Ryan and Natalie. And that'll give him the chance to play in the veto to keep the comps the same.

Sheila knows what Adam would say to her about James and it's real. Not BS. "Never done anything to him. Never lied to him." He wanted to give you a fair shot. he told me that last night. Upstairs.

Adam yelled at by DR for microphone again. Sheila: you are so getting in trouble. Adam: why don't you just shut it? Sheila: yeah, shut your pie hole.

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Topic #8635245
lakeview - more Sheila/Adam/James in sauna room and then James leaves 0 Replies #8635245 6:26PM 06/04/2008
James; I have no expectations.

Sheila: if you talk to Ryan, I'll talk to Ryan.

James: he has a tendancy to say things but not be really into it. He'll need your reassurance. He likes to go with the house. This would be that.

Sheila: we will see, we will see.

James: just planting seeds.

Sheila: I should've went with my gut and this wouldn't happen. My gut said not to evict you ... Made me sick to my stomach.

Adam: you flipped this house Sheila.

Sheila: no, I didn't. It wasn't me.

Adam: your decision matters more than anyone Sheila. [he's joking around]

Adam: what are you gonna do Sheila?

Sheila: I'm going to flip this house again. Bc I feel like I need some action. I'm bored out of my frickin' mind. I'm going to do something crazy for my 46th bday.

James; it's gonna be a vanilla game after this.

Sheila: it's gonna be frickin' boring. know that.

James: can the big She pull it off

Sheila: can she do it once again people? I'm not taking credit for any of that. I did not do that.

Sheila: I don't know.

James: I go to the special place and they're like "don't give up. go talk to these people." [talking about DR.]

James left.

Adam wants a massage later on. Sheila wants to listen to some music later on. Adam: not now? Sheila: I'll wait. Adam: not now? Sheila: uh uh.

Sheila: yeah, I don't know what's gonna happen.

Adam is scared.

Sheila: you're never scared.

Adam is worried about next week's HOH. Sheila thinks he's fine. Adam: why? Sheila: I just know. Adam: Sharon? Sheila: she's not going to do anything. Remember we're the votes if Adam/Ryan are up.

Sheila: we can't let this happen. He's coming after you. [James]

Adam: Sharon can't put me up.

Sheila: I'm not gonna let it happen.

Adam: worst case, she's put me and Nat up.

Sheila: I'm not voting you out.

Adam doesn't know who Ryan would vote for in that case.

Sheila: I can talk to Sharon, don't you worry about Sharon . I trust her more than him.

Sheila: she's a good person I trust her. I think Ryan's going to win HOH and not nat. They'd put up me and Sharon. They'd keep me here.

Sheila: we can't let this happen. [James] I was just saying that so he'd leave me alone.

Sheila: man, it's getting crazy up in here. crazy.

Adam: are you going to tend to my needs?

Sheila pats his arm. "How's that? Was that good?"

Adam: you're hands are so soft and smooth.

Sheila: oh god, Adam, this is getting to frickin' intense.

Sheila saying she won't let Sharon put Adam up if she won HOH.

Adam: ok.

Sheila: don't worry about it. And you could win POV and take yourself down.

Sheila: mum's the word. We're good. Don't worry and go over to her side.

Adam: who?

Sheila: Natalie. don't make her think you'd vote for her to keep it.

Sheila: tell Nat that if she says we need to get Sheila out, just say yeah, you're right, but don't promise anything.

Sheila will talk to Ryan. "Since I am the ultimate flip flopper. I have to do that for James."

Sheila: I hate that frickin' word.

Adam: campaign with She?

Sheila: no way, Shebot doesn't work like that.

Adam asking for a massage. Sheila says no bc he won't massage her. But she does it anyway. Adam: it hurts. Sheila: man up, I'm barely touching you.

Sheila's looking for the roller thing.

Sheila: it's going to get crazy. Everyone's tuning on each other. It's not going to be fun.

Sheila wonders where James went. "We will see what happens here."

Adam: whatever you think is best, you know, Sheila.

Sheila: I'm still not happy about what you did, but I know why you did it.

Sheila mentioning that Adam has sun spots on his back. it's contagious so she'll have to wash her hands. She suggests he uses a dandruff shampoo. And scrub it. But there's a special lotion too. BB didn't let her take it in.
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Topic #8635301
cindytexas - Sheila says she has that disorder where you get depressed if you're not in the sun. 0 Replies #8635301 6:30PM 06/04/2008
Seasonal Affective Disorder - SAD
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Topic #8635361
cindytexas - Sheila and Adam talking about Josh, how this game brought out the worst in him. 0 Replies #8635361 6:33PM 06/04/2008
Sheila says she misses him, it's boring without him. Her and Adam agree that he was very funny and entertaining.

Sheila says she just wishes Josh hadn't attacked her, she could have been his buddy.
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Topic #8635446
cannotsleep - James talking to Sheila and Adam in the sauna room, Sheila saying how can we trust you? Sheila tells James she has never been gunning for him (LONG) 0 Replies #8635446 6:40PM 06/04/2008
in this house. Sheila asks Adam what he thinks, he says he doesn't have a vote this week because he's HOH. James says it seems like Natalie is the one that has been after me, Sheila says, well that was because of Matty, but that's not really the reason anymore. James says Nat is intimidated by him.

James says if he stays and Sharon is evicted, Nat will be shocked and that she will be floored and unable to compete well in the HOH. James says I can either leave the house, or I can try to pull something that makes it possible for me to stay. James says he doesn't want Natalie to win the game.

James says you're going to need someone here that counterbalances the strong players (i.e. Natalie). Sheila says, hmmmm.

Sheila says it's very scary, James said like I told you I'm not here to win the money, I'm here to take out people...(said somethting else but my feeds messed up and the audio was garbled.) Flames

Sheila says I don't think Natalie is going to win HOH, Sheila says I know exactly who she would put up if she wins HOH, Adam says who? Sheila says me and Sharon. Tells James she wouldn't put the boys up and that she knows Nat wants Sharon out.

Sheila says I wanted to hear you out. James says Nat has made some comments to him about if she takes James to the final two, that Nat will win, that she has the votes in the jury house. James says I don't want her winning ANY of the money.

Sheila says is it true that you wanted to work with her? James says yeah, but that he found out that since then she's been blowing him out of the water, and some of the the things he's heard in the DR have given him some insight.

James says it would've been a different game for him if he hadn't voted out Matty, that it would be a whole different game right now.

Sheila talking about Alex again, that she wanted him to come back, not because she's attracted to him (ed. LOL), but because she thinks he got a raw deal being paired up with Amanda.

Sheila says, I don't know. James says this whole game is interesting, says he willing to throw balls to the walls with some people.

James says now technically I only want to get one person out (referring to Natalie).

Sharon comes into the salon, which has Adam, Sheila and James and Sharon in it now.

Sheila asks where Rybread is, Sharon says he's lying down and Natalie is reading the bible.

Sheila says she was really pissed about the mattress prank, because she was uncomfortable. Adam says it was a good one though wasn't it? Sheila says yes.

Sharon finishes filing her nails and she leaves the salon. Tells them to have fun.

Sheila says I just don't know. James says this is where the interesting part is, with only 5 people left in the house, I don't want to put Adam up. You're going to have to convince Ryan that I'm going to put Adam up, when I'm really not.

Sheila keeps asking Adam what his thoughts are about all this. Adam says his thoughts are irrelevant right now.

Sheila says you guys set me up in these situations, but if I had to say there was one person who was the biggest threat to my game personally, Adam says who? Sheila looks at him like he should know. Adam says Natalie? Sheila says out of everybody she would be my biggest threat.

James keeps throwing out scenarios to Sheila and she keeps saying "Interesting..." Sheila says I think she (Nat) thinks no one is ever going to turn on her. James says eventually someone is going to do it, and if you don't want to, I'll do it.

Sheila says so that is your target in this game (Natalie)? James says yeah, and I can get rid of her for you.

James says Sharon is a better person than me, but you need people in this house who are willing to get their hands dirty, and that's me.

Sheila says if we keep you, then Nat is going to be mad and go after the people who kept you here. James says not if I make her life a living hell.

James campaigning HARD, and Sheila again says "Interesting" and "I don't know, it's definitely something to think about." Adam is staying very quiet throughout most of this conversation. BB says "Adam please don't hold your microphone in your hand."

James says Ryan always likes to go with the house. Sheila "we will see."

James says plant some seeds (with Ryan). Now Adam saying Sheila flipped this house. Sheila says I did NOT (Sheila's mad that Adam is calling out her game again).

Sheila says she's bored in the game, and she's going to do something crazy for her 46th birthday. James says it's going to be a pretty vanilla game after this. Sheila says know that.

James says when I go to a "special place" (the DR) and they say "Don't give up." James leaves the salon, Adam wants a massage, Sheila says not now. She wants to go listen to Bon Jovi. Sheila says I don't know what's going to happen. Adam says I'm scared. Sheila says about this? Adam says no about the upcoming HOH competition.

Sheila says we can't let this happen, he's gotta go (James), you know that right? Adam nods affirmatively.

Adam is concerned who Sharon will put up if she wins HOH. Sheila says she trusts Sharon, and that Sharon will listen to her.

Sheila says we can't let this happen. It's getting crazy up in here!

Adam says "Are you going to tend to my needs?" She taps on his arm, and says how's that. Sheila says Sharon trusts me more than Natalie. Sheila is getting paranoid about what Adam and Ryan say to Natalie. She says she is going to talk to Ryan though about what James said to them.

Adam says Shebot is a campaigning machine. Baller begs some more for a massage, Sheila finally agrees saying, uck! Adam moaning. Sheila says we will see what happens. She's still not happy about Adam putting her up. She pulls Adam's shirt up to his neck and continues to massage his back.

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Topic #8635722
cannotsleep - Sheila still massaging adam in the sauna room, Sheila talking politics, Adam says Barack Obama, where's he from? Sheila doesn't know. Adam asks 0 Replies #8635722 7:03PM 06/04/2008
about his wife, white girl, black girl? Sheila says she's African American. Adam says "Is she hot?" Sheila says she's beautiful. Sheila anxious to vote. Adam says he would vote for Obama over Hillary.

Sheila says Adam will meet her son at the wrap party, that she misses him so much that sometimes she can hardly breathe. Adam asks who her son is staying with. Sheila says her ex, says her ex is amazing with computers and is a great musician. She says she met him at the Viper room. Sheila says he is too smart for his own good sometimes. He's 42 and will be 43 in August, says they used to live together, but they are broken up now. Flames.
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Topic #8635958
cindytexas - Sheila has stopped massaging and is not scratching Adam's back. 0 Replies #8635958 7:17PM 06/04/2008
She's talking about what she needs the money for, her son needs tutoring and education, she wants to buy some property...maybe a home or nice condo for her and her son. She would like to live in the Valley (CA)
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Topic #8635996
cindytexas - Sheila says she would like to eventually get married, after her son is grown. She would like to travel with her mate. 0 Replies #8635996 7:21PM 06/04/2008
Now she's talking about all the traveling she's done in her life. She's been lots of places, especially Europe.

Sheila says her son's girlfriend is Korean.
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Topic #8636110
cannotsleep - Sheila wants a BF with a more laid back personality. She wants to be alone now, but she wants to date. She says she told her ex he can date anyone 0 Replies #8636110 7:30PM 06/04/2008
he wants while she's gone, just don't bring them back to her house with her son there. He writes music and has been doing it since he was 18. He toured with his band Rhino Bucket recently. She says he wants to stay in his job working with computers, and be more stable right now. She says that's what hard, because he is such a brilliant musician.

Adam asks, where did he go when you broke up with him? She said he stayed with a friend. Says he is going to find his own place when the show is over, but for now she's living in her house with her son.

Sheila says I've really changed for the amount of time that I've been in here, and I want something better for my life and for my son. Says I've lasted this long, so she knows her son is proud of her. Says she wants something different. Wants to talk to her publisher about her book, and hopes everything pans out for her when she gets out of the house. She says she can't continually do what she was doing before she did the show. She was in a rut, was paying the bills, but she just wasn't happy.

Says her unhappiness was making it hard for her son, she wasn't doing what she wanted to do with her life, and that affected him. Says how long have I been giving you a massage, hours now? They laugh. Says her ex did some bad things to her. Then says Adam reminds her of her ex. She says I am not a happy person, I'm miserable. How can that be? I have a good life.

She says I have to change what I'm doing, that this show forces yourself to look at yourself and other people. You have to get real with yourself. In the house you can't tune out things, because there are no distractions. She says she's still going to go to the gym every morning and get her cup of coffee from Starbuck's.

Says her son brings her a lot of happiness. He make her laugh and makes her cry, and he's the reason she gets up in the morning. There's no one there go give you a safety net. She hopes to make it to the end, because it would change her life and she would do good things with it.

Sheila says maybe she's too picky. That's why she's never been married. She's been engaged before, but wants to get married once her son moves out and travel with her mate. Naming all the countries she's been to, all over Europe. Wants to go to New Zealand and Ireland. Her son wants to go to Japan with his girlfriend (she Korean). Says her son has a great personality, you'll like him.

She was so not expecting coming in the house and having to play with a partner. Adam says he kind of had a heads up that there were going to be partners. Sheila said her strategy went out the freaking window on day one when she was in a sleeping bag with you.

Says I'm really a good person, Adam. He says, I know you are, Sheila. She says I'm tired. Shebot is tired. Adam says he sees the sweet little girl inside of her. I don't have everyone fooled I guess. Says she's extremely romantic, and loves catering to her man, when she's with somebody.
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Topic #8636149
cindytexas - Sheila asks Adam if he was in a relationship before he came in here. He said there's this girl who is in love with him. 0 Replies #8636149 7:34PM 06/04/2008
He keeps trying to tell her it's not a serious relationship, but she won't believe him. She's crazy about him. He says he's not going to lie to the girl and tell her he's not going to be with other girls. Sheila asks if he sees other girls and he says yes, he's a good-looking guy, ya know.
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Topic #8636175
cindytexas - Sheila says she wants to get that game when she gets out, it's fantastic. (The Table Topics game). She wants the ladies night out edition. 0 Replies #8636175 7:37PM 06/04/2008
She wonders what the "topics to go" edition is. She says again, "I love this game. It's fantastic."

Sheila says being in this house has been hard. There's nothing to do.
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Topic #8636237
cindytexas - Sheila talking about her birthday in this house, how she will never forget this birthday. Adam says his birthday is not a big deal to him. 0 Replies #8636237 7:43PM 06/04/2008
He says birthdays are a bigger deal to girls. Sheila says to Matty it was a big deal. Adam says, "Well, Matty's practically a girl anyway." Sheila tells him to stop bashing Matty.
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Topic #8636263
cannotsleep - Now Sheila and Adam are in the kitchen, Sheila asks where you in a relationship before you came in here? He says no, says he was dating though. 0 Replies #8636263 7:46PM 06/04/2008
He says he was dating one particular girl who thought it was more serious with him than he did. He says she would say things like I give you everything and you don't give me anything in return.

Sheila to Adam: Do you want to get married? Adam says eventually, Sheila says you're almost 30, that's the age when guys are doing all that.

Sheila says this is the hardest thing she's done in her life, being in this house. That she doesn't have an outlet. That there is nothing to do. Says listen to how quiet it is. Adam says you can read the bible, she says she has a bible she just never picks it up.

Adam says they have already seen tonight's show on the east coast. Sheila again proclaims her ignorance of anything that happens on the show. Asks Adam what they would've shown tonight.

Sheila says why would we give up our lives to be on this show, what a freaking nightmare. People analyze everything about you. Your hygiene, etc. She says if she starts going by what people think of her, she would be a basketcase right now.

She says you know rumor has it that Matty is my son. They say he has my nose, let me go look at his picture to see. They go to the memory wall and she says omg, he does have my nose! She says it's because they are both Sicilian and Irish, not because she is his mother.
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Topic #8636268
cindytexas - Sheila says she's a social drinker, she likes having wine in her house but she doesn't get up drinking and go to bed drinking. 0 Replies #8636268 7:48PM 06/04/2008
She's talking about her ex, so we keep getting flames. When we come back she says, "I can't talk about it. It's personal."

Adam asks what if something happens with him and she says her sister would fly in and take care of her son, he would be taken care of.
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Topic #8636280
cindytexas - Sheila lost her uncle who was in the Marines or the Army, one of the two, so they had to go there to bury him. 0 Replies #8636280 7:49PM 06/04/2008
She said during that her mother was in the hospital in a coma, then right after that her grandmother died.

Her son didn't want to go because he didn't want to be around that. At Thanksgiving he didn't want to go so he ended up staying with friends and she went without him.
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Topic #8636293
cindytexas - Sheila asking Adam if he thinks he will get back together with that girl when he gets out of here. He says probably. 0 Replies #8636293 7:51PM 06/04/2008
He says he treats her very good. Sheila asks how he treats girls. He says, "The best." She said that's not the impression she gets. He says it's all an act.
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Topic #8636317
cindytexas - Sheila is questioning Adam about what he does on a date. (Very hard to keep up with this conversation) NT 0 Replies #8636317 7:54PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8636331
cindytexas - Sheila says she did the movie "Spring Break" in Ft. Lauderdale. She said that used to be where kids went but not anymore. 0 Replies #8636331 7:55PM 06/04/2008
She said it's a B movie but Columbia picked it up, it was a cute kids movie. She played a Spring Break chick, college girl. She said she had a small part in it. That's how she got her SAG card, doing that movie.
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Topic #8636349
cindytexas - Adam says he takes girls to casinos. Sheila asks if he's ever been to the Hard Rock in Vegas. He says yes, he's stayed there many times. NT 0 Replies #8636349 7:57PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8636363
cannotsleep - James wakes up from his nap and wanders into the kitchen, and says hello to Sheila and Adam. Natalie, Ryan and Sharon are still sleeping NT 0 Replies #8636363 7:59PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8636455
cannotsleep - James/Adam playing with the remote control cars in the BY, and now Adam has brought one of them inside, Sheila says well that will wake them up NT 0 Replies #8636455 8:08PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8636478
cannotsleep - BB gave them beer in the SR, it is not the brand that James requested though (he wanted Pabst Blue Ribbon) NT 0 Replies #8636478 8:10PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8636613
cannotsleep - Sharon is now awake, joined the other HGS in the kitchen, talking about a crazy dream she had, Natalie is the only one still asleep NT 1 Replies #8636613 8:20PM 06/04/2008
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Gorf - apparently a crazy dream about James :P and it wasnt all about kissing :P NT #8636666 8:24PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8636656
Vixter - I think Nat is also dreaming. She is having rapid eye movement. NT 0 Replies #8636656 8:24PM 06/04/2008
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