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Topic #8633019
pooh5983 - Feed 1 &2 girls outside and Feed 3&4 adam in hoh room NT 0 Replies #8633019 3:41PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8633078
veedsboo - Sharon is gone and Nat tells Shelia she hopes Sharon does not win HOH NT 0 Replies #8633078 3:45PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8633130
allen - sheila and nat on tummies talking 0 Replies #8633130 3:48PM 06/04/2008
she cant win nat says, about sharon, we have to win you or me,, sheila has her strap undone, Nat so glad the weather cleared up, i knew those clouds would go away, sharon joins them after doing a bit of laundry, James was at pool table banging out his tennis shoe inserts on the cam window sill.

Nat hope this weeks HOH is physical. Sharon would want to loose her hearing or taste buds before her sight. Sharon the guys will go after the girls next. its just human nature ya know? nat agrees
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Topic #8633174
allen - cam pan of all three on tummies from side,,, up and back full length NT 0 Replies #8633174 3:52PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8633523
allen - sheila moves over to hammoc nat complaining about being almost out of her 20's 0 Replies #8633523 4:17PM 06/04/2008
shes 29 now cant say shes 22 or 28, seems it went by so quick,,, sheila says she needs to embrace it, she had her son when she was 30 and loved it,,, swats bee and hops up out of hammoc swinging pillow laughing. another one over her head,,, nat saying smash it,,, sheila dont want to kill it and walks away,, nat stands up to hit it on ground with a round pillow stikes it several times and looks. they all laugh. then nat complains all the unhappy stories told in the beginning that amanda told bout death, murders, suisides. does anyone have a happy story,, she cut me off when i was in the middle of a story or just change the subject on me. so she quit talking to her.
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Topic #8633703
allen - girls rehash the amanda alex pairing 0 Replies #8633703 4:29PM 06/04/2008
Sheila was upset that amanda said that about alex that he came on to her in the HOH, she didnt believe it, accuses amanda of not wanting her to like alex, sheila says she was attracted to alex, and didnt want to believe that, if he did she isnt attracted to him.

Sharon adds that she didnt believe it either cause that nite of the pool party when everyone was kissing everyone else, she had to go over to him. Alex wasnt touching any of the girls and she only went to kiss him because everyone else was urging them to kiss and she didnt want him to feel like she didnt want to kiss him so she went to him to kiss him.

The girls reflecting on all that they have been thru in the BB house, talk about the nite chelsia went off on Amanda, sharon cant remember where she was but dosent think she was outside. Sheila concludes that we are all disfuntional this season in the BB house.
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Topic #8633845
allen - Ryans neck feels alot better, he was able to sleep on it 0 Replies #8633845 4:40PM 06/04/2008
nat and sharon bring their laundry back in walk past ryan in kitchen, sharon speeks to her BEBES. heads baack to bedroom tosses her laundry which is in a white kitchen drawstring trash back to the floor by the dresser, puts on some chapstick and gets down on her knees to put the clothes away in the drawers.
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Topic #8633892
allen - nat puts on a tshirt changes in bedroom while talkint to sheila without putting a towel around her at all 0 Replies #8633892 4:44PM 06/04/2008
adds panties and a pair of cut off jeans. sheila says she cant or wont win the HOH shes goin home anyhow nat doesnt dispute. sheila leaves. cam follows her to bathroom.
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Topic #8633933
veedsboo - Sharon in shower. Talking to Shelia. NT 0 Replies #8633933 4:46PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8634104
veedsboo - Ryan playing with toy car (black) in the kitchen/eating area.. 0 Replies #8634104 4:59PM 06/04/2008
Sheila is there as well as Nat.. Nat asked if Adam was asleep
Earlier JAmes came up to Sharon and said "There's gonna be a party tonight" and Sharon said "Really?"
James- "Yea, an antique party"
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Topic #8634108
veedsboo - Natalie 0 Replies #8634108 4:59PM 06/04/2008
go to the DR
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Topic #8634119
veedsboo - Ryan has a controller that he is using to 0 Replies #8634119 5:01PM 06/04/2008
move the toy car around.
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Topic #8634131
veedsboo - Sharon now joins R/S 0 Replies #8634131 5:02PM 06/04/2008
in the kitchen.
BB turned the fans back on in the sauna.
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Topic #8634150
veedsboo - Now just James and Sheila in the Kitchen laughing 0 Replies #8634150 5:04PM 06/04/2008
for about a minute, with Ryan joining in and out in the bathroom.
Natalie just came back from the DR,
Adam popped in for a second to eat some nachos
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Topic #8634206
veedsboo - James and Sheila agree there is nothing to do 0 Replies #8634206 5:09PM 06/04/2008
Sheila asks Nat to cook halibut tonight and she will marinate Tuna for tomorrow.
BB: Sheila go to the DR.
Nat sees Baller and gives him a hug."Hey Baller".
They whisper but its hard to hear.
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Topic #8634223
veedsboo - Ryan and Adam in the suana room alone. 0 Replies #8634223 5:12PM 06/04/2008
Ryan tells Baller it is important that they stick together, now more then ever.
Ryan says his neck feels better, and he thinks James is gonna try to terrorize the house, Ryan says James better not mess with him, he says the girls will probably be the victims.
They decide to go play 9ball.
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Topic #8634243
veedsboo - James is in the Shower. Now drying off... 0 Replies #8634243 5:14PM 06/04/2008
He comes out, James is not doing a good job of hiding himself.
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Topic #8634294
veedsboo - Natalie is putting away clothes in her draws...James is dressed and outside. 0 Replies #8634294 5:18PM 06/04/2008
James is watching Adam and Ryan play 9ball.
Baller, "Its all about ball placement in this game"
Ryan asks James where his competition shoes are, James says he doesn't think he's going to be competing any more.
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Topic #8634311
veedsboo - Ryan goes to bed. James tells him not to let Sheila boss him around. 0 Replies #8634311 5:20PM 06/04/2008
Ryan laughs, and Says, "Oh Sheila is my boss."
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Topic #8634340
veedsboo - James and Baller start a new game.. 0 Replies #8634340 5:23PM 06/04/2008
Ryan is now inside talking to Nat. Nat is reading her Bible. Ryan goes to eat cookies and asks Nat if she wants one, she says, "No thank you."
Ryan says, "its party time" upon returning to the pink room with cookies.
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Topic #8634351
cannotsleep - Natalie lying in her bed, reading the bible, Ryan comes in eating one of Nat's peanut butter m&m cookies. She whispers, we have to win, to Ryan NT 0 Replies #8634351 5:25PM 06/04/2008
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Topic #8634389
veedsboo - Nat and Ryan are whispering in the pink room... 0 Replies #8634389 5:28PM 06/04/2008
Nat said if I win POV I'd take you down.
They say they need to win HOH, Nat said, "I got this"
Ryan said, "I might just throw it to you."
Nat starts to eat cookies now.
Nat said she's gonna throw the Halibut on the grill.
Nat asks Ryan what stories have you read in this(Bible)
Ryan says he basically scans the text, if he sees sometime interesting he reads it.
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Topic #8634623
lakeview - Adam/Sheila in sauna room - James joins 0 Replies #8634623 5:47PM 06/04/2008
Sheila yelling to James in another room that they were both evildoers and should've worked together.

James says too little too late.

Sheila winks to Adam.


Sheila: are you going to set Nat up with Josh (I think Adam's brother or his friend). She likes him.

Sheila is filing her nails bc she keeps doing dishes and messing her nails up.

Sheila saying you guys did a little bit of tongue action there last night. [wine drinking] Ewww. And then licking that crap off the table.

Sheila: you're a wino too. I can see that. You were so down with that liquor and you don't want to share it. I woulda shared mine with you.

Adam: no you wouldn't.

Sheila: okay, maybe not. But it sounds good.

James walks in.

Sheila: come in here little evildoer.

James: Ryan said he'd keep me if you keep me.

Sheila: give me a good reason why.

James: ... get Natalie out...

Sheila: how do I know you wouldn't team up with Sharon?

Sheila knows that Nat will throw her under the bus.

James saying how much will Sharon help her? She's just weaseling by every week.

Sheila: how do you think about this? [Adam]

Adam: I'm HOH.

Sheila: well I'll talk to Ryan. I haven't been gunning for you since the beginning. And this guy [Adam] likes you.

James warning Sheila about Nat.

Sheila: she's the female version of you. She's not that strong on certain of these things.

James saying that Nat would be shocked if James was still there Wed and then fail at the HOH. "You know she would be floored."

Sheila to Adam: what do you think?

Adam: she would be floored.

James: she's already talking like she won the game.

Sheila; I know. She already said it and she said that she doesn't want me to win. What does Ryan say?

James: he says it's up to you.

Sheila: I'll talk to Ryan. I'm not going to say anything until I have something firm with Ryan. I've told you all along that I've been honest with you. You used it ag me.

James: I can walk out of this house and not do anything sneaky or try to do something.

James would love to piss off people.

James: she's not a mental person. he's more physical.

Sheila: how do you know that you wouldn't go after me after Nat?

James: why would I go after you? If I win HOH, then I would go right after Nat goes. Nat will mentally freak out... You don't want her to win. She'll probably put you up.

Sheila: yeah, very interesting. Very interesting. Mum's the word bc she doesn't know that. And I'll talk to Ryan.

James: I know that he wants to take out a strong player. If you guys take out each other, think of how it's going to be in the sequester house. You'll need someone here as a fronter to blow out people.

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Topic #8634670
CruiseCritic - James just told Sheila that Ryan would vote Sharon out if Sheila will too - 0 Replies #8634670 5:48PM 06/04/2008
Sheila says interesting and says she has to talk to Ryan first. james making a case that if double eviction he could take Natalie out and said that Natalie will be so shocked that James is still in the house she will be a wreck playing for HOH.

Sheila asks Adam what he thinks a couple of times. First time he said he is HOH.

James says the last thing he wants is her (natalie) to win the game...

James says it would be 3 on 1 for the HOH and FLAMES
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Topic #8634693
lakeview - More James/Sheila and Adam in sauna room 0 Replies #8634693 5:49PM 06/04/2008
James: the last thing I want is her in the end [Nat] and I want to get rid of people who want the money.

Sheila: But I want the money.

Sheila thinks she has another week perhaps in the house. Doesn't think she can win the game.

James: safety in numbers, right. It'd be 3 on 1 in the HOH.

Flames again.

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