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luvthemfish - Ivette tells Kaysar that she thought he was a cool guy NT 0 Replies #1960687 9:54PM 21/07/2005
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Zazny - I says Mike was called to DR before he left to be prepared (behavior-wise) for his departure NT 0 Replies #1960810 10:01PM 21/07/2005
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Caribou - Ivette now in with Kaysar (almost verbatim and long) 0 Replies #1960815 10:01PM 21/07/2005
I - its' your favourite person!
K - what'd you do with my hookah?
I - i got it. don't worry.

I - now you're king kaysar
K - no i'm just kaysar in a different bedroom
I - yea its' funny how sometimes it goes to people's heads
K - yea

Ivette talking. Kaysar says he doesn't hold a grudge.

I - i'm a woman of my word. if they had sent cappy home, i'd have been right behind him. the fact is i don't want to leave this game without my pride or sticking by what i believe in. i have no shame and tell people like it is.
K - i noticed you appreciate the friendships here. it's not about the game. you're enjoying yourself and i understand that.

Kaysar explains he knows they have their clique. Ivette says he had a hard time deciding what clique to be in, yet they still gave him benefit of the doubt. Ivette tells Kay what he didn't like but she gave him benefit of the doubt. It would suck if he puts her up anyway. She finds it funny when people do things out of desperation. She knows what Mike said about her and cappy. She tells Kaysar the tapes will show she's friends with everyone not just cappy.

Kaysar wants to speak. He brings up the tapes too, about her statements regarding Kaysar. Kaysar admits Mike said things about her and reinforces his convo with her that night. She remembers it differently. He says she was too upset to listen to him. Kaysar shares that he had an argument with Mike right before that and tells her everything he said that night to Mike.

Kaysar doesnt' want people talking like this, about teams and who is on what. Ivette telling him that people felt there was pre-judgment about her. Now she bad mouths Janelle for not being her friend from day one. Kaysar explains he felt stuck in the middle during the past events.

Ivette tells Kaysar what she didn't like about Mike. He'd grab her hand and say she's beautiful and then the next day treat her like dirt. She tells Kaysar to send her home if he wants because she won't kiss his ass.

Kaysar explains his decisions today will definitely impact...he knows he's done after this week. He wants to make fair decisions and understands what she's saying and agrees.

Ivette says she never called Mike a sexual predator but that he made people uncomfortable. Kaysar agrees with her.

Ivette on strategy - mike completely attacked her with cappy then tried to tell her she's beautiful. Mike couldnt' look her in the eyes afterwards. She's someone who sticks to her word, won't go behind his back, they had a perfect discussion yesterday and now understand each other. She tells Kaysar to see who keeps their word in this game.

Ivette says Mike and Janelle voted against him. Kaysar seems to be agreeing. He admits he was the one vote for Mike. Ivette says she knew that and told others it was ok.

Ivette knows too many girls like Janelle and Ashlea. Janelle will sell Kaysar up the river. She's been all over Mike knowing he was going home. Ivette likes that Kaysar kept his distance from Ashlea. KNowing Mike going home and Janelle still all over Mike shows she would sell Kaysar up the river. Ivette admits they would put up Janelle this week if they had HOH. Ivette says not Kaysar at all. Janelle and a pawn, but not Kaysar. Ivette understands Kaysar, he's finding his place.

BB voice through wall asking Ivette to fix her mike.

Ivette claiming she spoke up for Kaysar, saying to others he's a cool guy. Ivette says she wants to go out of game with a good fight or in a proud way. If he wants to put her up due to personal reaons go ahead but she thinks it's a game more of strategy. And she will tell Janelle this. Ivette again says Janelle will come back and bite Kaysar in the ass.

Ivette tells Kaysar he should take one for the team the way cappy did. Cappy gained himself weeks doing that. Kaysar says it was honourable what he did. Ivette would be honoured to be put up with Janelle as a pawn, with Janelle being evicted. Ivette owes her nothing because she's done nothing for Ivette and Ivette would not do this for anyone else. Ivette says Kaysar would gain a lot of respect and some weeks. Claims they want a game, not the gossiping.

Kaysar asked why the separate groups formed. Ivette says because of Mike and Janelle. Tells Kaysar that Mike and Janelle trashed Ashlea as soon as she left. Ivette says she never tried to lie because it's all on tape.

Kaysar tells Ivette he doesn't have a problem with her. Ivette admits it's hard to accept an apology from anyone but she did for Kaysar because she knew it was a misunderstanding and he was caught in the middle.

Ivette doing most of the talking here. Tells Kaysar she thinks he wants to show he cares and play strategically. IN return for putting up Janelle with her as a pawn she would get a lot of promises in return. Ivette tells him that there are a lot of people who want Janelle out.

(to be continued in part 2 unless someone else catches the rest)
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Zazny - K: You've given me more insight into who you really are. NT 0 Replies #1960849 10:02PM 21/07/2005
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mountainmama - Ivette offers to be Kayser's pawn 0 Replies #1960852 10:02PM 21/07/2005
She says she will gladly go up with Janelle. She also tells him this decision might gain him weeks in the house. It is his best strategic deal, she tells him.
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Caribou - Ivette with Kaysar (part 2 - almost verbatim and long) 0 Replies #1960988 10:08PM 21/07/2005
Ivette telling Kaysar that there is a lot more to Michael and he doesn't know that. Kaysar needs to see the bigger picture. Mike was scaring so many people last night that he got called to the DR to warn him about preparing for eviction (watch his behaviour). Kaysar says he didnt' know this.

Ivette - i think you have a very good judge of character and can see things. but i think you want to stay here for a longer time. there are bigger problems in this house, you were not going up this week. I appreciated that you stood up like a man. We have been completely cool. YOu understand?

Kaysar - i getcha. this is a really difficult decision to make. i tell you this much i'm very happy you came up here because i respect everyone here and i dont' have anything personal against you. i respect you even more for coming up here. it gave me more insight into who you really are if that makes sense.

Ivette won't crowd him she says. Kaysar appreciates that. And she won't shut up even though Kaysar is trying to tell her they're done.

Kaysar loves that she told him what she's thinking. Ivette says if she gets VETO she would leave it as is because she's confident the house would get out Janelle. Tells Kaysar he wants to leave with pride. Kaysar tells her Eric was in here and he understands he is about integrity.

Ivette says nobody has an alliance in the house. Says she would leave house proud for strategy. Warns Kaysar not to dig a hole like Mike did, he walked himself out of this house. Janelle has no friends. She made all the bad choices. She talked trash. People don't have a good vibe about her.

Kaysar again tells her she gave him something to think about. She offers to make a promise too if need be. If he wants to discuss it more, just let her know. "YOu are the sultan this week but it's a week, you understand what i'm saying?"

Ivette glad they made amends and they are cool. Now she finally gets up to leave. Again says he was not going to be up this week and he can ask everyone.

Kaysar thanks her. They hug. She finally leaves.
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Topic #1960999
Caribou - BB calls Kaysar to DR NT 0 Replies #1960999 10:09PM 21/07/2005
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callmejenn - Kaysar called to the diary room after finishes his conversation with Ivette. NT 0 Replies #1961057 10:12PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1961071
Zazny - Eric: You know what kind of poetic justice that'd be? If that bitch that feels so safe right now would go up! NT 0 Replies #1961071 10:13PM 21/07/2005
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Anonymous - Eric: "He's the next to go up and he pulls this!"LOL! NT 0 Replies #1961131 10:16PM 21/07/2005
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callmejenn - BR conversation..... 0 Replies #1961144 10:17PM 21/07/2005
I: I can tell you this much, I came to play a good game. Thinks Janelle would trip you or screw you over to win.

E: Says K should put Janelle up and it would be the best move for him to make strategically because nobody would want to put him up after he did what they told him to and nominate Janelle.

I: Says that she saved K.

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Topic #1961163
sqrl - Beau: Don't eat the turkey dogs...eat the beef ones.. the turkey 0 Replies #1961163 10:19PM 21/07/2005
dogs go right throw you.
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callmejenn - James coaching Sarah on what to say... 0 Replies #1961210 10:21PM 21/07/2005
That they don't know each other. He told K that he had a partner that was supposed to be there with someone who had to leave at the last minute due to medical reasons.

She is supposed to deny anything, and tell K that she was called 5 days before the show started to come on BB.

Now James and Ivette are in BY playing fusball.

James telling Ivette how her name was never brought up as far as nominations are concerned, that Janelle and Howie want him to go.

Ivette says: K likes you. James says its because he is smart like I am.
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Topic #1961497
Caribou - April in with Kaysar now (part 1) 0 Replies #1961497 10:43PM 21/07/2005
She claims she supported him from day one - his alarm clock etc.
She says she's been honest. Told Mike to his face how she felts. Admits to Kay she didnt'like him and she knows they're friends.

April sharing last nights' talk with Mike and his use of term "sexual predator" and she says that's the first she heard that term. She gives Kaysar details on every instance of Mike touching her or kissing her. Admits she told Janelle and at first, Janelle agreed Mike is weird. Then a few days later Janelle flipped to supporting Mike and kissing him etc.
April says due to all this she is so confused. She admits who she likes and doesn't double talk but Janelle does and has about both Ashlea and Mike.

Kaysar breathing deeply listening to this. Not saying much except occasional "uh huh" a few times.

April revisits that she didn't vote Janelle off, she stuck to her word. Tells Kay he's a smart guy and its' not about the money but rather enjoying the experience. April can look him in the eye and say she would not have put Kay up if she was HOH this week. She has nothing against Kaysar. He says he knows this and seems to honestly believe her.

Kaysar asks who would have gone up with Janelle this week? April says she hadn't thought that far, who would be pawn with Janelle. April didn't think (now she says) it would be fair to put Kaysar up again since he was up once already.

April says Janelle is very strong - mentally and physically smart. April feels the first week that Janelle was gunning for voting Kaysar out instead of Ashlea. April again tells him he's a smart guy and says look, she's lost Ashlea and Mike so now she has to find someone else. Says Janelle has been smartest one in this game and contradictory in her opinions of Mike from day to day.

April asks if he sees where she's coming from at all. Kaysar says yes.

A - if you believe her, that's great. if you don't, that's great.

Now April explains how Ashlea ended up being the choice to evict. Claims Janelle kept gunning against until 3 days before eviction.

(to be continued)
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Caribou - April with Kaysar (part 2) 0 Replies #1961910 11:11PM 21/07/2005
April tells Kaysar about Janelle wanting all the men out at first in the game. Kaysar perks up and asks when that happened. She tells him, in the beginning. Lots of going back over the details we all know from day one, in an effort to prove to Kaysar how contradictory Janelle has been and how Janelle has worked people or even tried to work people.

Kaysar - she was trying to work angles
April - she was trying to work every single angle Kaysar, i swear.

Now April revisits that she didn't like Mike. Says it was for her own reasons and nothing to do with anything he might have done to others. She should have stood up for herself too she tells Kaysar. Then reconfirms that Janelle wanted him gone that first week.

April says Janelle only told Kay why she was voting out Ashlea because it was obvious there was no other option based on knowing everyone was voting against Ashlea.

April tells Kaysar that Mike had to the second person who wanted him to leave. Explains her theory why. Kaysar says he has no idea. April says she asked Mike several times and he would never tell her. She thinks that proves her theory. April speculates maybe Mike told Janelle. April doesn't think Howie is lying that it wasn't him. No one liked her so it had to be Janelle and Mike who voted to keep Ashlea. Deep breathing from Kaysar at this whole this thing. And listening very intently to her.

April really talking against Janelle more than she is about anything else.

Kaysar asks her what she thinks he should do. April says it's hard but if she were HOH she'd put up Janelle. But April doesn't know who else to put up. Kaysar says yea. April repeating her stuff now. Big deep breath from Kaysar.

April says Janelle has badmouthed April all week. Tells Kaysar Janelle said just tonight that "your'e still my friend April right cuz i have no friends now". April now trying to keep her appearance good by saying in real life we're all good people but in this game, Janelle is bad.

April says ask everyone who they would put up. April says if doesn't put Janelle up it's her or Kaysar going next week because people want her out.
April wanted friggin' HOH so bad! Kaysar laughs and says how far did you get? She messed up at the boyfriend thing because just last night Sarah told her about checking a former boyfriend's emails.

April tells Kaysar his having HOH can only help him down the road. Asks if he's close to Janelle. Kaysar "obviously not close enough to know the details going on. my angle was strictly game. i stuck to them because i had no one else" April says she knows and that's why she wanted him to join them the other night. April knows Janelle is the bad seed in this house. Even Howie would call her a dumb blonde bitch. Kaysar says yea he noticed that too.

April gets Kaysar to agree they see Janelle work her charm on guys. April again repeating slams against Janelle she's already said.

April back on Mike and what he said and how he looked at her last night. Stuff she's already said.

Now April saying due to having a husband she had to stand up to Mike. Says she was the only one besides Sarah who confronted him on his behaviour with her.

April repeating Janelle stuff again - she wanted Kaysar out first week. We dont' all need to be so selfish. But if Janelle gets HOH she'll kick out Kaysar. She's in this for herself. Janelle really campaigned against Kaysar. She's smarter than we all give her credit for "trust me" April says. Janelle not a mean person but she works at the mansion (??) and anyone who would break up with their boyfriend in the diary room and then mug down with another guy that night. This is news to Kaysar so April now recounts that whole story. April thinks it was aired Tuesday cuz she did it Sunday. For 2 weeks Janelle missed Hannon then as of yesterday she said she never missed him.

April doesn't think Janelle trying to hook up with Kaysar but she's working him. "you're a smart guy and you know what to do"
"I know michael would be watching. If he thought i had a strategy to say those things? He's gonna see the tapes. He was in a sink or swin strategy at that point." etc. etc. about last night.

April going on about Mike intimidating her this morning and last night. And that Janelle participated in that. She's working it for what she can. April gives her props for that. She was stronger than Mike even. The goal was to get Janelle out this week April says.

April now telling Kaysar that due to his religion, he can see through things like this. If he puts 2 and 2 together, he knows it will make sense. Now that she knows you're staying she'll be nice to you. She's working it, that's all she's doing.

April hopes she's here next week.

Kaysar says it's a tough decision to make. Says he likes her. April asks if he wants to put her up. Kaysar says the thought didn't enter his mind. April hoped so. They never had words. She respects his religion. As friend to friend, even if not putting April up, really think Janelle needs to go. The odds are she won't win it anyway.

Kaysar - it's not as clear as that. it's not as easy as that. i feel as though becuase i wasn't included from the beginning, my hands are tired.

April - deals, make deals, that's all you gotta do.

Kaysar - i wish if you guys knew this you would have taken care of her

april - that's why we wanted HOH!

They chuckle a bit.

Kaysar agrees Janelle is smart and says he saw it. April repeats Jan's plan to vote men out, manouvering to get Kaysar voted out. April tells Kaysar that Jan knew the whole time about Mike. That's why she didn't wear her eviction dress. April says now watch she'll start working on HOwie now cuz she shunned him when her and Mike hooked up.

Kaysar says Janelle knows he's too smart for her crap and his religion prevents him doing a lot of things.

April says she's into money. Mike apparently has a lot of money. April says their messing around is no big deal but the fact that she talked trash before and during her hookup with mike... april feels that shows Jan is bad news.

Kaysar - at this point you're not going up. i think i have bigger things to deal with. i do like you.
april - and i like you too. i have no problem with you at all at all. i didn't want you to hold a grudge because mike and i didn't get along.

Kaysar - i'll be honest. i do feel both sides were to blame. mike's bad decisions. crowd gossiping changing message of what happened.

April brings up that mike hit the wall supposedly. She went to that source to verify it and said people can't be making up crap like this. Says the person recanted her story. So the story got changed. April told them to stick to what they say.

Kaysar - what does that say about that person?
April - i know. that would have been my pawn but i won't mention that name.

Kaysar - i do feel there are certain people in the house who are causing problems. i do like you and feel i can trust you. i do think there are people causing problems and that's who i was leaning towards but...you bring a very valid argument too.

April - if she is here next week and i win HOH, i'll put her up

Kaysar - could you see why i would rather have you guys put her up than me?
April - what if i dont' win next week?
Kaysar - i understand but i'm put in a very very difficult situation at this point. i know you guys are a huge group and one of you...
April - see i don't want to be looked at like that. i'm not a follower but... i'll make my decisions.
Kaysar - its' not gonna be like that for the rest of the game
April - no it won't. so, i dunno. i dunno. another thing you have to look at if you put 2 problem makers up, one will not go and they will come after you. that's why listen to me, i would make some deals.

April shares type of deals Cappy made. Tells Kaysar to do that with people he is worried about. IT's a game. Do what he feels is right. She spells out deals again so Kay knows how to do it

Kaysar deep breathing.
OH JEEZ i just wanna eat my cookies kaysar says.

Seems they're done now. April asks him not to repeat what she said here. He says he won't and not to worry.
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Topic #1961937
SassyPrncess - April to Kaysar: Your decision is based on how long you want to be in the house. 0 Replies #1961937 11:12PM 21/07/2005
April: I mean I am not telling you what to do,but.

(Note: You just did)
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Topic #1961962
RN007 - April and Kaysar 0 Replies #1961962 11:14PM 21/07/2005
A: She (Janelle) tried to talk everyone out of voting for Ashlea right up to 3 days before the vote. Ashlea was trying to swing my vote to you. You saw Janelle and Ashlea workin it.
K: Yeah, Yeah I saw that.
A: Then she tried to make it a girl thing. She was saying we need to get the guys out. It was never one breath, not that I ever heard that you were going out. Then Rachel wanted everyone's opinion. She said these are the two people we don't know (Ashlea and Kaysar) and we all said yeah, yeah. Janelle and Ashlea were trying to work every angle. You might not like me because I didn't like Michael, my problem was I stood up for myself and everyone else. Janelle worked her a** off trying to get Ashlea to stay. Whenever Janelle asked me who I was voting for I wouldn't say cause I didn't want her working me. Then after it was over Janelle came to me and asked if I was the other one who voted Kaysar out. I honestly think it was Michael. Now since they;re mushy-cushy...it had to be Michael who voted for you to go. The only person was Janelle, she tried workin it for a week and a half until she found out no one was going to budge. Janelle worked hard to get you out. The two people who voted you to go...one of them is voted off - Michael and the other one is still in this house - Janelle. No one else in this house wanted you to go.
K: Who would you want me to put up.
A: Janelle, I like everyone else in the house but Janelle needs to go. Outside of this house we are all really good people. I would personally ask everyone else who to put up, not that you don't have to go with it, but you are only HOH one week. Like if you put me up this week and Janelle stays then next week you and Janelle will probably go up. I really wanted that HOH. Do you feel close to Janelle.
K: Obviously not that much, like I didn't know that conversation between you and her.
A: I know that Janelle is a bad seed in this house, even Howie will call her a dumb blonde b**ch. You know she works her magic on men. The confident thing that I feel about this is that it wasn't my strategy to make Micheal look bad. But being the only married woman here I didn't ask him to bite me on the neck, but I had to say something. I told him that I didn't appreciate it. All I can say is that Janelle wanted you out that first week, you know that. I know that if she got it one week she would get you out of here. She played it so dumb when you were up, she's smarter than we all give her credit for. I don't think she's a mean person. My God she works and the mansion. Anyone that would break up with their boyfriend on national TV.
K: She did this?
A: Yes and then she was muggin down on Michael. Then she said she never missed her boyfriend. She thinks she has it in, she thinks she's golden and she's gonna work it for all she can. I want Michael to know that if he thinks I wanted to...well he'll see the tapes...we'll all see the tapes. Michael gives me every reason to be scared of him. Even last night when Janelle and Michael were sitting on the hammock they were looking at everyone and laughing. But she is working it. I was even thinking of voting her out. But the goal is to get Janelle out. You can see through things like that, you're a religious man. If you put 2 and 2 together you'll see. She wanted you to go, she's workin it that's all she's doing is workin it.
K: It's a tough decision. One thing I'll tell you is I like you.
A: Do you want to put me up.
K: No I was never going to put you up.
A: You know I respect you. From my strategy, she needs to go up, she really needs to go up.
K: It's not that simple, because of what happen...
A: Deals make deals.
K: If you all felt that strongly, I wish you all would've taken care of it.
A: Duh, why did your a** win HOH this week. We were going to take her out this week. This whole time she knew Michael was going. She knows exactly what she's doing. You watch, she's going to start working Howie.
K: She knows I'm too smart to deal with that crap.
A: She's into money, and Michael has alot of money. She talked trash about him and then hooked up with him. I hope I can feel safe with you.
K: At this point I don't plan on putting you up. At this point I have bigger things to deal with.
A: I just didn't want you to hold a grudge because of me and Michael.
K: I do think both parties are responsible for what happened. Michael made bad choices...
A: I know I know people were making things up
K: I do believe that there are people on your end who have not been completely honest. They are the ones I'm thinking of putting up. But you have made a valid point. But you see why I would want you to put her up, it puts me in a very bad position.
A: But If I don't win HOH next week then some people might put you up if you don't put her up. I will make some deals. Like Rachel or Cathy said I won't put you up if you don't put me up. It's a game. Do what you think is right. (repeating herself)
K: Oh geez...
A: I hope that like everything we say doesn't go outside this room.
K: You told me things in confidence and there is nothing I could tell Janelle that you haven't already told her.
A: It's just that I promise you that Janelle will deny the things I told you. I can guarantee that if you put up James and Rachael then one's gonna go and one's gonna come back to haunt you. I tell you what just pray about it.
K: I probably should see poor Maggie she's been waiting out there.
A: I'm praying for you.
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Topic #1962016
SassyPrncess - Beau To K on new friendships..."Look at me & Ivette, I just met her 3 weeks ago..." NT 0 Replies #1962016 11:18PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1962027
BHnoah - Beau to Kaysar -- talking about getting to know people "look at Ivette, just met her 3 weeks ago"--- lol NT 0 Replies #1962027 11:18PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1962149
KWren11 - Beau tells Kaysar that he threw HOH competition today because he didn't want it NT 0 Replies #1962149 11:27PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1962225
otterman47 - Beau & Kaysar chatting in HOH.... 0 Replies #1962225 11:35PM 21/07/2005
Kaysar asks him who he shouldn't put up for nomination and then ads that he doesn't have a problem with Eric and has no plans to put him up.
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Topic #1962233
RN007 - Kaysar and Beau 0 Replies #1962233 11:35PM 21/07/2005
K: The more people who come and sit with me one on one the more I get to know them and the more difficult it gets. I really do like everyone.
B: This is game. Once you start being personal the backstabbing comes out and then it becomes ugly. I've been honest with you. Just like Micheal I liked him and will when we get out of here. Then here we are in the gold room and there is Micheal and Janelle making fun of April. There are alot of things I saw in her (Janelle) that I did'nt like. Last night I prayed dear God let me see people for what they are, I knew something was going to happen today. I saw some people were users and even some people that I thought was my friend lied to me today. Basically, here I am a few days ago, and Janelle said what do you think of Michael and I said I like him and would hang out with him but I wouldn't date him. Then she asked me later about Micheal, then two days later she's all with him. But don't come and ask me things and then use it against me. I just choose my friends wisely. I mean it's your decision but it's all what you get from it when you leave here. If I had to go back and see I played this game badly I wouldn't like myself. I mean I'm not a backstabber.
K: I understand what you're saying. I was there with them (Janelle and Michael) but in a neutral position.
B: And I was floored that you stood and and said stop this. bell rings..and Beau says that's Howie.
K: To Howie...give me 5 minutes.
H: Okay.
B: Micheal came to me and said are you going to vote me out and I said I don't want to but the whole house is gonna vote for you.
K: I'll be honest with you it was me, that one vote, cause he was a nice guy and I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I hope the house doesn't hold that against me. Some people in the house feel the same as you (put Janelle up) but that would put me in a very difficult position. I don't think this week was a very good week for me to be HOH.
B: I'm telling you that if you hadn't won you would not have been the one to go.
K: I see that but this will put me in a very difficult position.
B: Honestly I threw HOH this week cause I didn't want to be in your shoes. I guess I would have had to put her up. If I did I would have felt horrible. Strategically she is a strong player and a smart person. Strategically you should put up the strong player.
K: Is she your only suggestion.
B: Mostly yes, but for some reason I don't have the warm fuzzies for Maggie. One night April and I come in and we think Maggie is asleep and we start talking and she jumps up and says what is it what happened.
K: Like she's listening more than talking.
B: Like even more than that like she's using others to get ahead.
K: I do want what is in the best interest of the group. I was hanging around certain people because I didn't really click with the other people. I'm just asking you cause if I just can't bring myself to put her up I need someone else. Now I know who you think I can gain support for if I put them but who do you think I would look bad if I put them up.
B: Like Ivette
K: I won't put her up
B: Cappy
K: I respect Cappy
B: James, he's a strong player, I don't know about that.
K: Between you and I, I'm scared of James.
B: If James is put up and doesn't go it will be a shot in the foot for you. I never got the warm fuzzies for him.
B: Howie is a wild card. I don't know exactly what he is thinking. Racheal is a good healthy player. Sarah, no clue, not much there, kind of a floater. April, strong player, very opinionated. I think she's been backstabbed a couple of times by Janelle.

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Topic #1962292
Peeps - Beau/Kaysar meeting in HOH 0 Replies #1962292 11:42PM 21/07/2005
Enters room and after some off topic chit chat speed talker Beau trash talked Janelle about backstabbing. Couldnt really transcribe it to make any sense.

These transcribes are shortened to save my fingers..Beau talks very fast!

K: I almost feel as though maybe this wasn't a good week for me to win HOH
B: You wouldn't have been the one put up
K: It's weird, I don't know if I can be the one to put her up. I am in an awkeward position.
B: I thru HOH today. I did not want to be in your shoes. I don't know what I would have done. I would have had to put Janelle up. I would feel like the most horrible person in the world. I lost my trust in (JAN)she is a strong player. You are going to have to decide. I would just go with someone who is a threat to you, sports wise, smarts wise.
K: Who else would I put up?
B: Maggie comes to mind. For some reason she doesn't come across as straight up to me.
K:Does anyone else feel this way.
B: Yes
K:Im obviously on the outside. I want to get involved more. I do want what is in the best interest in the group. I didn't feel like I clicked with some other people.
B:Of course
K: If I don't put Janelle, I need a plan B. This is between you and I.
B:My word is solid.
K:Who would be a mistake to put up.
B: Ivette, Cappy, Jennifer is a wildcard, alot of her stories don't add up. James I didn't trust in the beginning, but I see he is a strong player. I just don't know.
K: Between you and I James kinda scares me.
B: Just never got a warm and fuzzy from him. After a point he did start to respect me. Howie is a wild card, he is always trying to please everyone. Rachel is a good healthy player always watches people. Sarah doesnt really add much to the group. April, strong player very opinionated obviously she has been backstabbed by Janelle, FISH.

K: I don't know with Sarah what her deal is.
K: Do you think if I put Maggie up. Not that I am going to. I am just....I m just asking you. What do you think. Cuz Jan is a sticky situation. Who would I put up that wouldn't make everybody mad.

B:James respect him, but they know he is a dangerous character. I can honestly guarentee you...When you got HOH James....he automaticaly walks in your ass. He is a wishy washy player. He will leech onto who is in power. Jennifer is a suck up.
K: Agrees
B: She only does the nails if she wants to get information.
K: If I put anyone against Jennifer...Shes such a weak player.
What about someone who is a stronger player.
B: James.Of course Howie is such a nice guy.
K: I like Howie
B:If you put Maggie up with Sarah, Maggie would go.

Conversation ends with a hug.

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Topic #1962314
RN007 - Kaysar and Beau (cont.) 0 Replies #1962314 11:44PM 21/07/2005
B: Some people are black and white...
K: I think you put it perfectly. Do you think, Sarah, I don't know what her thing is. If I put up Maggie, what do you think, if you were in my shoes, what would I do if not Janelle, who would you put up if not Janelle.
B: James...
K: But everybody likes James.
B: Yes but not everyone is on his side...
K: Are you sure about this cause if it doesn't work he'll come after me.
B: Yes but, he's a wishy-washy player, cause whoever is HOH he is there with them and lots of people saw that tonight. Same as with Jennifer.
K: Yeah she's like the first one who stuck to me after I won HOH.
B: Yeah I know and people saw that. She also uses people to do her dirty work. Say you use Jen and put her up against Sarah then Jen will leave.
K: Yeah if I put her up against anyone she'll leave.
B: James is strong, Howie you wouldn';t want to put him up. Now Maggie, if you put Maggie up against Sarah, then Maggie will leave.
K: You think Maggie will leave.
B: Oh yeah, the only one that would be on her side is, well I don't know cause everyone has come to me at one time and said there is something wrong with Maggie.
K: Hum, maybe that is the way to go. I mean I've talked to Ivette and we're cool, talked to Cappy and April and we're cool, so I don't know.
B: Well if you have any more questions call me.
K: Yeah thanks for coming up here.
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Topic #1962336
Peeps - Breaking News!! April being attended to for heart palpitations...Sounds like Anxiety attack NT 0 Replies #1962336 11:46PM 21/07/2005
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