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Topic #1957963
luvthemfish - Maggie Consoles Ivette on Sofa, Ivette goes to find some tylenol NT 0 Replies #1957963 6:30PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1957993
Zazny - Howie suggests going after manipulators, not necessarily the strongest in competitions 0 Replies #1957993 6:33PM 21/07/2005
H: [James] is the complete package
J: How would you get him out
K: I wanted you to get it
H: Why what's the difference?
J: Cause I could have nominated Eric

K: Should I try to swing James
H: I don't think you can -- his loyalty swings to that clique.

H: Make them feel like they made you feel. They're not on vacation to sunbathe.

They seem to think Beau and April are near. And someone's outside and the fool around, turning the lights down and stuff.

K: Ivette and Beau: I want their ass on a platter. I'm gonna let it simmer.

Jen tells them dinner is ready.

H: ...one tough guy and a bunch of wimps. You can bust out the toughest players [and the alliance crumbles].

J: I don't think we need to go after the couples because they're a bunch of idiots.

H: I'd think about it, but James is a *STRONG* player, physically and mentally. Every week is different.
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Topic #1958012
joannie - Janelle sugests putting up Maggie and James 0 Replies #1958012 6:34PM 21/07/2005
Howie: "Let's sit on it for a while."
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Topic #1958025
Zazny - Janelle brings up Maggie, Howie suggests James/Maggie go up 0 Replies #1958025 6:35PM 21/07/2005
J: Maggie is working with Eric and James.
H or K?: I have a feeling Maggie knows Eric.
H: Put up James and Maggie, that's my opinion
J: And James would go

H: He didn't give a damn about us
H:...the Jennys and the Aprils are going along for the ride. They think it's a vacation. You have to make plays for yourself. People feel the pressure and it will turn the house around like we talked about.
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Topic #1958032
luvthemfish - Strained Kitchen conversation 0 Replies #1958032 6:36PM 21/07/2005
Eric.....this is a game, nobody knows what's gonna happen tomorrow.
Ivette: You guys know the saying payback is a bitc*? Well, payback is a b****, we effed over his friend.
Eric: I don't think anyone is safe

Camera follows Maggie and April from storage to kitchen

Dinner Preparations going on.....
Beau says the mac and cheese is 'good, it's great, it's fine'
Eric looking serious making food
Ivette eating....
ERic: WELL guys that's a lively bunch tonight eh?
Maggie: I'm an effing mess! (goes to rinse hands)
April is there, but quiet so far.
Eric to Maggie: What are you doing?
Maggie: hey F*** YOU all around.....I can rinse it
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Topic #1958148
tttmt - F2- Ivette just staring and staring not saying a word NT 0 Replies #1958148 6:44PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1958294
luvthemfish - Janelle and April Patio, Discussing House Relations 0 Replies #1958294 6:53PM 21/07/2005
April.....He(mike)told me that he knew I had a secret. I think he thinks that I made up, I don't know why it would be me, like how he would bite on peoples necks. We can't all get along in this house. I know how we are in this house isn't how we necessarily are outside.
Jan. yeah, I actually think that i am like this on the outside.
April: People aren't gonna be exactly........whether it's true or not, i've heard that you've said things about people
Jan: if they ask me i'm gonna admit to it. I've only said bad things about one person in this house.

Ivette comes out: to april......I thought you were out here by yourself, was gonna give you some company.

Ivette mentions a nap and goes back in
April: things get third hand fourth hand....
J. that's why I don't like the gossip. There is a lot of second hand information. Instead of someone coming out and asking first hand.
A. I hope Mike respected me for that. I told him, I told janelle i'm gonna keep her safe and i'm going to stick to that (note: Janelle isn't at risk at this point).
A. You have friends, you know you do.
J. Two closets people have already left.
A. Yeah but, i mean
J. We're still friends right?
A. I know Mike said bad stuff about me
J. He didn't. He said bad stuff about the same person I did
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Topic #1958299
Gothicjade - April : groveling to Janelle... Heheheheheheheh LOVE IT!!! lol NT 0 Replies #1958299 6:53PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1958336
tttmt - F2 - April and Janelle 0 Replies #1958336 6:55PM 21/07/2005
J- I don't know what I'm going to do with myself
A- We all have to get along in this house we aren't going to be ourselves
J- I think I've been myself
A- Well people things say things about other people
I- Peeking from the back door What are you two doing out here by yourself
(Ivette goes in to take a nap)
A- Saying that's why things get said second hand third hand fourth hand
J- Instead of people just asking things straight out
A- I told Michael and I told Kayser I'd stick to my word
J- Dude I've never said anything bad about you
A- (hedging) people say things do things...everything happens for a reason
J- I just think that..l.
A- I'm not going to sit here and stress myself out. People do things for a reason different people are going tgo get along in the house. When you have to say what annoys you what bothers you that is the people they are going to stick in the house unfortunately
J- yeah
A- I dunno whatever
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Topic #1958341
luvthemfish - Ivette and James discussing HOH/Nominations......... 1 Replies #1958341 6:56PM 21/07/2005
Ivette: You're right up there though
James: doesnt' mean shi*
Sarah (whispers)
Ivette: the only regret i'm gonna have.....you remember my speach
James: Janelle and Ashlea ran the show, Janelle runs the show till next week. Kaysar is Idealistic, janelle-evil. You know what, I don't give a f*** if I get HOH next week, Howie goes up, because he went straight into that room with them. All the shi* he talked about Mike, for me, It would be principal.
Ivette: How dare you give an HOH speech that you don't want to talk strategy, and go right into that room.
James: He can't put up Eric because he made an agreement. Well he can.......because Janelle hates Eric.
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JulieHuck - before Ivette came in James was talking to sarah telling her not to cry. He said you can't cry. Not now. They'll know. They'll know." then he #1958455 7:03PM 21/07/2005
says. "If I get put up we'll spend all week together." He tells her to stay strong and then ivette comes up shortly after all this
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Topic #1958363
reverendmediocre - Ivette: I just didn't think that the dumb blonde would be here this long. James: That's because SHE'S. NOT. DUMB. NT 0 Replies #1958363 6:57PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1958369
callmejenn - James says that if he wins HOH next week that he is putting Howie up... 0 Replies #1958369 6:57PM 21/07/2005
He told Ivette that the first thing that Howie did was go to Kaysar and Janelle once Kaysar one.

He is going to put him up on principal.

Sarah was upset because she thinks that James is going up.

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Topic #1958386
luvthemfish - More Ivette and James in the Bedroom 0 Replies #1958386 6:58PM 21/07/2005
James: if it's a physical veto competition, not one person in this house can beat me.
Ivette: He's got two left feet. now howie's gonna get on his side.
James: that's why howie's gotta go up next week.
Ivette: Remember howie saying he wanted kaysar out? (james does not remember) Oh you were'nt outside that day. Exactly what I said is gonna happen, pisses me off that someone I saved is gonna put me up.
James: I really feel like i'm going up. I'm sure you do as well. Beau thinks it could be him. But you know it could be Jenn or april, you know how mike hated them.
Ivette: As soon as they brought up the Elevator question. none of them would wanna be stuck with me, it would be april, you see what i'm saying?
James: Yeah but i'm your friend and I went with April.
I: I said james is smarter than Eric
J: It's little things....that's the game
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Topic #1958390
callmejenn - James says that he can beat anybody in the house... 0 Replies #1958390 6:59PM 21/07/2005
if the veto competition is physical.
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Topic #1958477
luvthemfish - Patio Group.....Eric/kay/sarah/james/janie/april 0 Replies #1958477 7:05PM 21/07/2005
Sarah: you'll get pictures from your family don't you think
Kaysar: mentions eric did
April wants to see her dog pepperoni
James has gone to patio.........
Janelle to james: if you're really nice, kaysar will let you sleep with him
James, i don't think so
Discussing who slept in Gold room
Discussing how Rachel sleeps in lots of clothes

Patio table group is .....Kaysar, Janelle, James, April and Sarah
Sarah: I just want you guys to see my dog, he's an apricot poodle
April to Kaysar: Do you ever want meat?
Kaysar: I asked them again if they'd get me my meat, and they said they couldn't
Sarah: it has to be killed a certain way
Eric comes out
Janelle: there's ice cream?
James: Janelle you're supposed to say no to ice cream, remember the hips?
James: People come here in get in great shape, or worse shape
Eric: or they stay the same
Kaysar: I need a scale
Janelle: If i had a scale i'd start crying
James: It's not the scale it's how you look, like Eric and I weight five pounds apart
James: 172, last time they weighed me, i really hope we don't have to eat some nasty shi* tomorrow
Sarah: they won't do it two weeks in a row
Eric, you never know, I think i signed up for the wrong reality show

Janelle talks about at the casting calls they asked if she'd eat maggots

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Topic #1958488
luvthemfish - James First job was at Taco Bell NT 0 Replies #1958488 7:05PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1958499
callmejenn - Outside... 0 Replies #1958499 7:06PM 21/07/2005
Kaysar is eating...with him are s new "pals", Eric, James and Sarah.

Talking about hoping they get some good food in the comp. tomorrow.

They are wanting product placement winnings. "McDonald's, Subway"

Asking K what he is allowed to eat.

K's first job was as a bag boy at a supermarket.

Janelle worked at Dairy Queen. James or Sarah worked at Taco Bell.

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Topic #1958525
luvthemfish - Ivette has just been called to the diary room NT 0 Replies #1958525 7:08PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1958526
Justin - BB: Ivette Please Go To The DR! NT 0 Replies #1958526 7:08PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1958571
callmejenn - Eric and Maggie on hamock. 0 Replies #1958571 7:12PM 21/07/2005
E: You need to do everything you can to win it next week.
M: I'm as lucky as sh1t that I didn't ignore him.
E: So April, what do you think.
A: Thinks she is going up.
E: I'm going over there to work him.
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Topic #1958578
Mltv - Eric to Maggie and April: Let me over there and work'em (about kaysar) NT 0 Replies #1958578 7:12PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1958592
callmejenn - Eric brings up the deals that he made to Kaysar...I guess a way of making him remember that they had a deal. NT 0 Replies #1958592 7:13PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1958628
luvthemfish - Worried talk in the backyard 0 Replies #1958628 7:15PM 21/07/2005
Eric and Maggie at Hammock.......

Eric: So what do you think April?
April thinks she will go up
Maggie says there are like five people who think they will
April goes to get an Ashtray, eric walked off

Eric goes to patio.........
Kaysar is saying he doesn't like having people pick up after him
Eric: don't worry , i told you i'm not picking up your shi* (laughing)
James: This is the game, people go home every week, whether you like em or you don't like em.

(sarah going to hammock now too, but no audio there yet)
feed switches to hammock (two feeds on hammock, two on empty LR)
April...who do you think
Sarah: I have no idea at this point, just totally sucks
A; I did wash his clothes for him last night, maybe he'll remember that
Maggie: I don't think it's gonna be about that with him, about little things
April: and what janelle imputs
Maggie: I'm not sure about that, I don't know about that
April: Trust me
Maggie: He also didn't say that (about Mike I think) he didn't say that to you
April says she told Janelle she didn't like Mike
Sarah: I explained to kaysar what i thought of mike and he said he totally understood, he was there when i confronted michael and tried to explain why i was upset. It wasn't me being malicious or trying to start rumors

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Topic #1958680
luvthemfish - Kaysar calls james out! 1 Replies #1958680 7:19PM 21/07/2005
Eric, Rachel James are at the patio table with Kaysar....talking very friendly and chummy with him now.

They are explaining to him that he will referee the food competition.

James: you've been HOH for an hour man, relax
Eric comes with the territory brother
James: some of the people who didn't talk to you before will talk to you now
Kay: that's why i talked to people before, just in case
James:I should have let you win at chess
Eric: Congratulations
James asks to hear the rest of a story.......sorority sisters
Kaysar: look
James: you're in a position of power you don't have to continue if you don't want to
K. here's the thing, James, I wanted you to commit before this happened
James: I don't play by making commitments
K. How do i know I can trust you
James: when the beau and ivette thing came up, I didn't bring your name up. That should be enough, i kept your name out of that.
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RealitySwan - James-"You're definately an idealist." Kaysar-"And you are definately a Republican." NT #1958736 7:22PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1958702
luvthemfish - Jenn and Eric in Bedroom Brief convo 0 Replies #1958702 7:20PM 21/07/2005
Jenn: james thinks he's gone
Eric: I don't know about that, we'll see. I'd like to think i'm safe, but you never know. Just because someone gives you their word, doesn't mean that word is worth anything. I'll find out soon enough, that's for sure.
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