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Topic #1958766
luvthemfish - Backyard conversation, Howie, jennifer, kaysar, james 0 Replies #1958766 7:25PM 21/07/2005
Jennifer comes out back
Eric asks for Kaysars pillow downstairs, for his cot
James tells Kaysar that they clean the stuff in HOH room
Howie: get rid of jenny asap (jenny sitting there)

Kaysar says he left the space blank, what he'd like if he got HOH (for a surprise)
Jenn says he might get generic stuff, toblerone too
Kaysar says he will enjoy having his own space now, says he was staying up late because he needed his own time (praying)
Jenn asks if he can stay in his room to pray
James is asking when Eric had to do nominations.....it was the next day
James is telling him he might want to talk to people soon
Jenn says he doesn't have to have meetings
Kaysar doesn't know if people even want to talk to him
Howie says if you don't show boobs on his command you get a penalty and get thrown out
Jennifer: What do people think of us?
Howie........they say you, don't know what you want or where you're going

James: regardless of whether you have conversations or not, I still wanna ifnish what we started in the chess game
Kaysar: Like i said, my doors always open
Howie: Jenny get me some ice cream
Jenny: I don't have any
James says it's muggy, going in
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Topic #1958803
luvthemfish - Eric and Ivette in store room 0 Replies #1958803 7:29PM 21/07/2005
Ivette: they want me out. Mike talked bad ***** about me, and Janelle doesn't like me. I told you, ashlea's as annoying as a bug, but kaysars the one to look out for.
Eric: everyone underestimated Kaysar
I. What did i say, take him out now?
E. I didn't have a choice, everyone wanted Michael gone
i. the first week, when he started doing dirt the first day, the second day, that's my flag
I. I know i'm gonna be put up
E. who is he gonna put up with you
I. Beau...or somebody to guarantee that i'm off
E. we have to wait till tomorrow
(can't hear, Ivette crackling package)
Something about good omen
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Topic #1958819
luvthemfish - A little more Ivette and Eric 0 Replies #1958819 7:30PM 21/07/2005
Ivette: if he's smart, get rid of janelle.
Eric: he won't, no way, don't think about that
I. you know what sucks, for you and me.....you were talkin bout putting up kaysar
Feed to hallway
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Topic #1958821
Caribou - Kaysar on his way into house, passes storage room - stops cuz he hears voices - listens 1 Replies #1958821 7:30PM 21/07/2005
Hear's Ivette and Eric talking. Kaysar listens for a bit then goes into gold room where Janelle is waiting.

Kaysar tells Janelle that Howie and Rachel are pairs. Jan doesn't believe it. Kaysar does because james told him info BEFORE tonight's show and HOH comp. Kaysar says that's why Howie is pushing James. Jan accepts this.

Kaysar going to think on who to put up.
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Caribou - Kaysar also told janelle that Eric and Maggie are pairs NT #1958844 7:32PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1958870
luvthemfish - Ivette speaks to Kaysar 0 Replies #1958870 7:35PM 21/07/2005
Ivette tells kaysar you don't wanna have meetings tonight
Kaysar says eric had less than 24 hours to decide
Ivette: I don't think they'll tell you, it will be a surprise. I thought you said you didn't want anything today (strategy)
Kay: I didn't, but i want you guys to feel comfortable
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Topic #1958876
Zazny - Sarah and James know April/Jen are sorority sisters 0 Replies #1958876 7:35PM 21/07/2005
They discuss their "***** ups" on the hammock
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Topic #1958897
Caribou - James and Sarah on hammock discussing whether stuff was true about Mike 0 Replies #1958897 7:37PM 21/07/2005
They both know Jenn and April are sorority sisters.
Sara - yea i knew that , didn't i tell ya? they ***** up a couple days ago
James knows about when they ***** up
They're discussing how they figured it out

James explaining why he's been talkking to Kaysar
James told him about Rachel and Howie without blaming Sarah. He didn't tell Kay about Maggie and Eric

James - i have nothing to go home to
Sarah doesn't either
James - you have a job a dog
They're not looking forward to being separated
James says he won't hear about this or all this week. He told Sarah he can't take it.

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Topic #1958904
Zazny - J: It'd be funny if I left before you [Sarah]. 0 Replies #1958904 7:37PM 21/07/2005
J: I don't have any ***** to go home to
S: What do I have to go home to?
J: Your dog, your job, lots of *****
S: I can't imagine being without you.

J: I think I might be safe this week. And even if I get nominated, guess what? Nobody can beat me in Veto competitions.
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Topic #1958910
Caribou - James thinks he's safe this week maybe. And if not, no one can beat him in POV NT 0 Replies #1958910 7:38PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1958911
Zazny - Sarah plans to bring up that Jan/Ash were a pair to Kaysar NT 0 Replies #1958911 7:38PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1958932
Caribou - Beau counsels Ivette to offer Kaysar a deal to keep her safe. Beau has a bad feeling and has since deciding to evict Mike. 0 Replies #1958932 7:39PM 21/07/2005
Ivette - my maggie, at least i'll be home for our anniversary
Beau - don't lose hope. this game is ***** up. you never know what will happen

Beau wanted to evict Janelle instead of Mike. Seems to think this would make a difference right now.

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Topic #1958947
Caribou - Eric was whispering something to maggie when feed cut in. Heard "sarah..did you see that" 0 Replies #1958947 7:40PM 21/07/2005
then Eric said "yep"

Eric - it's gonna be a helluva f'ng week i tell ya that
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Topic #1958952
rockabye - Eric to Maggie: Don't look right now - Sarah. 0 Replies #1958952 7:41PM 21/07/2005
She and James are in the hammock. Maggie says she knows. She's noticed.
Eric walks off and blends in.
Enter Ivette.
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Topic #1958969
Caribou - Ivette to Maggie - remember Ivette always calls it out. Remember i said evict Kay instead of Ashlea? NT 0 Replies #1958969 7:42PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1958978
Caribou - Eric and James looking for place to talk privately NT 0 Replies #1958978 7:43PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1959007
Zazny - James and Eric in the workout room 0 Replies #1959007 7:46PM 21/07/2005
J: I can't tell what he's thinking...he has Janelle in his ear

E: You should cover your ass like everybody else
J: I'm not gonna sell anybody out!
E: I'm not saying you should sell anybody out

E: What about Howie?
J: No way!
...He told me that Mike knew that April/Jen are sorority sisters. Maybe they're the ones he wants to get rid of

E: I don't know if I can put my ass on the line again and win veto and save somebody.
J: I'll get veto and take myself off

J: I really think he wants Ivette gone
E: I don't want to lose Ivette
J: I rather lose her than me!

J: Kaysar and I have a little respect for each other. That conv. about Iraq, we agreed to disagree.
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Topic #1959019
Caribou - Eric - he wants Ivette gone but i don't know what he's thinking 0 Replies #1959019 7:47PM 21/07/2005
E - he's got janelle in his hair. i don't think you should say anything more. you should cover your ass now and ***** everybody else. don't lobby don't lobby. remember we were talking before about trying to manipulate him. don't...

J - he told me mike knew april and jenn were together which i just figured out last night
E agrees
J - if they're the ones that ***** over mike maybe they're the ones he wants to get rid of. if he puts one up against ivette he knows ivette might stay.

E - you heard what he said when i asked him about POV. i already hung my ass out once for everyone. dont' think ican do it again
J - i think i'd be ideal to get veto and take myself off

J - i'll offer to throw veto or get it and leave as is if he doesn't put me up. i'd rather ivette than me
E - i'm not saying sell her down
J - of course not
E - put you have to look out for you

James thinks they have respect, he and Kay, due to convo about Iraq.

J - he also mentioned after you left Eric had me do that when he already knew that i wasn't going up, that's what he said an di said i don't know
E - i didn't known that. the only way i knew was that he guaranteed
J - he already told me you're safe
J - i can help you win it but i think he's looking for ivette to go. but if i go up against ivette the house will put me out
E - i don't know about that
J - april and jenny want me gone cuz they know i'm strong. it's game on now
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Topic #1959032
Zazny - Rachel walks in on them 0 Replies #1959032 7:49PM 21/07/2005
J: If I go up against Ivette, I guarantee I'm going out. [he counts Rachel and Howie, April, and Beau]

Rachel finds them

E: We're not hiding, we're justtalking
J: She knows she's safe
R: I didn't make any deals with Kaysar. I didn't think about it.
J: It's a crap shoot
E: It's a crap shoot
J: Maybe it'll be April and Ivette

Rachel leaves for laundry, Eric flees, too.
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Topic #1959033
Caribou - Eric - Ivette is ******** her drawers right now. Rachel popped into gym to ask what James and Eric were 0 Replies #1959033 7:49PM 21/07/2005
talking about. Eric lies and says nothing, we're just talking.
Rachel says she didn't make any deals with Kaysar when she put him up.
Eric and James leave. Onto laundry
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Topic #1959062
Caribou - Ivette - funny thing is, 2 people who have his back now are 2 that voted against him NT 0 Replies #1959062 7:52PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1959068
Caribou - Eric says this is a slap in the face (Kay getting HOH), James says no it's a kick in the butt with a dildo up the *** NT 0 Replies #1959068 7:53PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1959105
Caribou - Ivette's biggest regret in life is keeping Kaysar in this game when he was up for eviction NT 0 Replies #1959105 7:56PM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1959178
Caribou - Ivette and James telling Kaysar that Mike threatened April and Jennifer last night so no one slept 0 Replies #1959178 8:02PM 21/07/2005
Telling Kaysar this in front of Maggie, Sarah and Rachel.

Kaysar - so much for my speech to America that we all grew up
They all tell him that's why they all laughed, because of what went on last night.

Kay - well i didn't know. you guys could let me know you know
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Topic #1959226
Caribou - April and Beau on Hammock 0 Replies #1959226 8:06PM 21/07/2005
April - i love howie to death but...i don't know. he acts like kay is so annoying to him but when i took towels in last night they (howie and kay) were sitting in the bathroom talking
(ed. they weren't talking at all, i was watching)

A - janelle is working it. she's working every angle she has. i might not sleep in there tonight cuz i dont' want people to think i'm kissing her butt.
Beau - who cares what people think. do what you want. i'm sick of sleeping in that cot
A - i'd rather go out the right way than look like i'm kissing somebody's... you saw the minute he got it, i came out to smoke not because janelle was out here. i'm not gonna (kiss butt to stay safe)

A - they won't vote howie out cuz he will do whatever anyone tells him to do. janelle thinks howie's on her side so...it'll be ivette and...i just hope if mike told kaysar something at least kay will have the balls to ask me if it's true or not instead of just assume. it won't be you Beau

B - i'd rather have him put up threats, not personal reasons. that's not the right way
A - but that's what we've done
B - he alienated the house, the group. he did stuff physically to you guys. that's why we don't like him. i did it for the group. i liked mike. he didnt' ***** to me. but i had to vote him out for the group
A - yea

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Topic #1959242
Caribou - BB: Kaysar, please go to the diary room! ... Everyone inside cheers for Kaysar NT 0 Replies #1959242 8:07PM 21/07/2005
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