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Topic #1954299
joannie - Six non-outcast girls are all now in the kitchen. NT 0 Replies #1954299 8:37AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1954306
Mikkie - The girls chatting and rehashing in the kitchen on F1 and F2. On F3 0 Replies #1954306 8:40AM 21/07/2005
Eric and James are in the work out room. This will be Eric's 2nd trip in there this morning. Eric adding more wieghts to the nordic(?) James helps him.

BB: Eric, please put on your microphone.

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Topic #1954312
joannie - April still stressing that Mike is going to 'try' something on the live show 0 Replies #1954312 8:43AM 21/07/2005
April: "The good thing about it is the show won't actually be 'live' in Texas, so if anything 'major" happens they can cut it out!"

She threatens to "walk out that door" if anything 'major' happens.
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Topic #1954327
Mikkie - Just as Janelle got up and was wondering to the WC (prolly) F 1 and 2 went to Fish. 1 Replies #1954327 8:48AM 21/07/2005
F3 is Eric and James still working out and on F4 shows Maggie walking down the hall then back again, returning to the counter in the kitchen.
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Mikkie - Eric is giving James instructions on how to work out. Eric says he doesn't need help (spotter) when James offers NT #1954332 8:50AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1954341
Mikkie - Feeds 1 and 2 return to kitchen chatter of the girls. But the gossip has ceased since Janelle is there in her white robe. She . 0 Replies #1954341 8:54AM 21/07/2005
seems to be trying to get to the stove but Rachel is still piddeling around wiping down the counter etc.

Ivette tellin Maggie she missed out and so did Rachel about something that happened last nite that was funny.
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Topic #1954345
Mikkie - And we have FISH on all cams NT 0 Replies #1954345 8:56AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1954361
Mikkie - As we return from Fish, Beau who's been up & had breakfast, apparently return to the bedroom and gotten in bed with Howie.. 0 Replies #1954361 9:01AM 21/07/2005
small chatter and Howie asks Beau if he got 'wood'. Beau says no.

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Topic #1954383
Mikkie - Live show tonight.. so its clean clean clean. April is sweeping the bathroom. Ivette says Janelle is in the WC and she 0 Replies #1954383 9:06AM 21/07/2005
(Ivette) can't hear over the vacuum. Maggie is vacuuming the dining area.

Ivette is walking around with a roll of paper towels and yells to James in the workout room that he will clean in there.

Ivette is making note to othere that there are other mirrors in the house.

BB has called for April to the DR.
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Topic #1954410
Mikkie - In the main bedroom, discussion of where eveyrone will be sleeping next. THey will 2 Replies #1954410 9:11AM 21/07/2005
discuss it later. ITs Beau, Janelle and Sarah. Sarah and Janelle are straightening up. Sarah making beds and sneezing. Beau is lounging. Kay is still sleeping.

Sarah volunteers to clean out the GR. Beau says to air it out.

Beau is asked what he will wear (o0night) He doesn't know. He'll have to look in his wardrobe.

There has been no sign of Michael yet. And since Janelle got up, they haven't shown the GR.
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PSister - Janelle said she would clean the GR... "all of it" NT #1954583 9:50AM 21/07/2005
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Mikkie - Until they either un-mic the vacuum cleaner or turn it off, no further convo's can be heard. NT #1954416 9:13AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1954462
Mikkie - Ivette is having problems getting the 'grime' off the shower doors. 2 Replies #1954462 9:23AM 21/07/2005
Beau asks if there is any Tilex or anything and Ivette says no, we have to ask for that. Beau helps her clean the shower door, saying we need to have Tilex or something.

Discussion with James about towels and mirrors.

Ivette says we need another product. Beau asks if that a bra inside the shower, Ivette thinks its a bikini. She's more concerned about the dirty shower. She doesn't want to keep showering in the dirty shower.

Eric joins them changing out the plastic bags in the WC waste basic. Ivette again ont he Tilex.

They make comments of the toilet how disgusting it is. Ivette says you need to see this. Ivette says "there is Pee all over this. YUK!" April who's now in there says yeah, she knows.

April leaves to join Mag for a few seconds asking if we're goingto use one of these cleaners. She says yes. April returns to the Bathroom sink.

Most of the talk is what products are to be used on what items. Windex for mirrors. Some grapefruit product is for another thing.

Ivette is doing the dirty work: toilet. [LMAO] And complaining all the way. But making sure everyone know's she is the one who cleaned the toilet.
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Mikkie - April says the bottom of the shower needs to be cleaned. They need Tilex but need to wait #1954496 9:29AM 21/07/2005
They don't want to wait for everyone to get their showers. Why should they - the camera never shows the shower anyway, they agree.

April says it can wait. Ivette back in the WC.. cleaning the toilet again.

Feeds 1 and 2 have been on fish for about 10 minutes now.

April says they needs scrubbers or "scratcher" as April called it. Ivette says they need Tilex.

April says she knows that guy is going to take care of us like he did last week. WE can't try too hard or they will freak out.

A and I are gathered at the sink now, cleaning it. April says she going to get her clothes and leaves I at the sink. She's wiping downt he walls behind the sink. both feeds on her.
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Mikkie - Maggie is giving the vacuum a workout in the LR. Howie walks by and she thanks him. #1954508 9:32AM 21/07/2005
No sign of Kay or Michael yet this morning.

Janelle is alone in the workout room, on the treadmill

Howie is preparing to pack his clothes in the HOH. By the looks of it, seems he brought everything he owned in the HOH room and is taking everything out of the drawers and stacking it neatly on the end of the bed. Refolding some items.

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Topic #1954575
Mikkie - THey have to shut down the vacuum cleaning, apparently its smoking. 0 Replies #1954575 9:48AM 21/07/2005
Eric says he's going to put it in the SR.

Janelle is still doing the treadmill we saw her for a few seconds. Then it went to the kitchen. WE can still her the treadmill and hear her, but not see her. Howies walked in or by and hear small convo between them He's on his way to the kitchen.

Rachel in the kitchen telling Howie (someone ERic?) is very annoyed. VERY annoyed. (I think they are referring to Kay and Michael) Howie says they need to bust this clique wide open. Rachel agree's, but not by him, but it needs to be done.

We can hear Eric off camera calling out to Janelle and Howie's ears perk up. He hears the convo is ok and goes back to the dishes? or what ever he's doing at the sink. THen Eric comes in. I can't hear what the three of them said (R, E and H)

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Topic #1954634
Mikkie - Fish still on F1 & 2. Rachel took over washing dishes from Howie, he was making a mess. Ivette is sweeping the kitchen floor. 0 Replies #1954634 9:58AM 21/07/2005
off cam, we hear James talking to someone but we can't see who and I can't tell who it is.

Howie was considering drying dishes, Rachel says to let them drip dry. Yells out: What can Howie do? He's looking to help out.

Kaysar was up a bit ago in the kitchen. Standing behind Rachel and Howie when Howie wsa doing dishes. He's walked out of the room andthat is the only room on feeds now.

Rachel dropped something glass on the floor and the sink and it broke. She bends down to pick it up asking for the vacuum cleaner. Saying Ivette did such a nice job in here too. James comes in with the broom and sweeping up the small pieces.
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Topic #1954671
Anonymous - shaving with beau 0 Replies #1954671 10:05AM 21/07/2005
beau shaving. mike and howie in bathroom with beau dancing. mikehas towel around waist. mike says is it very different in the bahamas. beau says in the bahamas there are a bunch of bahama people staring you down to mug you. mike says do you need a passport to go there. beau says yeah you do,and you have to pay $75 taxes. beau says the first time he went there he took bahamas air. they stopped by the gas station to get cigarettes. four gusy said give me your money, how much money do you have. beau said i dont speak friggin english and ran out. doing ninja and jedi and samurai talk now. beau says the sad thing is you guys are serious about that. mike says the ninja are real, think about that. howie deep cough. mike leaves room. howie touches beaus butt in towel and leaves room.

by ferretkiss
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Topic #1954673
Mikkie - Horse play in the bathroom between Beau, Howie and Michael. 0 Replies #1954673 10:05AM 21/07/2005
Beau is shaving. Michael is doing a little jig saying in a hispanic accent "I'm going to ME-AMI. I'm going to ME-AMI"

Now just non important chatter between Beau and Howie while Beau shaves. Beau relates a story about almost getting robbed by some hispanic men wanting his money. Michael asks, but were they ninja's? Michael.. Are they more comparatable to ninja's or jedi's? The Jedi's are real! Its all real. Howie says wake up.

Howie and Micheal leave bathroom. Go into workout room and look around and leave for the kitchen.

Michael asks what happened to the picture? Howie says he was making out with the picture and it went out.

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Topic #1954714
Mikkie - In the kitchen Sarah is emtying the homemade ice cube trays... 0 Replies #1954714 10:15AM 21/07/2005
and refilling them. James tells her to be careful, they haven't vacummed in here and there may be glass on the floor. She says she probably shouldn't be in here without shoes.

Feeds 1 and 2 still fish. 3 and 4 are on kitchen. The rest of the HGs are in the other rooms.. still cleaning.
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Topic #1954715
Anonymous - Rachel and Howie talk in Kitchen about HOH comp. 0 Replies #1954715 10:16AM 21/07/2005
Rachel:"Beau is getting really annoyed with people, he shows it. He bothers me, he's a wild card on who he would put up. I hope Kaysar wins."

Howie:"I am going to Bust this core wide open"

Rachel"They will, you shouldn't they will, you shouldn't but they will"

Howie"I would prefer it that way but its gotta be done, done now"

Rachel"I agree"

Howie"We need them as allies to break up that big group"

Rachel"I know"
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Topic #1954740
Hypnotoad - Mike mentioned DR had a "crosswire" 0 Replies #1954740 10:23AM 21/07/2005
The phrase "and your animosity towards eric" came on the house speakers.
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Topic #1954744
Mikkie - "I'm going to ME-AMI" says Micheal in the kitchen while he's making something to eat. Janelle 0 Replies #1954744 10:24AM 21/07/2005
is on a towel working out doing floor exercises.

M: Did you hear, they (BB) had crossed wires this morning. You could hear "and your animosity towards Eric" (I am assuming it was a DR with someone) Yes, Janelle heard it.

M: You were very cuddlie last nite..
J: I couldn't help it
M It was cute. Reminded me of my first gf when I was 17.
J: giggle

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Topic #1954779
Peeps - The crapette plan: If michael goes on rampage at live eviction..everyone is to walk off and to the bedroom... cuts to FISH NT 0 Replies #1954779 10:37AM 21/07/2005
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Topic #1954794
Anonymous - april in the exercise room with maggie and jen 0 Replies #1954794 10:40AM 21/07/2005
april has gone in there while maggie and jen are using the equipment, and shut the door, to gossip about what they think mike is going to do tonite. at one point i think mike came and looked in the door, and april went over and opened it and said, do you want to come in here. and the person - mike i think - must have said no, so april shut the door again. then she said im not scared of him.

then back to talk about tonite. maggie said if we just keep saying you are f'in weird, you are f'in weird, you are f'in weird, thats all we have to do, it will appear on the show. jen said we dont have enough time to do that since he is leaving in a few hours.

then april said, what are we going to do again, if he starts something on the live show? we are all going to get up and go to the bedroom? (clarifying a plan that had already been developed.) maggie starts to answer, if he starts something we are .... then we get fish on all feeds.

by ferretkiss
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Topic #1954836
Anonymous - Something very FISHY 0 Replies #1954836 10:46AM 21/07/2005
is going on....again!
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Topic #1954867
Anonymous - We have April and Beau 0 Replies #1954867 10:51AM 21/07/2005
looking at the fish too!!
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Topic #1954894
Anonymous - Half fish .... 0 Replies #1954894 10:57AM 21/07/2005
Half man...hahhaaaha it's Beau on 2 feeds and fish on the other!!
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Topic #1955220
Atreyu35 - James talking with someone off camera about accusations... 0 Replies #1955220 11:48AM 21/07/2005
saying "These accusations better be 100% true, because if I find out that they aren't..." and then cut to fish. Sounds like James might be doubting that Michael really is as bad as Eric and Ivette want everyone to?
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Topic #1955308
Sunflake - We are currently watching FISH and have been for about 15 minutes or so. NT 0 Replies #1955308 12:00PM 21/07/2005
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